Cabmate Ke Saath Saari Raat

Hello friends, my self, Pratap, here is my story on this site. This is the story about my sexual experience with a girl in my office. About me, I am 22, recently graduated in engineering and got into a MNC. I am 5.8″, well built out of my running & gym. I like travelling, sports & books. Here it goes.

On the first day at job with lots of excitement, energy & curiosity regarding MNC culture, I was the 1st guy to get into my office cab. Settling myself lightly in the middle row, i was wondering/praying to get some pretty women as the remaining cab mates. As the cab drove further, a bunch of people got in, and I din’t find anyone interesting, expect for this girl, who sat in the last row busily blah blahing on the phone (perhaps to her bf).

After ending the call, she again starting blah blah to cab mates and inquired me as I was new fellow. Wanting to inquire her figure & age i turned a little and answered her, however couldn’t get a good glance at her figure, as her front part was covered with bag etc. However, I observed something very interesting on her face and it was her shiny wheatish glowing complexion, lively eyes dipped in the mascara, glossy lips with a til on the upper lip.

One day, in the office cafeteria, I caught her walking with her friends, and had a complete worship of her figure, she was wearing a perfectly fitted Kurti & Legging. At that moment, I made out that she was 5.5 tall, brown silky hair touching her back, leaving her curvy waist & chubby ass for everyone. Unable to resist seeing her front, I jumped from my chair, and rushed to the counter where she was standing. Standing adjacent to her, I said ‘Hello’, turning to me, she said’ Hello Pratap’.

We spoke for an instant looking face to face. It was a horrible moment for me as I couldn’t control my eyes, as they were travelling her total figure. Her lovely mouth was smiling at me as my nose was filled with her manly body spray, (yes, she used wild-stone), and eyes were studying her two round firm 34DD breasts (resting separately by smooth cleavage, hidden in the white bra & kurti). That moment, I felt to pull her to squeeze her boobs on my chest and let my mouth suck that lovely mouth, following to her cheek bones, sexy neck and then coming down to rest my face in between in boobs to suck the juices out of her. But hiding these kinky thoughts, I smiled in return and acted professionally.

After a series of meetings, i came to know that she is a punjabi girl with a bf. We started being good friends, but my sexual desires for her never went off. Soon, we shared our numbers and IMs, and we became closer. In the cab, I made her sit beside me on a condition that she won’t talk to her bf in my presence. She obeyed and we were sitting side by side, our legs touching each other, our faces close to each other. I always felt to grab her head to me to kiss it violently by squeezing her boobs to pinch her erected nipples over the kurti. However, I was still a good guy, just waiting for the right moment to come. We used to stare at each-other’s eyes, and we knew that we had a connecting but waiting one to take a step.

One night in the office, I pinged her casually on the IM to have a normal conversation. She started telling me about a dream she had last night. She said that i was also involved involved in that dream. I asked her how. She said in hindi, ‘Tu mujhe woh woh kar raha tha’. I laughed and asked ‘kaisa laga?’…’Main kachi hogayi, tu mujhe ek class room mein kar raha tha’…… I asked her ‘Kya main tere sapne ko sach karoon’…. She smiled and said, ‘Hai kya itna dumm?’. I concluded the talk saying, ‘Aaj raat cab mein dekhlena’. (That was it, a signal)

That night, we sat side by sida as usual, with big smiles on our faces. I was giving a mischievous look deep in her eyes. She was blushing and I asked, ‘Karoon kya?’. with her eyes wide open, she said,’Kya??’ …..’Yeh’, i said it and made fingers travel from her waist, slowly up through her flat tummy to the firm boobs. She jerked saying, ‘Nahi, koi dekh lega pagal’. I wouldn’t stop and made her to keep her chuni on my hand. There i was squeezing her boobs under the chuni in the cab, and she was giving me a angry look for doing this, but not wanting me to stop. At that moment, i realized how glossy & juicy her lips were, inviting me to suck & blow them.

Days passing, cab mates realized something was fishy between we two, but no one cared it. Perhaps, this is MNC ;). Every day & night, it was a fun time to me, allowing my hand in her kurtis, t shirts, to feel her naked skin, followed by goosebumps on the boobs & erected soft nipples on my rough hand. Soon she started complaining me,’Main geeli hoojati hoon’. We used to get into the empty conference rooms, lifts, parking lots to get quick smooches and touches here & there.

It was a corporate party; full of booze, DJ sound & dance. She arrived there in her black skirt, with transparent cloth at places like chest, naval & back. That moment, i felt it was the right night to undress her to fuck the hell out of her. As always, we exchanged our mischievous glances. She signed from a distance asking, ‘How do I look?. I winked and blew a flying kiss, answer,’You look a maal.’

At the DJ, I was immersed fully in the black-dog pegs. Not being a great dancer, I was amused to her sexy waist moving steps. I realized that it was her dance, which kept her perfect figure. At last, looking at her and her teasing me to dance up with her, I was on my feet towards her, and she made me dance with her. It was a beautiful evening, but the fun was not yet started. While dancing, she told me in my ears,’Let’s go to my home’. I nodded here to what she meant and we were out of that place.

There were no one at her flat, and it was a surprise to me. I learnt that her family was out of town. I was sitting on the couch, while she went to change. She was back in her lovely pink nighty, resting on the sexy figure. She handed over me a glass of water and stood before me, smiling.

Next moment, we were on the bed, with myself kissing her mouth roughly. Now slanting a little, my mouth was sucking her neck and left hand squeezing her boobs and other was in between her legs, rubbing the hot pussy. Uplifting her nighty, my hard rubbed her soft shaved pussy to feel its wet hotness. I took her nighty completely off, to view the naked soft fair skin, filled with goosebumps allover.

I made her sit on me with her legs around my waist; while sucking her soft boobs in my mouth, I felt her scratching on my back. I took her hand off and held them together with one hand on her back; while i continued teasing her cleavage and nipples with my tongue.

After a while, I let her free on bed, so to undress myself, and there it was my dick, hard as rock. I stood on the bed as she sat there. I took her hands and laid them on my dick to rub it softly.

At first, though she was soft, she could resist her wildness, she brought her mouth to it. She was there, teasing my cock-head with her tongue making me moan. I couldn’t hold it and i pushed her on the bed; I widened her legs to bring my face in between it. It was scented and my tongue couldn’t stop to taste it. My head moved slowly up & down to let my tongue lick out the pussy; then my head remained at place, while my tongue moved up&down rapidly to tease/moan her badly. I felt here wild pleasure as her pulled my hair on head and moved her legs on my back.

Spreading out her legs, I moved above on her to get my mouth close to her boobs and penis to her pussy. After inserting my hard dick in her cunt, i pulled her thighs for support, then made slow moments to feel her inside It made me feel great to see her happiness in the pain. i supported on my hands at either side of her and started banging her to & fro rapidly, listening to her moan …. aaa …. a.a.a .aa.a. aaaahhh. I bent myself down to kiss her moan and came down to her boobs to suck them again.

Later, after that, i rested on my back with my legs wide, she laid on her tummy to get face on my dick. she caught it in her hands, let her mouth drop on it to suck it like a lolly. I held her head to guide her movement up & down. On the verge to cum, I lifted her to doggy style. I was my mouth this time, to suck her pussy from behind.

With her round ass before me, I was squeezing it from time to time while tongue licking in between. I was back on my knees, to let my dick enter her and bang her pussy from the back. I held her waist and let myself move ferociously, till she was moaning and begging. Then after a while, I stopped it to release myself.

Next morning, I woke up earlier than her. Sitting in the chair, I was smocking cigarette and appreciating her beautiful body. When she opened her eyes, I said,’Good Morning Dear’ and blew the smoke.

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