Cheap Thrills With Shriya – Part 1

Hey guys, What’s up! Hope you all are doing good 😉 I’m Shayan and I’d really like to share with you guys an incident which really changed my life *sexually*. This would seem a long story but the built up is necessary. So boys grab your cocks and girls keep your fingers ready.

This started when I was still in college. Being the head boy I was involved in a number of activities and was quite popular in the institution. This in turn also increased my popularity among the girls as I was decently good looking, well behaved and well built. I was well educated sexually and had watched quite a lot of Porn considering my age then ( I was 20 back then ) . There was this girl called Supriya in my class .

We used to travel together in the college bus. She was quite out going, a sex bomb with boobs full like ripe mangoes, bold and frank.She I’m not that good with measurements but she seemed to have matured at a very young age of 19. We used to chat a lot but nothing really happened between us. I had a clue that she liked me and wanted something to happen but I always neglected her advances.

Then the sports week arrived. We had football matches, intra level, typical college games between the classes. The team winning the toss gets to wear the t shirt whereas the other team plays shirtless, just to differentiate the teams as we did not have official jerseys. Unfortunately or fortunately my team lost the toss and we played shirtless. In the end we won and after the match we started to change back. I needed a shower so I left for the washroom.

As I was about to enter, shirtless, I saw supriya standing by. Probably she had come to use loo. I called her name and she turned around. She looked at me bit surprised . I thought for a while and then realised I was standing there half naked !! She scanned me top to bottom and had an unusual glow on her face. I started talking to her about what happened in class and what all I had missed. She told me about it, sometimes stammering her way through to the replies and having glances at my crotch.

Her behavior had really turned me on and I wished I could grab and push her into one of the washrooms and Fuck her there and then! I was real hard and tried hiding but couldn’t control so I said good bye to her and rushed to the washroom, turned on the shower and masturbated. All the while I was thinking about her wicked expressions , big tits and that look in her eyes ! I came shit loads within no time !

While travelling back we sat together and tried acting normal but there was tension in the air which we both knew. This had already made me semi erect.the We stayed far away from the college and it took 30-45 minutes to get home. Our bus was feebly filled as not many students would come during the sports week.

We occupied the last eight seater seat and had two seats empty before us. I was sitting on the window and so to divert my mind started to look out . Suddenly I felt something over my crotch. I turned, just to realise supriya was fast asleep and her hand had fallen over. I thought this was normal so I adjusted her hand and kept it on her lap. While doing so I brushed against her huge tits, which frankly I enjoyed. The same scene happened thrice and I kept doing the same stuff again and again, only to realise that actually she was awake smiling and playing with me !

I understood that and thought about playing back. I took her head and kept it on my lap, pretending like I wanted her to sleep better. She didn’t resist and did that still pretended to be sleeping. Whenever the bus would break her head would jerk (Thank God for the Inertia) and would brush against my crotch, thus making me hard. Now she started to enjoy it and kept doing the same even while there wasn’t a break on the pretext of changing the sides.

Meanwhile, I took my left hand and started with her breasts. I rubbed on them a bit and started kneading them over her tees. I knew she was enjoying as her body had become hot and had started to sweat. I put my hand inside the t shirt and reached for her bra hook. It took me a while to open it but I succeeded in the end. I then continued my work and caught her left boob. I pressed it a little and started to play with her hard erect nipples. I occasionally pinched her cherries and that would make her shiver more. I kept switching between her left and right boobs alternatively.

I then proceeded to her bare thighs. The access was easy as girls wore skirts at college. I kept rubbing them, soft and silk, occasionally hearing her controlled moans. I then slid into her privates only to find her wet. I rubbed her already wet pussy a little. She was breathing heavily and her head started moving Faster than ever over my cock.

I stopped for a while and removed my hand. I looked at those pussy juices dripping across my hands and literally wanted to taste them. But then my wicked mind thought something else. I took my hand near supriya’s face and made her sniff it. She was still trying her pretending game but we both knew what the reality was. She sniffed it a bit but later did the unthinkable! She started licking my fingers dry and took my middle finger in her mouth. Gosh that was just too much to control! I pushed her face aside , opened my zippers and freed my little johny. She had by now opened her eyes and had a look at my 6 “” erect monster. I looked in her eyes and as if she had got her signal. She bent down and took whole of my prick into her mouth. I was experiencing a blowjob for the very first time!

I could feel her tongue all over my shaft. She was actually quite experienced about it. I told her to lick my balls which she complied. I caught her pony tails hard and tight and started to direct her moves. She took my penis back inside and I pushed her face hard and made her deep throat. I did not release her unless she gagged on it. I then slapped her face lightly a told her to stay still. I then started to move my waist up and down as if I was Fucking her mouth.

I then told her to continue as I was already tired after the grueling games of Football and FuckBall. After a few minutes I told her I couldn’t control more and I wanted to cum. She increased her pace and started nibbling her teeth over my cock. This sent a current up my spine and I came hard right into her mouth. She did not let a drop go waste and drank everything! The sweat she had on her face and drops of my seed on her lips made her look more horny. She came back up and sat beside me. We both had a smile on our faces. I whispered in her ears :

Me – This was probably the best day in my life. Thank you!

She – The Day has not yet ended *wink*

Me – what do you mean?

She – come to my house in the evening. You’ll understand what I mean 😉

So guys this was my very first experience and the first among many such encounters. Please feel free to share my story and reviews are welcome. You can contact me at [email protected] .

Next part Cumming Soon

Till then, happy wanking 🙂

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