Chudai At Hotel – Once Again

First part of “ Chudai at Hotel “ was on 03-03-2007. I am Binod . That time I was 36 yrs old. I travelled with KIRAN very young wife of my younger brother. We had to spend night in a hotel and we fucked with mutual consent. She was almost virgin. Five year passed and our relation continued. My wife also accepted our relationship. Kiran is now mother of my two child, both sons.

After that incident I met a guruji and got very much impressed by him and his institution. He visited our house and pursuaded us to join yoga classes. We joined and now doing yoga continuously for last five year. It has helped us both mentally and physically a lot.

We all, me, my wife, daughter, son and Kiran now look younger and fresh. My wife lost all extra flesh, my daughter Juhi is most sought after girl in locality and in college. Kiran has become more slim and sexier.

Whenever my daughter Juhi gets opportunity to stay alone with me she expresses her desire in clear words that she wants to marry a man who is just like me, her father , both in look and figure. Many time we have hugged and kissed intimately but we both have controlled. This story is not about my fucking of my daughter. This is about my sister whose marriage occassion has made me and my brother’s wife an intimate lover.

Though I had crossed 40, my daughter Juhi always says that I am more handsome and young than hero , most sought after boy of her college. My hairs were thick, I was not wearing specks and thanks to Kiran ,I have started wearing nice dresses which enhanced my getup.

It was again a social function , marriage of one cousin at native. My sister Rupa called us that as her husband is unable to attend function I should arrange arrangement for her travelling to native. My wife said that I will come & pick up sister to the function. I asked for convenient day and accordingly I made travel arrangement.

It being summer vacation, my wife, children and Kiran went with my younger brother two weeks before the function. I stayed alone for a week. I succeeded in seducing my maid in early 20s. She did not agree to stay with me in night but consented for sex during daytime. I had her twice daily, once before going to office and another in evening.

During night I searched through cupboards of wife, Kiran and my daughter. I did not find anything objectionable among contents of wife but I could find many porno books, xxx photos in cupboard of both Kiran and daughter. I found a pouch full of letters among old dresses of daughter.

I went through each and every letter , altogether 52 in numbers, written by her boy friends and few teachers. Every letter was a love letter but with hard core fucking words. Some wrote that he shake his lawda every night thinking about cunt of Juhi. Some wanted her to suck their cocks, some has even made sketches of their cock indicating length and thickness. Except few all were dirty letters. Then I got a diary written by daughter. I became very much excited and pleased to read lines written by her.

“ I love Binod, my father…I want him to love me, fuck me, push his cock in my every holes like he fuck mother and Aunty Kiran.”

“ Ufff how much happiness Kiran and maid Paro gets when Babuji fuck and pump them…”

“ Binod , when you will make your daughter a woman, many boys and teachers are after me…they are offering me lot…I may not control myself long…please take my virginity….”

Like these such lines were written on hundreds of pages. Though I was fucking maid daily twice, during that week I masturbated every night in the name of daughter and every time I fisted cock with her panty.

And on last page under what she wrote, I wrote..

“My dear Juhi darling, your father’s cock is as much eager to explore your beautiful figure..please give me a chance. “

Next day I started for my sister’s place. I took few porno books and hardcore pics in my handbag. I stayed one night at sister’s place and we started for our native in afternoon.

We started quite early but due to an accident on highway our bus got delayed and like last occasion we missed our train. Same station, same time. It was past 9. We reached to same hotel but got very much discouraged to see crowd there. Hesitantly we asked for a room and service boy showed us the same room in which I had fucked Kiran first.

Boy said to decide fast as there is likely to be more rush. While climbing up we had seen crowd in corridors. He said that as there was a conference in daytime so all rooms were booked. He said that that particular room was vacated just few minutes back. Before I could say anything my sister Rupa said that we will book the room. I looked around and that night became lively in my eyes. Room was still having one table chair and a single bed 6 ft by 3 ft. My cock began to tighten with anticipation of fucking this lady, my own sister about 20 yrs younger to me. God certainly was very kind to me.

I went down with boy to pay the money. I returned soon. I asked Rupa to come out for dinner but she refused telling that she is very tired. She suggested to order food in room itself. I pressed bell and soon another boy came. I told Rupa to order. She ordered one full plate fish curry,

4 phulka

One full plate boiled rice, and

One chilled beer ,

I gave money to boy and he left. I closed door and sat on bed beside Rupa. She laid flat with head on pillow. I straightway ran finger on her cheeks .

“ so this is the secret of your rosy lips ( I rubbed lips ) and pinkish cheeks…fish and beer every night……’

I rubbed both cheeks with my both palms. She did not push my hands away. She replied,

“Not only beer, whenever husband is not at city I take even rum and whiskey very often with sasurji . “

I continued pinching and caressing cheeks and teased her,

“And in absence of husband sasurji loves you also…..”

She understood what I meant.

Now she pulled my both cheeks and said that other than husband no one has ever loved her. She smiled crookedly and commented,

“ everyone is not bastard like you that they will love anyone, even wife of younger brother. “

I pulled my hands away from her. I read in daughter’s diary that she knows about my fucking of Kiran and maid, in fact she had seen live chudai that’s why she has become fond of father’s cock. But I wonder that how this girl, my youngest sister knows about my adultery. I said angrily ,

“ who told you, I don’t fuck anyone else, I love only your Bhabhi….”

“ and my that bhabhi, your wife only has told me….that you are fucking Kiran Bhabhi since you took her to attend my marriage. “

I got alarmed with thought that she may also be knowing that I first fucked Kiran on this bed only. But she took away my tension ,

“ but bhaiya, how and where you could seduce and fuck Kiran bhabhi. ? “

She wanted to know that how and where I could fuck Kiran. I lied to her that during journey Kiran expressed her sadness over behaviour of her husband. I summarised ,

“ Kiran told me that even after marriage with her, Ashok ( my younger brother ) kept on visiting prostitutes. He has penetrated her only once in 6-7 months of marriage. I felt sad for her and during journey we became close. And when I took her back after your marriage we stopped at her native. And there we fucked and fucked. Her mother knew.”

And sister pulled my hand on her chest , not on boobs but above that, and said that Kiran Bhabhi is very happy with you.

I looked in her eyes and asked ,

“ forget about me and Kiran. You tell about your life. It is five years since you got married and you are still childless. “

She took deep breath,

“ my bad luck…there is no child in my fate.”

I also took deep breath and waited few minutes before asking a question which no lady want to answer. I asked,

“ when your husband or father in law is not capable of making you pregnant then you must have fucked with others. It is sad that you still remained issueless. “

She heard me but did not get angry. She replied coolly,

“ I never undressed for sasurji neither he ever tried to touch me, beside your brother in law , no one else has seen me nude, no one else has fucked your sister. “

She remain quiet for a couple of minutes and said,

“ I don’t have any brother in law who can love me like you love Kiran bhabhi. “

That time we heard knock and she sat up. I went & opened door. Boy came in with orders and plates. Boy left after taking his tip. I enquired whether she will eat but she went inside bathroom to take bath. I arranged items in plates. She came out after about 10 minutes and I could not remove eyes from her, my younger sister.

She was married for over five years. She was in age of 22-23 and looking like fully blown rose flower. She was tall about 5’ 5” with long and dense hairs. Her hairs were coming almost upto her waist. Water drops were shining on hairs and on her bare skin which were shining. She was wrapped in white towel. She just glanced at me & walked towards where we have kept our luggage.

“ bhaiya, you also please take bath. It feels nice. “

I thought that she is feeling shy so she is pushing me away from her. I did not object. I entered into bathroom and pushed door shut behind me. My eyes widened to see condition of bathroom. Saari, petticoat, bra and panty were scattered on floor. All were drenched. I undressed fully. I hanged trouser and shirt but pushed underwear and banyan down on floor. I lifter her panty and my underwear and twisted both together. While doing so cock tightened and began to throb. I washed all her clothes and along with my underwear and banyan. I squeezed and dried all clothes and let my underwear & her panty twisted together.

I took bath and all along bath I kept fisting and visualised that this cock is inside cunt of sister Rupa waiting outside. I really felt nice after bath . I also wrapped towel around waist and came out with all washed clothes. I saw that sister has changed into a red petticoat and red blouse.

“ Rupa, want to put this hotel on fire ? You are looking like a burning fire with full flame. “

I gave all clothes to her to hand them for drying. She took it and started putting on string put at one side of room. I changed to lungi and overheard her,

“ how these two entangled to tightly! “

I saw her trying to keep my underwear away from her panty.

“ put both together for drying and come have dinner. “

I sat on one chair. She put both ,panty & underwear , together for drying. She sat on bed as there was only one chair in the room. She served and silently we finished it in 10 minutes. I said that fish curry was spicy and she commented that I am used to eat spicy things .

“ I don’t like spicy items. “

I retorted but she smilingly countered…

“ I think Kiran Bhabhi and Paro ( maid) both are very spicy and you are enjoying them for years. “And I held her both shoulders tightly and looking in her eyes I asked ,

“ and how much spicy you are ? “

She pulled herself away and smilingly replied,

“ ask your brother in law . “

She walked to bathroom and returned after washing hands and mouth. I also washed after her. I saw her laid on bed. She was on her side facing me. She winked and said,

“ I don’t think you will have any problem in sharing bed with your youngest sister, only few years elder to your daughter. “

Her comment reminded of my daughter’s diary and what I commented . I nodded and said that presently I am not sleepy.

“ Rupa, I am not sleepy, you sleep comfortably and when I want I will come to you. I will read some magazine. “

I got up and lifted my bag. But she snatched it and before I could stop her she took out all books and magazines from there. These were all porno books with hard core pics even on cover. There were two porno story books also. She turned pages of tabloid and winked at me.

“ bhaiya, I was thinking that only young boys who are not able to fuck any girl read such books, but you are fucking those two nice women, beside your wife still you read these books. I am stunned. “

How could I say that I brought these books to share these with Kiran and daughter Juhi . I just pulled one story books from her and said that these all belongs to Kiran and I brought it with me as a pass time thing.

“ but why Kiran Bhabhi wants these ? I think you are are giving him all type of pleasure whatever shown here. “

She showed me pics of oral sucking, ass fucking etc.

I defended,

‘ it is not for me but I think she use it to arouse your Ashok bhaiya who is still not comfortable with her. “

I tried to snatch all books from her hand but she held it tightly. I said ,

“ you are a good girl, you should not read such books and spoil your mind. “

She promptly replied that she has read many such books and seen such pics. She said that despite her objection husband brings such books regularly .

I told her to sleep.

She sat up and pulled book away from my hand.

“ I will sleep but you switch off light and come on bed & sleep, it is already past 11.30 of night. “

I did not want to ignore this information. She moved towards other side. I got up and sat beside her. I put my hand on her upper arm .

“ switch off the light “

She said,

I moved hand down from arms to her cheeks. I dared .

“ let me cherish your beauty, I never seen your so closely. “

I said and softly kissed her cheeks.

“ switch off light. “

She said sternly.

I stretched my hand and switched light off. I laid beside her but she has turned other side. I straightway pulled her on my one arm and other hand I put on her waist, side waist. She remained quite. She rested her head on my arm.

I slowly moved my hand to bare skin between top of petticoat and bottom of blouse. I moved fingers on bare skin. She remained quite. Few minutes passed. We both were quite. There was no movement from her side but my fingers kept moving on her bare belly and waist portion. My middle finger rested on her naval point.i pressed , ticked and circled finger on it. Still no objection no movement. Some more time passed. My finger went up and I pushed middle finger inside blouse.

I kept it pushing and finger felt softness of lower breast. I pushed it further but now it was not possible to push without opening buttons of blouse. I pulled finger away from blouse and this time I moved it down ward. Again I ticked naval point for couple of minute and then moved finger downward. My finger touched ‘nada’ of petticoat. I did not pull out knot but I moved finger on nada. With passing seconds pressure of fingers increased and I could feel space between her thighs.

She was still motionless and quite. Now there was no going back. I was certain that she herself want sex with me. I pressed finger and searched right place. Soon my fingers had feel of pad of cunt. I moved my finger along pad of cunt and increased pressure with passing seconds. Simultaneously I began kissing bare skin on back, below neck. By now she must have known that her eldest brother, elder by 20 yrs wants to fuck her.

I kept kissing back and let finger explore further. Soon I got slit and finger felt wetness even over thick cloth of petticoat. And suddenly I started squeezing cunt pad over petticoat . She certainly had lot of control. I squeezed cunt pad about 6-7 times and straight way moved my hand on breast. I began caressing boobs first softly then I began squeezing it hard. Now it was not possible to control further.

I sat up. I turned her flat on her back. She did not object. Now my eyes were used to darkness. I first thought of switching light on but I thought that she might be feeling ashamed that’s why she insisted for darkness. I saw her eyes shut. I held her shoulders tightly and began kissing her lips again and again. Duration of every subsequent kiss were more than previous kiss. Then keeping her lips locked I unbuttoned blouse. And I had to comment,

“ ufff, what a lovely boobs… So big , hot and tight … seems not pressed much …”

I began squeezing and sucking boobs & nipple and she moved. Without speaking a word she began caressing my back. She certainly wanted fuck , fuck from me, her own brother. After sucking both nipples for quite sometime I moved my hands and mouth down. My tongue and lips remained and touch with silky hot skin of belly and my hands pulled knot of petticoat. I moved down and my hand pushed petticoat down and down.

Soon my tongue touched clit and she shivered. She jerked and I began kissing clit. Thanks pubic area was clean shaved. I kept sucking clit and she grabbed and pulled my hairs. I managed to push petticoat out of her leg. Now she was nude.

I began giving her oral pleasure and soon she started responding actively. She moaned and enjoyed addressing me as bhaiya…..

“ ufff bhaiya, it is so nice.. so enjoyable …..ahhhhh ..keep doing ..aahhhh…”

I chewed clit, cunt lips with squeezing of big spongy boobs. I did not speak a word but kept on sucking juice of sister’s cunt.

After having sucked clit, I pushed cunt lips apart and pushed my nose as much I could. I inhale and exhale inside cunt till I started feeling suffocated. She kept on trembling and pulling my hairs. After pulling nose out I pushed tongue inside with keeping cunt lips pulled apart. I moved tongue all along inside juicy & hot cunt. I kept on taking taste on cunt and she jerked hip up and kept it up.

“ bhaiya, now I can’t take it more…fuck me , fuck your bitch …ahhh fuck me….fuck..your sister…”

I pressed her hip down and again chewed cunt lips for few minutes. Then I moved on her body. Like Kiran she also did not turn her mouth away when I kissed her, kissed her repeatedly and e herself positioned cock on cunt. I gave hard push again and again. Though I gave oral pleasure for about 15 minutes still it did not go in. I pushed again and again and in 6th hard push entire cock slipped inside cunt …..

“ ufff sister, Rupa…you are so tight, so hard …..”

“ ahhhh bhaiya, it is so tight inside, so hard and hot…fuck your sister, make your sister a randi ….”

I kept pumping and she kept talking….

“ ufff Kiran Bhabhi is right, you are best bhaiya …… best …. pump hard and fast, make your sister mother of your child, I want a son like you ….. ahhhhh…. don’t slow down, keep pumping this bitch ……”

I felt happy hearing sister that Kiran has appreciated me to sister and may be because of that only sister wanted cock of brother.

“ yes sister, I will give you a son & when he will grow up, he will fuck you, satisfy his mother like I am fucking you, he will fuck you even better than me…..”

I said that my son from her will fuck mother and she became happy…

“ yes, I want such son only who can make me a bitch, make me pregnant now in this fuck only..”

We fucked and fucked , she kept moaning, I enjoyed her heat and juice and response and finally we both climaxed almost together. I filled her cunt and kept cock pressed in cunt…

“ yes sister, now after 9 months you will certainly give birth of a son of your own brother. We hugged, kissed and then loosened. I rested my head on boobs. She confessed,

“ bhaiya, I wanted to travel with you because of this only…I wanted to mother your child. “

We remained glued for quite a long time and then she pushed me down flat on bed and rode over me. I pulled her blouse out of her body. Now she was clothess. I squeezed her tight hips and winked.

“ did you like your brother inside you. ? “

She became flat over me, kissed me and responded,

“ much more than what I expected.”

I kept squeezing hips and asked what I had asked Kiran. I asked whether she is ready for ass fucking. I never ass fucked my wife but Kiran insisted me and I enjoyed her ass regularly.

“ gaand marwaogi? “

And like Kiran she also nodded and replied,

“ haa gaand bhee marwaungi, tum marro, apne dosto se marwao, bahan se dhanda karwao, jo bologe sub karungi…..”

I hugged her tightly and like I said to Kiran on same bed I told sister to suck cock….

“ to pahle lawda chuso. “

She immediately moved down and sat on knees between my legs. Without any hesitation and without wiping cock she took semi limped cock inside mouth. She held cock in mouth by holding it by root & by another hand caressed my balls, thighs etc. Soon she started giving fast blow job . I was laid flat and unable to catch her. I felt at cock has started tightening so I told her to lie-down over me in 69 pose but she shook head and continue to give blow job hard and fast. It did not take very long. She pushed cock out .

“ bhaiya, it is ready, fuck me again…”

She said and I smilingly told her to fuck me from top.

“ tum mujhe chodo. “

She sat up, positioned cunt over tip by holding cock by its root. She pressed cunt and I also jerked up. She kept pressing and cock vanished inside cunt. She bend forward and held my sides. I grabbed boobs and she began to give push over cock….

“ bhaiya, my husband & father in law should see us fucking..then they will know that how women gets satisfaction. “

I immediately countered that whether she fucks with father in law also. She nodded and said that though father in law is little better than husband he also can not remain tight even for 5 mins . Your brother in law though gets cock tight but he discharges immediately on entering cunt. She said that her father in law fucks her very often with husband around but still she remained unsatisfied.

“ but you have a servant who looks strong why don’t you fuck with him…?”

She laughed and said that he is an impo.

“ bhaiya, I very often see him nude while giving full body massage to mother in law and sister in law but his cock remains loose, very loose. “

I asked whether she don’t take massage from him. And she replied that her husband and father in law gives her full body massage on Sunday and holidays.

I said that in that case she should have find new friends …she shook head…

“ no, no female of that house can dare to do so….you know how much respected they are in society and sasur hhas told me on my first day in sasur all that if they see me friendly with any outsiders, even their closest friend they will kill me. “

I felt sad for my sister. I asked about husband of her only sister in law who was of her age only.She replied that her sister in law is also a unsatisfied lady but she stays in a big city.

“ bhaiya, as she stays in a big city it seems she get sex without knowledge of her family member. “

Then she smiled and said ,

“ Forget them, now I found my man in my brother , I don’t want anyone else…”

She invited me to her sasural and said that even in her sasural she will fuck freely with me .

We continued fucking, after about 10-11 minutes of sister over me, I held her tightly and changed position. I again came top on her and fucked her hard and fast and this time she climaxed first. I kept banging and second time I filled her cunt.

“ thanks bhaiya, this time I am going to get pregnant. “

We slept there after. Next day we moved around and had three round. I wanted to go our native but she insisted to spend one more night in hotel. We spent. And that night I fucked her in ass once, it was her first ass fucking and one round of fucking in doggy pose. Next day also we enjoyed.

All together I filled her cunt 9 time and exactly on 270th day of our first fuck she gave birth of a son.

Our relation is still alive.

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