Blackmailing Sister’s Friend – Part 4

Hi everyone. Thanks for your awesome response for the previous parts. For those who don’t know about me, I am Prudhvi from Chennai. I have an athletic body and girls say I am cute. I love fantasize about sex with the girls around me as well as real sex. Any girl who is interested in having fun or sex chat with me can contact me at

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This is continuation to my other stories and final part of the story.

This story is completely fiction and my fantasy however the girl is real. I suggest the readers to read the 1st, 2nd and 3rd part to know the complete story.

I am slowly walking to the bathroom where my sister’s friend Nalini is naked and having a bath after intense sex. As I asked her she did not bolted the door and the door is slightly opened. The heater in the bathroom is switched as I can see the steam coming out of the bathroom. In the steam, it is difficult to make out the sexy figure of Nalini and the steam is making me sweaty. I opened the door without making any noise and entered inside.

“OH MY GOD” she is much sexier in her wet body and wet hair. The shower is ON and the water is flowing through her and between her busty ass cheeks and dropping to the floor. Her round ass is making me mad. Her hair is completely drenched in water and she has kept her hair over her boobs. So I cannot completely see her boobs. Only the side boobs with nipples covered by her black hair are visible. She has closed her eyes and did not see me enter the bathroom since I came inside very silently.

I slowly approached her and placed my hands around her navel and a shiver ran through her entire body. I moved my hands towards her boobs and slid her hair sideways. Since she is short, I can see her huge boobs from top her shoulder. Her tits are looking like two huge mountains from this top view. I cupped her breasts with my hands and gently pressing. I can feel her heart beat is raising minute by minute. Even my fully erected dick is rubbing her ass and I am not sure if I want to fuck her in the ass. Anyway I do not want to frighten her. So I decided not fuck her in the ass.

After 2 mins of fondling her boobs, I moved her hair to her back and gave a kiss on her neck with my hands pressing her navel. This has definitely aroused her since she started making small moans. I slowly turned her around and pushed her slightly backwards and started kissing her vigorously. Now I am also completely under shower and water is flowing from our heads to our already attached mouths.

We are exchanging the shower water with our tongues. With this kissing my dick size also increasing beyond its usual maximum size. What my dick can do if such bombshell like Nalini is kissing me like that with her boobs pressing against my chest. Even my hands are doing their job by squeezing her wet ass. This was the longest kiss we had. Even after 10 mins I do not want to break the kiss. But both of us are not able to breathe so finally we broke the kiss. After that both of us are breathing heavily and looking into each other’s eyes and started laughing. The earlier guilty feeling of her is gone after this kiss.

Then I moved my head downwards and started licking her beautiful brown nipples. Water is going inside my mouth when I am licking her nipples. Once I am satisfied with her boobs, I want to lick her pussy with my tongue. When I kept my mouth on her pussy, she is not able to control herself and started pulling my hair with her hands. I placed a kiss on her recently shaved pussy and started licking it. I opened her pussy lips with my fingers and inserted my tongue inside her pussy and moving it slowly. She is moaning heavily and after 2 mins she cummed and her juices are flowing into my mouth along with the water. I drank her sweet juices.

I stood up, gave her a kiss and said “Now it is your turn.” She happily obliged and went down and touched my dick. Then she put her lips on the tip of cock and started giving me an excellent blow job. She has improved a lot from her first blow job. Now she is doing it like pro swallowing my entire thick cock inside her mouth. With each and every blow my excitement is raising and I am not able to control myself and released a lot of cum inside her mouth. This time she swallowed the entire cum without me forcing her. She definitely liked the taste. Both of us lost energy and collapsed on the bathroom floor without switching off the shower. I kept my back on the bathroom wall and she is sitting naked in front of me with her back resting on my chest and water is raining on our exhausted bodies.

I whispered in her ear “Did you like it?”

She said “This is the best moment in my life.”

We were in that position for 15 mins and I want to send her home before my parents return from my uncle’s home but not before fucking her for one last time today. I made her stand and turned her around with her back facing me and bended her.

She kept her hands on the wash basin for support in that bending position. Now I can see her beautiful pink pussy just below her round ass waiting to get fucked. I rubbed my semi erect cock to make it harder again and inserted my dick inside her pussy once it was fully hard. Slowly I started fucking her in that semi doggy style. With each thrust she is moaning harder and our wet bodies are becoming hot. A thumping sound was made each time I force my dick deep into her pussy when my body was hitting her ass. I fucked her for 5 mins in that semi doggy style and finally we both cum at the same time bringing the epic sex battle to an end.

We helped each other by applying soap to each other’s body and bathed. My dream came true as I was applying soap on her huge tits, pussy and ass. She applied soap to my ass and dick giving me hand job again.

She gave me few kisses while we are bathing and I am pressing her boobs. Finally we completed bathing and came to living room where we dried ourselves. She took her dress from the living room where I forced her to strip. I hooked her bra since she is having trouble with it. Finally we both were dressed and I took my phone and deleted her bathroom video which I used to blackmail her. She was shocked for that. I said “I will no longer blackmail you for sex. You are free now. I will never force you for sex.” She was shocked and I can see disappointment in her face. She finally said “Thank You”. I kissed her for one last time and said “You can go. You are getting late.” She took her things and left my home.

After one week I got a call from her and she didn’t spoke anything for few seconds and finally said “Hi Prudhvi. My parents are going for a marriage today and won’t be coming back till tomorrow evening. Hmmm.. You can come to my home if you want to. We will have little fun.” I was in heavens after hearing this. She did liked sex very much and now starving for sex. We had an entire day this time and I am going to fuck Nalini again but this time in her home. I told that I am going for combined studies in my home and will come again tomorrow and left for her home. I ringed the calling bell and after some time Nalini opened the door. She was wearing tight T-shirt without bra and her nipples are poking through her T-shirt. Her shorts are barely covering her thighs.

I went inside and closed the door. I said “Are you ready”

She said “Yes”

Hi guys and girls! You can imagine what happened next since I don’t want to bore you people by telling about all the sex we had in next two years. Whenever we had chance we had sex. She became my Friend with benefits. Even once we just missed getting caught by my Sister while having sex. We fucked each other until I got job and moved to Chennai but I will never forget my first girl.

I will be coming up again with a new story. Until then you have to wait…

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