Chachu And Chachi Having Sex On Mom’s And Dad’s Bed

Hi guys, this is my new story, with a bit of difference. My dad lives in Mumbai mom had an emergency meeting so she was also out, my parents asked my chachu(uncle) and chichi(aunty) to stay at our place for few days till they come back. My chachi is 35 years old and chachu is 38 years old. Chachi has a greats body 36-28-26 and with ripe tits and dark brown nipple. Chachu is openly flirty with her. Even when we guys have party at our place after few drinks chachu becomes physical with chachi.

So straight to the story, chachu and chachi were talking to each other when she told “rohit, bhabhi and bhaiya are having a lot of sex these days, bhabhi told me, and she said she had a dry spell of 5 months but now she is having sex regularly, for past 2 weeks 4-5 times a week”. Chachu said “yeah this kind of things happen in long distance relationship, but its good they are enjoy now.” Chachi said “ohh you should listen bhabhi talk about her sex life, sometimes she makes me horny for bhaiya.”

She came near chachu and kissed him and said “rohit I will be back in few minutes” and she went into bathroom and after couple of minutes she came out wearing short black nightie, which was backless. Cachu said “neha what are doing?? Kunal is at home. Stop acting crazy.” Chachi said “kunal is a grown up boy now and any ways you know how loudly bhabhi moans, he must be used to it by now. Chachu “what are you talking about??” chachi “oh don’t act like you don’t remember, last year when we guys went on vacation bhabhi was moaning so loudly that we could hear her in our room and she made you so horny that you fucked me that night and even had a quickie in morning before breakfast. Come on rohit please I really want to do in bhaiya & bhabhi’s bed.” Chachu “ok come here.”

Chachu started kissing chachi, he raised her legs and cresses her ass, kissed her neck. Chachi took control and pushed chachu towards the bed, and laid him on his back and after that took his t-shirt off and kissed him, then his neck and kissed his chest and stomach. She went down and unbuttoned his pants and took it off and then she swallowed his dick. Chachu “you are in an aggressive mood tonight.” Chichi smiled and then licked his dick, played with her tongue on his dick, swallowed it, she was blowing chachu and working magic of her lips. Now chachu was really hard, chachi said “now we ready for tonight’s program.”

Chachi went up on chachu, both smiled at each other and chachi gave him a kiss. Chachu came on top of chachi and started kissing her, then he went down removed her panty and inserted 2 fingers into her pussy. Initially he fingered easily but within few seconds he was fingering her very fast. Chachi “ahhhha hhah aaaaaaa hahaha umm aaumm aaaaa aa aaaa.” Chachu took his fingers out and squeezed her boobs, and then licked her pussy and ate her pussy for few moments. Then started fingering her again very fast. Chachi again moaned “ahhha  aaaaaa hahaha ahahah aha ahah ahaha aaaaa um aaaaaa hahhh aaaaa.” Chachu came up licked her nipples, sucked them and squeezed her tits.

Chachi placed a pillow under her head and laid back. Chachu parted her legs and then inserted his dick into her pussy gently. He then started stroking her. Chachi said “umm aaahh aaa ROHIT aaaahha aaa umm IT FEELS SO aaaa aaaaha hhaha umm GOOD aaa aaahhh umm YOUR DICK INSIDE ME aaaaa ahahha aa aumm.” Listening to this chachu grabbed her legs from her ankle and started giving hard pushes. Chachi’s boobs were giggling madly because of chachu’s stroke. Chachu stopped after few minutes to catch his breath. Chachu was on his knees “ahh neha you are looking so sexy”; chachi also came up on knees “ummm ahh I love you rohit” and kissed him, chachu squeezed her tits lightly.

Chachi turned and placed herself in doggie style, chachu licked her ass and made it wet. Then he took his dick and slowly inserted it into chachi’s ass, and started to ride her.

After few easy shots he gave her a real hard shot and continued to do so. Chichi was screaming in pleasure “aaaahaha umm aaaaa aaaa um auum aaaaaa aaa ahahah ahahh aha.” Chachi laid on the bed stomach down, chachu got on top of her from behind and continued fucking her ass. He kissed her neck and squeezed her boobs. Chachi turned her neck and looked into cahchu’s eyes and said “ahhh aaahh I love aaaa ummm aahahaha uhhh uauaau you aaaaa.” Chachu stopped fucking and kissed her passionately for a few moments. Chachi caught her breath and removed hair from her face and kissed chachu.

Chachi said “now you lie down and let me take care of you.” Chachu was now flat on bed and chachi was on top him with his dick inside her, and gently fucking her. Chachu pressed her boobs and kissed her and then again started stroking her hard. Chachi was now out of breath and she lay on top of chachu kissing his chest and he was squeezing her thighs and ass. After few moments she got off chachu and went down on him and started licking his dick and kissing it. She then swallowed it and then blowed him.

Chachu said “ohhh aaahh I am going to cum.” And chachu released a fountain of cum on chachi’s face. She ate the cum which was still on dick.

After few minutes both of them got up and refreshed their self and then came back into bed. Chachu said “ah neha that was a great fuck ohh I am still out of my breath.” Chachi said “last week I was talking to bhabhi and her sex life was really making me horny all week long, and the wait and fuck was worth it.” Chachu “that was a sexy nightie, when did you got it.” Chachi laughed and said “bhabhi gifted it to me for tonight; sometimes I feel you are horny for bhabhi the same way I am for bhaiya.” Chachu didn’t say anything just kissed chachi and both slept in each other arms.

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