Confession – The Good Wife

Maybe when you read the beginning of the story or even halfway across, you might say I am not a good wife but I want you to read it completely to understand why I am a good wife.

I live in a town in India with my in-laws whereas my hubby is working in a foreign country. Ours is a happy marriage even with us being so far apart. The reason being trust, love and understanding for each other. And when we do meet four of five times a year for a holiday of a week or two, we are like wild beasts in bed. Maybe all this is holding our marriage together. But last year something happened. My hubby’s holiday was cancelled twice and we had not met for months. We used to do phone sex during these days but things were getting little tense. That was when my hubby suggested something I never expected of him. He asked me if I was feeling like having an affair? If not, I must do it as his next holiday was not scheduled for another year.

I was shocked to be honest, what kind of husband would ask his wife to have an affair so casually. I wondered if he was playing with me or was this some kind of a test. I told him I’ll never cheat on him but he insisted and one day revealed that it was his fantasy to watch me with someone else. Cuckold he called it, he said I can start an affair now and narrate to him on phone what’s going on and when he returns he will watch me have sex with the other man and satisfy his fantasy. I refused and he got angry. The tiff increased as we talked less during his next few calls. But when I couldn’t control this gap between us I asked him why he was acting so strange and he just replied that being his wife I couldn’t do one favour for him while he toiled hard in a foreign land to make ends meet.

I was hurt. I told him this isn’t how things work but he wouldn’t listen. He said that by having an affair I would satisfy my sexual urges as well as satisfy his desperation. And so after few more calls and conversations I agreed. I had a plan. It was three months later in winter when I was in bed talking to my husband on phone when we first talked about my exploits. He wanted to know everything.

Hubby: So who is it?

Me: New recruit in our office, he’s just 21, fresh out of college and a stud kind. His name is Surinder. We met after he was assigned to my team and whle working together during night shifts we became very close to each other. His interest in me increased after I mentioned that you’re away and we haven’t met for months. He clearly understood I was sex starved.

Hubby: Hmm Punjabi guy…nice, so who made the first move?

Me: Him of course, asked me what I was doing this holiday and I told him nothing. He requested me for dinner and I agreed. We became a lot closer as he told all about him. In our third or fourth dinner he admitted that he had a crush on me when I asked why he kept asking me for dinner instead of the other office girls. He says he likes older women and me being in early thirties and having an aunty like figure, he fell for me.

Hubby: How did you respond? Did you kiss him or something?

Me: Yes, when he dropped me home, I leant across the seat and kissed him as a thank you. That made him mad and he smooched me long and hard for some time. After that it became a routine for us and we kiss a lot in his car, mostly when we park it in the office parking, the elevator is right there so the security guard outside thinks we went up while we kiss in the car.

Hubby: That’s so awesome, I wish I was watching… so you have only kissed yet?

Me: No…we-

Hubby: You got fucked by him?? Seriously? And you didn’t tell me?

Me: No, I mean yes but it wasn’t full-fledged sex. Once when he came to drop me he wanted a blowjob…

Hubby: Oh my, you’ve given a blowjob in car on the streets?

Me: Yes, it was dark and he wasn’t letting me go. He kept a watch while I vigorously sucked and licked his penis, it was so thick, especially the penis head, pink and thick, and then he fingered me and deposited him semen on my panties. It was so exciting with the fear of getting caught but it was worth it. So we just had oral sex yet nothing more.Hubby: Oh this is crazy and awesome, when does he plan to do it in bed?

Me: Day after, Saturday night. Sunday being holiday will allow us to sleep late.

Hubby: Ok, I want you to do something. Sunday, I want you to write down the experience in the form of a story. And then next time I call, I want you to narrate it on the phone with every minute detail you get it?

Me: ok fine.

Hubby: Love you

So as my hubby requested I wrote down the sex story in detail and waited for his call to narrate it. I didn’t have to wait too long, he called on Monday. This is how I narrated the story:

Surinder, or Suri as I call him, decided that we should have sex in my room since he lived in a one-bedroom PG and the owner was strict about not bringing women there unless it is your wife. Here the problem was my in-laws, but I knew that they slept early and if I could bring Suri after they slept and we could do the job. So I watched TV till late night and when they closed their bedroom door I called him.

He came in some time and I silently sent him to the first floor to my room. I switched off all the lights in the ground floor and closed my room door shut. For a fact I knew that the sound in our room doesn’t carry down but still I was scared that my voice may carry as I gasp and moan loudly during sex so I started the two fans in my room and kept the window open. Suri waited patiently for me to do my work and when switched off the room lights and lit only the table lamp he pulled me to bed and started kissing me. I was under him as he ate my mouth.

He is a really good and passionate kisser, just like I like kissing. He held my face with his hands on either sides and slowly sucked my lips into his mouth, brushing my nose with his bushy moustache. Like vacuum he sucked it and I felt my lip muscles twitch and stretch inside his mouth. I pulled them out and started kissing and sucking his lower lips, caressing his bearded chin. And alternatively we sucked and kissed.

It took time for me to realize that his hand was caressing my breasts. I found out after he pinched my hardened nipples over the thin night gown. And let out an audible gasp and in no time was silenced by his much forceful yet exciting kisses. The smooching generated lot of noise but the fans were louder and the noise was hopefully carried out into the night through the window. Soon he undressed and while I was undressing, he pressed my breasts hard over the bra which he pulled off roughly. Then he went down and pulled my panty off me.

Suri watched my naked body in awe, there was enough moonlight and reflected streetlights to illuminate my milky body. He caressed my round breasts and playfully bounced them. Then he teasingly bounced my fat belly as well and kissed my navel, all the time saying, he loved my shape.

After putting the spare pillow under my butt to raise my lower part he bent and started licking my vagina. I was smiling and slightly gasping with an expression of pleasure on my face.

He kissed and rubbed his mouth over it as well sending tickles all over my body and making me squirm in pleasure as his moustaches and beard along with the wet mouth excited the most sensitive part of my body. He was amazing, he took input from me as he did it, asked me where it was giving maximum pleasure and which areas were dull. Along with the he occasionally stuck his entire tongue out and licked in one wet and slow swipe from the bottom to the clit. Sometimes his pulled the folds of skin in his mouth and sometimes separated them to reveal the pinkish depths and poked his tongue all the way inside.

The result of all these actions for few minutes with a lot of licking and fingering was an intense orgasm which sent loads of discharge leaking down my vagina. He licked a little of it and raised my legs and kept them on his shoulder.

Then he slowly entered inside me making me moan out loud while my vagina walls expanded to accommodate his unusually thick penis. He was slow in the beginning as I told him to slowly let my vagina adapt to the size and not cause any unwanted pain or worst case: bleeding.So for like a whole minute, he slid it in and out slowly, when he pulled it out he would rub it on my clit making me laugh in pleasure and tickles.

Then he increased the speed gradually and before I knew it, he was thrusting like a monster. Oh I can’t explain it too well, every single pleasure nerve it seemed was being simulated inside me by his thrusts and all I could do was moan and gasp with each thrust and hold my breasts as they swayed up and down uncomfortably due to the enormous thrusts whenever he slowed a little I almost shouted for more speed as it was too exhilarating. He literally rammed in like that for two or three minutes and stopped.

I was bewildered and desperate and asked him miserably if it was over and fortunately he said no, and that he wanted to change position. So I turned over and kneeled with my head resting over pillow and my butt pointing high.

He stood on the bed and bent to insert from behind and started the thrusting again with much deeper penetration. We went on this position for a long time with him stopping a couple of times in between to catch his breath. I could hear his grunts in some time as his speed increased.

I wanted to change position so that he could relax and we could do for some more time but it seemed that the control was out of his will power now as his entire body came on me and my knees collapsed under him while he kept thrusting on my butt. I was lying on my stomach with my breasts crushed under me while he was over me thrusting with mighty power making me moan loud as if in great pain but it was pleasure.

I came like four or five seconds before he came and I think the extra discharge from me must have burst open his semen gates ha-ha. Anyway, he deposited a lot inside me and rolled onto the side relieving me off his body weight.

We lay down for half an hour after which he climbed over me and put his penis between my breasts. He squeezed them from either side and started forward and backward movement between my breasts hitting my chin and lips a couple of times. Then he released my breasts and put the bulbous pink penis head over my lips. I let out a little saliva and he spread it all over my lips with his penis head.

I stroked his penis while keeping he poked his penis into my mouth. The foreskin slipped and rolled easily and I stroked and inside the mouth my tongue tip kissed his penis tip with some passion. He held my breasts and squeezed them hard as I simulated his penis to maximum pleasure.

Then with loud grunt he released my breasts and held my hair on either side and thrust his penis in and out of my mouth as if it was my vagina and he came pretty early this time and tried to deposit the semen inside my mouth, when I pulled it out after he ejaculated a drop in my mouth he almost sprayed it all over my face but luckily only few but fat drops got pasted on my face. I hit him gently but had a rueful expression as he laughed at me. I went to the washroom to wash my face and vagina while he dressed up.

I went downstairs to check if in-laws were still sleeping or not and when confirmed we walked out silently. I told Suri that it was the best night of my life and he said the same and leaned over to kiss me in the dark. We stood kissing for a minute and then as a parting gift he gave me a love bite on my neck making me gasp loudly and hit him on his shoulder. With a final goodbye kiss he went to his car and drove away into the night.

Hubby: That was amazing, I love you. I came halfway through the story while you narrated it with your lovely voice but kept listening and I am hard again.

Me: Alright, I have to go now, Suri is here and he hates it if we are disturbed.

Next night.

Hubby: Why weren’t you picking up the call?

Me: Sorry, Suri doesn’t like getting disturbed when he’s with me. He put my phone on silent and kept it inside the drawer.

Hubby: What? He’s with you now in bed?

Me: Yes, and he’s getting angry. (mmm wait Suri you can kiss me later) Sorry I’ll call later take-

And I cut the call. I looked up and saw Suri sitting on the other side of the office typing fast on his laptop. He was a really honest and hardworking young boy. I smiled wondering what his reaction would be if he ever found out that he had unintentionally and unknowingly saved my marriage by just existing.

Me: Suri? You can go home. It’s late.

Suri: Thank you, ma’am. I’ll finish the work tomorrow and submit the report.

An hour later when hubby called again he asked if Suri left or not. I said “no, he just started second round and he is staying with me all night in bed so please call tomorrow” and cut the call, there really was lot of work that day. Hope you understood why I am a good wife.

We housewives, widowed and divorced bunch of women friends have a closed confessions group on fb. All we have to do is submit the confession on a link and the Admin posts it in the group as anonymous posts. Most confessions are silly or funny but rarely there are sexual confessions.

If I notice a story with sexual theme then I turn them into a sex story (with imaginary sex scenes of course, only the core content remains true), I do that and post it changing names, locations and anything else that might compromise the identity of the confessor. Hope you enjoyed this, I’ll post more confessions based on feedback which you can send to [email protected].

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