Brother’s Unplanned Romance With His Cousin Sister – Part 1

Hello everyone I am Raghav Batra. This story is about a real incident which I think shouldn’t have happened.

Let me introduce myself and my sister to you. I am 21 years old , studying in last year of college. I am fair and good looking guy.

My cousin sister Meghna is also 21 years old. She is fair in colour. She is a cute girl with slim figure. Her main attraction is her boobs. She has big boobs which also gave her lot of stares in college. Her stats must be 38 24 34.

I and Meghna have studied in same school and are studying in same college so we are very good friends.

Coming to the story. One of Our cousin brother was marrying. So We had to attend his party scheduled one night before marriage. Everyone had gone except me and her. She had gone for some internship. Also she had a minor fracture in her right arm , so she decided to go late there.

I remained at home to accompany her. She returned at 8 pm. As we had to reach till 9 pm, She immediately went into bathroom to take a bath. Just after 2 min she called me.

Meghna: hey bro can you help me( only her face was out)

Me: yes tell me

Meghna: as you know , I can’t move my right hand so I am not able to open my bra from can you do that for me.

Listening this I was very confused. I can’t say her no as no lady was at home, and saying yes was also difficult. Thinking for a min I said her yes.

She closed the door and again opened it. She was standing with her back towards me, on top she was wearing only bra and at bottom jeans. Although she didn’t noticed it, but I was able to see her front in mirror. Her big boobs were looking really very awesome.

Her hands were on her bra so she can hold it when I will open it. I put my both hands on her bra. Only my fingers were touching her back but still I was able to feel her smooth back.

When I opened her bra , she immediately closed the door. Images of her boobs ( I saw in mirror) were coming in my mind. I was trying to forget it but my problem became worse when she again called me. She was out of bathroom and said ” can you please close my zip from back. She was wearing a black mini sleeveless dress.

As her boobs are big, so she was wearing a dress which was completely covering her boobs and cleavage. Dress was not vulgar from above but dress was much above knee length so it was showing lot of her sexy legs. As dress was looking tight it was giving good shape to her boobs. I tried to close her zip but was not able to do so.

Me: zip is not closing, I think your dress is tight.

Meghna: no it can’t happen, dress is of my size only, try it one time more

Me: ok you try to adjust it

I tried again to close zip but again not successful. She was not able to adjust her dress by one hand.

Me : not working, what to do now

Meghna ( saying slowly) : is that mean my boobs had become bigger.

Me : what….

Meghna: no , no nothing. Can you help me adjust my dress

I was again in dilemma but thinking that we will be late , I replied her yes.

I raised my both hands and put on her boobs( as dress was mainly tight from there). The moment I put my hands on her boobs, a current passed in my body. For a moment I forgot she is my sister, I pressed both her boobs lightly and my face was in her hair( I can’t forget the smell of her hair).

And my foot reached back of her knee and my foot was rubbing soft skin of her legs. I was just enjoying her beauty. I came back to senses when she spoke ” what happened bro.”

Me : nothing just trying to adjust your dress. I pretended as if adjusting her dress and I forcefully closed her zip. We went down and sat in car and she asked driver to start driving. Just after 10 min she said in my ear” my zip is again open , please do something.

As it was dark in car and outside I touched there. I came to know that her zip was opened in between because her dress was tight. When I touched her back to close it , I don’t know what happened to me instead of closing her zip , I Started opening it. I put my left hand on her back and started rubbing it.

I was now dying to feel her more and more. I became bold and put my left hand on her sexy legs and right hand on her boob. I started rubbing my left hand on her legs starting from her knees and slowly and gradually reaching her inner thighs inside her dress.

Her skin was really very soft. From right hand I was squeezing her both boobs turn by turn and I was kissing her on her neck. My tongue was tasting her ears. Initially she didn’t say anything which made me more bold.As driver was there with us , she started saying slowly” what are you doing bro. ” But I was totally ignoring her.

At that moment i was enjoying her fullest. But this ended when she hit me with her left elbow in my stomach. She immediately asked driver to take back home. I was feeling very guilty on what I had done a few moments ago. She wore a tshirt on top as her zip was fully open.

When we reached home , she immediately ran inside. I ran behind her. When we reached inside I hold both her feet and started begging her to apologize me and not to tell anyone about this incident. She just said , we are already late for party , will talk about this later. She changed her dress to jeans and top. We went to party.

Next part coming soon.

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