Capital Welcomes Me With Some Steamy Sex

Well Hello!

I don’t think anyone of you remembers me. So let’s just give it a fresh start.

My name is Arjun. I am 18. I am messed up ( Not body wise! ). And… That’s pretty much it.

Oh wait! Hang in there!!

Mail ID -“[email protected]”

Do mail me if you’re desperate for sex. Or if you liked my story 🙂

Opinions matter!

So the last Saturday, I landed into the capital, all on my own, on a freaking’ HOLIDAY!!!

Sorry, i just got a bit excited about that.

Yeah so

I landed into the city at around 9 am at Terminal 3 and I was just checking out the terminal, roaming here and there and everywhere.I came out and took a cab to my relatives’ and got fresh and met everybody in a couple of hours, and headed to, what they refer to as, Select Citywalk!

God, that’s one hell of a loooongg mall. Plus you get to see beautiful girls out there. I was just passing my time in there as I had all my plans of ‘Aawaaragardi’ in Delhi from the next day.

I was just moving around, with my earphones in, and looking here and there, just when i sensed a tap on my shoulder from back.

When I turned around, i almost thought I’d get an erection right then!! (Yeah, she was that sexy!)

A girl, pretty much of my age, long hair, not much makeup (that’s what I think, though), prettiest face ever, white as chittiyan Kalaayian in a hot red top and a mini skirt tapped my shoulder. I was like, WOW!

I took my earphone off and said, ‘Yeah?’

She: Do you know where can I get some beverages in here? I am really thirsty and am new to this city.

Me: Well tbh, even I am a newbie here, but I just passed by a restaurant here.

She: Oh! Thank God! Where can I find that?

Me: Mind if I tag along? I was really getting bored since I dont really have friends here.

She: Oh sure! By the way, I am Navya! And you?

Me: Arjun! Nice to meet you! 🙂

*Slightly shakes hands and goes to the restaurant*

Me: Coffee? Or a shake maybe?

She: Yeah sure! I’d prefer a chocolate shake.

So we ordered two chocolate shakes and went into the conversation.We told each other about us. She was here to her relatives after her high school as well. So we really got along well.Just after the shakes, we decided to hang out once and exchanged our numbers.We shared our auto, and i dropped her off to the metro and went my way.

Now the wackiest part was, who will text first? I’d obviously like her to text first but then I thought, “I am here only for a few days. So why not make a move?”

And said Hi!

That one “Hi!” did the job. The outcome of that was a movie date! And when i say date, i do mean a “Date”.

We chose the movie ‘Teen’. Suspense thriller it was! During the movie, a time came when it was all silent and a but horrifying. At that particular instant, she held my arm tightly. I, taking it as an opportunity, came closer. Fortunately, so did she!

After the movie, we went for a lunch. There as well, when she got excited, she held my hands.

After that, we went on a stroll near the India gate. We were holding each other’s hands throughout our walk and it became really cozy!

I was sensing her actions, and was feeling that there is a little spark between us.

That night, on whatsapp, she asks me, ” How did you feel when I held your arm and then didn’t leave it the whole day? 😉 ”

I said that I was surprised initially but liked it very much!

She was like, ‘Want me to touch somewhere else as well? 😉 ‘

Trust me! I was SHOCKED! and JOYFUL!

I mean, what else do you want when you’re on a holiday and a girl is ready for it with you! 😀

I replied, Indeed I do! :*

We went out the next day, but everything was really normal, until the time she asked me to drop her till her home. I wasn’t really surprised as it was actually around 8.30 pm.

I dropped her at her home, whilst she invited me inside, for a while!

I was like, okay! (Why would I miss that, obviously?)

To my surprise, she was alone that night! And i got her intentions from her evil smile! 😀 (Gosh I love that smile of hers 😀 )

She said that she’ll be back after getting fresh and I was sitting like a douche bag on her room’s couch.

She opened the door, and the next sight, was mesmerizing!

Little droplets lf water, dropping off her hair, with a seductive smile on her face, and having ONLY the towel on her body, I got my signal!

I smiled wide 😀

And went to her and whispered, while caressing her hair,

“Iraada kya hai? 😉 ”

She : ” Tum samajh to chuke ho! ;)”

Me : “Tumhaare muh se sunna chahta hu! ”

She: “Suna to nai sakti lekin….”

And we started to kiss each other!

We were kissing and kissing and kissing. Our tongues never stopped wrestling and our saliva was just getting from one mouth to the other. I pinned her onto the wall and kissed her passionately. Woah! What juicy lips she had! 😀 (Bothways, up here, and down there 😉 )

She took her hands into my Tshirt and cressed my back while my one hand was on the wall to support us whereas the other one was squeezing her tight ass.

She was one hell of a ‘bombshell’.

We eventually got onto the bed where she sat on my lap with her legs around my waist and took my Tshirt off. My dick was pointing right into her pussy.

She made us lie down comfortably on the bed, never stopped kissing and took her hand into my trousers and started pressing my dick over my underwear!

Seeing such intensity, i ripped the towel off her wet body and.. Well well well, there were the two, big melons i always wanted since we met!

As soon as the towel went off, my hands ran up to touch the., feel them, and SQUEEZE them.

She liked it a lot and complimented that. 😀

We kissed again and my hands were busy caressing her boobs and exploring her back.

I came a little down and kisses her neck and her slow moans were making me want her more.

I went a little more down and kissed all around her boobs and her nipples but kept the nipple dry. That was my trick to tease her. And it worked! 😀

She screamed saying, “Stop teasing me and take my nipple into your mouth!!!!”

Obeying her commands, I licked the nipple just like a baby!

Oh wait, her size… I guess 32D

Big enough for a fresh start 😉

Licking and sucking and sometimes even biting her nipple, i made her moan more and more.

Trust me

Her each moan, made my erection longer and harder.Her moans got a little louder when i took my hand towards her pussy and started caressing it and fingering it slowly!

I went to her belly button and licked it for a while, and finally

There was the love hole! Right in front of my mouth, dripping wet wet wet!

I licked it just once and looked at her

She gave me an angry look saying,


Without giving it a second thought, i jumped right into her pussy and started licking it. My god! It was the best juice I had ever had!

I circled my tongue inside her pussy and touched her pussy walls and tongue fucked her as well. She was enjoying all of it.

Her hands on my head, scratching my hair and pushing me more into her pussy revealed that she was in love with what I was doing 😀

I am glad, that i was of some use at least!

She : “Babe i want your dick inside me! Right now!!!”

Me : ” Aye Aye Cap’n”

She stretched her legs apart, giving a perfect look of her glory hole. My god, it was so ecstatic that I licked it off once again. She then stretched her pussy lips and said, “I want it right here in between baby! :* ”

I took my dick, placed it on her pussy entrance, didn’t realize when did it go in, but once I felt the warmth of her pussy, I didn’t stop

I made slow to and fro motions initially to give her the feel, and gradually increased my pace. I fucked her, fucked her and just FUCKED her! 😀

I rammed her like anything

She was like, “Ooohh yeah! Yeah yeah yea!! Oh arjun it feels so good!!!!! Dont stop!!! Make me your bitch!!!!”

After missionary, she wanted to ride me

So i lied down, she came on the top of me, placed her pussy on my dick, just like a cover, and pushed her down!

She was going up and down and up and down, and her boobs. Oh my my! Her boobs were so inviting that i held them and started to kiss them again and kissed her as well.

As i was about to cum, and when i told her this, she got off me

I said, “What happened?”

She asked me to “Wait n’ Watch!”

I waited

And the wait was just worth it 😀

She got off a d took her lips to my dick and just ribbed my dick harder and gave me the best blowjob of my life!

Oh her lips felt so good!

That night, was just an amazing one! 😀

Anyone interested can always mail me at “[email protected]”

And please respond to my story! Your opinions are valuable 🙂

Thank you! 🙂

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