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Hey, people, this is Amit from New Delhi. I am back with another amazing adventure I had with a wonderful lady from my Gym. But before that, I would like to thank the readers of Indian sex story for the heartwarming response to my previous sex story. My inbox was flooded with emails and I am still responding to many of them. If there are any ladies out there who are with guys who are crazy enough not to appreciate them, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. Your privacy is guaranteed and your pleasure is my priority!

Sometimes, I wonder the hypocrisy Indian men have in using the term modern. I am surprised to see how many men still feel insecure in being with a woman taller/stronger/more successful than them. However, I am of the view that if a woman has got these things in her life, she has worked hard for that and she must be respected for the same. Hence, I have no problem in being with such a woman.The reason I discussed this is because it is relevant to the story. There is a girl who worked out at the same Gym as me named Simran. She is 28 years old, single and an HR in a leading MNC.

Now, the thing about Simran is that she is in an amazing shape. She is not like one of those girls who engage in excessive cardio and is done with it. She has got a really muscular body, even more than many other guys at the Gym. Hence, many people are insane enough to be intimidated by her huge biceps and broad shoulders, even though she looks great, has got a really pretty face and highlighted hair which made me go crazy the first time I saw her.

Once, she was using the same set of dumbbells I needed for my exercise. As soon as she was done with it and was handing them over to me, I said,”I wish I could work out with the same dedication as you. Maybe I would see better results”.She gave a light smile and thanked me for the compliment. Seizing the opportunity to make a little small talk, I immediately asked her how she managed to work out so hard even after the awful music they played at the Gym. Now, that smile got bigger and we chatted about it for a minute or two. We were formally introduced and from the next day onwards, I talked to her at various instances while she was taking a break. She always responded with politeness and happiness. Finally one day, I enquired if she had a boyfriend. She told me that 5 years ago, she used to live in Punjab. Their guys were really well built and were fine dating her. However, since moving to the city, hardly any guy hits on her and she is not desperate enough to date online or goes to pubs to find love.

Simran always used the same route as me to travel to the gym and we both had cars.One day, I had a flat. Hence, I parked my car at the side of the road and 3-4 minutes later, I saw a woman shouting hey from the other side of the road and walking out of her car. It was Simran. She asked about what had happened and asked me to accompany her to the gym and said that I could fix my car later. I immediately agreed. We worked out, talked and dropped me off near my car. The next day, I was parking my car near the gym when I saw Simran standing nearby. She was dressed in a really tight tank top and jeans and was looking hot as hell. I went up to her and enquired if she was coming to the gym. She asked me if I would be willing to miss my workout that day. When I asked her the reason, she gave me a naughty smile and said,”you won’t regret it”.

I understood and immediately got in her car. We got away from the gym’s location, went to a little secluded corner and put on the windshields and it got really hot and heavy. We made out for next 10 minutes. I was already kissing all over her neck when we realized that too rapid movements in a stationery car could be a problem too. Hence, she started driving towards her home. During a long red light, she opened the button and the zip of her jeans and I started fingering her pussy. The rapid movements of my sensuous fingers were enough to get her wet. After 10 minutes, when we reached home, I was about to throw her on the couch. However, the fact was that she was much stronger than me and stopped me. She told me that to earn the right to snake her drain through a series of steps.

She always dreamt of getting a massage from a cute Spanish male escort. Hence, she lay inverted on her bed, I poured oil on her and started pleasuring her. I know a little Spanish and these 4 terms were used by me repeatedly for the next ten minutesEl Culo de precioso-you have a beautiful assMe gusta-I like itQue hermosa eres-how beautiful are youEres muy caliente-you are really hotWithin 10 minutes of my massage and use of these terms, she got really horny and asked me to finger her asshole, which I did enough to make her cum. Now, she got crazy.

She grabbed my t-shirt, forcefully pulled me towards herself and we made out. After the long smooch, I started kissing her on her neck and those busty melons. I had never seen milk duds in a shape better than that. I started motorboating them and bit her nipple really hard at which she moaned..”ooooh ooooh…….Shit……..”. Now, I removed my track pants but she pushed me away. She asked me to get the oil of her in her bathroom. We both went there, she lay in her tub while I started applying soap all over her body. Once the oil was removed, she asked me to kiss her all over her body, starting with her lips to her toes. I obeyed and she started making sounds..” um..Oh…Ahhh”. I inserted teeth into her boobs and nipples and she moaned badly. Her perfect torso, legs, back were all taken care of really well by me, and I also left hickeys on her back and boobs.

Then, I started spanking her and her butt was all red. I fingered her asshole and her pussy really hard, while constantly biting her nipples. She went..”Aah….Aaaaaah..Oh fuck KKK KKK” and reached the climax once each for both of them.

Now, we got out of the tub and she blew me hard. For the first time in my life, I had a woman with whom I did not need to hold the head at all. She was deepthroating me really bad and did not get her mouth off my dick once. When she needed to breathe, she just went a little easy but never let go of it. I came all over her face and in her mouth within 5 minutes.Now, I put her in missionary and started slamming her pussy.She went “ahh.Ahh..Fuck me …Fuck me hard” and it had been such a long time since she had sex that she came within the first 4 minutes.

As soon as she came, I licked it off her pussy and started ramming into it again. After 3 minutes this time, I came, directly into her pussy. Now, she asked me to lie down and started jumping on my dick.Cow girl style. I was constantly pressing her boobs while she was doing that and we both were shouting with pleasure. After 6-7 minutes, she really raised her tempo and I came into her pussy again.

We went for 3 more rounds in the first,I banged her ass in doggy style, making her groan and coming into her ass, in the next one I lay on top of her and fucked her pussy really hard and she came all over my dick and in the last round, she just grabbed my dick and rubbed it with a lot of force and I came all over her big tits.All this went for about 2-2.5 hours and having come so many times, I was tired as hell and a little sore down there.

However, she told me that she hadn’t had sex in almost 2 years and wanted me to continue. I explained to her that sadly, I could not have constant orgasms like her and she understood. Since both her parents were working, we had coitus whenever we both got time during the next 2 months. The fact that after the first few times, she was willing to do most of the work while I just lay there made it even better.

Sadly, her firm sent her to take care of operations in Mumbai, and now we just have some phone sex along with some fun via Skype. She regularly talks about doing it all day long the moment she reaches New Delhi!Please let me know what you think of my sex story at [email protected].

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