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Hi happy to see the iss readers.Thanks a lot for publishing my real incident story with the help of iss admin. Who are eagerly waiting for myself Rahul from Chennai I am young with an athletic body with sufficient tools…. Please record your special comments to my mail id mentioned below([email protected] or [email protected]) lets begin the story don’t want to waste your time

A lady mailed me about my ad in locanto her name was Amirtha and she needs my service. Want to get satisfied to the core and we shared our contacts. We started chatting she asked me to come to her guest house in ecr. I went there to meet her she took me to her house she asked me to change my dress to swim wears she put on a single piece of dress. She was the wheatish color with a chubby body with 34-36-38 plumpy ass.

Then we went to swimming pool she jumped in the water I too jumped in we started talking the chillness of water made our mood so erotic. She came close to me and said her husband cannot satisfy her sexual needs so can u satisfy me she asked. I readily nodded yes. She hugged me in the swimming pool her boobs crushed my chest I squeezed her ass in the water. She looked me and started kissing me I too kissed her we kissing madly in the water I removed her dress and it floated away. I forgot to say about that guest house she called the security to take leave for a day and she sent him out and locked those gates. We were kissing and licking each other’s lips she was such a good kisser I kissed her neck and licked it to ears.

Then I started squeezing her boobs and sucking her lips. I turned her like back facing me I kissed her neck back shoulders I kept my hand on her boobs and squeezed it so bad and hard. Sometimes I slapped her boobs hard for which she moaned heavily and asking it more. I started sucking her boobs and squeezing it another while I’m sucking her boobs she took out my cock and stroking it in the water. She went out of the pool and lied on the corner of the pool I kissed her chubby navel and dug my face in her navel. She closed her eyes and moaned so loud pressed my head to her navel. Then I kissed her lips and licking from lips to chin, neck, boobs, navel, pussy area I skipped to thighs and kissed there for a while. She begged me to lick her pussy I teased her by kissing her thighs then I licked her pussy she moaned aaahhhhh ohhh fuck this what I’m expecting do it more I need it aahhhhh hmmmmm it feels good to lick me. And I was licking and squeezing her boobs pinching her nipples she was moaning continuously calling my name.

For 10mins of licking made her cum while cumming her thighs trembled and pussy walls contracted released a best tasty orgasm. Then I inserted my finger in her pussy and finger fucked her hard. I was kissing and finger fucking her. She pulled me out of the water and saw my throbbing cock she took it inside her mouth and started sucking it hard. I pushed her head on my cock she gagged a little and I mouth fucked her too. I pulled her took to the table which was near the swimming pool. Then she held my cock and pulled me to the table made me sit on the table. Started sucking my cock she was mad for my cock sucking like a hungry baby. I took her to 69 position on the table and licked her pussy while she sucking my cock she loved it. I fingered her ass. Then she started riding me she placed my cock on her pussy and rubbed a little. With a jerk, she took my whole cock rested for a while and started jumping on my cock.

Then I took control she kissed me and lied on the table fucked her doggie from behind. I pulled her hair from behind and fucked her with my full force she cummed I too about to cum then I cummed on her back. She cleaned my cum on her back with a towel and we went in her house. We cleaned ourselves in the bathroom while cleaning we started kissing again sucked her boobs and kissed licked her navel finger fucked her asshole. She took me to her bedroom and pushed on the bed started sucking my cock again. This time fucked her in the missionary position for 10mins and switched another position I made her lie on the bed like her ass facing towards ceiling I licked her asshole a little and pushed my cock into her ass.

Pushed my cock inside her ass it’s really tight we changed the position to doggy and applied some saliva. This time it went easily she shouted in pain I stroked it slowly for 5mins and she started enjoying it asking me to give hard strokes I applied my full pressure and fucked her like an animal she moaned so loud I too moaned in pleasure fucked fo 10mins and we again changed to reverse cowgirl position. She took it in her anal and started riding. She was fingering her pussy and with a loud moan, she came on my cock. She turned to cowgirl position and rode me like an animal I said I’m gonna cum she asked me to cum inside her ass I too came inside we both collapsed and kissed sucked licked each others body. And continued our next session after 3hours of rest. We ate together and started our next session.Will continue in my next story guys.

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