Chapter 1.2 – Punishing The Bengali Teen

Chapter 1.2 – Punishing The Bengali Teen

Actually, Tom and Jerry show was over. Joginder glanced towards the TV after making his statement and saw that some other show was airing. He didn’t know about it. “Which show is this one?” he chuckled.

Riya followed his eyes, glanced back at the screen for a moment and then resumed looking at her toes.

“I asked what the name of this show is,” he said, loudly.Riya quickly looked up, startled by his voice, and looked back once again, taking her time, this time. When she looked back towards Joginder, she shook her head. “I don’t know.” Her voice was barely audible.

He chuckled. This confident, bubbly, teasing bitch was intimidated and dazed! His laughter made her to look down once again. “Look up,” ordered he, at once, “into my eyes.” And she followed, but averted her eyes after a second or two.

The view he had was so kinky that he feared about his cock. It might explode any moment. She was standing before him, blocking half of the TV, her hair tied in a ponytail. Few strands came loose, out of the hair band. Her blue skirt was pulled upwards up to her midriffs, completely exposing her shaved vagina and smooth, silky legs. She still had her sneakers on and that turned him on a lot. It was his fetish of some kind, fucking a girl in her footwear. Her boobs were tantalizing when looked directly, round and firm. In short, perfect. She had fat at the right places. “F-fuck m-me?” Her sweet, sexy, hesitant, baby like voice echoed in his head. He couldn’t wait longer.“Lose your skirt and come here.” He started removing his trousers which had marks of spit and precum on them. By the time his trousers were off, she was walking towards him, naked except for her sneakers and hair band. Joginder let out an animalistic moan. He would fuck the living life out of her!

He held her nipple and pinched it lightly. Then he pulled at it, pulling her down. She was about to groan but the sound got drowned as he placed his lips on her and started kissing her passionately. Their lips danced together once again, biting and sucking and licking. Riya let out a moan of passion and he pinched her nipple very hard. She shrieked and pulled back, looking into his eyes, astonished.“Don’t moan,” he warned. “Never make any sound until I tell you to. Understood?” His gaze was stern and that scared her a bit.She nodded.

“Say it out.” His voice grew louder.“I won’t make a sound, Uncle.”“SIR! Not Uncle. You call me sir or master from now on.”“Yes, sir.”

He pulled her closer and started sucking her pink nipple, while playing with the other one, rolling it between his fingers. Nibbling and flicking his tongue on it, he was good at sucking nipples, he knew that. He moved his mouth to the other one, busying his fingers on the recently abandoned wet nipple. Pulling it, pinching it, rolling it, pushing it inside her soft boobs, he continued playing with her nipples. He knew it must be hard for her, not moaning at all, standing in front of him silently. He waited for her to moan. He knew she would moan any moment now. How could she resist his tongue on her nipple! He sucked her nip hard and then held it lightly between his teeth, licking the tip.

“Ahhh-aiieeee” Her moan of lust turned into a scream of horror. As soon as she moaned, he bit her nipple very hard. She tried to pull back but that made it worse. Teeth dug deeper into her pink flesh. She screamed louder, wriggling in pain. Joginder let go of her nip.A drop of blood appeared where he held with his teeth. She was crying hard, shaking violently. Tears flowed freely out of her eyes.“I warned you about moaning,” he said, matter-of-factly. “Don’t blame me!”

Riya didn’t say anything, still crying.“Now stop crying and come here.” But she didn’t move, sniffing, standing at her place. “I said come here!” he repeated, loudly.She walked closer, slowly. When she was within his reach, he grabbed her tits and pulled her. He made her sit on his lap, his cock pressed between her ass cheeks. He was no longer embarrassed when his hard on got pressed against her. In fact, he dug it deeper into her soft buns.

“See, sweet pea, you said you will be my kitty, no?” he said cajolingly, his voice soft. He had decided to change his tactic. Too much roughness can drive her away. He wanted to keep her as his long-term personal cumbag. He wanted her again and again. “You said you will fulfill all my desires.” He kept on playing with her boobs and nips. “So, it’s not fair if you keep shrieking and screaming, right?”She wiped her tear. “But, Uncle—”

“Did I tell you to speak?” The softness in his voice was gone. “Huh? Did I fucking tell you to speak up?” Not too hard, nor too soft was his tactic for this Bengali sexbomb.“Sorry…” She bent her head.“’Sorry, master’.”“Sorry, master.”

“Now get down and suck my dick. See, your insubordination killed its hardness.”She nodded and slid down from his lap. She took his member in her hand and jerked it twice. Then she took it into her warm, wet mouth. She jerked the base while sucking the top of his dick.“No hands.”

Immediately she removed her hand. She bobbed her head up and down on his shaft. He was getting hard, his organ getting longer and thicker. She had to stop now and then to adjust to his growing thickness.“Look into my eyes, baby girl.” She did. She looked into his eyes. But then looked away. Her face reddened as she blushed. “What did I say?”

She forced herself to look back into his eyes. Joginder let out a moan. It was heavenly, seeing her tiny mouth stretched, wrapped around his thickness, her gorgeous eyes with remnants of tears, her head bobbing up and down. He placed a hand on her head and forced her down further. She swallowed the whole of his cock and he let out another moan. “God, you are a fantastic sucker.” There was a mixture of pride and shyness on her face. And that amazed him a lot!He fumbled for his phone and clicked a picture. Hesitation crossed her face, but a stern look drove away her fear. She began deep-throating, all by herself.

There were few messages from his daughters: ‘What are you talking about?’, ‘You there?’, ‘Daddy?!’, ‘We will be late. We will eat out! Love you!!’ and ‘Suck your dick later, daddy!’. The emojis used by them made him moan for the third time.

He looked back at her and clicked some more pictures. Then he showed them to her. Riya looked at her pictures and couldn’t control herself. She let out a deep groan. She immediately looked at him, guilty about the moaning, scared. He laughed lightly. “I am letting it go this time. But never again. OK? You won’t do anything without my permission.” He caressed her cheek lightly.

She nodded while still sucking him, locking her eyes on him. Him, the father of her best friends. Him, a friend of her father. Him, who had seen her grow up. Him, on whom she had a huge crush. Him, whom she still loved, in spite of the degrading treatment. He could plainly see adoration, love and lust in her eyes. She still had a crush on him.“You are such a dumb bimbo,” he chuckled lightly. He saw her frowning. It was clear she didn’t understand this sudden declaration. But she kept sucking without uttering anything.

“OK, enough,” he said, pulling her up. “Get on the sofa and bend forward, like a bitch you are.” He slapped her butt lightly. She obliged and got on the sofa on her knees, bending forward.

He stood behind her and took in the view. She was looking back at him, her eyes begging him to pound her holes. Her ponytail was resting on her smooth, silky back. The curves and contours running down from her waist to her hip down to her thighs and legs almost made him climax. He had to look away for a second to control his feelings. Her bubbly butt cheeks bounced lightly as she kept shifting on her knees, trying to find a comfortable posture. And her pink, clean hole! Oh, my god! The puckered asshole kept on doing a squeezing motion. She was doing it purposefully or it was involuntary, he didn’t know. But he was in love with her hole. He decided to stuff her asshole that day itself.

But the winner was her wet, glistening pussy lips. She hadn’t spread her legs much, that’s why he couldn’t see a lot. Her baby-making hole was closed by the swollen lips, swollen as if some bee has stung them. And they were glistening, moisture licking out of the tightly shut lips. He couldn’t keep himself away.

He bent forward and ran his tongue over her pussy lips. And she moaned involuntarily, much against her wish. He straightened up and frowned. She looked back at him, guiltily once again, pleading for his forgiveness with her sexy eyes.

Joginder shook his head. “Not this time.” He could clearly read fear in her eyes and face. Last time, he almost bit off her nipple. This time… She shivered in fear.

He raised his hand and…SMACK!He spanked her butt cheek as hard as he could. And Riya let out a groan of pain.“Again!” His frown got deeper.“Sorry—”

SMACCCK!!This one was harder. She bit her lips to stop herself from making any sound.

“That’s like a good girl!” She didn’t respond. How could she? Her eyes were shut tightly, lips being bitten. She tried as hard as she could from reacting to her stinging ass-cheek.He lightly caressed the reddening area where he had slapped. “That’s like my good girl,” he repeated himself. “No sound without my permission. OK?”

She just nodded, her eyes still shut, her head forward.He licked two of his fingers and without warning shoved it into her pussy. Riya inhaled sharply, pain coursing along her body, ripping her vagina apart. Her hole was a tight fit. Though she was wet, it was still difficult for him to push his fingers deeper than an inch! He brought them out and pushed them again. And again and again till half went inside her hole. “God, you are so tight!” In response, she just whimpered in a mixture of pain and pleasure. “No sound!” warned Joginder and shoved yet again.

She gritted her teeth, squeezing her eyes shut.“Nothing been in here, or what? Fuck you are damn tight!” He slowly started finger fucking her and increased his pace gradually. Riya’s breathing got harder and harder. She was wriggling her body from time to time. Joginder could feel her pussy muscle tighten around his fingers. So he increased his speed. He placed his thumb on her clit, which was already wet with her juices.

Riya let out another moan and immediately received a tight slap on her ass cheek. Joginder was finger fucking her with one hand and spanking with another. Two of his fingers were inside her and his thumb was rubbing her clitoris unceasingly. He kept spanking, though she had stopped moaning or whimpering or making any other noise. The slaps were painful. Though they made her wetter, every slap stung a lot. She willed herself to look back at her best friends’ daddy and pleaded. “Uncle, please!”

At once he brought out his fingers and squeezed her clit hard. Riya let out a cry and Joginder squeezed harder. “You are one disobedient whore. By God, it will be my pleasure to tame you!” He pinched her clit and she groaned again. All this sweet torture was bringing her closer to orgasm. He realized it. It was all over her face! Her parted lips, her closed eyes, her red cheeks, her slightly trembling frame, her squeezing pussy lips and asshole, everything screamed of an incoming orgasm.

He slapped her ass cheek again and said, “You dirty bitch! Don’t you dare to come without my permission!”She opened her eyes and looked back at him, pain and pleasure marking her face. “Please…”

He spanked her again. “Stop talking!” He realized his spanking was bringing her closer to climax. He chuckled and spanked her again. In return, Riya moaned like a bitch on heat. “You like getting spanked, no?” He slapped harder.

She moaned again. She didn’t feel pain anymore. Only pleasure coursed through her body as each slap landed. She could feel herself reaching the edge. She kept moaning and he kept whacking. Once or twice he even slapped her swollen and wet pussy lips. She just wriggled her ass in response, her groans of passion deeper and lustier. She was feeling something she had never felt before and she was loving it!

“You are a cheap slut who loves getting punished. You’re just a dirty little cum-slut!” With each statement he spanked her. She wasn’t moaning now. She was just quiet, her mouth open, her breathing quickening. No sound escaped her lips but he kept smacking her again and again. Ass cheeks, thighs, pussy lips, he left nothing. Her whole buttock was red. Her thighs were red. Even her face was red with passion!

He realized even he cannot take it much longer. He needed to stuff his meat inside her. He wanted to stuff his meat inside her! He stopped spanking, licked his fingers and rubbed the wetness of his spit and her juice on the head of his cock. He rubbed the head once again on her wet pussy lips to make it wetter and slicker. As he rubbed, she exhaled audibly. Next moment two things happened simultaneously: Joginder shoved his cock inside her, and Riya came like a cheap bitch on fire!

Her body shook and trembled. Her eyeballs rolled up inside her skull. Her mouth was agape. Wave after wave of shiver hit her body and went down to her sweet hole. Her muscles clenched and relaxed in quick successions. Juices and hormones flooded her love-making tunnel as she came on her father’s friend’s dick. She felt light-headed as strength left her body. Her head fell down and she almost collapsed, her knees giving away. It was Joginder who kept her body in that position, holding her hips, trying to push his member deeper as she came more and more.

Not even half of his cock was inside her when she came. Her pussy tightened around his cock, making it more difficult for him to shove it further. As he tried again and again, she came more. And that took him to the edge. He could feel he was about to come. But he didn’t want to. He needed to last longer. He wanted to fuck her senseless. He wanted to satisfy his lust.

So he pulled out his dick just as the peak was inches away. He closed his eyes and took few deep breaths. She was proving too hot for him. His T-shirt was totally drenched. He pulled it off and threw it away. He went to the fridge and drank from a bottle, the same bottle that Riya had drank from. Then he glanced towards the nymph.

She was still on the sofa, her head down between her knees, her ass high up in the air. Her legs dangled over, her sneakers still on. She was coated with sweat and juices and red marks of fingers and palm. Her body somehow shone, increasing her sex appeal. Her eyes were closed and her face showed signs of bliss and satisfaction. Loose hair stuck to her face, though her hair band was still there, wet because of sweat. Her lips were curved in a sweet smile. Her breathing had eased up, the shaking gone.

Though her beauty at that moment was peaceful and surreal, it gave birth to a twisted idea in his head. What he decided to do next was going to be kinkier and more painful at the same time.

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