Childhood Romance To Fun In Trekking

Hi, readers, this is something new I found and quite hooked on here, this is my recent experience and first time writing for all of you to read, comments and feedback are always welcome, you can write @ [email protected]

So before I begin there is bit of context to be given I feel, I am 30 years happily married and live in south bangalore and in this story the girl is my childhood friend, we probably were a couple back then because, we used to spend time together, go to tutions together, she is one year junior academically though nevertheless we spend a lot of time together as we lived close each other and we somehow had this fatal attraction towards each other. But fate had decided we dont live together forever, her parents got her married off by age of 24 and I married recently. Her name is sanjana. She now lives in canada with 2 of kids and hubby. Like in any story her hubby is the villain or more appropriately why I could enjoy things that he should have. He is abusive, doesn’t give attention blah blah… Which sanjana craved for and to fulfil her desires she chose me.

We were always close and it was like we had no secrets between us, from kissing together to sleeping together or finding a new crush for each other to everything, we always shared and we still do, we have beautiful relation and with god’s grace hope it will be forever..

So coming to the story, I finally got a chance to go to canada as a offshore development consultant and was more than excited because I could meet her, all the while it us and with recent immigration things, the meetings were in canada and I was going to be there for a month and I had texted her and let her known of my stay duration etc, so could plan between her kids and hubby. Luckily for me as fate would have it her in laws were there and he was travelling and we were so happy it was working out, our happiness had no bounds. To make things exciting she planned for a trekking trip and I couldn’t wait for it.

So on that morning, it was all snow around and I was waiting at the travel office where we would be meeting, it was friday morning, and I had taken work-from-home and left everything behind, the only thing I was looking forward was for sanjana. After more than 6-7 years of sexting and making promises of how I would treat her I was finally going to meet her, my whole life with her from beginning I was imagining as I waiting for her, of how we enjoyed our life, especially things we did in college, she once had a crazy idea of filming me sleeping with her friend secretly and so many more… As I was lost in those thoughts my whatsapp beeped with her text saying ‘ I am there, can’t wait to see you’ I was sitting at the window of the store been waiting to see her, rubbed my hand against the frost of the glass to clear and then I saw…

Sanjana.. Wearing a headband, with a backpack and where she is holding strip leaning forward and crossing the road, she looking amazing, still with a voluptuous figure after so many years and having two kids, she was fit athletic and any guy would drool with just one sight of her, she maintained 36-28-38 and when she bends down to pick something thats the view of the world for me and I can’t stop admiring her.. I keep teasing her saying ‘I feel the world stops when I see her huge round cute ass’ and she made sure I miss it a lot with the pics she used to send.. Finally time had come feel huge ass of her and spank so hard. She was wearing a white jacket and black tracks, those ice trekking tracks, without further adieu I sprang opened the door and met her outside the travel office, since it was early hours there was no one, she just hopped the road across towards me like a little lamb and threw her back pack near the door and jumped on to me, and we kissed passionately and for 10 mins or so deeply sucking and twisting our tongues for each other..

She got down slowly while we were kissing and caught my dick on my tracks and just smiled at me winking… We just entered the office, and the guy told us the things to know and things to do on this trek, so basically there isa jeep that would pick us up and drop at a location on a hill from where we had to trek for 2 days and reach the end of the summit where they would pick us up and get us back to the travel office, they provided food, health safety gears etc., it was well planned by her, she had everything planned for us to the dot.. But I had planned something entirely different for her.

So we got dropped off at the location, so many other couple/groups were there from different agencies and we had talk again about safety etc and what to do and not to do while Trek since there is no guide and we had trek for 2 days to reach another end, given with maps and pitstops for rest and food.

We trekked a bit slow so that other groups walk off as most of them planned to reach a certain place for the first night rest, we walked slowly to rest at a different place where is there is no one to disturb, it was peak of noon and yet no sun, a bleak sunlight for couple of hours and it would be dark soon. We both walked hand in hand like a couple and just loved walking through snow caring for each other like we used to back in the days, I could see she was happy and hugging me walking and I was ecstatic too, soon enough it was dark in couple of hours and it was just 3 pm and we hit the nearest wooden house and she had a giggle as soon we saw it, ah that naught smile how I have missed, I thought.. She ran into the house while I walked in slowly.. It had heated pool with pebbles on one side and in front of the house with kitchen and a room and above 3 rooms with balcony on either sides of the house. The lake heat was controlled..

And we see a magical view, the lake is formed naturally between the mountains and a huge one, with glimmering blue water having the reflection of dark blue sunset light over the water and our jaws just drop looking at the view, as far as we can see we can see mountains and mountains fading away with the huge lake with background of beautiful colorful sky and sun going to hide behind the fading mountains.. We just jump with joy.. Run down the slope of pool side and run on the side as we run towards the bottom and for pool with clear water and pebbles of different sizes at one end and we reach a spot where there is a place to keep dress and other things for the dip.. We keep out bags down and limp out of our shoes and throw away the gadgets and walk into the warm water holding our hands and to gaze the beauty of the nature..

As we walk waist deep water I just hug her and keep looking at the dark sky still in awe and sparkle in her eye and she hugs back tighter kissing my forehead with such natural beauty around and not a soul around to disturb we both feel how incredible the nature and it’s beauty is, the sun slowly sets changing its colors quickly from dark blue to pitch black and sun completely sets and leave us asking for more such beauty and suddenly she pushes me side and drown me into the water as I gasp for breath and come above.. She giggles and swims a lil a far.. Biting her lip, teasing me with a naughty smile actioning by fingers to come at her.. And as I push my self in water towards her.. She takes a deep breath and dives deep into the water.. And I keep searching for her.. And I hear her come out near the banks of lake near the house.. And I’m just awe-struck looking at her.. She has taken her top and shorts off.. She is in light pink undergarments she is throwing the dress near the house..

The water is dripping all over from her.. She is holding her hair in one hand and pushing it back while the other hand she throwing the dress! The last light of the day hitting her so subtly that graces her beauty even more.. She turns back and start laughing at me.. Cuz I look puzzled astonished and like fool middle of the lake looking for her..

And she dives back and again swim away from me signalling to come after her, giggling and pulling her hairs back.. And I chase her like a ferocious monster in water.. And she gets scared and start swimming faster.. I too throw my dress on the banks as I chase her.. Not able to keep up the speed she runs out of water on the banks.. She finds that difficult too.. Splashing water with her legs everytime.. And she turns back to see where I am and I am not there.. She can’t see me anywhere and she gasps for her breath.. With one hand on chest and another on hips.. Looking for me walking slowing back.. Looking at every inch of the lake.. And I jump out of water and she is so scared that she falls on the banks.. On the pebbles.. And I jump closer to her to see her so so scared.. And she scolds me sweetly as I come over her.. The water is dripping all over her..

She has fall on her back and turned left a bit.. And I come over slowly.. She hits me for scaring her.. Gently run my one hand on her from her hips to hold her head.. And as she keeps hitting me.. I just lean over close my eyes and kiss on her lips, ahhh the soft.. Luscious lips.. Just sucking it.. Kissing her deeper and she stops hitting me and holds her hand against my chest allowing me to lean over her.. And she just rest back on the rocks completely inviting me to keep kissing her.. And we kiss deeper and deeper.. And slowly rubbing our legs.. Water from hair still dripping on the pebbles.. And it looks like pearls on her flawless skin.. But we both are lost in our own world mesmerized and completely taken by the kiss not worried about anything.. Just kissing deeper and deeper and then she holds my head looks at me..

While I still reach out to her lips but she held my head firmly.. Just looking into my eyes.. And I can see her feeling so happy and content that I give couple of pecks on her cheeks and roll over pulling her on top me.. And we kiss each other and I move my one hand on her back gently running all over and the other squeezing her boobs.. While we are still kissing.. And kissing deeper.. She moans sweetly as I squeeze her boobs again and again.. And she feels me get hard.. And it growing big.. And she sits exactly on top of my hardon pressing herself against it, an 6″ one which she used cherish long ago, which she herself cared and made it so big.. Feeling it grow harder and bigger kissing me.. And she moves up n down gently rubbing herself there.. And feeling her body rub mine ahhh mmmmmmn I start sucking her tongue and go deeper kissing her.. And every time she moans she feels it grow harder and bigger.. And thrusting into her like a lil heartbeat… She just sits on me bending back a lil, holding my folded knees.. Both her legs across me.. And she is thrusting into me.. Feeling me.. And I’m feeling her..

Ahhh and she puts her hand in my shorts… Grabs it so so hard and squeeze it.. And squeezing it she comes down kissing my chest.. She gentky nibbles me.. And keeps going down.. And slowly pull my shorts off! And go on down.. Nibbling and licking me giving me all sort tickles and pain but the feel and pleasure that come with the pain mmmmm I tighten my leg around her… As she goes down n down… And she grabs my hardon and start squeezing it.. Pulling it.. And she hears me moan and she does it faster.. And I moan even louder ahhh huh and she goes even faster.. And suddenly she stops.. When I’m still moaning… And when I open my eyes.. Trying to look at her.. Ahhhhhhh I feel her warm lips wrapping the tip of my hardon and pouring her saliva on to it.. She sucks and sucks deep at the start taking as much as she can.. And just when she is going to gag.. She takes it out and sucks it again.. Again n again.. Running her hands down there all over.. Playing with my balls.. Wrapping her tongue over it as if it were a chocolate candy!

Yet a hot one.. She sucks and wraps her tongue taking it in and out and sucking it.. Gently nibbling as she sucks.. And nibbles on the tip foreskin while she gentky squeeze my balls… Ahhhhhhh baby! I squeal and then she goes on sucking my balls.. Licking and sucking and running her hands on my hardon… And she goes on n on squeezing and rubbing my hardon while licking it.. She sucks it so deep ahhhhhhh she makes me go crazy.. I sit on stones.. While her legs are in water.. And she is non stop squeezing me.. And I hold her head to stop her but she forces herself and suck and locks me so hard.. That I can’t control.. And she make me cum… Ahhhhhhh ufff.. I just fall back shivering.. And she feels me shivering as I come on top of her and hug me tightly and in still shivering in ecstacy of the joy she has given me.. My body unable to bear the pleasure goes on shivering and she hugs me tightly feeling it and she covers over me.. It’s completely dark.. With a bright yellow moon lighting the hills and lake and when I open my eyes I see her ????..

Water drop all over her.. Like pearls wet hair and that beautiful smile.. And to have felt what she made me feel.. Was out of this world.. We cuddle and she asks me if I liked it.. And I kiss her back and say.. I have never been happier before than being with you the way I am.. And hug her tightly again.. And we go on kissing again.. This time much slowly.. Feeling each other tenderly.. And she slides to my left.. And I roll her over again.. Still kissing.. Feeling our wet lips and giggling and we are half in water as we roll.. She holds me again to look at me and dive my lips into hers deeply passionately kissing her like there is no tomorrow.. And she rubs her legs against mine.. And we keep kissing and she wraps her legs around me.. We take a moment to take our breath and we kiss and suck each other badly.. And our tongues rolling on each other.. Feeling it wet ad slimy and want to have more of it and we kiss deeper feeling it.. And I go kissing her neck and nibbling her ears and hear her moan again.. And go on kissing from one side to another and keep nibbling her ears to hear her moan..

As she again feels me get harder and it’s growing big.. I grab her boobs and squeeze it hard and she whispers in my ears saying gently.. I don’t heed much to it and go biting on her bra and nibble on the tip.. And she moans with pain.. Holding my head tighter.. And move it and sucking her nipple and licking it.. And run my tongue round and round around her nipple and get them hard and I suck on them.. And while doing so.. We get the bra removed.. And I squeeze her other nipple.. Pinching it and sucking on the other.. And she is moaning with pain and pleasure but can’t get enough of either and she pushes my head deeper into her as I suck her hard and nibble and bite her tip.. To hear her moan.. And everytime I hear her moan.. I get harder and bigger down.. And as I press against her.. She thrust it me back.. And to feel it push deeper in her.. I feel so so good… And with both my hands.. I drag her panty off.. And there is much of sound of water where the only 2 sounds were of us breathing and moaning.. And us still in water.. We both get completely naked.. Our bodies running each other.. I’m kissing her and sucking her boobs and she is clenching her hand in my back to feel me.. And I run my hand down for her.. I can feel her and I feel how badly she wants me.

She pushes my finger into her.. Ahhhhhhh it just slides in and I feel so good… And slowly go down kissing on her and lick her down there.. Licking her pussy and biting the outlip gently.. With my finger going in and out.. Trying to reach the spot in her.. And with my warm tongue I play with her clit.. Feel the litlle bulb in my mouth, pouring saliva I suck it.. And she starts moaning loudly.. I nibble her now and then and her pussy outer lips and inner ones… And gently lick them.. And with force.. Completely lick her down there.. Going up and down… And chomp the pussy in mouth gently.. And she moans so so loudly holding her legs so tight against me to make me stop.. But I keep chomping and fingering her.. And I hit her in her gspot and keep rubbing it… And she moans so so loudly and let go of everything and falls back.. With her hands and legs spread out.. And she shivers with happiness… And I see her lay there so beautifully helplessly! Gaawwd… I kiss her thighs and go on kissing and her lie there motionless… And suddenly she opens her eyes and gasp for her breath as I put my hardon into her.. Which has been pulsating like a lil heartbeat.. Throbbing and wanting to be in her..

I thrust it in her.. And being so wet it just slides in her and she is stunned and amazed of how it feels and gasp for breath thinking of what’s coming next.. As I pull it out gently and slap it on her clit.. And she ushers the pain moaning gently.. And I keep slapping and as she slows down her moaning! I push it in her and thrust it up n down into her.. And she wraps her legs around me.. And we are hugging each other.. Rubbing on each other I whisper into her ears.. Asking how she is feeling.. And she whisper in her moan asking for it to be harder.. And I ram into her gently.. And go faster and every time I go fast I go deeper and bang her deep.. And our body is moving in unison rubbing against each other both moaning and ushering into each other’s ears and go deeper and deeper.. Ramming her harder.. Ahhhhhhh and water making sounds everytime I feel her.. Spreading her hands over the rocks clenching it together and going deeper into her.. Ahhhhhhh… The best feeling ever mmmmmmn kissing her neck and feeling her warmth and we move slowly feeling each other..

And she rolls me over on water.. With vigor and passion wanting to charge me.. She gets on top of me.. Sits and stares me in water.. Get it hard and suck and nibble on top.. And slowly pace herself on me… And she moves with grace… Ahhhhhhh to see her and her lovely figure in the beautiful moonlight.. Her hairs bouncing.. And water clashing on our body making it sound beautiful to our passionate unison and I hold her boobs as she bounces off me slowly and rejoin me in happiness.. She move her hips is slow dance movements making the water sound melodious and increasing the feel of us uniting together.. And she goes on n on..! And goes deeper thrusting herself on to me… And feel high in pleasure and there is small shiver I could feel in her.. And I just start ramming her hard making her lean on to me.. Spanking her cute round big butt! Ramming deeper and harder and we both cum! Ahhhhhhh the best feeling ever..

She just lays on me and together with shiver with happiness and joy of being together.. And we again n again giggling of how beautiful the time was what we spent this evening and for next few days we are going to be together and not a soul to disturb us and hear us being with each other.. We just dry ourselves and get into the house wrapped in one warm duvet as I hug her from back.. Cuddling her and she can still feel my hardon trying to squeeze into her butt.. With giggles smiles kisses we sleep the night for a new day to begin with lots more of adventure!

Well, thats it for now folks, I have tried to describe exactly like how it happened and how I discussed the same with her, which both of us cherish. Hope you guys to cherish our memory. I know this is bit odd, I have tried my best, please write to me at [email protected] for your comments. Thank you.

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