Blame It On Bangkok – Blossoming Of A Girl To Sexy Woman

I don’t know how to put it. Should I blame my parents or should I praise them. After long thinking I am convinced that I have to praise them. That one trip to Thailand with my parents changed me. It helped me to experiment the true world of happiness with gift of nature.

The year 2000. I was then only 11 years old and my parents planned a vacation to Bangkok. Phuket and Pattaya. For them I was still a small girl. But I had matured a year ago and had started to understand the secrets of human anatomy and the mutual attractions. Nature was trying to teach the secrets in its own way. But my body and mind were acting as per the dictum of nature. My parents could never imagine these changes in me. But for my parents, I being the only daughter, I was still a baby! So they did not think twice before deciding on vacation at Thailand with me for ten days. In their mind they wanted to show me places enjoy my company and take me for endless shopping. Noble of them to treat me like that.

We left Mumbai on the 7th of October 2000 by night flight. I was excited and had made big list of presents to be purchased for all my friends. We reached Bangkok at their local time 7.30 AM and immediately my father took us to get VISA on arrival. This process took an hour or so but they are very fast and professional. Then we took flight from Bangkok to Phuket. Reaching Phuket by afternoon we checked in at Ctin-Loft hotel which was very good in all respects. The tour organizers had arranged a SIC ( sin in coach) type of travel system. The coach arrived soon after lunch and they took us to various places. There were snake shows, elephant shows etc.

We returned to the hotel by night after dinner. Next day the organizers took us to show Big Buddha and another important Buddha temple. They also took us to beach and few other sightseeing places.

Next morning we left Phuket and reached Bangkok. Without halting there our tour organizers took us to Pattaya. It was noon when we checked in at Hotel Ibis-Pattaya. It was also very good hotel and located at prime place very near beach. For the evening there was no programme arranged by the tour company. So my father spoke to a taxi and made some programme. My parents discussed something in a hush-hush voice and then decided that they would take me along. It was a dance programme which I could feel by their talks with the driver. It was a place called Show 69. A big auditorium was there and we seated almost in the front row. Soon the show began.

Few girls came and danced holding a steel pole. They were wearing only bra and panties with sequin works. After dancing for a while they slowly removed their bra and threw it exposing their breasts! I was feeling shy and looked at my parents. They were engrossed in the show. After few minutes they left. Then another middle aged woman came and surprisingly she even removed her panties! Then she blew a whistle through her private part!

After that another woman smoked cigarette from her private part. Though I was feeling bad I had to stay and observe. Then few more dances by topless girls. Thereafter two men came and danced around the stage which was also a revolving one. Another boy brought a drum. Then the two men removed their trunk and exposed their private parts. I felt very shy and almost turned my face to another side.

Then they drum started bearing and curiosity won over shyness. When I looked at the stage the two men were beating the drum with their penises which were very big. The people were clapping to every beat of the drum. Thereafter two women came on stage and slowly in a gyrating movement removed all their clothes.

They hugged and kissed touching all parts of their bodies. It was a surprise for me to see two women kiss. Thereafter in the next show a very beautiful girl came on stage and danced. Stepping out she came near the audience and pulled a boy of around 19 to the stage. She made him to sit on a chair and then removed his shirt. She also removed her bra and pressed her breasts on his back side. She made him to sleep on a carpet and she also slept on him pressing her breast against his chest.

Then the lights went off and only music was on. In about a minute or two the lights were on fully and both were without any clothes and the girl was sleeping and rubbing her body on him. The lights went off again and the show was over. By then I didn’t know the reason, I was feeling like visiting loo and felt that my panties were already completely wet.

We returned to the hotel after having dinner at an Indian hotel. My parents slept soon but I was unable to sleep. The show was again and again coming on my mind vividly and without my own knowledge my fingers were rubbing my vagina. But after sometime I slept. Next day the organizers took us to many sight seeing places. Again at night my parents had arranged a taxi and took me to a show at a place called Big –eye. This was also almost similar to show 69.

But another surprise was awaiting for me. Three girls with very big boobs danced for few minutes. I was only looking at their huge breasts and thinking if I too would be able to get such big pair on me? Then they removed their panties and I could not believe what I saw. They had big penises also!! I had seen Hizras, on Mumbai streets but had not imagined what they would have inside. But for this the show was almost similar.

Next day we came to Bangkok and had lunch at a hotel called Lotus at Sukhamwat. It was an Indian lunch and was very good. The organizers took us to Golden Buddha temple and few more. We checked in at Royal President Hotel. Next day we went to Safari world and could see so many animals in the natural surroundings. Elephant show, Orang-Utan show, Sea lion and Dolphin shows were very good. These shows took me back to my girlish feelings. I felt it good. But night was different.

A taxi driver was speaking to my dad. Even my parents did not know where he was going to take us. They only discussed the entrance fee and my dad paid. The driver was telling that the show would be ‘complete and full’. I could not make it out. Anyway again my parents discussed among themselves and then asked me if I can stay back at hotel alone. I was scared to stay alone as I had never done so till then. I started crying and then they decided to take me along.

We reached the place by half past seven. The driver took us inside a dimly lit place wherein already many men, women, girls and boys were seated in a circle around a rotating stage. I thought similar show may be there and by then as I had seen two earlier did not feel uncomfortable at all. I got a seat in the front seat whereas my parents could sit only at a back row. Here also a woman smoked cigarette through her vagina, another blew off candles.

Again two ladies came danced, removed their clothes completely and started kissing for a long time on lips and opening their mouths they kissed as if they are eating each other. Then lying on a carpet they squeezed the breasts of other for a long time and then started sucking the nipples. Though I did not know why they were doing so I was getting some excitement.

Suddenly they reversed their position and face of each woman was between the thighs of the other. The thighs were widened and both started to lick the vagina of other. Soon I could see them whither in excitement and shaking their heads, shouting ‘more, more’. The crowd went frenzy and were also shouting. The two left stage hugging. Then another woman came and initially danced alone. She slowly removed her clothes. She had big boobs too.

Then widening her thighs she inserted a thick pink plastic stick in her vagina. It could go completely inside her!. Then she started pulling it out and then pushing in like what we do with kerosene pump.

She became uncontrollable soon and was shaking her head vigorously and shouting words ‘fuck’ repeatedly. Then a bulky man came on stage and lifted her. He removed the plastic tool from her and they kissed for a long time. Then the woman pulled down the man’s trunk and exposed his penis. It was gigantic indeed. I was again feeling shy but excited. Against all my imagination the woman sat on her knees and took his penis in her hands. Stroking it with her hands she opened her mouth and took it inside. Slowly but firmly she took his penis completely in her mouth. As I was seated in the front row I could see it clearly. She was pumping fast now and then opened her mouth. Some white thick fluid like our mucus oozed from his penis and the woman took it in her mouth, licking and swallowing it completely. The crowd were clapping and shouting asking for more. Then the couple left.

Afterwards another woman came on stage. She also danced for a while and slowly removed all her clothes. She then inserted her own fingers between her thighs and put it inside her vagina. She was rubbing vigorously and shaking her head. I remembered what I also had done two nights previously at night and smiled to myself. The light went off and only disco lights were on. Then a burly man came on stage. The woman opened his trunk and took his penis in her hand. I thought that a similar show may be repeated. But the man slept on carpet and woman on him.

She kept her legs on his either sides and inserted his penis in herself and lowered slowly on to him. Her breasts were dangling on his chest. She was moving up and down as the crowd were clapping in rhythm. Then without detaching they changed position and was now on her back. It reminded me of dogs on street. They were doing just the same. Then the man lifted her still attached to each other and danced.

Finally the woman was on carpet and the man on her top. He was pumping his penis deep and hard in her vagina and she was demanding more and more of ‘fuck’. The crowd watched in silence for about twenty minutes as he mercilessly pounded her. Then suddenly both were shouting and he took his penis out. Similar white cream was dripping from his penis which the woman cleaned with her tongue.

Then the woman widened her thighs and as the stage revolved and light was focussed between her thighs the same white cream was flowing out of her vagina which was applauded by the crowd. That was the end of the show. We ate at an Indian restaurant Annapurna. We returned the next day. Thereafter my parents never talked about the adult shows which we saw. I don’t know why they took me there but may be that was the way they wanted me to understand the man-woman relation without reading dirty books or seeking outside help.

But the trip transformed me completely. Always I used to imagine me in those women’s place and how a man can make love. I was getting wet just by the thought of it. Automatically I had learnt the art of helping myself.  But I was helpless. I was mature enough to read articles which explained about the perils of sex among minors. But helping oneself was not having sex. So I continued with my hand job. I was also good at studies and completed my tenth when I was 18 years.

In my high school days also my fantasies continued. May be due to such early exposure to the world of sexual knowledge and due to fantasizing about sex, masturbation etc., there was positive effect on my growth. I was taller than my friends and most important was that my breasts were much bigger than all of class mates. In my tenth standard itself I had wear 34 size bra. My complexion also had changed and fortunately I did not get any pimples also in my teens. My breasts were a centre of attraction in my tenth standard for all boys. I used to enjoy their attention.

Sometimes accidentally when a boy touches me or when a man is standing on my back in bus rubs my back during bus movement, I was getting excited. But I had no courage to go all over although many boys and even a Sir had indicated their interest and made gestures to meet them. But I took one decision that “I should certainly lose my virginity on my 18th birthday” come what may. I didn’t know if I was right or wrong but it was an oath to myself. But with whom? Any first male I meet on that day other than my family members and school mates. Yes that was good idea. I thought and was eagerly waiting for that day. Meanwhile it is not necessary to tell that in this age of internet and DVDs I had seen many number of blue films and always fantasized of experiencing similar sex in my life. Will it happen on my first sex which will be on my 18th birthday? Will it happen with my husband when I get married? Or will it happened with someone other than my husband after my marriage? At that time there were no answers to these questions. But days flew in colours as I dreamt all my fantasies.

Finally that D day in my life came. I had just then completed the exams of my 11th standard. Next day was my birthday. My 18th birthday a day when I would be ‘major’ in the eyes of law. A day when the ‘girl’ in me would become a ‘woman’ as my hymen would be broken due to a conscious decision by me. Morning my mom and dad wished me on my birthday. As I am the only daughter I had no brother or sister to wish me. Many friends called me to wish. I took bath and got dressed in the new saree which my mother wanted me to wear as a first time on my 18th birthday. That was her way of welcoming me to the world of Majors.

Till afternoon no one else met me to wish me. Then what will happen? Will it happen or not? Will this important day go dry? Will I be unable to fulfil my own oath? After lunch my parents slept promising me to take me take me to a movie and dinner outside. I could not sleep. Then just casually I opened the door and came out for fresh air. Then suddenly my neighbour on the flat called me from back. When I turned he wished me a very happy birthday. Now? What will happen? He was married person around 35 years and often I used to call him uncle. His name was Mr Manoj Bajaj a Punjabi with good complexion, handsome and 6 abs body. He almost resembled actor Hritik Roahan.

I was disappointed that my oath may not be fulfilled. Then Manoj uncle called me to his flat and asking me to be seated he went in and brought a mobile as a present for me. I loved the mobile and his attention on my assets and thanked him for the present. I could not find aunty in the house for which uncle said that she had gone to her parents since a month as her father was sick. Here it is important to tell about aunty. Her name was Neelam and was around 32 years of age. But at that early age she had developed severe diabetes and high BP. As a result she was obese and always wore plus size. In addition to this she had met with an accident by falling from stair and had broken her thigh bone because of which she always had to walk with crutches. So I was sure that their sex life was not good and uncle must be suffering a lot.

As saree wearing was new for me I was struggling to walk and to manage the pallu. I was wearing a net saree and the blouse was backless with very deep neck which showed off my cleavage leaving not much for imagination. I had noticed uncle’s eyes were fixed on my breast right from when he wished me first. When I stood up to return I stumbled and was about to fall down. Uncle held me by both hand to support me. My pallu had fallen down and my breasts were almost completely spilled out of the blouse.

I had giddiness and held on to him tightly. Uncle held me tight and slightly bending my head he kissed me on my lips. I felt highly excited on my first kiss and automatically I opened my mouth inviting his exploring tongue. I was getting intoxicated. I could sense that even Uncle was getting excited. I didn’t know when and how soon he had disrobed my blouse and bra and his hands were on my boobs pressing, squeezing them. My first kiss, first fondling of my breasts were unimaginable feelings for me.

Uncle lifted my like a child and took me to their bed room and then there was no hold. It was around half past one. I wanted to experiment all my fantasies on my first day itself. He removed his shirt and undid his pants. Uncle asked me to remove his trunk. I was feeling shy but I responded and slowly pulled it and dropped on the floor. As I had thought his penis was huge and very big long. I was thrilled at the look of a phallus for the first time. Uncle asked me to touch and hold the penis.

This time I really felt shy and turned my face other side. He held my hand and guided to his weapon. It was very hot, hard and sent shock waves in me. His one hand was on my breast and other explored between my thighs. He widened my thighs allowing his fingers to enter me. He was expert in masturbating me to the height of orgasm. I was immediately extremely wet. Unable to withstand I pushed him down. I was now on the cot hanging my legs down from the edge and uncle sat on the carpet. Widening my vaginal walls with his fingers uncle started to lick the walls and slowly inserted his tongue completely in me. It was hot and highly erotic. I got orgasm repeatedly. All along his one hand was busy on my breasts. I was holding his head pushing him deeper in me.

As he got up I pushed him on the bed and went on him. Similar to what I had seen at Bangkok, I kept my legs on his either sides and slowly slid on hid huge weapon. It was difficult at first but as he was helping me I further widened my thighs and gradually went down. At one point I felt severe pain like a knife pierce but immediately it vanished engulfing me with more desire. Yes I could feel some hot fluid flowing down my thigh. Yes Eureka my hymen was broken and now I had blossomed to a woman! I congratulated myself for fulfilling my oath. Lust and desire was building up slowly and uncle was just obeying me now.

I continued my gyrations for a long time till I was tiered. Uncle had good potency. Reversing positions uncle entered me easily as I was already wet with my love juices combined with bleeding. It was more than a month since uncle had sex with his wife. He was so intense but delicate in his love making it made me mad. I felt this copulation should never end. My first sex was leading me to a great experience.

I cooperated with him at each stroke by raising my hips to match his movement till a perfect synchronization was achieved. I wrapped my legs around him and was pulling him down and deeper at each of his downward thrust. In between he would rest on my breasts for a while and indulge in long kisses. Who says biting is painful? Wrong each bite of uncle on my lips, cheeks were soothing and circulating hot blood in my veins and helping me with orgasms after orgasm! Unmindful of consequences I was urging him to bite my lips again and again.

I pushed my breast and nipple and forced him to bite them hard to leave red and purple teeth marks on the soft flesh. I don’t know how long we were joined in lip to lip, mouth to mouth chest to breast belly to belly and whole body to body. At one intense moment I could feel that uncle was building up as his face reddened and realising that this is the time for climax I tightened my vaginal muscles to slow him down. But I also wanted to fill me with that ‘white’ milk I had seen at Bangkok. As I loosened my muscle uncle gushed his hot semen in slow but long spasms which lasted for a long time filling me completely and overflowing along my thighs on to the sheets. We lay attached clinging to each other with exhaustion and satisfaction. May be sleep overtook us and we lay comingled even in sleep.

After about half an hour I opened my eyes. I smiled to myself on my victory and satisfaction. Uncle was still on me using my breast as pillow. I caressed his head with love, lifting his head slightly he was searching for my nipple. Laughing at his eagerness I guided his mouth on to my already swollen nipple and he started sucking them one by one like a hungry child. I was relishing the excitement and caressing his bare back all along from shoulder to hips. Uncle kissed me again and went back to the nipples. Slowly I could feel that he was getting hardness once more. I widened my thighs and wrapped him with my legs. Yes I was right.

Within few minutes uncle had rock hardness. This time even without any guidance he entered me easily as I was already filled with his semen inside. This time it was different experience altogether. That initial feeling of fear cum excitement was not there. It was only lovely sex wanting to have it more and more. It was an act of give and take. An act where both wanted to please the other more in a competition. I was yielding to him and him to me.

We were now toys in the hands of nature. Feeling each millimetre of our body the excitement built up once again. We fell to silence as the excitement of mating was intense and wanted to enjoy each second of it. Except for my heaving and moaning it was silence everywhere. Without any disturbance uncle fucked me lovingly for an everlasting time. When he ejaculated deep inside me I was already exhausted with experiencing my millionth orgasm of the day. I looked at the wall clock. It was nearing five! We detached and uncle was about to go to the wash room. Stopping him I sat on the carpet and licked his partially limp weapon and testicles and cleaned.

When we kissed again he could taste his own semen mixed with my wetness. Probably it acted as a supplement which was visible as his phallus started to rise again. Excited by the look of it I once again started to lick it from tip to bottom and the pink straw berry. Yes he was ready once again and this time I continued to suck him. Uncle was holding my head and was pushing it on to him with each of my inward stroke. I was continuously stimulating his heavy testicles and rubbing his hips from back. With strong spasms uncle came deep in my mouth sending me a flood of hot semen down the throat. After cleaning the limp penis I looked between my thighs. The area was bit swollen and streaks of blood was seen mixed with Uncle’s thick semen. I wanted to preserve the memory and hence took a handkerchief and cleaned the stains. I folded the cloth neatly and kept in my purse.

It was nearing six and my mother asked me as to where I had gone. I just gave some reply and rushed to washroom. I felt light on my feet and wanted to take hot bath. When I stood under shower I sensed burning all over my body wherever there were bite marks. Especially it was more on my breasts and inner parts of thighs. My lips were swollen and there were deep marks on my cheeks, back. Surprisingly I felt much excited with those burns and played my hands on my breasts. How come they were softer now? I felt the nipples with my finger which had turned purple by then.

I wore a Punjabi dress though mom was asking me to wear a Saree. Saree with deep neck would have revealed the bite marks. Also I had to hide the marks on my cheeks with heavy makeup and lips with lip glosses. The dinner was in a decent hotel and then we went to night show. My mind was not at all on the movie but was recollecting the turn of events on my birthday. Mom even asked me as to why I was walking like a duck and not in usual way. Should I tell it to anyone? No it was too sacred and had to hide close in my heart for life.

After long I got sleep but the sleep was deep. Morning it was refreshing and felt everything has changed. The sky looked different and so did the rose in the plant outside. I looked at the mirror. My face also appeared different. Had I put on look of a woman already? I placed my finger on lips which were still burning. How come I wanted to further subject those lovely lips for more and more punishment with the lips of uncle? Strange is the nature and urge of sex.

I then decided that having succeeded in fulfilling my own oath; I should refrain from seeing uncle now onwards. Next few days I avoided seeing him completely. But by the fourth day I was desperate to be in his arms and experience his lips crushing on mine and my breasts pressing on his hairy chest. I started longing for his hard penis in my hand, mouth and cunt oozing out its hot geyser in me. But still I avoided and controlled by resorting to masturbation. However a week after my birthday my parents had to urgently to our home town as my maternal uncle had fallen sick. They in fact met our neighbour uncle and requested him to take care of me!! I was smiling to imagine how he would take care of me.

So after my parents left Mumbai for a whole week. I stayed in house for whole day thinking what to do. I had Maggie for lunch. The phone was ringing and I knew it must be from uncle. But it did not respond. Evening I was fresh after sound sleep. I took bath and had light make up. Changed to a top and legging. As I was home I did not wear bra and felt more ease with no tie ups. I saw some serials in the evening and prepared few rotis and vegetables for night. By eight at night the doorbell rang. Without thinking twice I opened the door and uncle was there. I did not know how to respond but he only smiled and asked me as to what I did the whole day. I just told that I was studying. He came in and asked me about dinner. I said that I had prepared and he requested me to make few more roties for him also. I went to kitchen and prepared few more. When I spread the plates uncle had other ideas. He took out a bottle from his bag and asked for cold water with ice. I thought he may like to take a peg or two as he was alone. But he prepared two glasses.

At once he grabbed me and hugged tightly and started to kiss. Though I had to withdraw the intensity and attraction was so much intense that automatically I opened my lips for his exploring tongue to find mine. I clung to him from neck and melted at once. Somehow I came to senses and asked him to have meals. Sitting by his side I asked him as to why he was taking drink and what it was. He told that it was Vodka and is normally taken with some soft drink. We had limca in fridge and I brought one. I again asked why it was required to take drinks at all. He just smiled and told that he will show it to me.

He took a big gulp of the drink and dragging me to him, opened my mouth and kissing me intimately transferred the entire drink from his mouth to mine. As it was mixed with Limca it did not affect me but the kisses were more intoxicating than the drink. Then he took one sip and next he again sent down my throat by kissing. Thereafter I also took a big gulp and while kissing him transferred it to uncle. I was now feeling the effect and started liking it. The drink was putting fuel to fire. I don’t know how many pegs we finished. May be four or five each. I had closed my eyes by then. Uncle slowly fed me the rotis one by one while I slept on his lap. We even transferred the rotis from mouth to mouth with frequent kisses. The dinner was finished by ten and he carried me to my bed room.

I was drowsy and he laid me on the bed. While I observed uncle with half open eyes he removed all his clothes one by one. By the time he was off his under wear he already had rock hard erection. Uncle then removed my clothes and threw them on the floor. Switching off the lights only a blue night lamp was on. Uncle lay by my side and we slept hugging tightly. We feasted kisses to our satisfaction and sleep had overcome passion due to the Vodka effect. We slept for some time. My back was turned to his side. The warmth of his body behind me touching each millimetre was giving me comfort. His hand had circled me and holding, fondling my breasts and often tickling the belly and thighs. But all these were happening in my sleep or say drowsiness. I lifted my left leg when he pushed my thighs to open up.

He placed his left leg on my right leg and came closer. His hard penis was pressing between my bums. Slowly widening my legs he inserted his finger and started to rub me. Soon I achieved my orgasm and pushed his finger deeper in me. Just lifting my left leg up Manojji pushed his penis up and without any problem achieved complete entry from back. I was now fully awake. I bent and touched my vaginal entry to ensure that he was fully in me. Yes his majestic weapon was deep in me. I bent bit more and touched his testicles which were almost now of size of two Chikoos. This was an excellent position as he could have freedom to take on my breasts from back.

We stay connected feeling the warmth of each other for a long time. Then he just lifted me to be on my knees and entered from back again. I remembered the show at Bangkok and was ready for this sport. The position facilitated cent percent penetration. With each stroke his testicles were humping on my hips. He was holding both my breasts from back. I lost count of the number of orgasms I achieved. My earlier heaves and moans were now almost loud shouts. What a way to enter heaven. Probably this is the heaven? Yes I started pushing myself against him to match his each thrust.

When he climaxed I pressed my thighs closer to contain the secretions. Without detaching we changed position and he came on me in a round twist motion. We could continue for another ten or twelve minutes and then Manoj released all his stock of five days. I could how I was gradually getting filled drop by drop with the hot nectar. I didn’t want a single drop to be wasted. But the quantity was so huge that it was not possible. A streak of thick fluid flowed out all along my thighs on to the white sheets. Using my fore finger I wiped the flow streak and licked it. Manoj was looking at me and smiling. I for change felt shy. I pounced on him and keeping my head on his thighs I cleaned the wet shining and somewhat limp penis with my tongue relishing the pungent smell and the salty taste of his semen. We were tiered by then. I didn’t want to wash and we slept cuddling.

When I opened my eyes in the morning it was already 6’o clock. Manoj was still sleeping and looked very handsome. I pushed my hand down and felt his penis which was already erect due to morning erections. But he was still in sleep. I placed my lips on his and kissed with all fondness. Manoj pulled me on to him and there was flood of kisses to greet us on completion of our first full night together. I went on him and automatically we copulated within seconds. I humped on his erection like a kangaroo urging him to push forward himself to ensure full penetration. My breasts were rubbing on his chest as I bent down to kiss. His hands played on my hips and pressed down. It was a complete pack of piston and cylinder. Union of our bodies was so close that his testicles were touching my vagina.

I slept on him for a long time holding his tool tight in my vice and feeling the pulsation of his erection on my vaginal walls. He was curiously growing in girth as I could feel the grip tightening up more and more with time. Unable to withstand the build up of lust in me, I automatically started my gyrations in round and round manner and resorted to normal up and down movements. His erection was so strong that I was feeling hard and tight initially.

As I continued I his pre cum mixed with my lubrication made it easier for further actions. This time I decided to take lead and not to allow Manoj to come on me. Yes, I would ensure his climax in woman on top position. It would be very exciting. I went from first gear to fifth gear gradually pressing the acceleration when needed. As I progressed my vaginal walls were extremely wet and few times was slipping out and hurriedly I had to insert again. Manoj was now building up and requested me to allow him to be on top. I smiled and told a strict NO. Putting pressure I tightened my vice and ensured that no further pen-slip would occur.

We now resorted to silence and enjoy the climax which was nearby. Only loch-loch type of slapping sound was heard as each stroke was against the huge wetness in me. We climaxed together as I threw my head backwards in unbearable pleasure and he ejaculated at the deepest point of my valley. I rested knowing that his hot semen would now flow down my vaginal walls and over his penis on to our thighs and then finally on the sheet. As it was thick it took some time to melt down and after around ten minutes I could feel the sensation of hot lava flowing down. We disengaged after the flow stopped. There was a big puddle of shining semen on the white sheet.

We took bath together and I prepared break fast. Bread and tea. We saw TV while I sat on his lap, not to mention of our unending caressing and kissing spree. We went out for Lunch and returned home by two in afternoon. Fortunately for us all neighbours had gone to their home towns as it was vacation time. Suddenly Manoj asked me to call my parents and tell that I would be going to Goa for three days with my friends for vacation. I was not sure although I was tempted with the idea. As he persuaded much with lot of kisses I decided to try. I called mom and told that I would be going to Goa for three days as I was feeling lonely here.

She immediately agreed and gave the phone to dad. He enquired about my health and told me that three days would be too short and advised me to spend at least a week there. He told me to go to bank and draw money if needed. When I told Manoj he was very happy. We booked air tickets online for evening flight. Afternoon we just rested knowing that we may not get sleep at night and for whole of week. After coffee we left home in a taxi and reached air port. When we reached Goa it was half past seven and we directly dashed to hotel. It was a very good hotel by name Hotel Marinha Dorauda located near Baga beach.

We were tired and immediately had dinner. Manoj ordered beer which I had never taken. I did not like the smell at first but after few sips I felt it good as it was bit hot climate there. I wondered how I could finish one complete bottle. For dinner we had chicken. We came to the room and I changed to a nightee. Manor wore only shorts. Both felt no need to wear any undergarments. When I readied to sleep Manoj ordered for ice cream. In few minutes room boy brought two ice cream.

Manoj kept one in the fridge and brought one near the bed where I was sitting. I wanted to eat ice cream but he had other ideas. Without giving me he licked a part of scoop and came for kissing. I opened my mouth and took the ice cream and kissed till the cold tongues turned hot. Then Manoj in a flip removed my gown and asked me to sleep. I wondered what he has in mind. He took a spoon and placed one spoon each of ice cream on my nipples, one on my naval. The chill was good and he bent down to lick them slowly.

Due to the body heat the ice cream melted and spread all over my breast and belly. Manoj licked all over like a hungry cat. With each lick I was one step to seventh heaven. Then Manoj took another spoon of ice cream and placed at the centre of my vagina. I shouted due to cold. It was melting fast and entering my vagina. Manoj went down and started to lick the ice cream on my vagina. It melted fast and he pushed his tongue deep in my valley to lick the molten ice cream. How an ice cream can inflame a body was surprising but I was experiencing it! He turned over and positioned himself at 69. I widened my thighs to allow his tongue to enter deeper. His python was pulsating at me face with its single eye open and oozing his pre cum. I just grabbed it with my hands and licked eye tasting his pre-cum for first time.

Slowly as he was busy between my legs I licked his entire shaft, testicles and then slowly guided in to my mouth. I had to open my mouth like a hippo to accommodate that huge magic wand but I was too happy to do that. Whenever he was about cum I could control by gripping his tool by a O ring of my fore finger and thumb. I started getting series of orgasms just after few minutes of him lapping me. It was never ending like that. I was becoming mad with uncontrolled orgasms one after other wetting Manoj’s face. I was preventing him from ejaculating as I wanted him down under the valley. Finally he lifted his face and turned to me. I let go of his penis and welcomed him for a long kiss. That kiss was special as we could taste our own wetness in other’s mouth. It acted like an aphrodisiac. In a fraction of second he was completely in me thrusting deeper and deeper. Silence, heaving, heavy breath and moaning followed thereafter till we climaxed with a shudder which shook the old cot in that Portuguese hotel.

Soon sleep engulfed both of us. When I woke up in the morning he was facing opposite to me and his back was towards me. Of course we had no clothes on both of us. I slowly went nearer to him and circled my right hand around him and started playing on his chest hair. He was still asleep. I slid my hand down and held his penis. It was limp at that time. My breasts were rubbing his back and my hand was busy on his big balls. Just few minutes Manoj grew up and got steel like hardness. I was proud that I could make him come up whenever I needed. For bed tea we had sex and for breakfast we had sex.

We went out to see South Goa after breakfast. He took hundreds of my photos which I wanted to show to parents. We took care to avoid both of us together in the same clip. I stood amongst some other girls in the crowd to show that I was with my friends. We had good Goan meals for lunch with beer. Night we enjoyed the boat carnival. It was half past ten when we returned to the hotel. One week passed in no time. There was no bar. Early morning, afternoon evening or whole night, all time was ours. Our bodies never felt enough. Each sex episode was new in some way or other. We tried almost all position in the books of sex. Seven days means 168 hours of togetherness. I had lost count of the number of copulations we had but it was not less than 30 times. Sure. We returned on the eighth day. That was the last night as aunty was expected next day and also my parents. After dinner in a hotel I straight away went to his house. We could make love three times that night. I returned home after another session for a breakfast the next morning.

The days which followed were full of anxiety waiting for each and taking chances. One thing was sure I had decided that I will stick to Manoj only till I get married. There was no point in searching other partners when a He-Man like Manoj was always ready. Only we had to be discreet. That was not a major problem as even aunty thought we are having only uncle-niece relation. My parents also never doubted. That made things easy. I was able to go out with him to market and then to some hotel and return separately. I could make some pretext of picnic and go to nearby places for a night or two. Some time I could tell of special classes and come late after having sex in some remote place on highway. Again for just three days aunty went to Pune for a wedding.

I managed to convince my parents that I wanted to see Mahabaleshwar with my senior students who were graduating that year. We had hectic day night sex at Mahabaleshwar. Manoj once brought a condom and told that he wanted to use in order to protect against pregnancy. I just could not fathom the idea of having sex with a rubber penis. No way. I wanted only skin to skin contact. I wanted his rough penis to rub my silky walls of vagina and fill me fully with his hot semen. I did not agree. Then we decided to have vaginal sex only on safe days and on other days adopt oral sex. Somehow luck also helped us and I managed not to conceive despite hectic unprotected sex.

For next four years we continued without anyone knowing about our affair. But mother used to comment on my shining face, looks, change in walking and how my breast size had increased from 34 to 38. I got married soon after graduation. My husband was no comparison to Manoj. That left me utterly dissatisfied. But I could not muster courage to go out alone and meet him at different places after marriage. But the call was strong and I just could not stop from thinking of him.

After two months one afternoon I got a call from Manoj and I was excited. Just on phone I got an orgasm. Now I had to meet him. But time was not good. I told my husband and in laws that I would like to join health club to maintain my figure. My husband was already mad on seeing my figure and he also wanted me to maintain it in perfect shape. I selected a health club which was far off but was near Manoj’s office. The club was very good and I liked the various exercises taught. It used to loosed our body and would make us lively. Some flab which I had put on would reduce was what was told to me. If classes finish by 12 I would tell at home that classes were up to 2 PM and by half past eleven I was meeting Manoj and he had fixed a permanent hotel on alternate day basis. Now the set up was complete. I was not even to bother about pregnancy and in fact I very much wanted a child from Manoj.

I planned an idea and started to use a vaginal contraceptive like ‘Today’ whenever I had sex with my husband. He could never notice it and thought that we were having unprotected sex as I wanted a child. Yes I wanted but from Manoj. With Manoj now there was no hold barred. Every alternate afternoons we had hectic sex for hours, copulating at least twice each time and it was not needed to calculate safe days. God was pleased and within three months I conceived. Still there was some doubt about the father as they say no contraceptive is cent percent safe. But I was still confident as my husband used to last hardly for a minute and the quantity of his watery semen was just a drop or so. Throughout my pregnancy I managed to meet Manoj every alternate till my seventh month. My idea worked and when I delivered my son he was a Xerox copy of Manoj. The baby’s light brown eyes revealed the truth. So the show is still going strong.

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