Brother Allowed His Bully Friend To Enjoy His Own Sister – Part 2

This is second part of series ” Brother allowed his bully friend to enjoy his own sister”.

Here is a precise of first part

( Me , my bully friend Sarthak, other friend naman and my sexy sister aditi batra went on a tour 1 year ago. .Sarthak had bad intentions for aditi . He had purchased a sexy figure hugging mini dress for her. She too had started liking him . They had a hot kiss in tryroom)

We went directly from mall to disc and returned to hotel at nearly 3 am. We were going to our rooms and naman was already in his room. Sarthak again started flirting with her.

Sarthak(looking towards aditi) : tum Kaise kisi ko kaid kar Sakti ho?(how can you imprison someone?)

Aditi (shocked) : Maine kisi ko kaid nhi kar raha.(I haven’t imprisoned anyone)

Sarthak( pointing at her boobs) : look at them they are dying to get free from your tight dress.

Aditi ( smiling naughty) : Till date I have not met anyone who can free them, but as I have met you they will get freedom soon.

(Now we were outside our room. I was walking behind them.)

Sarthak just smiled .Aditi entered the room . I thought it would be over now but I was wrong. She pulled Sarthak inside and said

” Time has come to free them, free them you will be awarded for that”

Sarthak: oh really, so what award I will get.

Aditi: what do you want?

Sarthak: you and only you for tonight.

Aditi: sure, I am fully yours tonight, fill me with your cum, cover my whole body with your cum.

He became mad after listening this. He put his both hands on her boobs and with full force he pulled down his dress from her boobs, and thus my own sister boobs were fully exposed in front of me and a stranger. Due to force he had applied on dress, her boobs were bouncing even after a minute. Her boobs were really large and her pink nipples were erect. He became mad after seeing them . He put his both hands on her boobs and started pressing them very hard. Inspite of his big hands he was not able to take her boobs fully in his hand.

( I was so indulged in seeing her boobs that I forget to lock the door, so instantly I locked the door so that no one can see her nude)

Sarthak: you have got so big soft boobs, I will suck all your milk today.

Aditi: yes yes suck it, empty my boobs.

He hold her left boob by both his hand

and started licking it. Occasionally he was biting her nipples. When he would bite her nipples, she would start moaning. From her moaning it was easy to understand how much she was enjoying. He was licking her boobs like crazy.Her moaning voices was making me hornier but the thing that she was my sister was making me worry.

After sometime She stopped him. Her nipple was looking red because of his harsh biting. I thought she had finished but I was wrong. This time she pulled him and placed her lips on his lips. he was looking amazed by her action. They were kissing really hard , Sarthak was biting her lips . His one hand was enjoying softness of her boobs and other hand was on her waist.(At one point I forgot that she is my sister and I was just thinking that how can I feel softness of her boobs.)

After some time She stopped him although he was not willing to stop. Her boobs had become red because of his hard pressing. Howerever he again became happy when she bend on her knees. She opened his pant zip and put her hand inside his pant to search his dick. But she was not able to bring his dick out of his pant zip. So she unbuttoned his pant and took his dick out of his underwear. She was looking shocked at first sight of his dick. His dicky was really large. ( I was feeling ashamed after seeing his dick , as my dick was average size only). His dick must be approx 9 inches long. Aditi commented

” You own a monster dick , Sarthak..

Sarthak: don’t you like it

Aditi: yes , but…

Sarthak: oh, don’t worry, you will not forget your tonight’s Fucking whole your life.

She took his dick in her hand and started by licking his penis tip.

Unexpectedly she took chocolate from her bag and started applying on her dick. She was now enjoying licking his chocolaty dick. She licked his whole dick from tip to bottom. She now took his dick in her mouth. His dick was so long and thick that she was able only to take 1/4 of his dick in her mouth. It was very bad to see somebody private parts in her beautiful lips.

Sarthak: yes yes take my dick deep in your throat.

She signalled him to force his dick in her mouth. He hold his head with his both hands and started forcing his dick in her mouth. With in few seconds she was looking breathless so he took his dick out. His dick was covered with her saliva and there was cum on his dick which means that he had cummed in her throat. When she was spitting cum he asked her to do so on his hand. He applied that cum on both her cheeks.

Sarthak: Have a semen facial baby which may make your beautiful skin more glowing.

Although Sarthak was willing to insert his dick one time more in her mouth but she refused.

Now he made her stand. (They were standing facing each other, I was standing facing aditi’s back).He pulled down her whole dress . Oh my god what a view that was. After seeing her sexy round ass I just cummed in my underwear. It was a treat to watch her bare back and her sexy ass. He hold her in both his arms and made her lay on bed. He opened her legs wide and started licking her legs starting from her knees then reaching towards her pussy. When he reached near pussy and started applying his tongue ,it was nice to see her facial expressions . She just moaned and forcibly closed her legs. It happened 2 -3 times . He now asked me to hold her thigh and leg.

I was like how he can even dare to ask me in helping him fucking my own sister. This was first time I was touching her and after seeing her nude it was very difficult for me to touch her. Just when i hold her left thigh from both hands , a current passed through my body, view of her pussy was making me mad. Her skin was really very very soft , I was forgetting that she was my sister and started rubbing my hands on her soft thighs. He again brought his tongue near her pussy but this time also he was not successful. So he left this.

2 hrs had passed since we had come to room. Now she was looking sleepy. Now he asked her should we start.

Aditi: yes , but not without condom.

Sarthak took me to near door and said

” Jaake condom le aa nahi toh Teri Behan pregnant ho jayegi”.

I bend down and hold her feet and said

” Sarthak, please don’t do it , what face I will show to my parents.( I was doing so because I was thinking that I will convince her that he is a bad guy and he is using her for sex only.)

Sarthak: ok ok see I am not canceling her fucking but only postponing it. ” Seal toh Teri Behan ki ma hi break Karunga”. And yes don’t think you can convince her to break relationship with me.

Me: thank you very much

Sarthak: but you have to do a favor , you have to include her in our group.

Me : but we are only 3 friends

Sarthak: no , there are 2 more guys in our group

Me: listening this I was finding myself in a very bad situation, but in hope of convincing her, I replied him yes.

Sarthak went to aditi and said

” Baby you are looking sleepy, so we should discontinue now, how can I enjoy when you are not.

Listening this she was looking happy.

Sarthak: but , I have to cum so please come on your knees.

His one hand was on her boob and other was on her dick . He cummed some on her face , boobs and some in her mouth. This time he forced her to swallow his cum. She went to bathroom to wash her. We all went to sleep on same bed. He was sleeping with his face in her boobs. I was sleeping with my head towards their legs and my legs towards their head. Aditi was sleeping in middle and Sarthak and me on both sides.

That’s the end of second part . Please give your comments on story. Third part coming soon.

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