Cuckold husband invites stranger to fuck his shy wife

Hi, this is my first story here and this happened in July 2022. Let me introduce myself first. I am Rahul from Chennai and I am 23 years old. Not a gym body, but I do work out and I’ve made myself fit. My skin color is normal.

Now, coming to the story.

I use Telegram a lot to watch porn and I am in some hot groups to get those porn links. As you know, Telegram groups have the latest porn and we can watch them for free. One day, I was using telegram and sending messages and trying to get some chicks. I know most fake accounts will message and try to cheat us. But I got a message from a man with a text –

Text: Hi bro, this is Deepak (name changed). I saw your message in the group. Can we talk?

I said: Tell me, bro.

Then he said: Can I call you?

I said: Why?

And he said: I am a cuckold husband. I would like to talk about my fantasy.

I thought for a minute and got interested.

Then I said: Call me, bro.

Then he called me.

Deepak: Hi bro, I am Deepak, and I am from Selam. I like cuckold fantasy. Can we talk about that?

Me: Yes bro, we can talk (this conversation was in Tamil and I am translating it into English for the readers).

Deepak: I like cuckold, bro. And I would like to try it

I was like excited to hear that he would like to try it. The next moment, I asked –

Me: So, your wife knows about your fantasy?

Deepak: Yes, we’ve discussed this. At first, she ignored it, but after some days, she agreed to give it a shot. But one condition is there. You have to send me your pic first. If we like you, then we can move further.

(I thought for a second.)

Me: Ok bro, but before that, I want to talk to your wife. Just normal talk. I just want to confirm whether this is true or not. And after confirming, I will send my pics. This is because there are a lot of scammers on social media. So I don’t want to make a mistake.

Deepak: Ok bro, first I will talk to my wife. After that, I will call you.

Me: Ok bro, cool. Call me once you have discussed it with her.

Then we said bye and disconnected the call.

And on that same day evening, I got a call from him. It was around 7 or 8, I guess.

Then he said: We’ve discussed. Now you can talk with her.

Then he gave the phone to his wife.

Me: Hi.

She: Hi.

Then I asked her name.

She: Shalini (name changed).

Me: Ok-ok, did your husband talk to you about me and his fantasy?

Shalini: Yes, he told me everything.

(She was very shy to talk to me first and was answering in one word for everything. I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable. So I asked her to give the phone to Deepak.)

Deepak: Now, do you believe me?

Me: Yes, 100% Deepak.

Deepak: Now, can you send me your pics?

Me: Yes, we can exchange our pics.

(We exchanged our pics in Telegram itself.)

Then he said: I will call you back, bro.

I said: Ok.

And we disconnected. Then I saw their pics. Wow! She was having perfect south Indian figure. She was wearing a saree in that pic. To describe her, I’ll say, “Normal skin color, not so dark, not so white, just perfect south Indian aunty to bang. And yes, she was the mother of a small kid and he was studying in 4th class.)

To my bad luck, I couldn’t see her structure properly in that pic and they didn’t send many pics. Then I asked for some more pics. He sent the pics, but those were also in saree. Then he said they don’t take many pics and all (they were a very homely south Indian family, so they don’t do modern stuff and all).

I decided to meet them. After I saw her in the saree pic, I got tempted and I decided to bang her.

So the next day he called and we talked and we exchanged our numbers.

Deepak: We don’t want to meet immediately. We can know each other and I want this to be a long relationship, not a one-time meeting.

And I said: Ok, that is fine.

And then he gave me Shalini’s number and asked me to talk to her so that she could get comfortable with me.

The next day, I called her. We talked normally and some days passed. One day, I started to talk about some hot stuff.

I asked her: So, what will you do if I am in front of you now?

She said: Whatever you want, I will do.

I said: No, you tell me what you will do?

She said: I will hug you.

I asked: After that?

She said: You say, what you want? I will do that.

I asked: Will you kiss me?

She said: Ok.

Then I asked: Ok, give me one now.

She didn’t say anything and kept quiet.

Then I asked: Shalini, are you there?

She said: Yes.

Me: What happened? Give me a kiss.

After that, she said ok, and planted a kiss on the phone speaker. I was thinking the Tamil wife was very shy and how did she agree to this? Then I thought she might be getting satisfied by her husband, so she was looking for good sex. At the end of the call, she said –

Shalini: I have to cook. I need to go.

I said: You can cook while talking to me.

She said: I don’t have headphones. My son is roaming here, so can’t do it.

I understood that and said: Ok, we can talk tomorrow.

So we used to talk daily and after a month, her husband called me and asked me how it was going.

I said: It’s going well.

Then I asked: When can we meet?

He said: When will you be free? We can’t come there. You have to come here because we don’t know anyone in Chennai to stay. And we will take care of the transport.

I said ok and they booked an AC sleeper bus for me.

One Friday night after my office, I went to my home and packed my dresses for two days. Then I went to catch the bus and Saturday morning I reached Salem’s new bus stand. Deepak was there to pick me and from there, it was 45 minutes to reach their home.

After we arrived, it was around 8:30. Once we entered their house, I searched for Shalini, but she was not there. Then Deepak called her and she said –

Shalini: I went to the market to buy some groceries.

Deepak was in a hurry to go to his work. He took me to the bedroom and asked me to take some rest.

He said: I have to drop my son at school and then I will go to work. I will be back at 1 pm.

He had a half-day shift. He smiled and said –

Deepak: I will buy condoms while coming back. Till then, take some rest and Shalini will be back in an hour.

I went to the bathroom, got fresh, and slept off. And to my surprise when I woke up, it was around 11. Then I went and washed my face and once I opened the door, I was surprised to see Shalini sitting on the sofa and watching TV. She saw me and I was shocked. I didn’t know when she came back.

Once I saw her, I got so tempted by her body. Damn! She was a perfect south Indian woman to bang. We smiled at each other and I asked her –

Me: When did you come back?

She smiled and said: I came an hour before.

Then I said: You could have woken me up.

She said: No, I thought you were tired. So I didn’t wake you up.

Then she asked me to sit on the sofa. I directly went near her and sat beside her. We had some gap between us and we talked normally. Then sometime later, she went and prepared tea for us. While drinking the tea, I started to flirt with her and asked her, “When I call you, you talk nicely. But now you are very shy.”

For that, she just smiled and I started to make the conversation heated.

I asked: Did you remember what we talked about?

She said: No, I don’t.

And she smiled.

Me: You said you will hug and kiss me if I am in front of you.

She: No, I didn’t say that (and she laughed).

Then I said: Hey, don’t lie.

And we were laughing. Then the next moment, I said –

Me: Come here and hug me.

Then she moved closer to me and hugged me. I got a full erection in my pants and I said –

Me: Look at me.

She looked at me and I kissed her lips. We started to kiss each other. She was also kissing me very deeply. Then I started to move my hands around her neck. Our kiss was very deep and we started to suck each other’s tongues.

I started to move my hand over the south Indian wife’s boobs. I pressed them on her churidar and then we broke our kiss. After that, I started to smooch her neck. I could see her face. Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying it.

Then I made her sit on top of me. I was sitting on the sofa and she was on top of me spreading her legs. I lifted her dress and I could see her milky boobs in a white bra. I just started to smooch them in her bra and my hands were around her hips.

I lifted her bra and could see her naked boobs now. Her nipples were black. I sucked hem slowly and I heard her moaning sounds. She was enjoying it to the core. Then I started to suck her boobs so hard. She held my hair tightly and pulled my head back and kissed me so deeply. I pressed her ass over her pants and inserted my hands in her pants and started to press her ass.

We did this for 20 minutes and we both were enjoying it. Then I made her sit on the sofa and I moved toward her and kissed her. I inserted my hand in her pants and reached for her pussy. I was shocked. Her cum was flowing from her pussy. I could feel her cum on her thighs. That was a lot of cum flowing around.

Then I showed my hand to her. She laughed and again started to kiss me.

I asked her: Can we go to the bedroom?

But she said: Not now, later. We will wait for Deepak.

I realized we didn’t have condoms so we continued our foreplay. After that, I removed her pants and pantie. Now she was wearing only her top and bra and I just started to kiss around her thighs. I could see her face. She was in heaven and holding my hair. I could feel she was guiding me to her pussy. And then I started to eat her pussy and her flowing cum. She was moaning heavily.

I ate her pussy for 30 minutes and she was breathing heavily. Then I went to her boobs and sucked them again. We saw the time, it was around 12:30.

She said: Enough for now, I have to prepare lunch.

We hugged each other on the sofa for 10 minutes. After that, we got fresh and she went to prepare lunch for us. Then I started to use my phone and it was around 1:15 when Deepak came home. He saw us smiling and we both talked for some time. Then we had lunch.


So guys, in the next part I will say what happened after this and how I fucked her and what all kinky activities we did, and what cuckold husband Deepak did while we were having sex. How he watched and how we took this to next level of fantasy. Everything I will explain in parts.

Hope you guys liked my experience as a story.

Do support and enjoy. And if any girl or wife is interested, you can mail me. We can talk and get to know each other and we can move further. My mail id is:

[email protected]

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