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Hi, i am sushma.Im regular reader of this ISS.I have 2 boyfriends.They are friends of my brother itself.Currently we three are enjoying the ultimate sex life.I didnt know that this could happen to me.This all started in btech 1 year sem holidays.My brothers name is ramesh.He has friends and of them sathya and suresh are his best pals.They use to come our home for him.Like that they are considered as our family members.They dont have restrictions in our house.

Even though ramesh isnt there they come and chat with me.While i have joined btech the ragging session is there the seniors used to harass us a lot.My brother isnt a tough guy so sathya took care of me at that time.He warned my seniors that im his lover and they have to deal with him for any thing done to me.He used to drop me in the bike everyday at the college.I used to wear tshirts and jeans for the college.In the ride at the speedbrakers my boobs used to touch his back and he liked that but never expressed his desire and waiting for a chance.

My parents have gone for a camp leaving me and ramesh in house itself.Sathya alone came to house and knew that my parents arent there in home and will be returned only after 2 days.Sathya got cds and went to ramesh room and they are watching those movies.I prepared food and called them but they didnt respond and i peeped through the hole of the door.They are watching porn movies.Its a group fuck.I tapped the door and they stop the movie and came to eat food.Ramesh ate hurriedly and went to watch the movie.Sathya stayed with me.

I was just in sleeveless shirt and a short.He was just excited and i can sense that thing.I too watch porn movies.He complimented that the food is great.I replied thanks.Then he said blue suits me a lot.I look sexy in blue tshirts with a skirt.Just at that moment i was drinking water and unexpectedly poured it on me as the reaction.He tried to clean my shirt with his hands and started to force my boobs with both hands.This was shocking for me.I dont know what to do.He removed his hands and told sorry.We sat there for a sec silently.Then he locked my lips with his mouth.

He got hold of my head with his right hand and his left hand is inside my shirt caressing my whole navel,my curvy muscles on hip.Pupils on my skin has raised and my cunt is wet with his rough attitude.I hugged him.This signaled him and he kept both his hands in my shirt and milked my small boobs.Then lowered my short and quickly removed my panty and inserted his middle-finger.This gave me a twinkling shiver all over my body and i loved the feeling.He started finger-fucking and i was ready to cum.He inserted his dick and forced it piercing my virgin pussy with a single shot.

It pained but stopped it in me and grab hold of the dinning table.It was fresh for both of us and he too cummed quickly.We both went to bathroom and cleaned ourselves. Sathya went to ramesh as nothing happened.I didnt sleep and at 1 am sathya came to my room.I expected that and didnt wear anything for him.He kissed me and drank my saliva..He kissed my face then started licking down my neck.He stopped at armpits smelled them and started to lick my armpits i enjoyed it.He grabbed my boobs pinched my nipples and scared them.He milked my boobs with his strong hands.

He made me sit on the floor on my knees.My facing is touching his dick.He grab my hair holding my head and i opened my mouth he slowly inserted his 7 inch cock in my mouth.He slowly entered touching his dick tip to my mouth walls.He started to fuck my mouth.I gagged and he removed his dick. Thick saliva came along with the dick.He pasted that saliva on my forehead on cheeks.He mouth-fucked again and again and the saliva is floating like water from tap and is falling on my boobs.

He licked the saliva on my face then on my boobs and chewed both my boobs.Though it was painy i was enjoying it a lot.He made me sit in doggy and pushed from behind.Now it is giving me pleasure.I began to feel the sweet feeling in my nerves all over my body.I came to orgasm but he didnt and i cummed but he didnt he banged my cunt and cummed on my ass and back and fell on the back of me.I took him and covered his head between my boobs and he hugged me with his strong hands.

The next day we went to movie and along came suresh.I sat between them and my brother is next to satya.Satya started playing with my boobs and after sometime suresh noticed it.But he kept quiet. After sometime he too grabbed my right boob.I became furious but he didnt pay any attention.I whispered sathya and he said be still talk later.Suresh didnt stop fondling my boob.Sathya and suresh they milked me in the theatre for an hour.My cunt is wet and is ready to fuck.Both my nipples became red and the boobs are paining.

Suresh left my boob and inserted his hand in my skirt and started finger-fucking my pussy.He felt my juicy pussy and fastened the finger-fuck.I was getting the orgasm in the hall itself and started to moan lightly.I cummed there itself and juices flowed out of my pussy.Suresh took his hand out of my pussy and showed it to me.He licked his fingers.After the movie we went home.Sathya brought wine with him and they started partying in ramesh room.After an hour ramesh felt asleep and sathya came to my room

I yelled at sathya for allowing suresh and he said sorry and kissed me.He started again.He quickly removed my skirt,panty and licked my already cummed cunt.He cleaned the walls of my pussy with his tounge and raised me.I removed my tshirt and bra.He started pressing my boobs and licking my body.I was in a full mood.Sathya inserted his dick in my pussy and started banging my pusyy.Then another set of hands grab hold of my boobs from the back.I was not in a mood to stop suresh.

Sathya laid me in doggy and banging my pussy from back and suresh held my head and started mouthfucking.Suresh came to orgasm and cummed on my face and sathya in my pussy.We three fell on bed.Then suresh grab hold of ass and started licking it.He licked my ass deeeply into it.Spit in my asshole.I grab sathyas balls and started playing with them.He raised again.He wiht his 7 inch dick inserted into my virgin asshole.It is not entering and pained me.

Suresh grab my mouth with his dick.Sathya applied oil to his dick and in my asshole.This time he forced my asshole.The dickk cracked my hole and i moaned as suresh dick is in my mouth.Sathya made a path in my asshole and started banging the ass and suresh in my mouth.Then once again they both cummed.They then changed the positions and fucked me the like that the whole night.Finally this banging stopped in the early morning.We all three are totally exhausted.They silently went to ramesh room and slept there.He didnt know anything.

From then onwards we three used to fuck everytime.They like my holes very much.They both suck my armpits,fuck my asshole my mouth.They chew my nipples and i too love my boyfriends.

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