Bus Travel With Senior Mallu Friend

Hello, ISS readers; this is my first story. I’m dheeran from Coimbatore. Now working in Chennai, I’m 22 years old.


Comeing to the story…This happened a month before. (few years before) I was in love with a girl. Who is 2 years elder to me. Her name is priya, she is white..Chubby cute and one of the top beautiful girls in our college. We were in love for more than 2 years. And later we broke up due to some misunderstanding.


Darshini was her bestfriend ..We became friends..When I was with priya. She has helped me in many ways for my love. After the course completed, we all went behind our personal duties. Now priya was not in touch with me..But darshini was still in touch and she is working in  it company in chennai…And then I joined as

Asst editor in chennai.


Sorry guys for the lengthy story…Now let’s move on to the beautiful incident.


Some must have been guessed.. Darshini is the heroine here.. She is a malayalli from kochin. She had a beautiful white skintone and big boobs…She resembles like pornstar

Mia khalifa…


I used to admire her beauty..But I had no  bad intention till then. This was a weekend.. Monthly once friday I will go to my native place.. Usually me and my friend will be going .. I booked tickets in orange travels sleeper. On that day..My friend was unable to come..Because of some office work.


So…I was searching for some one to join… Darshini told she will come with me. I told this is  2seat sleeper is it ok?..And she was ok with that.. Friday night 10.0 clock bus…I went to her hostel at 9 and picked her, went to koyambedu, parked my bike in the stand and we went in to the bus. We were talking casually about our jobs and was also sharing our personal things, bus started at 10.15pm


We were sitting opposite to each other and talking..  It was like.. Vtv movie ossana scene.. Her foot was touching my legs …She was in tshirt and jean…And I was in track and tshirt…Ac was very cold…While moveing her leg…Touched my thighs..I saw her foot..Touched and slowly moved aside..And moved my eyes upward…Her boobs were hanging and cleavage was visible… Saw her face…Pink lips and that mallu eyes were killing me…


I was seeing into her eyes…She too responded by seeing without blinking…My stomach was freezing cold.And suddenly driver switched off the lights.As it is already 11.0 clock.


Then, she said lets sleep.. It sounded like double meaning… While we was moving to keep the bags in the corner…Bus gave a huge jerk..In which she fell on me and I touched her boobs for almost 5 to 10 sec..She did not say anything…And tried to move…Were her boobs pressed my hand even harder..She smiled and took my hand from her boobs and saw me…It was very cute.. And it was like a green signal.. Then we were lying and talking.


When she was talking…I was seeing her eyes.Lips and admiring her beauty….


For which she said..R yu listening or ??? What?.?


I smiled and said ..I was admireing your beauty and placed my hand on her forehead and came closer…She did not say anything… I came more closer …She closed her eyes.. Our lips were very very closer but I did not kiss her…Despite I was loveing to watch her reactions and slightly touched her lips with my lips…Still she was closeing her eyes. Then she too moved her lips and responded …We were kissing deeply..


And my hands were around her waist and playing with her hip curves. She was hugging me tightly…And now the journey began…


While kissing…I moved my hand inside her t-shirt…And started fondling her stomach and she was enjoying the moment…And were smooching for some time.


Later she too started to move her hand inside my tshirt and fondle..That made me more arouseing..And I touched her boobs and pressed slowly…It was so soft and sema experience…For which she…Touched by manhood above the track and was playing with that..I removed her bra and slip…Not the tshirt..As we were in bus…And started to press hard and lick and bite her boobs..Her nipple were in light pink colour..And with other hand I touched her pussy….She was enjoying and looking deep into my eyes…I started to insert my middle finger…It was very tight…And sure she must have felt the pain..


So kissed her deep on her lips and started to move to and fro in her …She was making some sound…Even though I was kissing.


Later she climbed on me, kissed and hugged tightly …And we were rolling and playing for sometime and smooching, licking…Playing with the tongue and then I  lowered her jean and licked her pussy…Which was clean shaved.


After sometime…She said ‘I need yours in my mouth..’ and lowerd my tracks and she started to play and rub my brother. And she licked first in my balls …I could not express the feelings…It was like that.. And gave a awesome blowjob …Mixed with the handjob…Till that time…I was pressing her hip…Back and boobs then I too started to insert my finger in her glory hole…She was enjoying…


Then…After some time I was about to cum…She said ‘ I want to drink that’ and she covered my manhood with her mouth and she drank completely…Later I ejaculated for her…Then I saw the time, it was 2.20 a.M. We both slept hugging each other..And then bus reached Coimbatore at 6.O clock…We got down, booked cab…While going in cab .She asked me ‘ are you virgin???’”.I said yes…For which she smiled  and said i’ll get some time to take yours…


I asked the same question to her…She said no. We reached near her home and dropped her in front of the street and I went back to my home…We had another romance…While going back to chennai.


I will narrate them in next episode of this story.Until then take care.


Any interested women/girls in Coimbatore and Chennai can contact me.You guys can contact me on my Gmail account

[email protected] and share your valuable comments.

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