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Hi readers, I am back with yet another story of my life. Thank you for the response to my first story. Im sameer, delhi guy, a massuer and a call boy in my part time and a proud fucker. Ladies and girls from Delhi NCR are more than welcome to contact me for service. I dont claim to be brad bit or tom cruise, nor I say I have toned muscular body, but im fit healthy and in shape. I have had many satisfied clients so far.

Coming to the story, this happened some months back when I received a text message on whatsapp from a lady in Gurgaon. She had got my number from her friend who I provided service sometime back. So this lady was working in a reputed MNC at middle rung level. She was 36 years old, too hot by looks and had a great figure to die for. He husband was a typical business man who had no time for her needs.

So we talked on whatsapp and she wanted a massage and sex for one day and one night. We fixed up meeting and she wanted to meet me on coffee before she would proceed. So we happen to meet at Costa coffee in Gurgaon. She came in denim and t shirt and was looking a sexy babe with her projected ass, ample boobs and killing figure. We settle down and I as usual treated her as a gentleman.

We discussed a lot about what she wanted. I told her that I see it as a need of everyday like food water air etc and I know it is to be fulfilled. She told me about her likes and fantasies and she also shared that she want to try anal sex more. We fixed the meeting at her home same night and I reached at her place at 9PM. She welcomed me and we had a glass of wine. She was looking extremely sexy in one piece which barely covered her boobs and was till upper thighs. I complemented her and said you are sexiest angel I have come across. I got up and held her face and kissed her and smooched her lips. I smooched her hard and ate her mouth.

We smooched for long time without taking each other lips back. I held her ass with my hands and pressed her ass cheeks hard. I caressed her thighs till her panties while I was sucking and smooching her mouth. We parted and she said make me your bitch tonight and fuck me like a whore. My husband is good for nothing and im very thirsty. I cupped her boobs and put my face on her cleavage and began kissing licking and sucking her boobs. I licked her cleavage, pumped her boobs on her dress, I kissed those melons, sucked them and bite some of the portion of boobs. I went down and pulled up her dress and caressed her pussy over her panty. I caressed her pussy rubbed her cunt over her pussy. Her pussy being fleshy I cupped it in my hand and pumped her pussy squeezed it in my hand. She went wild and started shouted, grunted and groaning.

I took her panty out but kept the dress on. I rolled it up and started licking her pussy like a mad dog. She was standing and I was between he legs eating and licking her hole. I licked her pussy very hard, sucked it fast. I smooched her beautifully shaven and smooth pussy. She held my hair and didnt let me go. I kept sucking her pussy hard and fast. I fingered her pussy very hard for few minutes and she could not control and cummed very hard on my fingers. I didnt stop but kept fingering her hard and fast. I licked her juices from the pussy, I drank her liquied which was oozing from her hole.

I also became wild and ripped her dress off. She liked it and smooched me hard and wild. She bite my lips and I reciprocated by biting her lips. We exchanged saliva and I spit on her boobs and licked them hard. She was not wearing bra. I sucked her boobs, licked her nipples and aerola. I took each boob in my mouth and sucked as much as she wanted.

I went to fridge nearby and found chocolate syrup. I poured all over her boobs and licked the cchocolate filled boobs. I licked her niples, bite them hard. I sucked her boobs till they became dry and red. I over turned her on the table and she was in semi doggy. I went down and poured chocolate syrup on her ass. I licked her ass very well. I parted her ass cheeks and burried my face in her hot big ass. I licked her asshole filled with chocolate. I licked it well. I rimmed her hole and pushed my tongue in her ass hole.

I started fingering her asshole and inserted one finger first. Once she was comfortable and asshole became slippery I inserted another finger and I began fingering her asshole harder. I fingered her asshole for longer time and after that I took my dick and shoved in her asshole. I held her waist and began fucking her asshole hard. She didnt allow me to wear condom and I obliged since she sweared she was clean and disease free. I too am disease free.

I shoved and fucked her ass hole harder and harder. I spanked her ass while I fucked her. She groaned moaned cried louder. She started abusing me, fuck me fuck me u fucker, you bastard fucker, fuck me you motherfucker. Common make me your randi, your whore of the night. After a hard fuck I cummed in her asshole and she too cummed heavily many a times. She wanted to have rest and clean herself.

We went to washroom and cleaned ourselves. We came out and went to her bedroom. We embraced each other and lie on bed in each other arms. We talked here and there and usual stuff, after that I started fingering her pussy again. We went into sideways 69 and began eating each other. She gulped my whole dick and gagged many times. She tried to take it down till throat but gagged everytime. I also licked her pussy very well. We licked each other for 20 minutes during which time she cummed around 3 times and I also cummed once.

After that she rode me while I was lying down on bed. She rode me hard and fast. She tied my hands to the bed ends so that I could not use my hands. She ride me very hard. She spit on my face and I also spit on her. She went up and down crazily and enjoyed my dick in her pussy. She rotated herself on my dick and took pleasure of my dick in everyway. She sucked in between and also took it in her asshole for the final end.

She went into reverse direction and fucked her asshole with my dick. She was nearing climax and she went crazy and went up and down non stop. I also cummed in her asshole. She lowered herself and rested on my dick.

She took out my dick and I was surprised by the next move she did. Since I was tied and she was at free will, she at once came up and sat on my face giving her dripping asshole on my mouth. It was the best thing she could do and she lowered herself on my mouth and I went crazy and licked her cum filled asshole like a crazy dog.

She went bersrk and abused me, shouted grunted and moaned hard. I drank all her cum from her asshole and she was satisfied to core. She untied me and smooched me hard. She thanked me for the pleasure. After that we slept nude in each other arms.

Next day she prepared breakfast, we had breakfast nude while she rode my dick being in my lap. We had lunch in same way. We behaved as couple in home. We didnt wear a single cloth for the whole day and I fucked her whenever she wanted. I used cream jam honey on her pussy and asshole.

Once we cleaned our selves in bathroom and we also urinated on each other and licked each other well. For 24 hours we had so much of fun. I fucked her almost 15 times in her asshole and pussy. She was extremely happy being with me spending these moments.

She promised to meet me again once her husband will again be on tour. She gave me packed with 20000 in that which was more than I had asked as my service. After that she called me once again and we had crazy sex and went kinky and extremely dirty. I will share in some other story the details.

Ladies and girls from delhi are more than welcome for fun. Decency, secrecy and trust is assured. I assure you of 100% fun with body massage erotic massage and sucking and fucking in every way.

Mail me on [email protected] for further details.

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