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Hi guys. It’s the loving buddy again from pune. Got good reply from the last story “Taking my besties virginity”. Still about me 23yrs age, gym freak so good physique and loves travelling. Today its the story of my love. She lost virginity to me. Lets go to the story.

It was our gathering and I was the head anchor. She was an volunteer, so used to come talk for work. I knew she somehow tried to talk to me purposely. But never thought about it. About her she sweet pale in colour 32-28-32. Perfect girl. the program started was busy in it, went good and it was a success. So there was a short party arranged for volunteers the next day. As I look good so I had lot friends boys and girls in contact.

Suddenly she came and I was talking on phone. When I hanged up I saw her standing behind me. She sid she wants to talk to me. I said ya go on. She said lets stand separately.I followed her.

She- hey, I need to tell you something from many days..

Me- ya go ahead.

She- please don’t misjudge me. I ..

Me- come on tell..

She- I love you and want to be in relationship with you.

Me- I was abit shocked becoz didn’t expect. I said “I don’t know you lets know each other well and then decide”

She- ok.

We exchanged our numbers and I included her in my group. I also said her that don’t tell anyone about us. Time passed we knew each other well. And accepted her love. We came close and everthing changed. But everything was limited to kiss. But one sudden day she wants go to night out. I said ok. I booked a hotel far from city in another city.

We reached into the room she hugged and all happened but a change that she was not ready for sex she wants it after marriage. I respected her request. We went many time to different location and had night outs. But by time it was uncontrollable to me. Love turned to possessiveness.

She used to ask me but I didn’t tell her. It turned two years. She started to say about marriage and all and I wasn’t ready for this as I wanted to keep her happy and also my parents. She wasn’t ready to accept all things. One day I asked her angrily “is she going to lose virginity to me?” To this she said “I will lose it to my husband.” I said “love him not me.” Things changed I went away from her.

She came to know my importance as she never use to let me talk to any sort of girl. one day she said she want go to nightout. I agreed. I had left all the expectation regarding her just leaving with her. We went to nightout and reached the place in night. I changed and went to bring some drinks. While I returned I was shocked. As it was 3star hotel she had arranged an romantic nightout. Rose petals on bed and sweet essence in compete room. I went to find her sh was not there. Suddenly she came from the bathroom wearing my shirt which was completely covering her body.

She came near me and hugged me romantically and placed her shoulder on chest and said sorry for everything. I said don’t be. And looked towards her. She looked in my eyes. She had tears. Slowly I kissed on forehead and placed my lips on her lips and placed hand hand inside her hairs. It was the most passionate kiss ever. It lasted nearly for 25 min. our tounge were in each others mouth. I suddenly placed my hand on left boob. I started to press.

Suddenly she removed my tshirt and jeans. And I removed her or my shirt. I was shocked. She was wearing an black net bra and panty. She said I specially brought it for you. I was happy. The she came on me and started kissing me again. In that time I removed her bra. I placed her belly in bed. And started licking her complete body. As I was kicking the AC air was making her cold and making her more mad. I licked her armpits, hand, legs, back, neck. I slowly turned her over. She covered herself with her hand. I removed it and placed a soft kiss on her lips. The started licking her earlobes. I started messaging her boobs. And took one boob in mouth and other was massaged by my hand.

She loved it and wanted it more. And ya I love to suck boob. I removed her panty. Licked till her belly then her legs. I slowly separated her legs and saw a clean neat shaved pussy. I slowly placed my hand she urged. I smelled her pussy it made me high and I placed my tongue on her clit. She again urged and grabbed the bed tightly. She already had cummed twice and was pushing my head inside her pussy. Stated licking and she was moaning. I loved the taste of her pussy. I diged my tongue deep inside her pussy which made her come.

I pushed my middle finger inside her pussy. She shocked and stopped me. And I said it will not pain. I slowly inserted and finger fucked. To my luck I found the Gspot. I was tickling her there. She got so high that she squirted a bit. I liked that. I loved it. She said thanks. I stood she also stood. She pushed me towards the wall and started licking my chest. She went down removed my jockey and got hold of my dick.

She started stroking and took it into the mouth. She was doing it good and I came in her mouth.

She drank it and kissed me. Hugged me and said make me yours. I lifted her in my hand and placed her on bed. Licked her pussy which was already wet. she said please make me yours. I came on her she lifted her legs placed on my back. I was rotating my dick on her pussy. She was licking it.

I slowly pushed my dick and she wide opened her eyes. I stopped and kissed her. And again I gave short push. I dick was half inside her. She shouted but I already had placed my lips on her. She had tears and was telling to remove it. I didn’t do anything pain subsided and I started to give strokes. When she was felling good I gave a final push and her hymen broked which I felt on my penis. There was blood around my dick and her clit. She was in pain I stayed like that. She was looking deep into my eyes. I said I made you mine. She smiled and kissed.

After the pain lessen I started to give strokes and the pain turn to pleasure. She was moaning loudly. Suddenly she placed her legs on my shoulder which made me go more inside her an in the same time she came. She loved it.

My dick was also wet and I was loving it. I changed the position to cowgirl. She was on me and let my dick go in her pussy. She was jumping and then she slept on me and I was fucking her.

Then I sat and fucked her hugging. Then lifted her, my dick was in her she kept her hands near my neck and legs in my hip. I fucked her standing. Then placed on corner of bed and fucked her in doggy style. She came again till then. Then I placed her again in missionary position and fucked her and she was moaning loudly and then I said her I am coming she told to come in. I fucked her with more speed. Suddenly I felt tightness and she grabed the pillow. I fucked her and came to heavily in her pussy in the same time she came we had both come in her pussy.

I was completely sweated and also she. It was nearly an one and half fr ride to fantasy. I stayed in same position, then lifted her and with dick in her pussy and took her to bathroom and made her seat. Boths come was flowing from her pussy and there were also blood stains. I cleaned her completely and lifted her and kept on bed. She suddenly got up and came running to me and said thanks. I hugged her tightly and made her wear clothes. We had lunch and had four more session at night of one which was in such a state that we both were drunk.

I also fucked her asshole that night which was her request. We had many session more but one ay she left for someone else. Anyways girls boys go jerk. Thanks for reading. Do send your response. And if any girl wants sex and satisfaction can contact me “[email protected]”

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