Cheating Gujarati girlfriend caught & fucked hard in 3some

Hello everyone, I am Adi, currently working as software engineer. This story is a real incident.

Coming to the story, the main attraction of this story is my girlfriend. Her name is Divya. She is 26 years old, a conservative girl for the whole world, but a big bitch for me who can do anything for her lust. She is fair with 34-28-34 stats, her ass is the main attraction of her body. Trust me, even in my college or whenever we go out, everyone stares at her ass.

My name is Adi, age 26, well built with a gym body. I met Divya during my under-graduation. We became friends. Then slowly we came into a relationship. We had a lot of fun during our relationship. But then we broke up because she cheated on me.

It was heartbreaking for me, and I was not able to move on. We were still in touch as normal friends. So, after a year when it was the 3rd year of our college, we went on a trip. Divya was also there, and her current boyfriend was not there. We went to Manali for a trip. So, after the whole day of fun, I went out to smoke.

After some time, my ex-girlfriend Divya came near me, and we were alone. She asked me how was everything going on, and like that, we started talking. But she was a little drunk and we had a history. While talking, she came near and started kissing me. I threw away my cigarette and grabbed her ass (that is the best thing and my favorite thing in the world, Divya’s ass!) and started pressing it. I was pressing it after 1.5 years and it was the best feeling. In the heat of the moment, I started removing her clothes.

Suddenly, she stopped me. She was still in a relationship. I thought that was the reason she stopped me. But horny ex-gf grabbed my hand and we went into the jungle. There she started kissing me. I removed her top completely and now she was without a bra. She removed my pants directly and I did the same.

Then she stopped me and went to her purse. To my surprise, she took out a condom. She took two condoms and put them on my dick and she bent over. I fucked my ex-girlfriend for 20 minutes, and it was the best thing. Then we wrapped up and kissed goodbye.

After that, the next day everyone was playing damsharas. We were around 10 people. I was trying to get Divya to me again, but she was sitting near one guy named Aman. Aman was also well built 6 feet guy. He was not so popular but attractive. She was sitting next to him. They were talking all the time while playing the game, and after some drinks, they were getting touchy.

I was feeling angry and jealous. At night, I tried to follow them. She took Aman to her room, and they had sex for the whole night. How did I know it? You will get that soon in this story.

After that, I fought with my ex-girlfriend again. She confessed that she was in a relationship with Aman. I was shocked. Then I asked about her previous boyfriend. She told me that she broke up with him and gave me some lame excuse, and just left the place. I was completely sad, alone, and depressed but tough to move on.

After the 4th year, I started working in a big MNC, and to my surprise, Divya was also in the same company. I was happy that she was living nearby. Then I met her and greeted her. She was looking hell sexy and her ass, aww. That was the best part of her. She looked like a very conservative Gujarati girl, but I knew that she was a total bitch.

We met and just started talking about company and lives. Then all of a sudden I asked her about Aman. She acted a little sad and told that they were never together. I was unaware of what to say. Then I asked her for a coffee and we had coffee.

While having coffee, she asked me where I lived. Then I told her and she got excited because her place was nearby. Then I offered to come to my apartment. She came, It was around 7 in the evening. The temperature was really amazing and lovely. I haven’t had sex for the past few months, and I was with my favorite girl.

Then I again asked her: How are you guys not together? You told me that you were.

She gave me an excuse for that: I was not able to focus on studying that was why I made this kind of excuse.

I understood she was lying, but I was not thinking much.

Then I said: But I saw you going into his room.

She was sad and said: I am sorry Adi, honestly you are the only person who can satisfy me till now (while saying this, she was coming to me and touched my chest).

Then she said: I went with him because I was drunk. But he was not able to do anything. I am sorry.

Then I came in full lust and grabbed her. We started kissing. It was a new apartment. My apartment was on the 26th floor, so it was windy too, as it was a new apartment with no furniture, not even a bed.

I pushed my ex-lover against the wall and threw all her clothes. We had sex like a dirty dogs on the floor and under the shower. After 2 hours of intimacy, she was hungry. Then I ordered food through Zomato. When the food arrived, we both were naked. We were sitting in the living area just on the normal bedsheet and with a comforter on us.

I was about to get up for food, but she took the comforter, wrapped herself in it, and went to get the food. I was shocked. She just opened the door and got the food. I was completely shocked by the fact that this girl for whom I was mad was practically naked and got food from a stranger.

Then she closed the door, turned around, saw my face, and saw my dick. She was shocked too and started laughing. Then she asked me –

She: What happened to you? Why did you get so shocked?

I said: I don’t know.

And she started laughing. Then she came near me, kissed me, sat on my dick, and started jumping. While fucking, she asked me –

She: What makes you so shocked?

I again said: I don’t know.

She said: Me going to the delivery guy made you feel this?

I said: Don’t know.

Trust me, that was the best orgasm we both had.

Now she was shifted with me. Both of our lives were going well and we again came back in relation until I saw Aman’s text on Divya’s phone. She was taking a bath, so I saw it.

The message said: Please give me one chance. It was my best time (and he sent some private photos of Aman and Divya).

In some photos, Aman was pressing Divya’s tits, and in some, they were kissing. I did not talk to Divya about that, but I was acting weird and trying to ignore her. She saw it for a day and became angry the next day.

Then I confessed I saw those messages. She was completely embraced. I calmed her down and asked her to tell me everything. She told me that she was with him, but not in relation. It was something similar we both had.

Then I asked her: So, why did you tell me that he was not able to do anything? And that is why you left him?

My ex-girlfriend was sorry for the act and started crying. I was standing and she was sitting and crying and while watching, one of the photos that Aman sent her flashed in my mind, where he was holding her face with his thumb inside his mouth.

I got a kinky feeling by thinking that she got fucked by him. Then I put my hands on her face, wiped her tears, and told her –

Me: It is ok, baby. Now we both are together. I understand it is the past.

And I started kissing her. She also started kissing me. I did foreplay but did not put my dick in. While being intimate, I started asking her –

Me: So, how many times have you had sex with him?

She was completely surprised and was not replying to that question. I was trying to make her comfortable to talk on this topic. Then I started touching her pussy and asked her –

Me: How many times has he been here, baby?

I asked her very politely. Her eyes were closed and her nipples were completely erect.

Then she said: I don’t know. Almost every other day, I don’t know.

Instead of getting mad, I got more horny. I then came on top of her and started touching my dick to her pussy.

Then I asked: Is he bigger?

She replied: Yes, baby. He is bigger than you.

I then inserted my dick in one go. She gave a sexy painful expression. A moan came out of her mouth. Then I started stroking.

I asked: Was the sex good with him?

She said: Ahh…It was gooood, baby..

Then I started thumping her and said: Say his name.

She got too much into it, and we started role-playing which we were unaware of.

She called me ‘Aman’: Fuck me, Aman, push it more inside, fuck me like you do every day.

It lasted for 30-35 minutes. I was feeling strange, but I liked it, and she just slept after that.

I thought that I became a cuckold. After that incident, every night I used to fuck her by thinking of she slept with him, and she got fucked by him.

One day, all of a sudden I got a call from Aman. It was weird for me. I picked it up. He asked me how I am and all. Then all of a sudden he asked me –

Aman: Are you in relation with Divya?

I said: Yes.

He started crying while saying: Bro, please, I like her a lot, I love her.

I was confused.

I said: Bro, come tomorrow to my apartment. We can talk.

I was scared why did he tell me to come to his apartment? So, I was feeling horny at the same time. Then on the weekend I made a plan for dinner at my house and told her to wear normal comfy clothes (we’ll just have dinner and watch Netflix).

She was in sexy shorts and was looking busty, so I called Aman over too (without informing her). And to make sure she should not have anything to wear, I had put her clothes in the laundry.

I was really very scared. Then the bell rang. I opened the door immediately, and she didn’t get any time to change.

He was looking at her (he got a horny look at her first glance, as her ass was literally visible). She was shocked and confused. Then I made the situation cool, by telling her –

Me: He’s here for dinner too and he wanted to clear things out.

So we were done with dinner and she was uncomfortable all the time. Then I brought some whiskey, giving it to everyone. After some time things got normal, she got cool, and everyone was talking normally.

Then I brought an idea to play truth and dare, but using some app (I have it on my phone). This app gives some hot dares and truth for couples or groups. By then everyone was a little high. So, in the beginning, the task was normal. Then Divya got a task to do a sexy dance. She was shy, but we encouraged her.

She started doing it. She started swinging her hips. Her ass was looking like a busty whore’s ass in those sexy shorts. I was aroused by that scene, and I was sure he was too, as we both knew how amazing that ass was.

After that, I got a task to kiss her, and I did a long kiss. While kissing, I positioned her so her ass was visible to Aman and I was looking at him. It was like a dream. Now we all were completely drunk and out of sense. But I kept in control because I wanted to enjoy everything.

After that, Aman got a task to remove his clothes. He was shy, but Divya was teasing him and said –

She: There is nothing like I haven’t seen in common.

I was aroused when she said that, and we both encouraged him to do it. Then he did and sat in boxers. After that, Divya got the task to remove the top. Oh my! We were very happy, and she was denying it.

And then Aman said insisted. And I was laughing with him. After some requests, she did it. She was in a black bra, and my friend’s eyes were fixed on one position. I could feel he was seeing it after a long time. So the next chance was Divya’s. She chose the truth.

Aman asked her: So how many men have you slept with?

I interrupted: Bro, I know that. The count is 3, you, me, and her ex.

He laughed and said: Bro, while we were together, she slept with 2 guys which I am aware of.

It shocked me and she was smiling too. I was feeling horny. Then I asked: Come on Divya, tell us the real number.

After some insistence, she said: Around 14, including you guys.

And she became red shy.

Again her chance came. And in this, she had to tease Aman (the app gives tasks with names). She started dancing in front of him like a hell sexy dance the whore does. We could easily see a boner in his boxer. Then I commented –

Me: I guess the dance was too much for you.

And everyone started laughing. After that, my chance came. And it said, “Remove your girlfriend’s bra, and massage her boobs”. Without taking time, I did it, and it shocked everyone. My girlfriend got shy, and he was just staring at her boobs. It was the craziest thing. She was so shy to look up. After I finished, she was about to wear her bra.

But I stopped her and said: It is a game rule.

After that, my girl got a task to ride Aman, but dry (with the boxer on and there should be a cloth). And she was so shy. He was speechless. She was denied, but I guess it was her booze. Then she agreed to it and he just got lean on the couch.

Then she sat on him, with nothing on top, just a red color panty, and she sat. She didn’t do anything for some time and was just really shy. Then I suddenly told her –

Me: You are not doing the task.

And then she started it slowly. Suddenly, my girlfriend increased her speed. And in no time Aman leaked (I can’t complain. It was too hot to handle and he was getting her after a long time). I guess she only did it for 2 minutes.

She got up quickly grabbed me and was very shy. Aman got into the washroom and cleaned himself and came back. It was an awkward situation.

To cool it down, I said: You discharged too easily.

And I laughed. He also laughed. Maybe it was a fake one in awkward. And my girlfriend was also smiling. Then I suggested playing this game in bed. We went to bed in the same condition. Now she was in the middle, and Aman got the task to finger my girl. She didn’t say anything and just looked into my friend’s eyes and then she looked at me.

She was drunk and asked: Baby, are you really serious about it?

I said: Baby, it is nothing new for you guys too, do it.

Then he just brought his fingers and put them into her panty. He started fingering her. She was too hot at that time. She grabbed his head, and hair while he was doing it. Suddenly, he kissed her and they kissed for a long time. I too got hot. I was rubbing my dick on my girlfriend’s ass while he was fingering and kissing her.

Then I suddenly got up and pulled her panty down. I went to another room to bring condoms. When I came back, she was stroking him while he was fingering her. When I entered the room, I threw condoms on them.

Suddenly, they stopped. They were breathing heavily and looking at each other and me. Then I came in front of them, grabbed their heads, and brought it closer, and again they started kissing. I wrapped a condom around his dick, as well as mine. After that, she first sat on his dick and jumped like some whore. I was kissing her continually.

She was not giving me a chance, so I grabbed her and brought her to my top, and put my dick in her. Then she started riding it. As my friend didn’t get ejaculated, he got up and without wasting time, he put his dick in my lover’s mouth and she started giving him a blowjob.

I was shocked to see that, she never gave me bj, as she told me she didn’t like it. We continued for 3 hours continuously and slept naked.

When we woke up, everyone was too awkward to talk. We were in bed, nude, and just a bedsheet on us. Then we realized it was alcohol. We woke up, but we were acting like we all were sleeping. But I looked at my girl. She was acting as if she was asleep. I hugged her and kissed her.

Then she opened her eyes and was trying to be innocent. I asked, “How was the night, baby?” She didn’t reply.

I said: You got a chance to fuck your ex and present. You were like whore last night.

And she smiled. And I took it as a green signal.

Then I said: You can continue if you want.

And I went to the washroom. When I came back, they both were kissing. I joined them, and this time we fucked without any drink. We were in the senses and after 40 minutes of morning sex, my girlfriend was exhausted, as it was too much for her.

My girlfriend was in the middle. My right hand was in her left hand and Aman’s left hand was in her right hand.

Then Aman asked: Should we continue this?

My girl did not respond.

Then I said: I am ok with it, but she will be my girlfriend. You can enjoy her as only a girl.

Divya was smiling at that statement. Then Aman started arguing.

Aman: Why bro? I have a bigger history with her, and she likes my dick better. I will be her boyfriend.

We were into that argument, and she got up. She threw away the comforter from her. We were seeing her boobs.

She said: Shh… guys, this is the best thing I ever had. I want to continue this. I can’t live without both of you (while saying this she put her hands on our chest). So as of now, everyone knows Adi is my boyfriend, so let it be. But I will be in a relationship with both of you if you guys are ok.

I liked that Idea. Then I just got up and hugged her. He also hugged her. After that, I said –

Me: Aman, you can shift to this apartment. I will tell everyone you are just roommate. Let’s start our new life today.

This is the end of part 1. I hope you liked it.

If any feedback, please email me at [email protected]

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