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“C’mon Ravi, wake up, you’re late already” my mom woke me up at 9 o’ clock.

Did my daily routine and was ready to leave for my tuitions. I was in 11th grade pursuing science stream. I left my house at 10 am. Tuitions were from 11. As it was a holiday so we had extra classes. It was my chemistry tuition and it was in one of my classmate’s house, Nisha. Our chemistry sir was a relative of her so, used to teach in her house saving money for rent.

I have a habit of reaching places before time and it sure was helping me today because the weather suddenly changed and it began to downpour heavily, although I reached my destination safely.I reached Nisha’s house but it was odd. There were no shoes outside the front door. Was I the first one?

Well,I rang bell but nobody answered. After a while I rang again but still no answer. I though nobody’s home but I couldn’t leave either as it was raining heavily. But after a while

Nisha opened up.

“Ravi? What are you doing here?”, she asked.

“What am I doing? Tuitions obviously”,I was a bit confused.

“But it was cancelled. Didn’t anyone informed you?”, she replied.

“Well obviously not”,I was a bit frustrated. Tuitions were cancelled but nobody informed me. What the hell.

As I couldn’t leave either, so she invited me in .

But damn!! The first thing I noticed was her nipples. She was wearing a white T shirt with relative large neck hole and those pyjama type pants. She had huge boobs, like really huge, and today I was having a glimpse of her huge ass too as the pant was sticking inside her ass crack. Her nipples were poking out of her shirt. Clearly she wasn’t wearing any bra. Maybe because she wasn’t expecting anyone.

Seeing her like that gave me an instant hard on and I guess she noticed it as she adjusted her t-shirt. So it was a bit awkward for both of us. And she was acting a bit weird actually, like, she was out of her composer today. To be honest,I really had a huge crush. No, it was more than crush,I really loved her but never expressed myself fearing it may ruin the little friendship that we had and well, I am not the kind of ladies man. I mean, not that I don’t look good,I look reasonably good, but, I am a coward when it comes to girls.

It was getting really awkward, so she broke the ice,” hey, have you completed atomic structure?”

“Umm yeah” ,I replied.

“C’mon then, help me with a bit of problems”. So I followed her to her bed room. They really had a big house. Both her parents were doctors so don’t really seen them much.

Except when I fall ill.She had an elder brother who is now in some foreign country. So we were alone in the house. Damn I felt weird.

We sat on her bed and after asking her doubts,I started explaining her things, and the chapter also had a lot of numerical.

She was actually quite impressed by my teaching techniques and was sometimes going like,”Why don’t you start a tuition on your own. I would really join it”. But, in the meanwhile, it was really getting a bit awkward as everytime she bent to write something, her big cleavage was perfectly visible and I could easily make out her boobs.

Nisha was always like this, always exposing herself to others. Intentionally teasing boys by wearing sexy dresses and showing a lot of cleavage and I always hated her for this. I mean, to be honest,I really liked her and didn’t liked people talking bad about her, making her a slut of our class and starring at her with with lusty eyes. But today, she was just overboard. I was really getting a huge Bonner but was feeling wrong at the same time.

At last,I just couldn’t take it so gestured her holding my collar to adjust herself. She adjusted herself and resumed the problem, but just after a while, it was the same again. I was really getting uneasy so gestures her again.

“Ah, guess I should go wear a bra or your pants are going to tear themselves apart.”, she said.

I was paralysed for a moment.I really couldn’t find an answer. She was smiling and was getting full of the situation. She got up went away. I was really shocked and embarrassed.

It was quite a while since she went to change or maybe I felt like that because I was really hyper because of the recent incident. So, to distract my mind I just took her phone and started to surf. I opened gallery in hope of finding some funny photos. But the thumbnail on one of the folders really caught my eye. I know its wrong to see other people’s private photos but I was really curious and what I saw blew my mind.

There were her nude photos. Like not totally nude but like someone started clicking photos while she was changing. In the photos she was laughing and trying to hide her boobs with bra. As I slides more photos, they mere moving in chronological order. At first it was unclear who was behind the camera as one hand was groping her tits over bra.

As I went through more pictures, I saw a guy(clicking the photos) kissing her on cheeks while she was still in her bra. My heart broke to pieces.

There was this blonde guy, most probably a foreigner. Must be one of her brother’s friend or someone but it didn’t mattered.

I never really knew how much I loved her before, but knew it in that instant. It wat like, my heart was ripped out of my body. You never really know how much someone means to you until you see them taken away.

“Hey, can you help me a little”, I heard her calling me.

I quickly minimised the tabs but she was here before I could put her phone back. And wtf?? She was before me in a bra?? Am I imagining?? No! She was.

“Can you please hook up my bra, I really cant do it”, she said.

OMG! She had huge, round boobs. She was wearing a designer bra with very low cut. My hands were still trembling because of what I saw earlier. My heart was broken and eyes were dilated. She had a boyfriend but was still flirting with me. My sadness was slowly turning into anger. So she was just a slut after all.

I hooked up her bra and she put on her t-shirt.

“You know, you shouldn’t go through peoples phone”, she said.

I remained silent. Slut or what,I was still in love with her and this was making me go angry like hell. I guess my face was red. I guess she sensed that. She checked her phone and as I hadn’t closed the tabs so it was evident.

“You went through my photos. No! how much did you saw?”, she said.

I was furious, partly on myself and I said something which I shouldn’t have.

“How much is left to see?? I have seen everything today anyway. And if you feel cheated, I can pay you money,I mean if you do it for money.”

She was stunned and gave me tight slap. Bam! And one again. Bam! But these slaps were nothing compared to what bullets I had received to my heart.

I got up to leave, furious.

She screamed behind me as I started to leave,”why do you have to be to sweet and so much vulgar at the same time. I never really knew you were this vulgar. Always thought you to be so good, but you too are like the rest of the boys”.

“I am vulgar? You are talking about me? Yeah right, now I am vulgar. It’s me who goes around showing everybody my cleavage. People call me slut! It’s me who tries to seduce a guy even after I have a boyfriend. Oh wait, maybe he wasn’t your boyfriend. How much did he paid you to grope you tits.”, there, I exploded my heart out. Tears rolled down my cheeks.

Tears also rolled down her cheeks. “what are you talking about? Which guy? ” , she said.

“Oh there goes your crying, so innocent girl. Well it’s no use cause unfortunately I have seen the photos of that blonde bastard.” I said.

She looked confused. ” which blonde are you talking about? She is my cousin you fool”, she said.

I was confused. She opened her phone and opened the picture.

“Look closely, she is a girl. She is a distant relative and lives in Australia. “, she said.

Oh shit!! I didn’t noticed it at all. She had boys cut so I assumed her to be a guy. I was fucked. She was crying but a part of me was really happy and relieved.

“I am sorry Nisha. I really misunderstood”, I apologised.

“Go away. I am a whore. You shouldn’t talk with a slut”, she cried.

I began apologising again and again. I was really sorry.

“I am really sorry Nisha. I though it was some guy and I really lost my temper. I thought you had a boyfriend”, I said.

“Even if I had why do you care? ” she cried again.

“Because I love you god dammit!! And I care about you. I don’t like people starring at you. People calling you a slut. I can’t see some weird asshole take you away. Even if I am not good enough for you,I still want you to be happy with someone good”, I said and broke into tears.

She held my collar, pulled me and we kissed. I was shocked for a moment but I responded as well. Our tongues rolled over each other. I could even taste her salty tears.

“Don’t you think you took a little too long in saying that?”, she said after we broke our kiss.

“I was afraid it may ruin our friendship”, I said.

We kissed again.

“You were, are and always will be more that good enough for me. I love you too” she said.

She pushed me to bed, got over me and we kissed again. She was sitting over me and Her ass was grinding over my dick. She broke off and removed her t-shirt. She started to unbutton my shirt. It was really a great sight. Her black/blue bra, perfect waist. And her belly button was just making me crazy.

I got my shirt off and started kissing her cleavage. I was pressing her boobs over her bra all while she was sitting on my lap and grinding her ass over my dick.

“You’ll have to help yourself with the bra, I can’t open it in my own”, she said naughty.

I turned her up, making her back face me. Slowly unhooked her bra and slowly removed it pressing her boobs from behind. She started moaning. I started kissing her neck and moulding her boobs. She pulled the thread from her pants while still grinding over my dick, this time more prominently with my dick fitting inside her ass crack.

I slowly inserted my hands inside her panty, slowly rubbing over her pussy. Then I slowly inserted my finger as she widened her legs. She was now moaning heavily. After a while we both were at our limit.

“I can’t wait any longer, give it to me Ravi” she exclaimed.

I pulled her pants and panties down while she pulled my pants and underwear. We tried to insert my dick like that with me sitting and she trying to sit on my lap facing backwards but it wasn’t good. We were inexperienced and really horny.

So, we changed places to missionary position. I slowly entered her. She cried a little but after a few thrusts, she also started enjoying. I was in heaven. Making love with my true love. I started thrusting heavily but didn’t last long.

“I am going to cum”, I said.

“Me too. Cum inside” , she insisted. And after a few more thrusts, I came inside her.

We both were exhausted lying in each others arms.

“And btw, I don’t do this for everybody, only for you”, she said.

I laughed.

“Can we do it once more?”, I asked. It was too good and I wasn’t satisfied with only one go.

“You have to ask that? ” , she said and kissed me. I was ready again.

We kissed while we rubbed each others genitals. I was ready in no time and this time, she climbed on me and I fucked her cowgirl style. She rode me hard. Up and down movement made clap sounds which filled the room. She was moaning and so was I.

We changed position and I fucked her doggy style and came inside her.

The rain had stopped and sun was shining and so was my life.


It was still 15 minds left before tuition started. Only Madhav , Santanu and Antara had arrived. About a month had passed since the incident but nobody knew that we were in a relationship.

“Don’t you think Nisha had changed a lot in a few weeks?” Madhav was saying quietly to us as the girl’s were busy talking.

“How come?” I asked.

“Cmon bro, don’t tell me you haven’t noticed. She went from like low cut t-shirt to salwar kameej. I mean, she’s still hot in that kurti, but still, she’s changed. No more deep cleavage and bra less boobs”, Madhav was laughing along with santanu.

“But I still jerk off thinking of her, I mean,I think her beauty and body are much more revealing now” , Santanu was saying as I saw Nisha giving me a sign to come in private.

I asked Nisha for water excusing us from the group. We went to kitchen and she kissed me hard.

“Pull down my salwar zip”, she said.

I did and as usual her bra was unhooked. I hooked it up.

“When are you gonna learn to hook up your bra?” I said.

“Then what will you do?”, she said.”and either way, I pay you for the job.”

“But only blow job ain’t enough for this”, I said naughty.

“You are overpaid for this small job so stop complaining”, she smiled.

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