Chennai Office Hottie Fucked In Private Beach

Hey guys and lovely ladies out there. This is Neil, back after a long time. Professional commitments kept me away all this while. Thanks for good response to my previous stories. I met a few charming sexy ladies and had lovely erotic encounters.

This time I am gonna tell you people a real incident of how I made love with a ravishing hot chick at a private beach during my office conference. In case you have any feedback, chat or want some fun, please feel free to write to me. But the guys who are interested in personal information about ladies should refrain from wasting their time. I am very particular about privacy and believe in treating women with some dignity.

So let’s come to the incident that happened a few months ago. We had this two days official conference of our team at a beautiful resort in Chennai. The day passed along as usual with boring presentations. In the evening, we had dinner, and of course with drinks at the private beach of this resort.

Slowly, we all grabbed our beers. Once the music started, everybody started to get into the groove and the beer was just flowing.

Here comes the heroine of the story. Let’s call her Shalini. She is 25, around 5′ 4″, bit dusky, and owner of a sexy and tempting body with stats of 34-30-36. Every guy in the office had an eye on her. Even I had normal chit chats with her in the office. I used to help her with presentations, so we had quite a good rap.

After an hour or so of playing music, everyone around was high, high enough to give a damn. She started dancing alongside me. She was wearing a one-piece partywear that ended just above her thighs. Her fleshy thighs were an instant turn-on.

We started holding hands. She slowly came in my arms. In between, her boobs and huge ass was brushing against my body. This was an electrifying experience. My dick was full 90 degree. She felt it too and gave a killing sexy stare from the corner of her eye. Much to the disappointment, nothing happened as everyone else was around.

After dinner, everyone went back to the room. As I was not getting sleep, I took out the bottle of whiskey from my bag, water bottle and smokes. I headed to the beach to unwind a bit in the cool breeze.

As I reached the beach, I sat on the recliner chair. There was no one around at that late hour. It was eclipsed from the hotel because of the trees and bushes by the beach. It was dark and secluded. I made myself a small peg and started to sip. As I looked around, I suddenly saw Shalini in a dark corner all by herself. She had changed by then to an even more sexy spaghetti and mini skirt.

Me – Hey Shalini. What are you doing here, all alone?S – Hey Neil, nothing much. Just enjoying the atmosphere.

Me – Great place to unwind.S – Of course.

Me – And whiskey helps that cause!S – I am a bit drunk, but will have a little more nevertheless.

(I shifted to her recliner in the meantime and handed her a drink)

We started chatting casual stuff. Gradually, the topic shifted to relationships and all. She started to tell about her break up as her boyfriend was cheating on her. I kept my arms around her shoulder and she just leaned her head on to my shoulder. I was playing with her hair. She slowly slid her legs on top of mine. Her hand was around my waist. I had got a boner by then.

As I was comforting her, Shalini suddenly started kissing my neck. Then she went onto my chick. That made me wild. I pulled her on my thighs and we had a long smooch. Our hands were exploring each other.

While smooching, we lied down on the recliner. She took my t-shirt out. I removed her spaghetti. Her big melons were struggling in the red plunge neck bra. I licked down her neck and kissed her underarms.

S – Wow. This feels so niceMe – This is the trailer, baby. I will show you heaven tonight.

As I started biting her cleavage, she became wilder. She started to press me on top of her holding my ass. Her hands entered my pants and she started squeezing my ass.

I removed her skirt. She was wearing a matching red panty. I bit her thighs and turned her over. Her panty barely covered her huge ass. I slid down her panty with my teeth and started licking her ass. The rim job made her so wild. She removed my shorts and underwear in one go.

S – Come on you, fucker. Bang me.

And she pulled me on top of her with my hair. I unhooked her bra and sucked her nipple.

S – Ohhh my god. Suck my pussy.

I went down to her clean shaven pussy and inserted my tongue inside and was eating her wet pussy. I was fingering her cunt at the same time. She was so wild that she kept pushing my head down there.

S – Yeah baby, Neil. I can’t wait. You motherfucker, fuck me.

I teased her a bit more. I was squeezing her boobs hard and rubbing my dick on her pussy. It was so smooth and so wet.

She came over me, grabbed my dick and started sucking it. She squeezed my balls and licked them too. It was the best blowjob ever! I was holding her hair and kept squeezing her big 34D boobs.

Then she lied down. She held my rock hard dick in her hand and guided it inside her pussy.

S – It’s so big, Neil. Fuck me. It’s so hard.

I came on top of her and she spread her legs. I just kept thrusting her. She kept moaning. I sucked her lips. Our tongues were playing each other. She held my ass and made me her stroke her deeper. I was licking her boobs and her underarms. Her body odor was so erotic.

S – I wanna be your cowgirl, Neil.

I came down. She came on top of me. I made her reverse cowgirl as I wanted to enjoy the view of her 36 ass bouncing. She kept bouncing on me.

S – Fuck, it’s so good. Never had such an intense fuck. Make me your slut.

And I kept squeezing and spanking the ass of my slut for a long time.

Me – I am gonna comeS – So am I. Keep going faster.

Soon she had an orgasm. She clasped on to my body.

S – Please cum in my mouth, baby.

She grabbed my dick and took it inside her mouth. I came in her mouth. Some drops were on her face. She licked them all like a whore.

Then she slept in my arms nude. We had two more drinks naked enjoying the cool breeze and sound of the waves. We shared a smoke a  cigarette after sex was so amazing. After some time, we dressed up. She came to my room. And we again became naked. We cuddled together and slept.

So that is how it started. We fucked many times after that; Once even in her car in the office parking lot.

Thanks for going through it. Do reach out on email or hangout on [email protected].

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