Cousin Got Tricked And Fucked By A Stranger – Part 1

Hi, people, it’s a long time since I wrote my last story. Life has been full of ups downs. I am not associated with my cousin as we broke up.

But this story is about my another cousin whom with now I am fulfilling my lust filled thrilling fantasies. She is super sexy and curvy. She has brought the right spicy flavors in our bed.

This story is all about how I fucked my cousin and let some stranger fuck her as well. I value your views and comments so please write to me if you find it exciting.

Now we start the story, and I tell you this again all this is 100% true. First I would let you all know about her. Her name is Tanu (Name changed).

She is 24, works as an HR in Ebix Soft, Noida. I use to not give her much attention as she was not that hot while she was in college. But in the last 1 year, she has changed a lot.

I don’t know what has changed her completely. Is it the corporate world or she is blooming in her sweet youth. She has long hair, sweet smile, round juicy ass one of the sweet parts in last one year.

She has also started wearing modern clothes as she is an HR. Her figure looks stunning. Those skin tight clothes can skip anyone breathes in office. Her figure would be 32-28-34. PERFECT !!

It all started when I was going through my break up. I started going to the gym to get out of the depression. I succeeded at last.

Then on one family occasion, I saw Tanu after a long time and something inside me tickled. I never saw her in that manner before. She was looking ravishing in the top and tight leggings and wedges.

She had never worn those types of clothes before and her figure was brilliantly outlined by those tight clothes. The moment filled me with lust for her. I write my true feelings, not fake ones as I believe no can be in love at first sight. Its all lust and sexual attraction and this are what she was for me at that moment.

From that they I started thinking about her. I thought of roping her with me but I didn’t know how to start so I didn’t do anything. To my good fortune, she messaged me one day and we talked casually.

Now I felt that the universe wants me to do something. I should take initiative and try my luck. She was very comfortable with me always. So I thought it wouldn’t be that hard to bed her.

But I had the kinkiest idea in my mind. And it was of a threesome. I wanted to try the threesome with her. But I know she will never be ready for it.

I know what you all be thinking that maine abhi pataaya bhi nahi hai usko aur threesome ki soch raha hun. Main aisa hi hun, main kinkiest idea pehele soch leta hun, fir sochta hun execute kaise karna hai.

So I knew what I wanted to do with her. I knew this relationship is purely for lust.So what I did I started chatting with her. And this is my advice to all those who want to fuck their cousins or have a crush towards them – be in regular contact with them and be frank with them. It works.

Slowly and gradually you both will become closer to each other. This is what happened exactly as I thought she came closer to me. We went for some dates and she really enjoyed with me.

She started to text me in nights and we use to talk all night long. I knew my plan is working and I was very confident that the day is not far when I would bed her and make a threesome fantasy come true.

Now the problem, the problem was that how can someone fuck her without her realizing that she was fucking someone else, not me. The second problem was that she could only come to the flat during office hours, so I needed something that could make her unconscious her for a few hours.

First, I thought of giving her Vodka so loses her control while I was fucking her and someone else sneaks in and fucks her in my place. But the problem was that daru utaar jaati hai aur usko pata lag jaata hai. Toh ye plan toh cancel ho gaya.

Dusra maine socha ki I would mix sleeping pill with her drinks, but then the whole fucking experience would not be that great. As she would lie like a dead fish for hours. And I was also skeptical whether she would be normal after 4-5 hours.

But I somehow found a solution.

Third thing is to arrange for some stranger who is also of the same age and someone whom I can trust. I started chatting in many forums and sites and I come across one guy who was also from the Delhi, Tarun.

I told him the plan and when I showed him her pics, his eyes were filled with lust and I can see the animal in his eyes that wants to rip apart her pussy. I told him that I would call him and he would have to come immediately to the flat and sneak into the house. He accepted and you can see on his face he wants to pound her.

At last, everything was done and the day came. I picked her up in Uber from the Metro station. She was looking stunning. She put on the make that day and was wearing the tight kurta and legging.

I could see the desire to fuck her even in the Uber driver’s eyes. She sat in the car with me. She knew that today she would get fucked by me but what she didn’t know that she would get fucked to the fullest, even to my desire and by some strangers cock.

I was anxious and excited for what to happen in the next 8 hours.

Guys this is the first part of my story do let me know what you think. contact me on [email protected].

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