Brother Took Advantage Of Me While Sleeping

Hi ISS readers , I am Priya Arora. This is a true story which happened to me when i was in 1st year college Let me tell you about myself I am fair , height 5’6 , i am neither fat nor thin, Guys always look the second time when i walk past them and stare at my asset while i really don’t like so much i am a girl that wants to save my love and body for my future hubby.

My family consists of me, my younger brother Jai, my dad who works as a commercial pilot , my mom who takes home tuitions. Now lets get to the story. I was getting very tired daily because of my volleyball practices for the school and tuitions later.One day dad had to go out of station and mom went to her daily tuitions. It was late at night around 9 when my mom returned she was very tired and went straight to sleep and told me to have dinner with Jai.

After having the meal-

Jai told me lets watch a movie its too earlier to sleep , i got this new hollywood movie from my friend lets watch that. I told him to put it on in his room as mom is sleeping next door to the living room.

I hopped on the bed with Jai already in the blanket we started to watch the movie. It was quite cramped as it was a single bed on which we both were lying down. The movie started playing it was about a girl who finds her love after dating for so many years. While watching the movie i had to adjust quite a bit Jai helped me in moving a lil but still i would barely squeeze. I finally laid down sideways but in the procedure my right breast slightly touched Jai’s elbow. But seeing him he didnt care much as i kept it that way.

Later a sexual scene had come in the movie where the girl gets intimate with her boyfriend. I was watching normally then i started to feel jai move closer telling me ” I am about to fall di, please move” there was no space at all Jai moved closer to me and now my right breast was fully on his elbow.

I did’t mind as i was ok with it as he is my brother i walk around the house in loose tops and skirts around him. After watching for some more time i dosed off being tired from the routine school activities and practice. I turned towards the wall which was on the other side and told Jai im gona sleep you can sleep in the other room if you want. Jai “i’ll go after the movie is over”.

After some time i felt something touching my back , because of the space being so cramped i ignored it and went back to sleep. I turned to the other side after sometime, in the middle of the night i felt something touching my stomach, i thought to myself the movie is still not over i guess. It was Jai’s hand but within a min it was moving upwards and came near my shirt button and touched the lower part of my breast which are 34C, i was ignoring this as i didnt think Jai really would really do something like that , which later i thought was a mistake letting him continue.

Jai was getting closer and closer to my left breast then all of a sudden he brought his other hand and kept it near my thighs and slightly touching it, Jai was now touching my breast over the shirt and his hands were moving in circular motion, after jai was on the buttons when he opened the top one is slowly inserted a finger and kept it there , maybe to make sure i was in deep sleep.

He then opened the second button which gave him a bet more access , i didnt wear a bra as i don’t while sleeping at night i find it could uncomfortable, This is what made it more easier for Jai,, he was now touching top of the breasts trying to find the nipple , he moved his hands slightly to adjust his position and touched my nipple , this touch sent a cold shiver down my spine i was shocked to do anything , slap him right away and scold him, but I froze. Jai moved his right hand towards my inner thighs later touching my lower lips , Now his left hand was on my left breasts pressing and and his right hand moving towards upwards under my short skirt.

I was now feeling something inside my body and i moved a lil which almost killed Jai of the shock, i laid on the back , facing upwards towards the cieling and pretended i was in deep sleep, Jai kept his hands on side of my thigh and started pulling it backward slowly after that , he started opening all the buttons of the top exposing my breasts ,

He started touching my pink nipples with his fingers and was pressing my fair white breasts. His right hand moved towards my panty line he was trying to locate the top the the panty to find the elastic, which he found within few secs, With his left hands he was feeling under the elastic and slightly pulling it down slowly so i don’t wake up. I could feel my panty slide down to my knees.

Jai opened my legs a little and went down and smelt the juices flowing inside my body, and touch my pussy with his fingers , his touch made me freeze and i was on the 9th cloud none has ever touched me in my special places, I was excited now and the thought that he is my brother started to fade in my mind. Jai grew more in confidence seeing no reaction from me. He started to finger my virgin pussy and rubbing his left hand over my clit , i was getting hotter and hotter,

Suddenly it all stopped , i was confused as to what was happening, then i felt a hand opening my mouth slightly ,then something entering my mouth i opened my eyes a little to see , it was Jai’s penis in my mouth and he was moving upwards and downwards , putting it in and out of my mouth , i didnt believe what was happening. Then i felt something wet touching the opening of my pussy and then touching my slit, i was like OMG Jai is licking my pussy, it felt amazing,i continued to lick jai’s penis. It got bigger and bigger it continued.

Jai moved from on top of me and positioned himself side ways , i was thinking in my mind ” What now” , then i felt something entering my pussy it was Jai’s penis, it was moving up and down but it could hardly enter, i moved my legs a little pretending to be still sleeping , this gave Jai the access he wanted, he started enter my virgin pussy, i was in a lot of pain , i could feel only the top part was in and rest was still outside , he gave 2-3 jerks then started moving in and out again , finally he entered my pussy and bloody started coming out which he wiped, and continued to fuck me , i was enjoying all this now.

I had never felt like this before in my life. It was an amazing experience. Jai took out this throbbing penis and cummed allover my thighs and wiped it with this shorts. and dressed me back after touching and licking my milky breasts.After that night i was ok with my brother staring at my asset , he touched me once in a while while pretending to walk pass or pick up something. Later at nights when we used to sleep together sometimes he would continue to touch me in my private places , as he knew now that im a very deep sleeper and i wouldnt get up.

More stories from me later on, Hope you liked this one.

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