Born To Serve My Wife-1

Hello, Indian sex story readers, I am Krishna, very romantic and always want to be in that mood since I started my college days. I am working in Hyderabad and was looking for a strong will girl.

One day I went to see my wife for official marriage looks. The way my mother in law and wife and her father communicated, I loved their way of clear mindset. I thought she is the girl. And thought myself born for her. They all accepted me, as I am fair and handsome as well and a has a decent job. Anyway, she has a better job than me.

Meanwhile, I did not describe how she looks. She is 5.3 and has long hair, 34 size breast, very strong arms, brown eyes, and a super hot ass, as I could see in her jeans. Felt in love with her way of talking straight and beauty as well. Her name is Sneha. Anyone in this world will become her fan if he/she talks for a while. She is such a crazy stuff. I am so lucky to be her husband. And she is very stubborn and dominating at times when she comes across harsh males. We both married and had a great romantic life of 5 years.

I was a submissive husband, because of her positive attitude I was normal and romantic through this period. Now started my fantasy thoughts of being more submissive as a pet for my beautiful gorgeous wife. Now her sizes are 36 32 38. Just imagine a woman with this sizes. I am seeing daily the same. Day by day I am becoming mad to my lovely wife. So started showing my slave nature by pressing her feet, eating her leftovers, cleaning her sandals. Etc.

One night, after returning from office to home, she was tired and so I prepared her food that day. She told to make a massage and I was ready for it. She was wearing a single piece dress red color which was above her knees and little tight one. I could see her tight stuffed ass through it. I was massaging feet. Suddenly I could not control and lifted her dress and started licking her ass. That was like a dream come true. That was my first ass lick to my wife. I was shy all these days to have oral tasks. I was licking harsh putting my tongue deep into it.

She was enjoying a lot and moaning so hot and saying kiss “Lick more, that’s too good, common, more hard”. I was immersed in her ass and was dying to continue for my rest of life. Believe me guys, licking ass of gorgeous wife took me to a different level of romance. Slowly she started holding my hair and took control of my head and pulled over pussy. My heart almost stopped as we were doing it for the first time in light and clearly able to see my wife’s hottest shaved pussy(she is always very clean and great at hygiene). Oh my god at this moment, I decided to be the dog for my wife lifetime and thought myself as a creature to serve this beauty.

She took off her clothes completely. And I licked hard and finished my wife’s orgasm. She went to clean herself and came back. I was still very hungry and she held me for a while. And told me to massage her legs. That was the day she took everything from me the freedom, the control. I think, she innovated herself as a strong woman and thought to be the real mistress and assumed me as her puppy.

The next day morning, she bathed and came out with a single very short towel. It was covering half her breasts and was above thighs. She was never like that out from the bath. She was teasing me to take control I felt. But I am ready to surrender to that greatest beauty. Slowly, she started to tease like a wicked bitch and making all tasks at home with me like washing clothes, preparing food, cleaning her sandals every day. She almost avoided doing work at home.Usually, we have a servant and she cleans the floor and vessels daily morning. After that, I prepared food and then my queen was getting up from bed. I realized this after a while where I could not come back.

My day starts with giving a bed coffee in front of a servant. And ends with a wild fuck\lick every day. She loves making me lick her ass. I became a pig. She used to tease with her ass. She tells me to sleep in my ass. My full face dipped in her stuffy ass. Slowly she took me to next level. She teases me too much. She started pissing by opening door of the washroom. Sometimes she s*** by opening too. One day I completed by daily job and came home and as usual was serving her food. After that, a massage and she pulled my hair and told with a dominated voice. Open your mouth wide right now. I understood what she wants to do. She pulled me close, removed her green designer panty and told not even a single drop of golden juice should fall on the floor. If it does, you can never drink water again. I was afraid.

She started pissing in my mouth. I was drinking it as if I was in a desert and got coconut water. I drank completely and she praised me for doing that. She told, “I am proud of my husband”. And told from now call me Sneha mam. That’s it I became a complete slave from that day including my tissue paper job. Outside we are normal in front of society and parents. I have no problem in serving my angel wife. **End of part 1 of the sex story.

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