Breaking Hot Teenage Cousin Riya’s Virginity Seal

In the last part, I asked described how my cousin taught me about all things sex and how she cured my foreskin problem.

The coming week after my teenage cousin helped me with that insane blowjob, she got her periods. I visited her and she took me to her room. She planted a kiss on my lips and told me, “I want you to break my virginity. You are the most apt person to do it”. I was thrilled to hear that and without any hesitation, I said yes.

She continued, “Who else would I call for such an important moment in my life, other than you. You have been there all through our sexual journey. You have the sole right to break my virginity”.

I was feeling on cloud nine. Since my cousin just had her periods, we planned to do it the next week. Till then, we just teased each other with touches and kisses.

The next weekend and in the morning, I went to the medical shop. Very hesitantly, I asked the shopkeeper for a condom. He handed me with a smile. I don’t understand why they have to tease people who buy condoms.

Anyways, after that adventure, I head to my cousin Riya’s house. Her mom was leaving for office. I said hello to aunty as she left and headed over to Riya’s room. She was there waiting for me in a crop top and shorts.

Riya jumped onto my hips as I lifted her by her ass and she immediately started kissing me. We went deep into the kiss, tangling our tongues and exchanging our saliva as our lips smacked one on top of the other.

We wanted to make our first time the most memorable one ever. We would often say that during our play. That day, it was all charted out in our imaginations. Our sexual fantasies all were discussed over chat the whole week.

Then I put my cousin gently on the ground. I made a good look at her in the eyes in the most luscious and romantic ways. I slowly slid my hand through the bottom of her crop top onto her boobs as she raised her hands for me. Riya wasn’t wearing a bra.

I slid my hands over her boobs and then lifted her top upwards to reveal her lemon-sized boobs with the pink nipples – all erect and ready for me. Meanwhile, my young cousin slid her hands in my shorts. She felt and grabbed my dick and balls briefly before removing my shorts.

I then put her on the bed and kissed her all over starting from her lips and continuing on through her neck and also licking and fondling through them.

I came to my cousin’s boobs and started sucking it one by one. First, I licked her left boob and nipple for some time while fondling and squeezing her right boob. They were so soft, milky and white like cotton and so satisfying to suck.

I told my sexy cousin that her children will have a good time sucking these cotton candies. Then I switched sides and sucked her right boob and squeezed her left one. I put my head on her cleavage and squeezed both boobs on the side of my cheeks.

After playing with her boobs for a while, I moved to her navel and gave a kiss on her belly button to which she moaned and lifted her hip in excitement. Slowly, I slid my hands over her pantie and pulled it. But my cousin resisted. She said, “Not now. Give it some time and enjoy till the last before you enter me and break my seal”.

Riya got up and asked me to lay on my back and open my legs.

“Let’s get your penis head out first, shall we?”, saying this, my cousin put on a naughty smile. She came in between my legs and fondled my balls first. My dick was already towering 6 inches upwards.

Riya got the honey bottle that she had set near the bed and poured some over my dick. She poured some drops on the pink patch on the top and started licking it off and spreading all over. Then she did her thing – she started stroking it and getting her tongue in through the foreskin and licking between the flesh and the skin.

Shock waves were traveling all over my body. My cousin licked and sucked my cock. She peeled the skin with ease by licking, stroking and lubricating my dick all over.

Then my cousin started a blowjob and within two-three strokes, I rimmed the ejaculation. She stopped and said, “Not now, naughty boy! That milk is for my pussy”. I somehow managed to contain my cum and not blowing my load.

After this, I turned her around on her back and got in between her legs. I said to her, “Now the real torture begins.. This one is for a lifetime”.

I had done my research and it was time to gift it to my beloved cousin Riya cum my sex guru. Without removing her pantie, I started licking my teen cousin’s pussy. The friction from the pantie gave extra sensuous feelings and it was doing its trick. My tongue twisted and swirled over the hole through the panty.

Riya was getting the groove of it and started moaning. Then I brought my penis head towards her pussy and started rubbing over the pantie. She was enjoying it and letting out the moans.

Then I slipped her pantie off of her and gave a good lick on her pussy.

Then I took some honey in my index and middle fingers and started inserting it into Riya’s vagina and mildly scrubbed the insides. I went back and forth with my fingers and the pussy was getting wet with her juices and the excitement from the foreplay. Even I couldn’t contain the excitement.

Next, I started licking my cousin’s pussy and the insides – first at a slow pace and then slightly increasing it and twisting and turning it inside her vagina. She started moaning to the maximum extent and started yelling, “FUCK DA…ENTER ME…PUT IT IN…”

I put on the condom and lubricated it with my saliva. I lifted her ass up and placed her legs apart on my shoulders. This was to reduce the pain of the first-timer.

Then I slowly entered Riya’s virgin hole and she screamed at the top of her voice. Within two strong thumps, my virgin cousin’s seal broke and I slid my dick inside her fully. Riya squirted her juices in excitement from her orgasm and I also cummed after a continuous fuck which lasted almost five minutes.

After this, I slowly lay beside her supporting her back and spooning her. I slowly massaged her pussy areas with my hand.

We slept off in the tiredness from our first action-packed sex. We were unaware of our surroundings. Things got bad when her mom appeared at noon. She caught us in bed!

More to come in the next part.

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