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Hello all, this is my third story in ISS. So far, I have had sex with 6 different people. I actually shared my experience with two and I would like to share another experience. Actually, he is my fourth partner. I haven’t shared my experience with my husband yet. I will post that story too.

I am 27 years old and I moved to USA along with my husband permanently. This incident happened with my office colleague.

I always have a wild desire to show my sexy assets to others most of the time. Even if I am wearing saree, I used to wear a see-through blouse and show most of my cleavage and nipples.

Most of the time, I like to buy transparent tank tops and wear them without a bra. My husband used to enjoy them when I do that in public. It turns him on always. But he doesn’t know about my affairs so far.

So, coming back to my story, my office colleague always had an eye on me and used to comment on my boobs and ass indirectly. One day when I was giving away some papers to him, he accidentally touched my boobs! My nipples got erect instantly and it popped up on my t-shirt as I was not wearing a bra.

I tried so hard to hide my erect nipples. And after that incident, my office colleague casually started spanking my ass now and then and use to make naughty comments about my ass. It turned me on eventually. I wanted to fuck him once but couldn’t figure out how to make it happen.

Then came the project escalation and I stayed most of the time at the office.

Once, my colleague was in his cabin and I went inside to give him some papers. He called me to his side to look into his computer. So I went and stood by his side. I took a chance and slightly bent down and unbuttoned a few buttons on my shirt without him knowing.

Since I was wearing a pushup bra, my breasts were juggling and they were pushing out. I gave him a few glances of my cleavage and my nipples started getting erect.

I wanted him to make a move. Meanwhile, my colleague slightly tried to touch my boobs and then looked at me. I smiled and gave him a green signal. He proceeded. He pinched my nipples nicely and fondled the nipples area over my shirt. It was heavenly.

Since it wasn’t the right time for sex, he only played with my boobs. He fondled them nicely. He pinched and pressed my nipples. I was moaning ecstatically. I badly wanted to suck his dick but I just ended up massaging it.

The next day, I wore a knee-length skirt and t-shirt so that it would be easier to undress and have a quickie at the office. So, I wore a red t-shirt and a skirt without a bra and panties. I was thinking to have some fun that day.

Then I visited my colleague’s room often and made some sexual moves at him like brushing on his dick when he passed me. Then I gathered all my boldness and went to his room and went close to him and lifted my skirt and showed him my pussy and moved my ass to his face.

My colleague gradually understood my intention and played along. I stayed late that night. I went and stood by his computer pretending to work after most of the other colleagues left. He slid his hands up my skirt and started fingering! First, he inserted one finger and then he started using two fingers. It was a heavenly feeling!

Then my colleague massaged my pussy slowly and soon, I orgasmed. I was making some woo aah noises. But he didn’t stop.

Then he asked me to go down on him and I obeyed. I unzipped his pants and proceeded to lick and blow his dick. I masturbated him. He liked it too.

We then adjusted our clothes and wanted him to penetrate me. So, I sat on the table and he put his dick in me. He was moving my body against him and my boobs were juggling. It was the best part in that. We were moaning and making noises.

Then we tried anal. He just lifted my skirt up and gradually caressed my ass and spanked them. I stood by the table and he was in his chair. He stood up and inserted his dick in my ass. He was holding my hair and riding me with his six inches. It was painful yet pleasurable.

We stopped there and dressed up completely.

I wanted to try missionary position but the office settings weren’t comfortable.

Since he stays alone in his house, he invited me over for a coffee. I told my husband I’ll be returning home by past midnight. So I didn’t care about going home earlier.

I drove to his house and we had some nice wine and danced a bit. We took a shower together naked and he lifted me to his bedroom and threw me at his bed.

I was lying nude in his bed and he laid next to me. He was romantic and played with my hair and we again started to make out for the third time in a day.

We tried missionary as he was on top of me and he rode his dick like an angry horse. I orgasmed again and he came inside me.

We laid there naked and now he went to my boobs and started sucking them. He pressed them harder and squeezed the milk out of it. He laid on me.

We laid there for like an hour at least. Then I kissed him on his lips and decided to leave. He pulled me again and asked for another round but I was tired already so I promised him another chance and left.

We started doing it on a regular basis until I moved to the US.

He always use to pinch my nipples when no one is watching. Our favorite position is him sitting in the chair and me sitting on him and riding his dick. It would be heavenly always.

Thanks for reading.

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