Completely Make Satisfied Divorced Lady Anitha

Hi friends this is Sudheer, I am 22 years old. staying in hyderabad. I am fair in complexion and 5.7 in height. Any aunties or females wants sex please contact me at [email protected] I am sure i will put them in heaven. Well coming to the story.

This is the story that recently happened in my life with Anitha (name changed) who is staying near to my area.

She is in Indian sexy complexion and 36 years old and her measurements are around 36-30-40. Yes she has big assets. Most attractive part of her body is her ass. Its very big in size make everyone mad. As she has huge asset that is her ass i always try to see them by follow her while she is going outside. That is while she is going to market or park in the evening time i used to follow behind her to watch the shaking of her butts in saree. I intentionally daily following her but i dont know that she also know it and enjoying my curiosity on her.One fine evening i usally following her as like everyday. she stopped walking and dropped a letter.

I took that letter and read that letter. The matter in that letter is “Hey cute boy if u want me call to this number (followed by her number)”. At 8pm i called to that number with some fear, a sweet voice saying hello who is that..

I said “its me your cute boy..”

She smiled and asked some questions like

Anitha : Hii cute boy. What is your name?

Me : Sudheer. May i know your name?

Anitha : this is Anitha. Where are you staying?

Me : In KPHB Colony near to your home only.

Anitha : Where r u working?

Me : Gave my company details.

Anitha : how old are you etc?

I replied to all those questions.. she said she was a divorced woman.. after that she suddenly asked one question that sounds very sweet is ” I am 10 years older than you is it ok for you to have fun..”. I said yes and its my pleasure to have fun a women like you..

She said come tomorrow at 11am to my home. And finished the conversation. I am very happy and jerked off with anitha in dreams.

Woke up at 6 am and make myself to have fun with anitha, i purchased some dotted condoms and reached anitha’s home at 10:40 am only..

She welcomed me with a cute smile at me and offered coffee to me..

She is in blue nighty. her assets are making me mad..

I suddenly went near to her and hugged her from back..

My tool is already got hard and her smooth big ass touching to my tool.

She moaned ummm….

Took me towards sofa.. we felt down on sofa.. I am pressing her boobs.. she is mooning.. I am stroking on her ass from nighty only.

She laughed and said hey naughty boy shall you go to bed room.. i said yes and we went to bed room. I made long kiss on her lips its soo sweet her lips got reddish in color with my kiss. Then i unzipped her nighty and removed nighty now she is in her blue panty she didnt wear bra at that time…

Her boobs are in creamy color making me mad… mean while i removed all my clothes…

She was shocked by seeing the size of my dick. Its around 9 inch and very thick.. She said her ex husbands tool is very small and thin she never satisfied with him in sex.. i hugged her tightly and pressing her butts like a mad. She is looking like an angle in front of me. she took my dick into her hand said its like a horse dick she take it into her mouth and tasting with her tongue played with it like a toy…

After that I am pressing her boobs and butts… she is mooning.. ummmm ahhh issss ushhh sounds like that.. i know she is liked it very much. She is saying darling fuck me please fuck me ra.. I put my dick in her pussy. Its some what tight she mooned like aaaaaahhhhh. I started moving she is shouting ahhhh ahhh ahhh (in telugu sudheer entra antha laavu ga undhi nee modda dhengara baga dhengara chava dhengara nannu.. nee moddaku gulam ipoyanu ra antu arusthundi) i fucked her around 20 mins in doggy style..

After that i put my tool in her ass hole… its too tight because no one has opened it till now.. she moaning ahh ahhh abbaaa ammaaa. I increased my speed she is shouting and trying to control her voice pitch. After that we went to washroom showered together. I myself washed every part of her body with soap and make her very clean. I liked to make a girl shower. After having these fun we had lunch. She just wear a towel while having lunch I am in just my underwear.

After lunch I hugged her again and started kissing her lips and put my hand on her pussy lips. Now I am playing with her 4 lips (2 of her mouth and remaining of her pussy). i have kissed her around 20 mins. I have wondered that she was not apposing for what ever I am doing to her. She is enjoying everything. After that i came down started tasting her pussy with my tongue. The heaven fragrance from her pussy made my cock very hard and I am unable to control and started fucking again.

After fucking for 20 mins i have applied oil to her body and massaged her whole body. i feels very good while massaging her boobs those are got hard while massaging. I massaged her butts those are very huge in size and very smooth and put some oil in her ass and fingered her ass hole. She is enjoying all these with moanings. She again begging for fuck. Please sudheer put your rod into me. I did same. But not in pussy i did it with her ass hole. I am fucking her ass hole with jet speed. She is mooning like a bitch.. fuck fuck fuck… hissss ummm fuck … faster even faster even faster.. darling I am cumming I am cumming fuck fuck fuckkk…

We both have cummed. I removed the condom and cleaned my dick. After that i brought some butter from fridge. She asked me what will you do with that butter. I just laughed and you just see darling what I am going to do with it and took some butter and applied it on her body, that’s entire her body. And i have started licking all her body.. she just closed her eyes and enjoying. I just came to her pussy and put my fingers in her pussy and started fucking with my fingers. She didnt open her eyes she is enjoying she saying that you are the master in fucking please do it daily. I said its my pleasure

Our fucking continued like this. I tried many angles with her. I know these things by seeing different blue films of different cultures. I fucked her many times that day.. from that day we have enjoyed almost daily for one month.. after that she has transferred to vijayawada. She calls me daily and make a sexy chat with me. 2 more times i went to vijayawada to fuck my darling anitha. I will post that experience in my next post.

Friends this is my first story posting in ISS. Please give your valuable feedback to me. Any female wants sex please give me a chance to satisfy you.. my mail id [email protected]. you can contact me at above mail id. I am promising you will be very safe..

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