Couple For The First Time

Let’s start with the sex story without wasting any time. When I joined my medical school, I was really looking for a decent girl to be my girlfriend. In my 2 nd year, I got one. And I was in a complicated relationship with her. I don’t know what is going on in my life, I just met that girl 1 month ago. And I proposed her. She said she will think abt it later. And now we used to make out once a day, I knew she wasn’t serious abt this, but I am like let it be. Ok so come to the point.

It was new year eve.And her roommate was going home for this holiday. I decided to sneak in her hostel, so I did. And no one was there in her room. We were so happy. I entered her room she jumped and hug me kissed me and lightly rubbing near my cock and was giving a creepy smile. I also hugged her I grabbed her boobs and pressing it. She moaned- mmmm ah. We sat down. I told her I am so hungry dear. She made a quick dinner. Then we finished our dinner we were on the bed lie down.

She came on top of me and kissed me. And rubbing her leg on my dick. She removed my t-shirt. And licked my body. I was enjoying it. Then she was licking my nipples sucking them. While living she slowly came down near my cock. And told me to remove my pant. I did. I was fully naked in front of her. For the first time in my life, I was naked in front of a female. She then grabbed my cock and gave a light stroke, I was fully erect.Rock hard. She said omg its huge ( by the way I have a pretty big cock. It was around 10 inches)she said it doesn’t fit in my mouth, I am like does it fit in ur pussy. She smiled and said no way dear. I can’t have sex with u.

Maybe after marriage. I want to be a virgin till my marriage ( it’s the typical woman thing)I am like yeah of course dear. I was kidding. It’s just some blowjob stuff. That’s it. She is like ok. Then she started to stroke my cock little harder then tried to put it in her mouth. But her mouth is very small. Whatever she tried to manage it. It feels amazing. She was finally giving me bj. And it feels amazing. I was thinking like omfg for the first time someone takes my cock in her mouth. Aaahhh it feels heaven. Then I grabbed her boobs and massaging it.

She removed her t-shirt. Then I unhooked her bra. Omg her tits flashed out. Her boobs are not very big. Medium. Like oranges. I sucked them. Licking on the nipple while pressing the other boobs then I moved my finger downwards and put my hand under her pant and the panty. Ohhhhhh it was so wet. And I can feel her pussy. Omg, I felt her pussy lips. I slowly touched her clit. She shivered. I removed her rest of the clothes. Now we r full naked. Kissing on the bed I was playing with her tits she grabbed my dick with one hand and stroking.

Then I went down. I wanted to see a pussy.I never saw it before, I saw it very closely then I licked suddenly on her clit. She shivered. Then I again sucked her clits. And put my finger in her pussy hole now I am sucking her clit while moving my finger in and out inside pussy hole. She was moaning. ” umm ohh yeahhh. Aahhhhhhhhhh.”Then I put my tongue inside pussy hole. While doing that I was massaging her boobs. She said I want ur dick in my mouth. Then we did 69 position. And I licked her pussy then after some time she moaned and shivered and a liquid coming out from her pussy. She came. I licked it all over. And I was like pls cum again. I like it, it’s so sexy — then I again started to lick her pussy. And she was giving me a good head.

Then I came and she came again. We lay down in bed –tried. After some time I was hard again. And she started to play with it while doing this. Her another hand on her pussy. She was moaning ohhhh yeaahhh. I want it in me. I wanna feel it inside. I was out of control. I went on top of her. And I started to rub it on her pussy. It was so wet. And my dick is full of that liquid. And then she suddenly got up and she licked my cock. And spitting on it and stroking it. And then she was rubbing it on her clit. Then she put it on her hole and raised her hip up and down. I asked her what’s going on. She said I don’t know I want u inside. But just now u said u said no sex. Only make out. But she didn’t listen to anything. She was moaning. Ummmm oh yeahhhh. Pls, fuck me. Fuck me hard. I can feel her hot breath on my chest.

Then I was also out of control. I started to hump. In her pussy hole. I felt her non-virgin pussy. It was so tight. And something is that that didn’t let my cock go inside. She felt pain. Said ” no no. It’s wrong. Don’t do this.”. I said, ok baby. I bring out my cock and tried to sleep, she hugged me from the back. I was in sleep I guess. And I was dreaming that I am having sex with her. Her wet pussy felt amazing in my dream. I was seeing in my dream while fucking her. Her boobs are moving. She was moaning. I woke up. I was so horny that point of time I checked the time. It was only 1 and a half hour I slept. I looked around.

She didn’t sleep at all. She said what happened. She was nude. She looked fucking hot in dark. I saw her boobs. Her nipples erected. She said “What happened. Bad dream” I said “Not really”. She looked at my cock. It was rock hard. She grabbed it she smiled. Then she sucked it. I told her “Pls I wanna fuck u. I can’t control myself” she said ur cock is huge. If it goes inside I will die. I said no no I will do very gently trust me. She lied down and opened her legs wide. I licked lightly her pussy. She shivered. I spit near the hole and sucked it. It was already wet. I set the cock and put it inside slowly. Then stroke it and she felt pain. She was in pain.

I bring out my cock. I saw blood. I cleaned it. She was still in pain. She said no more pls. I can’t take this today anymore I gave her water she drank it and went to the washroom. She came. She said ” I cleaned the blood, ” I said no k come here. Can I try once more pls? She didn’t say anything. Then I spit again in her pussy sucked her nipples. I licked her clit. She was horny again. I slowly put my cock inside her. It was so tight. I slowly take a stroke she holds me tightly. I took one more stroke and then I started to fucking her slowly. I saw her face. She was enjoying. And then I put my cock inside her. Aahhhhhhh it feels amazing. It’s the feeling I never get it before. Not in masturbation, not in a bj. It’s amazing.

Her pussy was so wet. Now I was fucking her little bit faster. Omg her tits look amazing just like in my dream. She was moaning.Mmmmmm aah ahh omg yeah he baby. I love ur cock. It’s so big. Omg, I love it. Mmm, harder baby. Don’t stop. I was fucking her. Then we changed position she came on top of me and fucking me while I was sucking her nipples and other boobs I was pressing. I felt my dick inside her pussy. It’s so smooth now. And so wet. Like butter. It was awesome. I told her lets do doggy.Her ass is just an asset. Omg, while taking a stroke her ass moves. Damn. I spank her. I was fucking so fast then she told me to come on top of her. I did. I was fucking her in missionary position. She smooched me and she grabbed my ass and pressing it into her.

I sucked her nipple again. I bite her nipple. I hold her both of boobs and fucking more faster. I told her I am about to cum. She said don’t do in me. I pulled out my dick and cum all over her tits. She came before me only we were so tired we lay down and slept. Thanks for reading my sex story.

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