Corporate Training Turns Into Sex Training

Hi all, I am Sam here with my another wonder full experience with one guy whom I met in a training session in my company… training was arranged in Hyderabad for nearly 20 days (that became our honeymoon period). I reached a day before the training starts. I was given company accommodation which we have to share with other guy. He is suraj from Bangalore but never seen him in my office . he too reached on same day evening. His is nearly 5.8 height fair and soft guy. We had a nice chat had dinner together.

We were provided with one big cot in that room which we shared. I changed into shorts with out underwear and t-shirt , he too changed to his night pant and t-shirt.we chatted for few min and while chatting he commented on my shorts that I looks good in that shorts. I smiled casually but he continued its showing your thighs structure beautifully as it was little tight with thighs. We chatted few more mins but his eyes was eating my private area . I told I am tired and we slept around . Around midnight I felt his hand on my body.

After few min he started creasing me slowly .I haven’t stopped him . I clearly got that he is not sleeping..his action went to next step.. he entered his hand inside my t shirt from bottom and creased little stronger. I started to enjoy it. His fingers were doing magic.. I gave a slight moan hmmmmmm….he came close to me and hugged me slightly….he felt my bare belly button inserted one finger into it started to rotate..gently. I made a sound shhhhhhh.

But I never made a single move.he became more bold turned towards me and started to crease me badly gave a kiss near to my neck which I responded..he moved his hand towards my chest by raising my t-shirt and touched my nipples…and rubbed it one by one… by that time he suddenly lowered his head and started to suck my left nipple….hmmmmm..haaaa……he lowered his hand and released the shorts knot entered his hand into my shorts slowly creased my bare thighs. He creased around my ball without touching it.

Already my tool was hard and suddenly he caught my hard tool I shivered lightly he made a lip-lock and started to measure its length by moving his finger from tip to bottom and creased the hair below it.

He released my lips rolled over me.. covered us with a bed-sheet ..kissed my face neck and slowly went down raised my t-shirt licked my nipples one by one went more down tasted my navel and finally near my pelvic region.. I felt his fingers gripping my shorts elastic and moving down . in a flash it went below my knees. My tool is in free air and standing straight like a pole. I slowly spreaded my legs gave him some space to lay comfortably between my legs.

Next second he removed my shorts fully and thrown it away. I too removed my t-shirt. I was totally nude. But he dosen’t know I am fully nude as he and his lower-body is covered by a bed-sheet. I also not able to see what he is doing inside a current passed in my body because of his first lick on my tipummmmmmm.. slowly moved the foreskin down licked the tip…haaaaaaa… with other hand he creased my hairy balls I became rock hard

He gave little force and moved my foreskin fully down haaaaa..slowly ..da…hmmmm and started to suck the red head gently hmmmm …uuuuffff….godddddd….ahhhahhhhh oh .he tasted the head nearly 30 to 40 seconds and started to take my tool slowly by inch by…. inch and in another 1 min it was fully inside his mouth and gave a hard suck released it ohhhhh.. and licked from top to bottom..again he took it inside and started to suck hardly ummmm..umm hasaaaa suuuraj slowly man..oh….no…hmmmmmm…but he never bothered .

He gripped my tool base and sucked like a hungry baby with other had he crushed my ball I was in a deep excitement oh hsssshhhh i too thrusted upward he press my thighs hard and signaled me to stop moving my hip I responded but his hard sucking continued ummmm…haaaa…but I can see his sweet lips tasting my cone. But he was doing it very seriously…I felt his tongue and lips strong grip for each time he sucks. He is sucking all my energy through my hole… he hold my cock head with his lips and jerked my tool…hmmmm….he licked the tip badly…hmmm tasty da….

He started to kiss it badly…and jerked fastly…then he took whole length inside and and sucked it hard and fast…oh…..hmmmm….i jerked hard..haaaaa…hmmmm..ohhhhh…cumming….hmmmmm…but he never released my tool..hmmmmmm h moaned…nooo…haaaaaaaa….i felt the pressure…I tried to control most…but hardly for 10 sec… I released in his mouth..ohhh…..hmmmaaaaaaaa.i jerked badly…but he continued his job and cleaned my tool.. after 10 min..i removed the bedsheet saw him kissing my ball..i got up and walked nudely toward bathroom and saw my tool it was super clean but I too washed once again went to the bed saw him under a bedsheet I too laid on the bed

We never had a single word I tried to sleep but failed after 20 min I turned towards him his back was facing him..i put my hand on his hip..went close towards him..hugged him tightly.. by hugging him..i felt something wrong I too went inside his bedsheet immediately he turned around and we hugged strongly hmmmmmmmmm His smell aroused me again.. I rolled over him came on his top he gripped my hip with his thighs and locked me oh god he is also nude

I felt his nude body fully he was very a girl I cant find a single hair on his whole body includes his leg,chest pelvic region.. his body is very silky we hugged for few min lip-locked again I creased his ass..he my tool started to hit his ball.. I purposefully gave 2 mot hit on his ball..and slapped his ass too.. we released he lied on his back where I tried to turn him around..but he rejected and made me to lie on him..

We kissed badly my tool started to hurt his ball it needs a hole now..i told him to turn around which he told.. no its not safe i wishpered..plzzzzzzz I need u r hole dear he caught my tool placed exactly below his ball its very hot gripped his thighs close and tight.. he kissed my ear and told now fuck da I got his idea..he want me to fuck between his thighs.. but that also felt very good.. he gripped very tightly I started to pump nearly 10 min I released my load ..which spoiled the bed and his body.. I slept over him.. he pushed me and went to clean him self.. and we slept by hugging each other… next day morning before I wake he got ready I gave him a hug..but he told wait till eve to get real action,..and we left to office. At eve 8 I finished my dinner and went to room ..

While reaching room he call me to know where I am I told I am near to room.. he told ok I entered the room..both smiled at each other.. I told me to take a bath and gave me fruit flavored soap and hair remover liquid and asked me to remove all hairs below my tool,on ball and on my ass.. he locked the bathroom door from outside and told I will open it after 20 min before that u get ready I did the same its good to see my shining tool an ball .. its looked more sexy than before..

The bathroom door was unlocked he told come out after 30 sec. I came out from really surprised he arranged the bed like first night with rose flower , fruits and sweetson it and he lied on the bed covered with bed sheet I thought he is nude inside and pulled the bedsheet to see his naked body I n light wawwwww he is wearing a transparent black saree and a bra with out blouse I got my full mood I asked y he arranged like this

He told my ass is virgin, want to loose it on my first night with my man come on dear use u r wife as hard as u can and hugged me and started to roll on bed. Thr I started to eat my darling. Will explain our sensible firstnight. Make comments on [email protected]. Readers read the part two which was already posted as Corporate Training Turns Into Sex Training – Part II

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