Cook Maid Latha Turned As Wife

Hello friends this is Sabeer, a big Fan of ISS and wants to pen down experience with cooking maid Latha. I invite chatting with aunties in any age group and comments on experience sharing views experiences to [email protected] under strict confidence. Rajitha Servant Maid is lean but fair, don’t have any feelings on her because I like voluptuous woman.

I called Rajitha and told her that I am looking a Cooking Maid, care taker for me as well as home, and detailed my requirements intentions to her, my main intention is to have a sex partner rather than cooking maid, I want to smell homely woman, because they are safe. This time I want cook maid cum intense sex partner with strong desire, it encourages me when other partner intensify sex, not in mechanical way. Next day Rajitha told, her cousin sister, from well to do family, but not doing well now, would you like to call her? I told call her let me see first then decide. I am online pharmacy consultant working from home staying alone. I made one room in my house as office room it was three bed room independent bungalow.

In the evening Servant maid came with another Female, called in with cheer, and asked both to sit. She wears sari just below naval showing her belly may be 4.5ft height, with big ass, broad whip, she giving more priority to expose her body, on looking her I feel that I am in belly or naval show but enjoying, my weakness is that I interested woman in sari and blouse, she is as per my requirement I believe beauty will be known only in sari and blouse, I think readers understood my feelings but don’t mistake my feelings. The experience is little lengthy but provoking, kindly read.

In the first I liked and decided to accept her. My business friend Vinay uses to say that we may measure the female labia, with mouth width and mouth lips thickness as they are the indicators. I don’t believe how far the statement is correct. He likes lean woman. He fucked Rajitha.

Well, back to experience, Rajitha said that is Latha the cooking maid. I impressed by her gorgeously body language. I told her things to do at my home, Latha replied more friendly as if we are close since years, sir I do all the works what a house wife performs in a day and prepares vegetarian food only because I know that only and is from traditional village family educated up to 6th class. Rajitha replied that Latha staying in her house along with child for good time, trusted woman sir, she separated from her husband due to personal matters. I told her rest assured you can permanently work in my house and mingle like a family member with me and asked her what to pay. She asked Rs.xxxx per month, I said it is high amount, Latha replied that see my performance and then pay me, I agreed, Latha said that from tomorrow onwards she starts her work at my home.

when she is coming to work she wear sari showing her curves, folds, in provoking way, doing her job excellent, keeping house neat, making delicious food, rather than food eating I am eating her beauty with eyes, I am praising her appearance, style, trying to close to her heart feelings with single point agenda to fuck and retain her, while she walks her bums will shake and make circles in air I will get immediate erection, I have a little doubt about her health because she is unknown woman to me and that doubt prevented me to take any forward step, within four days we became very close and calling each other with names, one day she said that she is not well and not coming to work in the evening wants to go to doctor for checkup. I asked her what’s the matter, are you pregnant again? She laughed, replied ironically how can I become pregnant without husband sir, I am far to my husband more than six months, I believe some upset in stomach for few days. I thought it is also right time to me for her medical checkup to clear all my doubts because she is unknown. I told her let us go to hospital for checkup which known to me and both went to hospital.

I already appraised over phone the details to Medical Practitioner who is close friend of mine and told him for through health checkup. We reached the hospital and are waiting in hall, later the female nurse called us inside. We both went in, I told to checkup Latha thoroughly she is suffering from stomach upset. Latha appraised about her details, deliveries etc.

He called female nurse taken some blood samples and told prepare Latha for through checkup. We both moved, both went into checkup room, nurse told to remove her clothes and lay on testing table, she went out, I told Latha don’t feel shy remove your clothes and lay on table, later nurse some time she came into checkup room, adjusted the sleeping position of Latha and told wait that doctor will come soon and went away. Latha laying on testing table, in nude covered with small towel, wide opened her thighs, on looking me she closed thighs trying to close with clothes, I told her don’t worry, we are in hospital, later the doctor came in and told latha to open thighs, he checked on abdomen, belly, later he put some instrument in pussy and checked thoroughly.

After some time we came out from testing room, doctor told to wait for one hour for getting reports. I noticed little worry on Latha face, I told that Latha he is experienced doctor will diagnose correctly and give medicine don’t worry.

After one hour doctor called and told me that she is perfectly alright with strong health, sky is limit to my happiness, but not expressed, he finally concluded some gastric problem and given some medicines, We came out of hospital Latha thanked me with excitement and told that sir you are person taken more care about me and my health, no one is there to look like. I told her I am there don’t worry.

Next day, let me call it a day I lost my control that day I must break the ice, I am in living room, she came to me and told that she finished cooking and going, wiping sweat on forehead with pallu, I lied her that day was my birth day, not only that it was valentine day also. She surprised for my saying why you don’t inform me I will prepare sweet which you likes, sir what is valentine day. I said to sit on centre stand close to my chair. First she denied said that she want to go, after requesting she sat near to me, I adjusted my chair near to her told that now I will tell you what is meant by Valentine’s Day.

I took red colored sari with black border designed printed on it from the cover and anklet bells gifted her with surprise I told her to wear sari. She said that sir it was your birth day but you are gifting to me sari which I likes the color, I said ‘madam please wait i will not leave you without taking gift from you, first let me help you in keeping the anklet bells to your bare foot cooperate please.

She laughed for my saying expecting gift from me, I taken both legs in my lap she lifted her sari little up, the ankle to knee is very soft and shiny silky smooth, I kept two anklets bells to her both legs, I pushed her sari near to thighs and rubbed t my face in between thighs thoroughly. She was little confused sir what are you doing, trying to move from the place. I caught hold of both legs keeping me in between and pulled her she slid in my lap hugged her whip tightly not allowing her to move told baby don’t worry, I need you, you have to gift your beauty to me, kissed on her cheeks. She kept both hands on my shoulders adjusted herself looked on face and asked sir, you like me.

I told her you tell me first because ladies first. She replied I too like you sir, but I am the woman of three deliveries with one school going child and more age than you, at this juncture I don’t have guts to express heartedly, because I am restricted by tradition and age, but on looking you I reminds I am elder woman.

I replied that truly to say I like you, don’t mistake and of my feelings on you, I want you, your beauty, irrespective of your age, caste, creed and religion. If you agree we will live together now my age is 31. Latha replied that sir now I am in 38, if you think so let us live together as long as you like me, I told my personal information to her about education, love family etc.

She said, sir, I am mother of three deliveries, first child lost in delivery and second one is school going, third one 6 months child lost very recently, Rajitha’s husband and my husband are cousin brothers, we both stay side by side houses in our village, Rajitha husband is impotent and working as night watchman Rajitha is not comfortable with him, my husband in transport line, drunkard fellow, goes months together on vehicle, not looking about me and children, because of his attitude vexed, but staying with him no alternative, I did not studied much, I don’t know any other skilled works, one day my husband tried to took me to his co-driver house saying that is interested on me and I must sleep with him, which I denied he started beating me, Rajitha staying in next to my house came and rescued from him, then in the night we both decided that living with useless husband is not right and left the village without any plan about future reached this town in one room along with my child.

I expressed little astonishment you never look like the mother of three deliveries, you maintain your body fit, your husband is unlucky to leave a beauty and luck to made mother for three times, even at this age I am sweating on looking you, your beauty is simply amazing to me, it can’t be wasted, I told her I did not belongs to your caste. Latha said that sir what the caste will do, myself, Rajitha married our caste persons, but of no use, it is only live example, love like mindedness are more important, you have all the qualities.

We both concluded to live together. I removed pallu and blouse hooks two huge soft melons with small nipple around honey colour small areola fell down. I caught hold of two very close kissed on both, and smashed my face in between them, squeezed both for good time later kept one boob nipple in my mouth started sucking. She taken my head in her hand kissed and adjusted her position to suck conveniently kissed on my head. I munched for little time, she is nailing on my head. I stopped chewing and looked into her eyes told her you asked what is Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day means celebration of love with lover means making pregnant of loved one, at present you are my lover.

Sir, I am ready to became mother for our child, don’t think I am cashing the situation, can you give Rs.xxxx to me, tomorrow I need to pay fee for hostel and school education to my child at seven years. I told her I will sort your money problem. I will pay the amount required and look after you, including child education completely, immediately you shift to my house. She felt happy for my saying and thanked with compliments for my nature.

During the discussion I tried to remove her sari and told her to wide her legs show me triangle. She said sir now if you saw my triangle you will run away from this place because I am in fourth day of my period you have to wait till tomorrow. We both stood up, hugged, kept my two hands on her bums and smashing them, looking into her face and told her if I marry also I will not leave you, but there is no one to force me to marry in my house. She told I am also woman with suppressed feelings, I know your intentions from day one, Rajitha made it clear for whom you are searching, I also like you, you break the ice today, we live together, but you should pay me salary as usual for the services I am rendering, including my child education also, any time I am not an hindrance for your future path, you can marry any girl. I said that baby I agree your demands, trust me, if you want I will put some money in bank on your name, but we will marry secretly to increase the bonding, you are sex angel to me.

Latha told that I want to inform Rajitha, about your proposal. I also joined her and told she is elder for us, you must intimate to her and seek blessings also. We hugged tightly and kissed on cheeks, forehead, chewed her lips for some time she also kissed on my chest with shy. She said that sir just eight months back I delivered child.

I told her I will respect your traditions, forget about your age etc., we will perform first night, she replied sure sir tomorrow night we will perform because I am going tomorrow to next town to join my child in hostel, I turned behind her and my small boy in boxers making so much noise and taken out fully erected dick, lifted her sari on butt, saw a piece of cloth coming front pussy to back tithed in pavada, I tried to remove that cloth piece, she requested that not to remove that cloth, because she in periods that piece of cloth is holder for sanitary napkin, I poked my dick in between her huge butt crack, my dick was resting in warm soft bums, kept my hands beneath her arm and caught her naked boobs squeezing them, both palms become wet with milk, kept my head on her shoulder next to her head, told her now you have two heads with one body, move into my bed room I will give money, she smiled and moved into bed room sir squeeze boobs slowly, getting pain, if you like you can drink boob milk also.

I told to open wardrobe, she opened wardrobe, told her to take more money than she asked. I am hitting on butt and in crack with my small man without stopping, she changed her voice in to low like child, said sir your small boy is very hungry, may break my ass now, tell him to wait till tomorrow, continue now I enjoy that, and further told sir I need Rs.xxxx only, I like her sincerity and told that take whatever I gave, join our child in good school, you are becoming master to me. She turned her head towards my head, said that sir you are calling my child as our child that is enough for your kindness, calling me master, kissed on my lips, I told when you are becoming mine your child is not my child tell me? She requested me sir let me go home I have to buy some necessary items to my child she is waiting, please sir, I left her after some time, asked her do you have any objection if I come along with you for shopping. We fixed area where to meet and dispersed.

Latha wearing red sari, with low neck transparent white blouse, kept some jasmine garlands on hair, reached there before 10 minutes of scheduled time along with child and waiting for me. I met her and told sorry for my late arrival and keeping her awaited. She said that there is no need to say sorry it may happen sometimes for her also. She shown that sir this is the child and told child to say Namaste to me. The child is also cute and kissed on cheeks, the child asked Latha who is this uncle, she replied that I am her boss, she is working in my company. I called one cycle rickshaw, we both sat side by side with very difficult fitment on seat, child sat opposite to us I told rickshaw puller to close rickshaw with top cover.

I kept my hand on her behind cuddling her one of boob, smelling jasmine flowers, she covered with pallu, kissing on Latha cheeks and taking care that her child not noticeable. I told her in new sari you’re simply amazing, I won’t leave you after shopping let us go to my house. She requested sir wait till tomorrow I will get ready because of period. We went to shopping complex, I caught hold of her hand and moving like wife and husband. Where we bought some required material for child, I told her gold buy some makeup material for you also, she bought some makeup material, later went to restaurant she said that she will come tomorrow evening, going to next town to join child in hostel, I told her join the child in good school and hostel don’t look for money, I will wait for you and with great difficulty we all dispersed. It was a memorable evening for me.

Next day morning Rajitha came as usual to work, she finished her work and stood in front of me, I offered a seat to her I need her help at this time, she sat on chair opposite to me. I asked her how is Latha, she replied that she went to next town and will return in the evening, she told that she is aware of conversation and told that sir I will support your proposal but I am lonely lady sir, my intention is not to earn money through her but we need some financial support, today or tomorrow we must go to somebody for fucking to run the show. I replied that Rajitha I understood your inner feelings you are like Latha’s sister, you should cooperate to mate Latha with me, I will provide everything to you, and it is not a big task for me to maintain you, not only that I will search a good person for you if you like. For my saying she is happy, if you can search a person like you I am the happiest woman. I went inside and given some money to her and told that you are elder person to me, you should encourage Latha for me you don’t worry. She left with gratitude. She requested me that not to tell Latha our conversation, I assured her.

In the evening I started sipping whisky with pleasure in portico, waiting for Latha’s arrival, came accompanying Rajitha, along with bag. I asked Latha about the child. She thanked me by saying that because of your mercy I joined child good school and hostel than what I expected, if I sell myself also I did not get that money but respecting me and my values you helped me a lot and shown me the way to new life, otherwise my life will be pathetic concluded worriedly, bends herself and touched my feet. I pulled her up replied her don’t be emotional, there is no mercy, small understanding makes life beautiful where most men or women fails and leads pale life. I made path for our new life which you accepted to come with me to made it colorful with your beauty, my selfishness is also there, in my proposal. If the child born to us can’t I do. Latha replied that sir if those children born through you to me I can imagine my life in heights; any how I am luckiest woman at least now. Rajitha told that it is not a selfish desire sir, Latha is also woman, look her juicy ass it is with full of desire, it must be screwed and break by man like you, she is not too old or aged, it was her luck she fell in your hands, further told, it seems that I saved her from her husband for you only.

I told her you did nice job, for that good things will be happened to you also shortly, she is best fit for my housewife, Rajitha went inside, I called Latha, told her that something fell in my eye to see, She thought it is real and bend on me I pulled sari pallu caught and pulled she came very close to me she kept both hands on my shoulder brought face near to my face taking long breath, boobs are moving up and down very fast in fraction of seconds I taken her lips in my mouth and squeezed for some time, boobs size may be increased and blouse hooks broken, Rajitha came to us, immediately Latha moved far, she saw Latha’s blouse is only on one hook half of bobs were outside blouse, pallu in my hand Latha felt shy in front of Rajitha, Rajitha behaving as if nothing happened and told that sir I will make all arrangements for night, I will prepare Latha as First night bride, if you like, I told Rajitha don’t make more because it is not first time for me or for Latha, what do you say Latha. Rajtha told that sir, What Latha will say, it is first time for both of you, Latha you tell what you like to bring, Latha told the items and Rajitha went to market I given more money.

As Rajitha left I grabbed and hugged latha continued lip kiss with her, later dispersed, Latha went to kitchen to prepare food. Rajitha went into my bedroom for arrangements. After some time Latha came to me and told dinner is ready, and Rajitha came out told readied the room.

Rajitha told that Latha go and get head bath, it is already 9pm after bath, finish food, later, I will prepare you for night, sir please don’t enter into your bed room until I say, I replied ok. Rajitha sitting in Living room and watching TV.

I moved into guest bedroom along with whisky glass, where Latha exchanging her sari, getting ready for bath wrapped towel, and going for bath stopped doing so. I told her why you stopped I want to see your live head bath don’t close bath room door. She replied that sir I may at shy. I accompanied her till bathroom and said gold baby being mother of three deliveries you should not feel shy in front of me, you feel yourself that no one watching, you are one in bathroom, slapped little on butt, I removed her towel wrapped. She ran to bath room, closed the bath room door with shy.

I opened it went inside, and she was sat for peeing. I told her, let me see your peeing, kept my palm opposite become wet I lick. I pull chair opposite to bath room lightened cigarette sipping whisky, and she faced towards me and started peeing Later she started head bath, I watched her entire bathing, and while sipping whisky I enjoyed her beauty more provoked. Latha finished her bath came out I lick on butt, and butt crack given her towel came out of the room.

I finished my pegs to optimum, I know pretty well that if I drink my dick will not come down easily. After some time Rajitha came to me and told that Latha is waiting at dining room. Rajitha taken food plate went Living Room continued TV watching, she made privacy for Latha and to me. Latha turned towel to head tied her hair in towel, she asked do you have any objection if we ate in one plate. I replied absolutely not. I had very little food with exaggeration, finished dinner, Latha asked with changing her tone to low sir you have taken only two chapattis it is not sufficient for you sir, I told Latha don’t think that I am a drunkard, mine is controlled you can’t find difference and don’t afraid of me Latha. Latha replied no sir I know you are educated and know how to maintain life unlike others. I told her you don’t finish with small quantity of food, you should eat for yourself and for me and also, I kept some food in her mouth, she laughed for my saying I am there till she finishes, after some time I called Rajitha, she came to us told, Latha leave the dining table like that I will clean it, first I will prepare and send you for first night I will do rest of house work don’t worry, told me wait sir, that it take time to ready Latha, and bring to bed room.

Johnny walker is doing its duty perfectly, my second man in runner arose in full and became double strong, I did not show any expression and went to bed room, white bedspread was neatly arranged, and flowers were spread on bed and made path to bed. I stood beside flower path, I saw sweets, flowers, honey, butter, cigarettes etc were kept beside bed, the room was full of flowers fragrance after long time I am going to smell homely woman that too as per my desire.

Latha accompanied Rajitha came in bed room door and told sir, your night beauty is ready. Latha is just simple beautiful, her curly hair rolled and folded on head, turn around jasmine garland, wrapped sari above to knees without pavada, bra and blouse, pallu turned on shoulder, small fold pallu is covering on boob nipples only, most of the boobs are out of pallu, sari below naval just above to pubic, marks of delivery on stomach, belly folds interesting, she tied flower garlands on her wrist bands, to the above foot also. I told Rajitha why don’t you put a beauty spot on her cheek as new bride it is only lacking, Rajitha told sir, forgotten, just a minute and kept one black spot on her cheek, Latha stood like sex statue, Rajitha told that sir I saw in one movie, I prepared Latha, she given me one jasmine garland sir put to Latha, I put to latha, I taken some money from my short gifted some money to Rajitha this is gift from our side for preparing bedroom and Latha to me in superb, Rajitha felt happy for the amount I given, told Latha put garland to sir, I bend little because of my height, to Latha garland to me,again I garlanded to Latha, Rajitha told sir you both come close and share join each other’s garland now, I went beside inter-joined in garland, Rajitha given me a pan, sir, this is sweet special pan, sir you have to share this pan with Latha, remember both mouth should be red with pan when you are in her ass for the first time, further told to Latha , milk glass is on table, you are not baby, you know when share with sir pretty well. I told Rajitha this is first time I am watching this type of First Night but I am enjoying, thanks for your thought, She further told that this practice saw in an erotic movie the same followed, you both listen these garlands are to be crushed on bed with your nude bodies don’t remove sir.

Rajitha told that sir Latha boobs still lactates if you like you can squeeze, she will co-operate you sir, I asked Rajitha where will you sleep, She said sir I will sleep after finishing the household work, in front of bed room on couch bed and told for any requirement call me. You both go and light oil lamp kept in corner on floor, Latha you should kneel down along with sir, sir you must assist her in lighting lamp in kneel down, before you start your program, sir sweet night to both of you and went away. Rajitha went out we bolted the room, I kept my hand palm on her back, pushed in arm pit caught hold of her boob, pulled on me she turned her head and looked in my eyes with lustful desire, kissed on my chest, chewed her lips again, now I am feeling her body is very soft, baby can we light lamp, we both moved slowly to light the lamp in hugging, I bite on her lips and tongue, while walking her pallu fell down my foot was on her pallu already on floor, and the sari fell on floor she is on nude, trying to cover with her palms, I said baby will you close this room light with your palm no you can’t, I removed her palms, still shy to show me your beauty, I saw your bath also, she turned her hand behind me and pushed my runner down said that sir I may at shy every time sir even though I deliver babies it was my nature. Now we both are in nude, my small boy is projected like tower it was in red till one inch, she said your small boy angrier on me see it became red and looking.

She stood opposite to me, and caught hold of two boobs posing towards my dick squeezed some milk on it, both laughed. We both reached corner walking very slowly kissing each other, both kneel down I taken lighter lighted it, She taken the lighter and lighting the lamp, her butt was up like mountain, pussy lips are like buffalo teats it was more sexy, I moved just little back and caught hold of her pussy lips in mouth munching them, she made a big moan and stood up, the lips slid from my mouth I also stood up, I told baby when I am drinking your love through pussy you removed, have you understood why I chewed your lips so many times, she said no, I told every time it is not possible for me to chew your pussy, instead I chewed your mouth lips, I like it.

We both walked to bed I made her to sat on bed, she caught hold of me and taking care the garlands not to disturb, I sat beside her, she moved on centre of the bed I turned opposite to her told to fold wide her legs. I kissed on knees licked up to knees, she closed her thighs in between my head is there, I told that baby my head will be crushed, leaned backside on both hands made a big moan and loosened her thighs I am enjoying the softness of her thighs I bite on her thighs, I lifted my head, I fell on her she caught hold of me and laid on bed rolled for some time. The jasmine garlands smashed, even in AC also she is getting sweat our both bodies became hot burning with desire.

I get down from bed taken special pan, I told her to sit on bed, she sat on centre bed folded wide opened her thighs so that her pussy is clearly visible. I smooch pussy lips hit with my head for good time, later sat opposite to her told her to bite the pan and put in my mouth, she is at shy told sir, you do it, I also sat opposite to her widened my legs we inserted our legs in each other for free movement, I moved very close to her, her abdomen and boobs are competing each other not permitting me to move more close to her, I stretched my hand kept on her one butt caught her with another hand and she caught with me both hands, in shy situation and said today in night I ate more because I did not take food properly on day time lack of time, otherwise my abdomen is not like this anytime, I told baby on measuring each and every corner the first looks, I selected you I know everything about your personality I like your personality and sizes don’t fell shy,

I kept one end of pan in her mouth and other end in my mouth, but I did not bite my end, she bite that, I moved little back honey and some pan masala from that end fell on boobs and honey passing through her cleavage to down, she was trying to move, I caught hold of her and told let it flow don’t move, later I taken pan from her mouth with my tongue, leaving little in her mouth, for every bite honey and sweet masala is fall on her body. We finished pan biting chewed told her to lay like that on bed I will clean, she said Rajitha forgotten to keep one hand towel I said I know she did not kept purposefully pushed her on bed, told I will clean, she widened legs folded her thighs, I moved through in between her thighs licking from boobs, cleavage, belly naval it is filled with honey later went on pussy lips heaven place, she closed her eyes with both hands with shy, now I saw clearly the size of pussy, I can’t just imagined the size of pussy, the outer lips are very thin and inner lips are thick dominating outer lips, small round in size, the honey went till her butt crack, I opened the butt crack from front side finished licking. I have taken her removed sari and wiped honey and pan if any on her entire body, through sari other side.

I kneel down in between her thighs, I folded her legs more vide, I chewed her clit and spit inside her pussy for lubrication, inserted in pussy mouth trying to push in it, kept my bulged second man massaged on her pussy, it went inside not in full I find difficult in the movement it is very hard, Latha saying sir, sir, sir, I will die sir push it slowly sir, I lay on her and kissed on cheeks baby don’t worry,

I told baby lay on bed I will massage it gently poked my fingers in pussy she relaxed moaning little. I taken quantum of spit from her mouth and applied on my bulged man, I asked baby now how is the situation. I lay in between her opened thighs, kept one boob nipple in mouth, start squeezing milk, adjusted dick on her pussy. It slid conveniently till end very tight and occupied her entire pussy in one stroke, I looked onto her face. Face is with full of joy and moaning, murmuring sir rip it, I understood she is in peak, I started moving up and down, increased my speed, hitting her ass hardly, only hitting sound hearing to me, continuing chewing boobs changing.

I stopped boobs squeezing and continued it for half an hour because of over excitement I jerked loads of cum in her deep pussy, even after ejaculation I made five to ten jerks in her pussy with strong desire, I lay on her chest, she brought two boobs below my head like pillow, I removed my dick from her pussy lay beside her, our bodies became wet with sweat, turned aside and kept my palm on her pussy, still volumes of hot cum out my palm became wet with cum and massaging her pussy later she removed my palm on her pussy, I wiped my wet palm on her belly up to boobs, all her belly , naval became wet, she closed her thighs she lay on me saying that naughty you made cum bath, it seems you stored cum for years together and exploded your love on me more than I expected.

I kept one hand on top and caught her butt carefully and pulled upward, She lifted her chest and trying to take cigarette box and lighter on table, boob nipples came near to mouth I grabbed nipple in mouth started squeezing Luke warm milk flown in my mouth I stored in my cheeks I turned reverse means Latha is down and I am up, I opened her mouth with my mouth poured entire milk in mouth into her mouth told her I want at least a liter milk a day, she drank milk, I told her you never sense your milk drinking till now tell me how is it, she replied sir it came from your mouth I drank so sweet, I lay beside and lean on back off bed, she also sat on bed and turned opposite to me, I told her to open thighs, show me golden triangle in between thighs, so that her pussy boobs are clearly visible to me I saw still some cum coming out from pussy, kept cigarette in my mouth and lightened, I removed it from my mouth and inserted in her pussy lips it became wet with cum I puffed two or three and thrown it. She asked sir tell me now how is experience with me, have you satisfied, am I able to give full satisfaction what you expected.

I told baby you have shown heaven to me with your beauty, you are sex angel to me and asked how about you. She replied that sir, you are calling me sex angel, I did not experience any joyful moments in sex life, he drinks and finishes in two minutes like machine, he did not care my situation any time, sometimes he pre cum’s, he comes on to me hardly monthly once or twice, but three children born to me, because of you I am tasting the real sex now only sir. I told her baby you don’t worry past is past try to forget, now it is our time you are my wife believe me we will marry, I saw her projected butt on mirror in sitting position it provoked me, in fraction of seconds my dick is ready, told baby I have to go for one more pussy ride, but this time in new.

I told her to lie on bed in doggy position so that her butt will be crushed, I taken little spit and applied inside her pussy. She adjusted her height as per my height keeping pillows beneath her knees, I have taken position in two jerks my dick occupied her pussy, holding her whip tightly, I started my ride like horse riding did it for one hour some time stopping slow down and moving fast after an hour I ejected loads and laid on bed. She slept beside me and turned aside.

I turned aside, I moved down to chew her boobs, she made it convenient for boob sucking, I pushed my palm in between her thighs, I enjoyed hot warm cum coming from her pussy. I chewed boobs for quiet good time, actually I am also in hungry, later my dick is ready for show I stopped chewing, I turned her on to me, I told that baby you do this time, now you are my husband and I am your wife, I want to see how you will satisfy your wife, she sat on my whip taken support of my hands, inserted my dick conveniently in her pussy, started moving up and down, I given support to her movement with my hands she did like that for little later she fell on me not removing the link saying that, sir it is not possible for me to do, now I understood the pain in fucking always I thought it is easier job for male spell this word too long and taking long breath.

I caressed her told that baby every job is like that, beneath your job also difficult I know. I turned aside and started fucking like a devil to finish round, she is moaning loudly, I did like that more than hour, she tightened inside her pussy with lump of flesh and I ejected loads in her pussy laid like that for some time. She started caressing my body, I lift my head and looked in to her eyes, her face is with full of satisfaction. Latha told sir, will you do like this every day. I said we are sex birds you born only for sex and asked you don’t like it, she replied I will die for the sex with you sir your handling is very nice.

I asked baby I have a doubt will you clarify, she replied sir still are you doubting me, I said no not that, tomorrow your husband may come and invites you what about me? She replied sir how he will know now I am with you sir, he don’t know where I am, lucky to part my body with you I will not leave you sir trust me. I told her in order to have trust in between us I want a small baby from you as token of our love and lust, she said sir at this age you are expecting a child from me sir, I will try my level best to give a child for gratitude of our love and lust. I told baby our bedroom conversation is confidential and not to leak it to Rajitha or any other because you know everything please. She replied you can trust me in all respects, my body is fully in your control, I told her I am in your control because you tithed me with your legs and hands, correct your statement madam, we both laughed, we rolled on bed for some time.

We both went to deep sleep, my telephone is ringing and I awaken and saw we both turned in side sleep position, my dick was placed in between her butt, I caught hold of her boobs, slowly I left her, get up and spoken it is none other than vinay calling from Chennai and asked to come immediately to Chennai for assignment work. By then I saw time it is 9am I told him I will be there by 2pm. Latha sleeping left her like that, I do not want to disturb her I refreshed myself, came out and closed the bed room door. I saw Rajitha sitting in sofa, we both wished each other asked about Latha, I told she is sleeping and asked tea for her.

I taken tea for Latha closed the bed room and went near to Latha caressing her head and hair called baby getup it is already 10am, she opened her eyes and looked herself, and she is in nude felt shy searching for blanket, I warned why you try to close now they are not secrets of your body they are sightseeing locations which I crushed them. She gets up from bed I kissed on her face forehead, boobs and pussy. She also kissed on my cheeks lay hewer head on my chest I given bed tea to her, she said that she is not habituated for bed tea, without brushing she will not drink, I said last night you are very tired for instant energy now you must have. She said she will have after refreshing, but I warned her and told that baby you are so tired listen what I said you must have we both had tea sharing each other’s mouth, later I squeezed cup of milk from boobs and I drank that, she wear last night sari,

We both walked out from bed room Rajitha welcomed us, saying good morning, Rajitha told to Latha, it seems you are restless last night your eyes became red with sleeplessness, I know that sir had broken your ass into pieces badly. Latha replied that I will not allow anybody to bathroom because it is my ass and my sir broken it and I will refresh myself and went into bath room. I told both of them to prepare lunch and we have to go to Chennai for urgent work.

I came to my office room doing work on laptop official work. At about 11 am both ladies come to my office room told that lunch is ready sat opposite to me. I told that Latha now we will go to Chennai for official work of one hour from there we may plan for honey moon, and asked Rajitha, if you like you may join us also. Rajitha said that sir when you couple are going for honeymoon trip why should I in between you sir, I will stay here. I told see last night was first night for me and Latha, you are not hindrance for our love, moreover, if you are there it is strong support to Latha what do you say Latha baby. Latha supported my statement told that when none is there you will become mad come with us and we all decided to go to Chennai from there to honeymoon.

One idea flashed in my mind Vinay’s wife is staying near Delhi to take care of her parents both are not interested on each other, now he is alone and fond of lean woman, Rajitha may be attached to him, I did not informed anything to Rajitha because I did not know what is there in Rajitha’s mind, but I know she is alone may accept if vinay proposes, I informed Vinay and posted in email Rajitha pictures also and narrated all happenings. Vinay communicated via mail that he will take care of Rajitha, he liked her, you don’t tell anything to her I will manage everything here after arrival.

Rajitha sat in front hall and eating, Latha and Myself in dining room, I pulled Latha and made her to sat in couch I kept food in Latha’s mouth and she feed to me sometimes I am taking food from her mouth also, we finished Lunch. Latha requested me sir, if you permit once we will go to the hostel I want to see my child, because we are going for long trip, it seems difficult for me to stay without my child.

I told Latha don’t request me you command me, as I said she is my child also, even though not born for us your children are my children not only that I licked and chewed their birth place also on your body, when you attached to child then why joined in hostel, after return we will bring child to home. For my saying shy happy are mixed in her face. I told cab driver to stop a while at hostel we three went there and wished the child. She introduced me to child saying I am her boss she is working my office. Latha showed that sir this is my child. I kissed the child and I given some money to Rajitha told her to purchase some chocolates, biscuits etc, Rajitha taken the child to campus store, I told correct your statement Latha our child, again I am telling my dick travelled from where they born also, I enjoyed remember, for my saying she felt shy . Latha told child we are going to Chennai for work and will back soon to see and left to Chennai.

At about 1pm we reached to Chennai. I settle the cab, we stood in front of Vinay bungalow, Rajitha astonished and told that it is very huge, we entered into house Vinay received us, Rajitha is wondering for the house. Vinay came out and greeted all of us, we all sat in front room, I introduced each other. Vinay told on looking Rajitha that his wife is staying in Delhi so no one is there to prepare at least coffee for guests. Rajitha told that I will prepare sir I am also woman knows cooking also like Latha, said with little ironic, show me the kitchen. Vinay told Rajitha and Latha to refresh in guest bed room and he showed the way, I told Rajitha and Latha we have some official work to attend immediately we will be there in office room you may join us and left myself, Vinay come out sat in Office room.

We finished the work in fifteen minutes, I asked Vinay how is Rajitha, he said she is simply superb no words to describe her, your selection is also best, let us not leave these ladies. I told that I did not inform anything to Rajitha. Vinay told that I will take care of Rajitha, she is not innocent, she guessed my movements I am expertise in that matter. I told I have to take rest for some time, Rajitha brought tea for us, Rajitha told me sir, Latha is sleeping, I don’t want to disturb her, I kept tea aside in kitchen as and when she gets I will provide sir. Vinay asked Rajitha you did not see my bed room in 1st floor can we go there, Rajitha with curiosity said yes I want to see, we finished tea sipping, Vinay accompanied her to first floor, I told best of luck to Vinay and went to guest bed room where Latha is sleeping.

I bolted the bed room, removed my dress I am only on underwear, my small boy is fighting in underwear, Latha is sleeping, pavada and sari was lifted up to thighs, pallu fell other side she sleeping in deep, I switched on AC I lay beside Latha and un hooked blouse, trying to remove it, Latha requested me sir I am sleepless sir please leave me for one hour and sleeping, I told baby accept only one round please I can’t control, She replied sir finish early sir I am also hot since afternoon, I kissed on her face I removed her blouse, removed her sari, pavada also made her nude told her to turn aside in side sleep position. I removed my underwear.

Latha said sir lubricate it then start your show, I folded her upper leg comfortably, I left little pinch of spit in her pussy and choose the position that my dick will freely move in her cunt. The position is comfortable for her to receive my dick inside her pussy. I pushed my cock in her pussy, she is murmuring, sir leave me sir, leave me sir, I made a big jerk in between her thighs she gets up and started moaning, I did it for half an hour without finishing I stopped show I lay on her in side sleep.

When I get up I saw my baby is not there on bed she is wearing pavada, it was 5pm, I went near to her and removed her pavada lifted her in my hand I sat on edge of bed and she sat on my couch. I told baby I did not control on looking you in sleeping alone that’s why I asked for a ride, she replied sir, I am also hot since morning anyhow we finished one round, I told baby I did not completed my round it is semi-finished. Latha said you naughty boy it is not nice if we are alone for long time, what Rajitha and your friend Vinay will thought. I told baby can I tell you one truth, last night was first night for us, now the same to Rajitha with Vinay, Latha questioned me sir how is possible, I replied that like us no more questions to me you directly question Rajitha ok. Latha replied ok sir.

We refreshed and dressed taken lip kiss and came out of bed room, I told Latha to prepare some coffee for all of us Vinay and Rajitha may be expected any time. Latha prepared coffee we both were sitting in hall sofa watching TV.

After one hour Vinay came down and sat with us. After some time Rajitha joined us, sat beside Vinay. Latha served coffee for Vinay and Rajitha also. Vinay kissed on forehead of Rajitha. Latha is looking with little astonishment. I asked Rajitha is everything fine Latha is worrying about you, Rajitha replied sir everything is fine Latha we are in safe hands don’t worry, from now onwards Vinay sir is my boss last night Sameer sir broken your ass now Vinay sir broken my ass that’s all. Vinay told from now onwards she will stay here with me she will not come to your town. Latha understood her saying and laughed. I questioned Rajitha if you stay with Vinay how about your husband, have you told about yourself to Vinay.

Rajitha replied sir, I belongs to working class I am not educated, my husband is working as a night watchman in company but no use with him for me, impotent I came to know in the first night itself, from then I did touched by any male, now my age is 40 years Vinay sir is first person who grabbed me on bed with interest, for me now there is a meaning to stay with liked person, I also liked Vinay sir and want to stay with him. I questioned what about your husband, he may search for you or for Latha, and then we both will fell in problem.

For that Rajitha replied that sirs don’t worry, we left our village one year ago and taken a separate room near to your house which my husband does not know even Latha husband does not know. Vinay said no problem to me Rajitha if you like we will marry because I am not happy with my spouse at present because she stays only with her parents, no children for us she did not come to Chennai for the last two years my age is also 39 years I cannot dry my desire and waiting for my wife, but yearly once I will go for one day that too few hours, last night only I came from Delhi

Latha said last night you send me as first night bride to my Sameer sir, and now I will send you to Vinay sir. I told that already it is over, Latha replied no sir as formality I must send to Vinay sir, what you say Vinay sir. Vinay added his words see Rajitha or Latha both should behave like sisters, me and Sameer are business partners, you have to help each other assist ourselves in case of pregnancy or child birth if it happens or occurs also. Rajitha said sir if the children are lucky enough too born to me through you I invite, what you say Latha.

Latha told that Rajitha we should feel proud to carry sir’s child, we are not doing any mistake, I don’t know I am not taking any precautions I am enjoying with sir. I told children are not compulsory for us, but they are the memories of our closed lust, Vinay told Rajitha forget your past life, you will not be leaved by me, suppose if I go outstation I will take you also, whether you deliver children or not our love and lust will be long lasting, if you have any problem or anything to say let us clarify now only.

Vinay told listen Rajitha and Latha because this is our first meet we may perform sex for more times with you, later after some time it may come down, during this period if you afraid and leave us also, but you should express your feelings and leave us, all of a sudden you should not disappear it is request from my side, we will make some cash deposits on your name for your safety and security.

Rajitha said sir if we did not met you, today or tomorrow we both are forcible for prostitution, who in interested on us sir everybody likes teenage girls by paying more. Latha said sir, it is very difficult for us to get what Sameer sir paying to me as cook for one month through prostitution, we are luck sir trust us without further doubts we are ready to bear any number of rides, at the same time we are also woman with burring desires.

Vinay asked about the next program. I told actually I planned to go to honeymoon trip with Latha. Or you suggest any I will follow, I have to marry Latha at any good place. Rajitha told that sir that they finished first night so they are planning. I told there is no problem you couple also should join us.

We gone to various places for twenty days and at last we reached Chennai. We left Rajitha at Chennai with Vinay and myself, Latha reached to our place. While returning we went to hostel and spend half day with child and reached to my home.

The days were passing as and when we got time I am continuing fucking session. One fine day Latha came to my office room and said that sir, it was nearly two months I am at your place, I missed my period’s sir, now I doubt I am pregnant. Immediately I get up from my seat I lifted her made sat in my couch baby you told a sweet news to me, you have proved I am male, she told sir this is my fourth delivery. I told as my wife it is first issue, you think in that way, I asked how about Rajitha. Latha replied sir whenever I am calling Rajitha she is telling that Vinay sir is with her. Vinay called me and told that Rajitha also pregnant. So friends how you feel my experience and mail me your comments, its better aunties to my mail.

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