Caught Jerking Off And I Enjoyed It More

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Today I will be sharing the very first instance about losing my virginity to my Sister’s friend and entering the world of sex.This incident happened when I was hardly 19 years old. My sister’s friend is Sadhana (name changed for privacy), she was 32 years old. She had a fight with her husband and had to come to stay at our place as PG. She had a great figure, big round ass, big awesome size boobs though but very tight pussy and was very fair. Anybody would die to feel her ass as it was very smooth, soft and attractive.Normally I used to be alone most of the day at home so every day watching porn clips on mobile and masturbating was part of the routine. Since I used to be alone I never used to close my room door while master-bating. So, as usual, I started the porn clip on my mobile and started master-bating forgetting Sadhana is at home. Hearing my moans and the porn she suddenly came into my room and caught me jerking off. I didn’t realise she was in my room until I cummed and then saw her. I was pretty scared and told her not to tell anybody. She said I won’t tell anybody only on one condition that you master-bate in front of me every day but also follow what I say. She told me guys just think of their sole satisfaction and hence while master-bating try to cum as soon as possible but this habit creates a problem after marriage where their wife remains unsatisfied. So I will teach you how to last longer so that you can satisfy any women you ever meet.

I used to get naked and masturbate in front of her and she enjoyed every second of it. She used to make me master-bate in different styles, like some time with a single hand, sometimes she used to make me sleep on my stomach and put a pillow under my penis and make me fuck the pillow till I cum, this went on for a lot of time. I enjoyed every second whenever I used to be naked in front of her. Since then I started loving being nude in front of her and thus a desire to be a nudist increased. I still love being nude in front of women who just like to watch and also who wants something more from a nude guy.

Initial days went just me master-bating in front of her as she wanted to see how much time I take to cum and the reactions that I have before cumming. Normally she used to keep her hand on my butt so feel the muscle contraction when I am about to cum. Now she said as u masturbate you won’t cum unless I ask you to. I said I will try but can’t assure as I have never tried controlling it. She said don’t worry I will teach you.

So I used to start masturbating and when she used to feel I am about to cum she used to press her fingers between my anus and scrotum and I would make me stop from cumming. Thus this way she brought me to a total of 20 min wherein I can masturbate and stroke continuously 20 min without cumming.

Then the next part started. She tied my hands behind my back and blindfolded me. She said I don’t want to see initially for2-3 days just that u can enjoy and feel the sensation. So now she started stroking my cock and would stop when I was about to cum. Yes stroking with your own hand and when a females strokes, the sensations are different. In spite of training for 20 min without cumming with her touch I thought I would cum in 5 min. But she controlled me. after few days the training started with eyes open, I was no more blindfolded. Now my eyes were open when she gave me a hand job. Now the third phase began with a blowjob. She told me a woman’s mouth will give u same please as her pussy, thus try controlling it.The moment she started sucking me I couldn’t control and cummed in just 2 min in her mouth. She had anticipated the same but I got a tight slap saying I must control and thus the training went for few more days. Finally again I reached a state where in She sucked me for 30 min and I didn’t cummed.

Now she said the day of your test had arrived. I want to see your progress and also she gave me a pill to eat. As usual initially, my hand were tied and I have blindfolded again. I was lying on the bed with my legs spread and my cock erect. She initially started sucking me, I was enjoying it a lot, then in between stroking with her hand. Then I felt the slight weight on my hip and thigh. I though she must be resting her arms on my thighs to suck properly but the pressure was coming and going. Also, her mouth felt different more wet and tight. Then I felt she sitting on my hip, she opened my blindfold and what I saw was my cock was inside her pussy and actually she was fucking me with a woman on top position. I was surprised and happy. She said I kept you blindfolded so that you don’t get much excited and come too soon. It was almost 20 min she was riding me and had her 1st orgasm.

I asked to untie me and also asked her can I suck her too. She was shocked as her hubby never did oral on her. We got into 69 positions were in we did more of oral sex. She was moaning like mad.

So in 69 positions when I ejaculated in her mouth I was still hard, to which she said the pill I gave is Viagra. After oral sex and woman on top position, we went for missionary style as she was bit tired. I took over and started thrusting like a piston. Giving very hard stroke, she was shouting and moaning on top of her voice.

After pounding her for some time she had her second orgasm. We then moved to doggy style wherein I maintained my hard pounding…actually her moans like aah..oh fuck me…. we’re making me more aroused. Normally the effect of Viagra lasts for 12 hours so even it being my first time I fucked her for all time I was erect. I guess most of the sex positions from Kamasutra were used by us.

Finally, we both were tired and completely satisfied. She said you have passed with flying colours. She said what we did was a teacher-student relationship so I need the fees. She said you will need to promise few things as my fees.

So my repayment was with below promises1. You will satisfy every woman that approaches you irrespective for her skin colour, body figure, and her age.

2. You will always focus on her satisfaction and will not think about your own satisfaction.

3. You will obey every command given to you by the woman seeking satisfaction and never will force yourself on any woman.To fulfill the promise I made she told her friends about me and they approached me. I was not knowing initially they were her friends, One of her friend was 45 years old, very fat and dark skinned and she had approached me to satisfy her. To fulfill my promise I satisfied her. After which she told me that she was a friend of Sadhana and was sent to see whether I keep my promise or not.

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