Chocolate Sex With Neighbor Aunt.

Hi. This is my first ever story on Indian sex story. I have been reading is from past 4 years. Today narrating my first fictional story. I am Naveen (name changed). I am from Belgaum. I am ‘5” and a 5’ tool. Let me introduce to my neighbor aunt. She is Sangeeta (name changed). She is tall about, 5’6” slim and size 30,28,32. She doesn’t have big boobs, she is a bit dark in color which is the most attractive thing in her. She looks beautiful. She lost her husband a few years back. She has a son and a daughter, both married. They live next to our home.

Our’s and aunt’s home are attached as these are old homes with the common wall on one side. We have a well which is shared by both of us. One can easily peek into others home easily and can easily enter their home easily. I always had a lust for that aunt, the day she came to the home. We normally talk with each other, and she has seen me many times checking her. But never had the chance to experience her.

Now coming to the sex story. The son stays with her. On one Saturday, he had to visit his wife place which is situated in Mumbai. For some reason, my lovely aunt could not go with him. He left on Friday night and my parents too were not in the home as they had gone to visit my sister.

On Saturday evening, the aunt called me for some help in dumping some old materials in dump yard situated just backside of their home. I helped in lifting and dumping materials. After all work, she asked to stay and said she will make tea and drink it and go. So she brought tea and while receiving the cup, I purposely touched her hand. She looked at me and smiled. Then we chatted, she told that her son has gone to meet his wife and will be returning on Monday. I got a chance to seduce her and have sex with her. But I didn’t know how to seduce her.

After her husband’s death, she was also alone. So I made a plan to seduce her. She finished her tea and went to the kitchen and then after I finish my tea, I went to give the teacup and purposely fell on her back. I hold her back, her skin was so soft. And a little of tea spilled on her back. I said sorry and said I will clean it give me a cloth. She said its ok, I will clean it. But I forced her and said it’s my mistake and I will clean it. She agreed.

Maybe even she loved the touch of my hand on her back. Then I took the towel and started to clean her back slowly by pouring a little cold water on her back. The cold water made her shiver. And after I cleaned it with a towel, I started to rub her back with my bare hand. The touch and wetness in my palm made her shiver again. She moaned a little. And taking an advantage I started to rub her back slowly all over. She liked it.

I got a bulge in my pant. I went a bit closer and touched my manhood on her ass. Along with it, I started to rub her back and slowly put her hand inside her blouse from the back. As I could go further, she got back to her senses. As the door was open and anyone could come in. I tried to go closer but she resisted. Even I didn’t force her. Then she whispered in my ear that I have been waiting to hear from her from a long time.

She said,”All ur wishes will come true today night”. She said to come at 11 in the night after everyone sleeps. As our homes are attached, the house backside was common and can be easily entered to her home. Then I nodded and went back to home. Then I soon remembered and went and brought 2 packets of chocolate flavored condoms. I was eagerly waiting for 11 and continuously looking at the clock.

I finished my dinner, and it was 10 in the night. At 11, I closed our home’s front door from inside and went o aunts home from the back. I slowly knocked her door and she came to open it. I entered inside, she was looking fresh. I asked her and she said she had a bath. I closed the door latch and went close to her. There was just around five inches gap in between my and her lips. I said to her I really like you and always wanted to have sex with u. As she had seen me many times checking her, she came to know about my intentions. With no time, I brought my lips closer to her and kissed them. My first ever kiss to a lady. Ii started to kiss her upper lip and our juices were exchanging. The sound of the kiss made me hotter and I grabbed her tightly and my bulge pressed against her pussy.

Then I kissed her lower lip and went on to kiss her for 3 minutes. Then I came down a bit and started to kiss her neck. She raised her neck to give more room for me. She was also new to these styles and enjoyed it. I was propagating from left side of the neck to right side and my saliva on her neck made her hotter. She had already made all arrangement and prepared the bed. Then I opened her pallu, her cleavage was visible and I started to kiss there. She moaned. I turned her and started to kiss her back and went down and kiss her waist.

Then I removed her blouse hooks and she was in bra in front of me. I too remove all clothes and was in boxer only. Then I came down and kissed her navel. It was round in shape and a bit big and she had a bit mass at her waist. That chubbiness made me hot and started to lick and bite her waist. I played with her navel. Now I removed her saree and now she was only on her inner wears.

Now even she got aroused and put me on the bed. Now I am lying on the bed and she came started to kiss me. Then she bit and licked my nipples which were an awesome feeling and pressed her to suck more of it. She then went down and licked my tummy. She then removed my boxer and saw my bulge. Then she held it in hand and started to jerk it slowly. I loved it, first time ever. Then I said her to suck it, at first she didn’t know about it. Then I took her head and said to open her mouth and made her suck it.

At first, she didn’t like and but slowly with each suck, she started enjoying. The smell of the bulge made her hot and she started jerking fast. I know that I am about to cum and hold her head and came in her mouth. She suddenly retrieved back and spit out the cum. Then I told about the cumshot to her.

It was my turn now. I made her lie on the bed and removed her bra and panty. Her nipples were dark black, love them. Then I started to suck her nipples she started to moan. I had brought some chocolate and due to exposing to the atmosphere they had melted. Then I applied the chocolate on her boobs and started to suck them. The taste of the blended chocolate and her skin was awesome. I sucked like mad and she moaned loudly. With the chocolate in my mouth all over I kissed her lips and made her taste it.

Then I slowly moved down to her tummy and kissed her navel and tummy. I poured a bit home in her navel and started to suck and drink it from the navel. While pouring the honey, she moaned and that reaction of her made me hot. I started to pour and continuously started to lick and drink honey from her navel and waist. She held my head and moaned hard as she was also experiencing it for the first time. She had a bit thick pubic hair and I asked her whether can I trim the hair. She said yes. I looked around and found a use and through shaving blade. I applied a bit foam and trimmed all her pubic hair. It was looking hot and even she was seeing her pussy so cleaned for the first time.

I started to care her pussy clips with the hand she likes it. Then I inserted two fingers into the pussy. As she did not have sex for a long time they were a bit tight. Then I applied a bit honey to the two fingers and inserted into the pussy. She moaned slowly, I started to and fro motion of the fingers into her pussy. She started to moan loudly and started to press her and boobs and as well hold tight to her pillow. As the pussy was cleaned I poured the honey into her pussy a bit and started to lick it. I inserted my tongue into her pussy and with a bit pressure inserted it deeply. And licked all over her pussy.

I took my tongue out and inserted my fingers again and started to stroke. With continuous moaning, she ejaculated for the first time. She was shivering and couldn’t stand properly. The I turned her on the bed and now her back is in front of me. I licked all over and started to lick her ass checks. I spit saliva all over and went on licking. I made her to a position in doggy style. I put some saliva on my fingers and slowly started to insert in her asshole. She first rejected the act, but I made her horny by caressing her on ass checks and in the time I inserted one finger into her asshole. She shouted a bit and with my fingering action, she started to enjoy it.

Then I put on condoms and went to her pussy. She rejected the insertion idea but I convinced her that with condoms on nothing will happen. Then I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy. She moaned slowly. I started to jerk my dick in her pussy and increased the momentum. She started to moan loud. And then we both came. I kissed her and caressed her for a while and again my dick was ready. Now I told her to take my dick and I said I wanted you to drink the cum. She took my dick and started to suck it. Within no time I came and held her head so that so cannot spit it. She drank all of it and liked it. She then cleaned all the cum on my dick by sucking it.

We both were exhausted. It was already 1 am. And then we enjoyed several times that night and slept naked. I got up early in the morning at 5, kissed her and sucked her boobs and went to my home. Hope you liked the sex story. Please leave a comment on my email id [email protected]

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