Celebration Of Her Birthday In The Resort

Hey guys, this is Jeeva here with the continuation of my previous story. In the previous part, she said you will be having a surprise on my birthday (i.e. on her birthday) at that time she was carrying. She called me a day before her birthday.

“I need to come to you and need to talk to you,” I said ok, the story continues as below. We met at a coffee shop on her birthday. She was quite upset I was asking her questions. But she was not replying to any of my questions. I was furious about why she was doing like that.

I could not hold and said, “Will you tell me what’s wrong?” Chaya looked at me and tears started rolling down her cheeks. I stood up and sat next to her, put my hands on her shoulder. I said, “I am sorry. But please tell me what happened, maybe I can help.”

She continued to cry and rested her head on my chest. I was consoling her by rubbing my hand on her back. I could feel her bra and bareback. I had no bad intentions, but also could not resist. I kept my hand in her bra strap and tried to move it near her boobs.

She wasn’t resisting my move. So I moved my hand further and reached her side boobs, I kept my hand there for some time and even she did not move. After a few minutes, she came back to senses and wiped off her tears. She then went to the washroom and came back washing her face.

She then told me about the fight that happened between Chaya and her husband which was quite personal. I could not do much apart from consoling her. Chaya then said that let’s forget about that and let’s cheer up. I asked what she wants to do.

She said not today but tomorrow we can spend time together all day, even night and winked at me. I was stunned but agreed. That day passed and we decided to meet the next day at 9 am at the same coffee shop. She asked me to bring my car for tomorrow’s trip.

I reached at 9 am to the restaurant and Chaya came at around 9.15 am. We had our breakfast, she asked as to what is the plan. I said that we are going to a resort. She said that there is a good resort on the outskirts in Bangalore. I have done all the bookings and everything for us.

On the way to the resort, we halted at a multipurpose store. I bought shorts, a t-shirt, and the required stuff for a day. Secretly I bought a pack of condoms as well. We then reached the resort in 90 minutes and checked into our room. I had booked a suite for the two of us.

She had no clue what was I was up to. But she was happy with everything that was happening. We sat for a while. She thanked and complimented her for such a beautiful and short notice plan. I winked at her and said that this is just a start, many more to come.

I asked to get change and to go to the pool and water rides. Chaya wore a t-shirt and tights which was revealing her assets very well. I changed into shorts and a bare body. Chaya was stunned looking at my body. I don’t have a six-pack but still a kind of athletic body.

We headed towards the swimming pool, spent some time there playing, splashing water and all. I did not let a single chance go where I could touch her flirt with her and even she did not resist. We then enjoyed all the rides and rain dance and all the amenities in the resort.

We spent almost 2 to 3 hours there and were exhausted and hungry. Chaya said that we should go back to the room and order something to eat. I agreed and we headed towards our room. Chaya’s wet clothes were sticking to her body and were revealing her figure properly.

I could even see that she was wearing a kind of designer bra and panty. We reached our room and Chaya went for a shower. She came back in 30 minutes, dressed in satin thin strap top and matching satin shorts. I just kept staring at her when she threw a towel at me.

I said naughtily, “You can explore me later. Now go and take a shower and be back soon. We have to eat, I am hungry.” She obeyed and went for a shower. Until I was back Chaya had already ordered the food. As I was short of clothes I just tied that long towel around my waist and wore nothing inside.

We had our lunch and were resting as we were tired of playing. Chaya was lying on the bed. I was resting on the couch next to it. I was just looking at Chaya and admiring her body. She smiled at me and asked, “So what all did you explore about me?”

I went towards her and sat down near the edge of the bed and kissed her forehead. She just closed her eyes and I followed by kissing her nose, cheeks and landed finally on her lips. I kissed her softly on her lips, she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

She started kissing me and I responded gently. Soon our kiss turned in to smooch. We were kissing passionately and biting each other lips. Our tongues met and that all went on without break for almost 25 minutes. Chaya then broke the kiss and went to switch off the light, and turned the dim light on with soft music.

Chaya then pushed me on the bed and came on top of me. She was sitting on my lap and I was lying down. I was still wrapped with a towel below the waist. Chaya started kissing me from the top. She started from forehead, cheeks, chin, neck, bit my ear lobes and finally landed on my lips.

She started slowly. However in no time she increased the speed and started moving down, she licked and bit my nipples. Going down she kissed all my bare body and reached to my waist and started tugging the towel slowly. Chaya unwrapped the towel in so sexy manner that I got hard on.

In no time she took my penis in her hand and started rubbing it slowly. After a few minutes, she started jerking fast. All of a sudden she stopped and bent to take my penis in her mouth. She was unable to take all inside in that position. Hence she lay down on her stomach for her mouth to reach my penis.

She started blowing me off. She was too good at doing that. She released a lot of her saliva on my penis and licked my penis in different ways and at different speeds. This continued for almost 15-20 minutes and I stopped her. I pulled her up and kissed her on her lips and rolled her down.

Now she was lying down and I was on top of her. I slowly took her shorts off, as the short was of satin it came down her legs like melting ice. I started kissing her from her toe and went up to her thighs. She was shivering and moaning softly.

While kissing, licking, biting her inner thigh I put my hands inside her top and started pressing her boobs over her bra. I went up and raised her top till her boobs. I kissed her navel, stomach and made it completely wet with my saliva. Chaya was moaning and throwing her head left and right.

I then raised her top from her shoulders and took it off completely. She was lying there in her sexy black color bra and panty. Her bra had net through which her light brown nipples were visible. So was her panty through which her wet pussy was visible.

I took her panties off and spread her legs and went between them. Chaya asked me to be gentle and I promised to be one. I soon placed my lips on her pussy lips and started kissing and blowing hot hair. Chaya went mad and started moaning heavily.

Looking at her response and moans I started licking her pussy hard. Soon the licking turned into tongue fucking and Chaya was enjoying every bit of it. I continued this for a while and then she had her first orgasm. I could feel and see her juice flowing out.

I took that juice on my finger and inserted my finger in her pussy in one go. She screamed but I did not bother. I finger fucked her for almost 10 minutes. I slowed down my pace and went up. I started licking her boobs over her bra. I then took the bra off and there she was completely naked.

I pressed her boobs, licked her nipples bite her nipples and neck. She was completely wet and horny. This was the chance to get to the main course. I placed my penis on her pussy before I could enter it. I teased her by rubbing my penis on her pussy.

Chaya’s facial expressions clearly stated that she need it inside badly. I stopped rubbing and placed my penis on the opening of her pussy. Without waiting in one go I inserted my complete penis inside her pussy. She was in a bit of pain and was screaming.

I didn’t move and consoled her. She was calm and so I started moving slowly, with every stroke her pain vanished and she was moaning in pleasure. I fucked her in missionary position for almost 15-20 minutes. I asked her to lie on her stomach, and tried to insert it from the back in her pussy.

She had a big ass and the complete penis was not going in. I then asked her to a position like a dog. She did and so I spread her ass and made a way for my penis into her pussy. I penetrated as deep as I can from the back and even she was enjoying. Her boobs were flying in the air. I was riding her like a horse.

After a few minutes, I stopped. Kept my penis in and ask her to lie on one side on her arms, folded her legs from knee and touch that to her boobs. I started stroking her in that position. I was able to go deep inside her pussy while doing this.

My one hand was below her press her boobs and another one she was licking my finger like a penis. We continued this for a while. Chaya was looking exhausted and tired as she had almost three orgasms by now. So I made her lie on the bed and again started fucking her in missionary position.

After stroking her for almost 15 minutes I was about to cum. I told her that I am cuming. She asked me to cum inside and she was getting this after a long time. I agreed and loaded all my cum inside her pussy and exhausted on her boobs. She calmed me down by rolling her hands in my hair.

I looked at her, she smiled and kissed me on my forehead. She thanked me for all the pleasure she got from me. She then admitted that she was missing this for long as her husband was interested more in money than his wife. This was the only reason for their fight and the reason for Chaya to be upset.

I kissed her again softly on her lips and told her not to worry as I will there always to satisfy her needs. She kissed me back, grab the towel and went for a shower. She came back in 30 minutes wrapped herself in a bathrobe and asked me to go and take a shower.

After I was back, we lay down cuddling each other and slept. We woke up in the evening and got fresh. We went out for some site seeing and shopping. Soon it was time for dinner and Chaya asked naughtily whether am I ready for dessert after dinner, I agreed.

What happened next, I will share that in the next story. Sorry for the length of the story. Please reply to me with your feedback. Any woman, girl, married, unmarried, housewife, basically, everyone who wants to have such pleasurable experience can ping me. I can also make you wet and cum over the phone.

You can reach me on email and hangout on [email protected].

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