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This is Akshay and it is my first attempt at writing a sex story. This is based on my most recent experience that happened in the beginning of 2017. I have had several encounters before I got married but this is the first one after I got married. Hope to write many more stories 😉 Maybe a quick introduction before I begin. I am little over 6 feet. I indulge in sports and of late lawn tennis has helped me maintain my fitness level and also increase stamina. Recently, I did a full marathon and can be reached at [email protected]

I have been married for more than 3 years now and as most married people would relate to it that sex with single partner loses it charm. Sex with the wife was more of a routine than a fun activity. However, I always want more from life and sex is no exception. So yes, I have been on a lookout for a while and got the opportunity a few months ago.

I was on a business trip from Bangalore to Mumbai for 3 days and during the flight, I met this Bengali co-passenger named Debolina Mukherjee (name changed). She was in business formals; a gray colored skirt with white top and gray blazer. Clearly, she was on a business trip too. With my experience, I could sense that her stats were something along the lines of 36C-28-38. Her short but smart haircut made her look hotter. This fair lady was about 5″6′ inches tall and I got a hard-on when I saw her for the first time. As luck might have it, her seat was next to mine. I broke the ice by introducing myself and my profession. She shared her details and it turned out that both of us were in Mumbai for 3 days and staying in Juhu. Although different hotels.

The mundane discussion continued for the entire duration of the flight and when we got down in Mumbai, I offered her a drop to her hotel and she agreed without much hesitation. During the cab ride, we started discussing Mumbai and I discovered that it was her first visit. Since I was reasonably free in the evening, I offered her to go for a walk at Juhu beach and explore the Chowpati. She agreed but a bit of hesitation this time. Nevertheless, we exchanged numbers and got back to work.

I had a long day and could return to the hotel only by 8:30 PM. By then I had forgotten about the “date” with the bong shell babe. She called me while I was taking the shower and hence couldn’t take her call. I called her back after 15 minutes and she picked up instantly. I apologized her and said I would be there in 10 minutes (as the hotels were nearby). To that, she said, “I am already waiting for you in the lobby”. My imagination ran wild but I decided to hold my horse and quickly slipped into cream shorts and a navy blue t-shirt. I ran to the lobby to find this sex goddess in tight white jeans and a dark green tight top. I could see her panty and bra line. I got a hard on and I think she noticed the bulge. In any case, we went to the beach and strolled for a while and feasted on the chaats at the Chowpati. During the conversation, we shared about our personal lives.

I got to know that her husband is in the US for 6 months on an IT project and hence she took up a role that lets her travel. At around 10:30 PM, I invited her for coffee at my hotel and to my surprise, she said that she is craving for whiskey. I generally carry scotch along with myself when I travel. I got bolder and invited her for drinks in my room. She winked and started walking towards my hotel. It was then when I knew that I am going to fuck this wild Bengali woman. And this would turn out to be my first sex outside marriage.

We walked into my room. Given it was a five star, nobody bothered and we reached my room without any problems. I latched the door as soon as we entered. While it was difficult for me to control, I decided to take this slowly.

I made her comfortably sit on the sofa and poured the scotch for both of us. She got rid of her footwear and made herself comfortable. We were both couples of drinks down and I could sense that she was getting bolder. Our discussion got sexual. We were now discussing our favorite positions; favorite places of sex and fantasies. It turned out that both of us loved doggy and were great fans of oral sex but our partners were not as adventurous. She suddenly got up and went towards the loo. However, before she could latch the door I sneaked in. She raised her eyebrows asking what. I replied I want to see you pee. She blushed and started peeing. She cleaned herself and started wearing her clothes and that’s when I decide to jump in. I hugged her from the front and stopped her getting into her jeans. I passionately started kissing her neck and biting her ears. She hugged me tight and grabbed my 7 inches and an unusually thick dick with my shorts still on.

We started smooching while she continued stroking my dick. After a few minutes, we broke the kiss and took off her tight top. I could clearly see erect nipples and cleavage of the milky white and huge boobs. I pushed my face against her boobs and grabbed her naked ass. She started moaning and dug her nails into my back. With great difficulty, I managed to loosen her grip and turned her. Now I was facing her back and my dick (with shorts still on) was poking her ass. I opened her bra with my teeth. She was completely naked and I had just shorts on.

She pointed towards bathtub with her finger and I understood what this kinky chick is up to. I turned on the shower and we both stood under the shower. She bent down and took off my shorts and brief without wasting a second. She started licking my dick while I moaned. By then water had filled the bathtub and I poured the shower gel. The froth was thick and covered the bathtub completely. I lied down on the bath tub and she sat on me. While sitting on me she was teasing my body with her fingers. She rolled it all over including my chest, face, and dick. I got aroused that I decided to get up.

I got out of the tub, lifted this sexy lady in my arms and threw her on the bed. Without wasting any time she sat on the edge of the bed and inserted her finger inside the pussy and licked it. I understood that it is my turn to lick the pussy clean. I bent down on the knees and starting licking the clean shaven pussy. She lied on her back and spread her legs wide giving me complete access to the juicy and already dripping pussy. I started sucking and biting the cunt. She got hornier and started moaning loudly. That made me hornier and I started tongue-fucking her. My tongue darted in and out at a massive pace.

I got up and like a perfect partner, she positioned herself in the doggy pose. Her already huge ass was looking massive. I couldn’t wait any longer and lifted her ass a bit. This gave me a clear view of her pussy hole. I positioned myself well and entered with a jerk. I could get only half in. However, I continued moving in and out slowly eventually getting completely in. I started ramming her pussy while occasionally spanking her ass. I fucked her for about 5 minutes and she came out with a jerk. She got up and pushed me onto the bed.

She then sat on my dick in the reverse-cow-girl position. The horny and unsatisfied bong in her wanted to make most of the night. She started riding my dick like a pro and we both started moaning within a few minutes. She had already orgasmed three times by far and I could no longer control myself. I gave her warning of about a minute and a truckload of hot lava came out of my dick. Thanks to the condom, it didn’t enter her cunt.

We both were exhausted but clearly not satisfied. We wanted more and had more on that night and during the trip. With each session, we got kinkier and eventually managed to make out in the restroom of the lounge of the hotel. Think Bollywood dancing and cocktails did the trick on that night 😉

Looking forward to your thoughts on the experience and the sex story. I can be reached at [email protected]

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