Blackmailed And Had Sex With A Virgin Maid

Hi, friends, my name is akshay .I’m from hyderabad.I love to fuck young and married women .I have long dick and stamina to satisfy a woman. They love to share their bed with me. Want to have sex with me you can message me at [email protected]

I am akshay, my dick is around 7-inch .I have an athlete body. Because I love fitness exercise and maintain my body.I had many encounters with school girls, young and married women.They always love to share there body and bed with me.


Coming to the story.This story is all about how I had sex with my maid.I live with my family, me and my parents. We are a small nuclear family. Living in double bedroom apartment. As my both the parents are working in the mnc company. They are punctual in time.These were the days when I completed my degree and looking for a job.


Now I tell about my maid, she is a young woman about 23 years. She looks stunning with her sexy body. She uses to wear saree mostly or churidars dresses. Like traditional clothes wear. She has huge boobs always hanging down to earth, I always wanted to say her a dialogue seeing her boobs.” your boobs are huge as balloons can I squeeze them “ this was my favorite dialogue whenever I see her boobs.And forget to tell her shapes she has great figure with “32 30 32 “. She has mass at the right places and her curves always make me masturbate .

As I said my parents are working in mnc they are punctually at the time . They will get the office cabs at our apartments gate.


As our maid works in 3-4 houses in our apartment. She would be always coming late and goes by afternoon. So I was not having any feeling on her. I used to flirt with many girls. But once at the night when my frd and I were watching porn all night in his room , and got to the home in the morning. When I came home I don’t know suddenly seeing my maid I was feeling very horny and my dick started getting rock hard down in my pants. I guess this was the side effects of watching too much porn.


But I cannot make move directly by forcing her to do sex.So I went to my bathroom and masturbate for 2-3 times. By the time I came out of my room. She was gone from my house. So I was thinking her to trap her and have sex. So, in a meanwhile I was watching a movie and where the hero uses a hidden camera to trap a villain . Seeing this I got an idea of trapping her using this idea. I went shopping and asked about a hidden camera. They were different verities of cams. So selected a cam which can be kept in a doll. So once I heard the maid was asking my mom for money as she has some financial issues in her home. But mom told her she will try to arrange the money. So I have a plan to trick her, by keeping the money as bait to her. I arranged few thousand bugs from my friends and parents and from my account balance.


I kept the money on the table and positioned the toll in such way that we can watch all the view of the room and money on a table. As planned the maid came to the home late and started to her regular course of work. Then I left to my room and desperately watching what is happening.When I came back the maid completed her work and left, then I went to the table and noticed there was no money.So I took the cam from the doll and started seeing the video footage, it was recorded clearly. She came till my room.But as my doors were closed she started walking towards outside where she had noticed the money and took it and ran away. I felt very happy now I was making ideas how to fuck her. Which position will be good, then I got few flowers and nice perfume and some sweets too. The nest day as usual my mom and dad went to there offices as usally. I was desperately waiting for the maid as I never waited in my whole life.

Now she to my house . She was little tensed seeing me and went to do her work. I went to her on watching me she was sweating and little tensed. She asked me , what u want sir?


I replied with a heavy and confidence voice ,”you”

Maid : what you are talking ,sir?


Me: don’t act too smart ,I know what you id yesterday??

Maid : she became more tensed and started sweeting ?. And replied I don’t undertstand what you are talking about??

Me : then see this video you will get to know!!

Maid : she started crying and was desperately asking me apologize her for her mistake and don’t tell to anybody.

Me: I started telling her I not only tell to my parents, but also complain in police station.


Maid: she started desperately catching my feet and saying I am ready to do anything for you sir please leave me ??

I said come and have sex with me. She was shocked to here this from me.

I started kissing and hugging her . First she was pushing me but I forced her and started responding tio me.

I said her to remove each and every cloth from her body.


She was feeling shy.I turned on the music player with sweet melody song and told her to remove her cloth one by one with a dance move. She was like I cant dance , but I forced her . She obey and removed every piece of cloth from her body and became nude in front of me…

She was like a sex goddess. I want to fuck her right away .But I controlled my feeling as I don’t want to spoil my pleasure. So I brought some honey and poured on her body and started licking her inch by inch.Starting from her face till her toe. She was like hmmm hmmm


Then slowly I removed my clothes till that time my cock was raised 90 degrees and ready to enter the pussy cave. I poured honey on my cock and said her to lick it. She was hesitated first but started doing it. Then slowly I inserted my fingers in her pussy and doing in and fro for few minute she was started ha ha ha …. Aaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa . Then I was in heaven. Now I stated inserting my tongue and inserted two finger . I was hitting her g spot. She was going to cummmm .. She started to push my head deeper and deeper in her pussy. With aloud voice she cummed a whitish liquid with her fragness in air.

Now she licking my cock like a lollipop and it was heavenly feeling . I pushed my cock deeper and deeper in her throat and cummed in cock and forced her to drink my cum….


Now after few minute my cock started to raise seeing her curves and huge boobs and her wet pusssy. Now I made her sleep on my bed and positioned myself between her legs . As I entered in her pussy it was tight as my cock was huge and thick . It was not entering in her hole . After few attempts and applying the oil. It started in she shouted with huge voice as she never fucked with anyone. I thanked my luck for blessing me a virgin jackpot. Then within seconds I entered half of my cock in her pussy and she was desperately pushing me and tring to get away from me. But as I was well build body I was forcing her and she gave up I entered full cock in her pussy. She let out a huge gulp and stated shouting hahahahhahahahah. I finally broke her hymen…….


And slowly started pulling my cock in and out….. It was the wonderful moment in my life .After few strokes she also stated moving her body and adjusting according to my strokes…..

She told me it was a wondeaful and never forgettable moment in her life….


From that day we use to have sexx.. Until she got married and went away….


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