Chachi Ki Chudai In Summer Vacations

Hello, everyone, this is Rajat here I am from Meerut. I know you all have come here to masturbate so I will not take much of time and start the story. So this happened in the month of June last year. I live here with my joint family of 13 members. We had a decent house but I would sleep in my hall from the beginning only so I was used to it. First, let me tell you about my Chachi.

She was 38 years old not on the plump side but surely her boobs were the one I used to die for. Those were white 36d milk tankers. So she had her room attached to the hall. Our area would suffer power cuts very often but mostly in the night. So it was 2nd of June I clearly remember there was again a power cut. It was 2:00 clock in the night when I got up to pee. I saw her door closed but her windows of the room were open and the lights were also on. As my chachu was on tour my curiosity level got high and not even her daughters here so why were her lights on? I slowly tiptoed to her window and pushed aside the curtains and there she was lying on her bed in just her bra and her finger deep in her pussy.

My spine froze as she kept fingering for 5 mins she pulled her bra too. There she was completely naked fingering herself i took my 6½” boner and started stroking it. Soon my eyes closed as i was busy imagining my boner between those thighs. Not realizing that she has seen me there she covered herself with the bedsheet and sat on her bed angrily and i there continuously stroking my dick. As i reached my climax i opened my eyes to have just the final look of her 36dd tankers. But as soon as i opened my eyes i saw her staring at me in anger. I was badly terrified to the core! She opened the door and pulled me in and slapped me thrice i started crying i was so much terrified that i even forgot to put my dick back in. She had made up her mind to tell my parents who were on the first floor.

My dick was limp by now she unwrapped her bedsheet to wear her bra and i again saw her boobs and to excitement my dick again rose up. She saw again gaining its length and laughed. Still don’t know that the length or her length calmed her anger but she wad laughing she came close to me held my head and said you are a naughty boy but your little brother is much more naughtier. She held my dick and my hands started trembling. “Unhook the bra duffer you love them na”!! And i quickly pulled her bra off and there were they “THE MILK TANKERS WITH TWO BLACK TAPS” in front of my eyes. I laid her down but the most important thing were her lips. I pulled my vest off and laid on her her boobs crushed against my chest. Her nails scratching my back and my Lip’s exploring her lips.

After 10 mins of exploring her lips i parted she still laid on the bed playing with her tits. I pulled my clothes off and stood there naked right in front of her and as she winked the tiger got its signal and i jumped on her boobs. I had my mind set not a single pinch of skin of her boob would be left untouched. I pressed kissed sucked licked slapped and mauled her boobs. the color had by now changed of her Boob’s the nipples were about to stretch more from sucking. I was by now tired of sucking so she pushed me back on the bed and climbed on me and started licking my body from my face to my earlobes to my nose to my shoulder to my collarbone and my stomach and soon she was there right on my dick the air from her nose tingled my dick she held my hardon and kissed the head of it.

I held her hair like a bun and soon she opened her lips to take the loaf of chicken in her mouth i throttled it to her throat and started gagging her. I was literally by now fucking her mouth. My dick was completely covered with her saliva. She kept doing the to and fro motion with her hands and the vacuum created inside her mouth. We both were badly sweating and badly wanted the power to come on. We both laid on the bed tired with my hand still caressing her right boob and nipple and her hand shagging my dick. Soon the power came i quickly ran to hall to just check if anyone was about to come! I waited there but no one came so i locked the hall from inside and reached her room again.i switched on the a.c.and came on the bed and started smooching her again.

The room had by now started getting cool we both sitting on the bed smooching this time she parted and started moving towards the cupboard i followed her and kept pressing her butts! She opened a drawer and handed me a condom but i didn’t knew how to wear it so she held my dick and took me to the bed and made me sit there now she got on her knees unpacked the condom and sucked my dick to get its full length and wrapped the condom along my length. Now i pushed her on the bed and spread her legs and kept my dick on the entrance and then bent a little to hold her boobs and pushed it in with full force and my dick completely got in and i slowly started fucking her then After 10 mins of fucking we changed positions and i kept fucking her! Soon i came in the condom and she drank every bit of it. We laid there in each other arms and still we fuck each other whenever possible

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