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Hey, everyone! This is Vijay here. I’m new to this sex story thing…. so ….here goes.

It all started with my interest in sex stories. Especially incest. I started having wet dreams about the only person who I looked at in that way. And that was my aunt, Raji.

I saw her squatting down to wash clothes one day in her nighty and saw her without any underwear. That hairy pussy gave me one hell of an erection. I also managed to see her boobs from the side when she stretched for a yawn. You have no idea how much I wanted to get up from my seat and smother my face in those tits.

My aunt was a working woman. Has a child …..and a husband who was worthless.

I used to masturbate furiously thinking about her. Her huge ass, her fat breasts, and pointy nipples…. They were all such turn ons for me. One day, my dreams came true.

I watch a lot of porn. There I said it. :)It was about 12 am when my aunt was in the hall watching TV and I was in the bedroom watching Indian porn with the light switched off. I was moving my hand up and down my cock slowly. The woman in the video let out a small yelp when the guy put his dick in her pussy. I was thinking of my dick going into my aunt’s pussy at that time. I slowly increased my pace. I was about to cum when I saw a light from the door crack widening and saw my aunt standing there. Dumbstruck. My 6″ dick immediately went flaccid. I covered my dick with my hands and looked down on the ground.My aunt comes up to me and grabs my phone.Looks at it and says

Raji: this is what you do at night every day??Me: No ammayi ( aunt in Malayalam) I don’t do it every day. I am very sorry. Don’t tell my mom.Please.

Raji: I’ll definitely tell her. She has to knowMe: please ammayi I’m sorryRaji: *thinks to herself*

She asked me to stand up. I was still covering my dick with my hands.She asked me who I was thinking of when I was masturbating. I told her no one. She asked me again. I told her that it was her.She looked shell shocked.She went out immediately.

I didn’t know what to do. She came back after a few moments and locked the door. She gives me a naughty smile and says ” let’s see how much you actually love me”.

She pulls my hands away and sees my shrivelled penis. She laughed at it for a second and then touched it. I immediately felt warm all over and my dick rose up to 90 degrees. She stroked it for a while and pushed me onto the bed. I fell on the bed and she immediately came over and put my dick in her mouth.

That was one hell of a feeling.

She went back and forth sucking my cock at the tip first. She licked it for a while and licked my cock from top to bottom. She then suddenly took it all in her mouth. I got up suddenly which surprised her and started fucking her mouth.

I came within 5 minutes and she swallowed all of my cum.She got up and had this slutty look in her eyes. I pulled her by the nighty and pushed my lips against hers. She responded and was breathing heavily. I put my tongue into her mouth and we were smooching for a while. She put her hand on my hard dick and that made me hornier. I removed her nighty and she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I put my hands on her boobs and started sucking them. She had big 34d melons. I sucked them for a while and she was moaning slightly.

I put my hand on her bushy pussy and it was wet. I caught her by the neck and pushed her on the bed. She spread her legs and I put my tongue into her pussy. I licked her clitoris and she started throbbing in pleasure. I put my tongue inside her pussy and sucked it for a few minutes. She let out a loud aaaaahhhh and came. Her pussy juices were flowing out. She told me to put my dick in. I took my penis and rubbed her pussy with it. She was literally screaming in pleasure. I then entered her. With one thrust I was fully inside her. She screamed in pleasure and put her legs on my butt and her hands on my back. I fucked her slowly at first, smooching her and sucking her luscious lips. I bit her fat nipples and she screamed in ecstasy and pain. She asked me to fuck her faster and I increased my pace. My thighs were slapping against her butt and the sound made me fuck her like an an jiimal.

I pulled my dick out suddenly and asked her to get into doggy style position. She got up quickly and got on all fours. I inserted my dick in her again and she said: ” Vijay, aaaaahhhh go slower ahhhh!”I didn’t listen to her and cupped her breasts from behind crushing them and fucked her her like a beast. She was moaning like anything and my cock was dripping with her pussy juices. I increased my speed and screamed ” Ammmmmaaaaayiiiiiii!” as I came inside her wet slutty pussy. We both lay on each other for a while.Her pussy was dripping with my cum and her pussy juices. I smooched her again and told her that we’ll resume this tomorrow.The next day, my aunt looked very cheerful. She grabbed my dick every chance she got and I grabbed her pussy when she was washing dishes.

In the afternoon after lunch, we decided to fuck again. But this was a quickie. She pulled her nighty down for me to see her boobs and hiked her skirt up for me to see her dripping wet pussy again. I caught her butt and lifted her onto the kitchen counter. I sucked her pussy for a while and then she got down. I lifted her skirt and one of her legs and inserted my dick into her while standing. I fucked her for a while and I came inside her. She took pills so I didn’t have to worry.

We had many such sexcapades and still do.Thank you for sitting through this story. It was my first time writing this. I hope it made you hot and horny. Ladies around Coimbatore mail me at [email protected] if you want to have some fun.

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