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Hello guys, hope you are doing good. This is my second sex story after met online Bangalore.

I am wave(name changed) 25-year-old .. Living and working in Bangalore for an MNC.

Starting with the sex story of a very big struggle to reach the bus stop on time to go to my hometown, I finally reached and I had not booked the tickets as well. My brother had booked it. I didn’t know when it comes as I haven’t gone in that bus ever. I checked at the bus office. They told it will reach majestic in 20 mins. As it was already 10:45 I was bored and tired standing from an hour.

While I was standing and looking around at people ( girls ) there was one girl who was coming towards the same spot where I stood. She was confused bout bus then she asked someone bout the bus which I was also waiting for. I was hesitant to start off finally asked her.

Me: which bus are you waiting for..?She: srs travelsMe: even am waiting for that bus it will take another 15 min for it.She: oh thank you. I was very confused about it.Me: it’s alright, where do you stay is it bay?She: no I stay nearby to it, small place though.Me: ok. What do you do here?She: I work at Infosys after completing my engineering.Me: great with whom do you stay here.She: I stay in a pg near silk board.Me: nice even I stay nearby btm.She: oh nice place nearby to me.Me: ya. I also completed my MBA and am working on management domain.She: great to know you.Me: you should have looked out for some technical job than that.She: ya am hunting for it.Me: nice. Hope for the best

Our bus arrived. Then I had booked a sleeper seat she had booked for a seater one. I sat behind her and told I think I won’t get the sleep I wish I could sit here and we could talk for a while let me check if someone can take my sleeper… She said why you want to waste money sitting here. Rather go and be comfortable. I told that’s fine. I will sit here. She told to try your best.

Then the lady passenger arrived who owns the seater seat. I told her there is a sleeper seat we both are togeather can you please take my seat. She hesitated for a while though but later told ok no problem. Finally, I got the seat but it was behind her as all the seats were one behind other.

She: how did you convince her.Me: it’s sleeper seat she is getting better than what she paid …She: ya. Lucky girl.Me: why lucky? Did you want that seat?She: no. It is comfortable here.

Then we spoke a lot about our lives families and work life, college times likes dislikes.

I was leaning towards her seat and talking to her from behind. She was responding well. We were very close and I was not letting her sleep and talking continuously.

I was leaning on her head now and she gave her hand I held. It was amazing feeling though she said I don’t know how all things connect in life. From nowhere I am holding your hand now. I told that’s fine it happens and is called life.

Then I was not letting off her hand and I kissed her forehead. She didn’t deny. I told I wish I had seat next to you I could sleep on your lap. She told you can still try come sit beside me. I went ahead tried sitting as we both are not fat and was leaning on her body. It was warm.

Then I told I don’t think I got a place. I ‘ll sit back then I held her hand and kissed it. I moved further from the back and kissed her neck. She was feeling hot. She stopped me and told no.

I told fine. Then I will sleep and I went back and slept on my seat. She held my hand and pulled towards her and kissed my lips. I was so hot that I sucked her lips for a min. As all lights were off all were sleeping, I had no problems in doing that.She responded to my kiss and sucked me too.

I held her from the back and was touching her neck. It was difficult to do anything from the back as the seat was tall.Then I tried moving hand in her top she didn’t resist and I touched her cleavage. Now she moved a bit upwards and I could hold her boobs on bra they were already tight she was breathing heavily and I was holding and squeezing them then I moved my fingers inside bra and caught. Her nipples very hard they were I started playing with them she felt moaning slowly. After a while the bus was bout to stop for a break I moved away I told her is this all u want never want to face me again? She said you can take my number then we exchanged numbers. The bus moved again but by then we both were sleepy and slept.

The bus was about to reach her place she told I need a kiss I moved and kissed her deeper and she told message me I will.Leave now I said fine miss you… I was feeling very good it was like a dream to me den as we had exchanged numbers. I did text her first…

Me: hi how was your journey.She: lol it was amazing.Me: I wish we had more time.She: this is enough for this time.Me: why soShe: slower the betterMe: on ya slow in whatShe: everything.Me: nothing has actually happened to get to everything.She: so you want to make it happen?Me:hmmShe:hmmm?Me: why not.She let’s see when we go back to Bangalore.Me: great will.Wait for it.She: me too.

Then we were chatting continuously for hours. We got intimate chats as well where we just spoke about romance. She asked why you didn’t want to chat about sex. I was hesitant to say ya I wanted but didn’t know to start off.. Then days passed chats became hotter she likes the word ( chod ) and asked me to send audios using chod even I was getting excited and sending audios like chodna hai mujhe… Chudwalo.. Chodunga.. Etc etc.. Days passed.

I left Bangalore but she was still there for another week we were just chatting and speaking through calls at times. And time was moving faster.

Finally, she came back to Bangalore and we decided to meet and watch a movie. We had been to kaabil. Watching a movie at brigade road, I was getting closer towards her and holding her and playing with her fingers den tried to move my hands towards her belly and touched it as she was wearing a tee it was easy to push my hand in and touch her belly. She was getting aroused and moving closer towards me. I was touching above her belly trying to touch her boobs and held her bra and was very soft and spongy. I pressed them hard she was moaning slowly and held my hand.

But could not do anything more than that on that particular day then we decide to take it forward and I told u can come to my place and spend time with me she said fine then it was Sunday she came over my place evening and I was waiting to pick her from a stop nearby to my home picked her we had some snacks and left to the room finally reached room.And locked the door…

She pulled out her scarf and sat on my bed as it’s only a room.Not much space then I was lying on the bed and pulled her closer and held her in my arms she was coming closer and I was touching her back all over feeling her back …

Then she smooched me for a long time moving my tongue in and out of her mouth and licking her lips making them wet I was lifting her top and pressing her waist she was moaning aaa hh hh.Pull it out… I was lifting her top and moved my lips to her neck and was licking her neck and ears I gave a love bite on her ear lobe and neck… She was kissing my ears too.

Then I pulled out my shirt and she sat over me and kissed my chest all over and started licking my nipple and my neck. Then she removed her top sitting on me and was in bra I pressed her boobs hard and lifted bra upwards and pulled it out in a raw manner and held both boobs in my hands she then was leaning over me and I could take them in my mouth…

I was opening my mouth wide open to take it deeper and she kept in my mouth and pressed them hard. I was sucking and licking her nipple tip inside my mouth then I licked between her boobs and the other one I held both closer to each other and licked all over boobs making them wet. And she was forcing her boobs on my face den I told I need ur lips down…

She didn’t waste a minute and pulled my pants down and my inners and held my cock and took directly into her mouth and started stroking it with her hand I removed her hand she moved them and was controlling my dick only with her mouth and trying to take it deeper. I was pushing it in her throat and moving up and down she was sucking like a pro. I then gave my balls she took one each time and sucked and licked them she then licked my tip of the cock roughly I was in heaven and enjoying the bj…

Then I held her pajamas and opened the button and pulled her pajamas out it was my turn to show her the paradise. I went down licked her legs knees behind knees and came up till thighs and she was jumping due to anticipation of me licking her pussy then I moved closer licked her thighs deeper moved more further till her panty I licked she held my hairs and pushed my head on her panty I then took her panty off using my teeth she was moaning hard and I was sliding her panty using my teeth then I moved her legs and asked her to not to close them she obeyed and I directly went to her hole and it was a bit wet already I then teased her with my lips touch and go on her pussy she was closing her legs I said if u close then I will not lick she them wide spread her legs…

I opened my mouth and took that piece of flesh in my mouth and started tasting it aww she was jumping and I as sucking her pussy and I put my tongue inside her hole and started to push it inside her walls she was holding my head using her legs I was getting more excited and started licking her deeper and faster up and down her hole sucking on it she had light hairs though we’re looking good on the pink flesh whole thing was in my mouth..

I spread her pussy wide with my finger and licked it more deeper she said I need u badly I need it fuck me hard tear me now this aroused me more and I kept my cock on her entrance and was rubbing my dick on her pussy she was pulling me closer I then moved closer and kept it inside her hole it was tight I moved it further she was feeling the pain as my cock is broad she then said fuck me, hard baby, I want it now I moved further gave a hard jerk and it was in her now I was moving to and fro she was enjoying it she was scratching my back with her nails in her pleasure I was moving faster and faster..

I then turned her around and made her my doggy she was lifting her ass up and bending what a lovely scene that is my all time fantasy is to have anal sex … But rarely we find such girls den I kept my cock in her pussy below her ass hole and moved it she was screaming and I held her ass and moved closer and deeper in the pussy I then slapped her ass and moved deeper and fucked her hard and deep I was moving to and fro now she was moaning faster aaa hh hh common fuck kkk kkk me more please….

I was moving more and faster ahh aha aaa hh hh tear me hold me and fcuk mee. I was fucking her faster. I could listen to the sound of my thighs slapping her as it was clapping kind of sound and I was rubbing my cock up and down inside her pussy and finally, I was about to release but took it out before I could release and released on her ass hole and made it wet with my cum. Then we took rest for a while and spoke general talks as it was already late we slept and she left next day.

I hope you all who reads will like my sex story as I don’t like to be fake so it’s a big lengthy coz me personally don’t like to read stories without any basic foundation which is important if you all have liked the story ladies from and around Bangalore wanna hang up with me then write to ( [email protected] ) anyone who wants to have virtual or physical relationship with me kindly give your feedback to me at my email id ( [email protected] )

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