Couple Shares Their Bed With Another Man

When I got to their room she was stroking his penis, She had a few candles lit and it was just enough to see. She motioned for me to sit next to her on the bed so I did, I watched her stroke his cock with amazement, he had an uncut penis that was about 1 head longer than mine and at full erection there was still foreskin covering the head with a small amount piled up on the top, the head was long, slender and pointed, when she stroked the skin down it would expose the wet shiny head and for some reason this aroused me. She went down on it for a minute and then gently pulled my hand to it and said its O.K. we both want you and I want to see you stroke it so I did.

While I stroked it she licked and kissed the head, she pulled her mouth off of it and then kissed me real quick and whispered in my ear that she wanted to watch me do that, I said i dont know I have never done anything like this before.

The more I watched the both of them the hornier I got so I leaned up and grabbed his cock and stroked it some more, I really liked to see the head pop out of the foreskin, and then I made up my mind to try it, I leaned over and allowed his penis to part my lips open and I kissed and licked on the head, the only thing I knew to do was what women had done for me in the past and I did my best to copy that.

I slowly took more and more until I could feel the head in the back of my throat and it made me gag a little so I backed off and licked on the head again, the more I sucked on it the more I was strangely aroused by it.

She said that enough for now do you eat pussy? I said I sure do and I love it! She laid on her back and looked at me and pointed at her moist pussy so I buried my face in it and after only a couple minutes she pushed my head away and said somebody is going to have to fuck me! she got on her hands and knees and her man got behind her and slid his meat into her extremely wet pussy.

She kept talking to me while her man was giving it to her, she said I hope you want to eat more pussy because my man doesnt really like to too much. I said yes and I doubled the pillows and got under her in the 69 position and started licking her again while he was pounding her doggy style, she said oh damn thats good keep going you guys. In about a minute I felt her body tense up and I started to taste her orgasm, which lasted quite some time. When she was done she said did you come baby?

He said not yet.

I put my hand on the shaft and played with it as it was going in and out of her. He pulled it out and the head fell on my lips so I opened up and let it in and started sucking and stroking it, her pussy and orgasm tasted good on his penis. Now I think I know why some women like to give head, This was my first time but it was really exciting. I couldnt believe the sensation of a hard throbbing cock in my mouth. I didnt have to do this long because he was reaching his orgasm. I was wondering what male cum taste like and didnt know if I could swallow.

About the time I started to taste something I felt 2 strong warm jets of his cum hit the back of my throat and it was running down and i had no choice but to swallow, I felt the rest of his cum empty out on my tongue and I swallowed all of that too. I kept slowly sucking on it until he pulled it out of my mouth,he just laid down on the bed breathing hard.

My hard cock needed immediate attention now…she came up to me ..held me by my cock and took me to the large sofa…she sat on it while I stood in front of her and she started giving me the blowjob of a cock was slick with her saliva…i removed my cock from her mouth and spread her legs wide and gently and slowly pushed my cock into her ..her cunt walls squeezing in on me…i started pumping her and she was moaning in pleasure..suddenly i felt a little pressure on my asshole ..

I turned around to see the husband rubbing his now hard cock against my tight puckered hole ..his cock was covered with precum…he gently applied pressure till the large cock-head slipped passed my tight sphincter..i moaned in pain but that unbelievable feeling of fullness enveloped my body…he gradually started fucking me with long deep strokes..

I could feel is cock hitting my prostate sending shivers of pleasure down my cock became rock hard and even i started humping the wife like crazy while he continued to bugger my ass…the wife came again and again looking at this erotic scene …i was on the verge of cumming as well and without any warning I started sending streams of my hot thick cum inside her cunt..the cum was hitting her womb..

She squirmed and climaxed around my hard cock..i gently slipped out of her while the husband kept on pounding my ass…he saw my cum flowing out of her now sore pussy and the sight was too much for him…he screamed and pushed his cock as far as it would go into my asshole and I felt this warm wet feeling as he spewed his hot cum inside my bowels…

He came like a flood and it seemed as it would never stop…his climax finally subsided and he pulled his now softening cock covered with my man juice dnd his cum out of my ass..the wife came up to him and kneeled down to take his cock in her mouth…cleaning it with her he warm moist mouth…all three of us flopped down on the sofa trying to catch our breath..glowing in the extreme pleasure all three of us had just experienced

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