Cunning tenant guy showers cum on Bengali landlady

As we continue from the last story, it was Wednesday. Weeks of fun with my Bengali landlady bhabhi Mouni looked like a lifetime and I planned to enjoy every second of it.

After cumming, we cleaned the cum with water and then cleaned each other one by one. After clearing, we kissed like a newlywed couple. Then I came out of the shower, but Mouni wanted to stay for a while.

Then I cleaned the water with a towel and put on the bathrobe. I went to my room and changed my clothes and sat on the bed processing everything. After that, I left the room and went to the living hall. There I saw a cup of tea on the table. I sat down and started to drink tea like every morning. Still, I couldn’t believe what had happened!

After drinking the tea, I just wondered and then I just realized that I had nutted raw in Mouni for last night. I wanted to fuck her in the best body, not get her pregnant and ruin her amazing figure. Now I needed to get an I-pill for the Bengali wife and viagra pills.

I still had to go to the office, but I planned to get a week’s leave just to spend all the time with Mouni and my dick inside her body parts. Mouni then came to the living room wearing a yellow saree with a white blouse. Her ass was twerking a little guess last night’s hard work payout.

Me: You look like a glowing star. But your walk seems off. Guess, last night’s hard work payout.

She didn’t say anything. Then I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her close to me and grabbed her waist with the other hand. She tried to pull off, but I made her sit on my lap with my hand closing her by the stomach.

Me: Remember, I have deleted the video. But, for this week, I am the man of the house. So you have to listen to me and do as I command you.

Then I turned her to my side. She was stale but I gave her a deep kiss. Our tongues were wrapping into one another. My dick was hard now, but I had to leave so I could return early and also get pills.

Then I threw her to the couch and before she could say anything, I put my thumb on her juicy lips. I played on my Bengali landlady’s lips for a while and slowly pushed my thumb more into her lips. She opened her mouth and started sucking my thumb. After a while, I went to her and kissed her on the head and told her –

Me: Now you and your body will remember me for the day till I come back tonight to remind you again.

She blushed and my dick was semi-hard inside. Mouni was still on the sofa and I saw the key on the table. I didn’t know whether to use the car without permission or not. But then I thought I was using the man’s shower, his clothes, his house, and most importantly, his sexy wife. So the car wouldn’t be big deal anyway, and I was getting late.

Then I took the car and left home for my office. The day went as usual, but my mind was still on Mouni. I asked HR for a week off but sadly didn’t get one. But I got to work from home on Friday. But my mind was on how I was going to fulfill my fantasy with her all week.

While at lunch, I checked Mouni’s phone for any new messages. But there was no one. I message Mouni and asked her about dinner and said –

Me: Also, I can’t permit you to do things with Ashok in my presence. Deny him if he comes and notify me immediately. It’s an order.

She didn’t reply anything, but I think she got the order. I wanted to leave early, but the work was a lot more. Life is quite odd. It gave me what I wanted, but starting at the end the work was done.

Just before leaving, I checked the laptop if Mouni got any messages. And to my wonder, Ashok send her a message that he wanted to visit. Obediently, Mouni denied him and told him that I was still at the house. But he didn’t listen and told bhabhi that he wanted to meet her. Mouni didn’t respond to it.

I was a little mad at her for not telling me about the messages. But then it was a good opportunity to teach her a lesson. I messaged Ashok as me and told him to visit the house around 8 o’clock. At the same time, I would reach there so he couldn’t do something to Mouni. He responded with simple emoji.

I still needed to get I-pills and viagra pills so I stopped at a store. I also got a can of cream for fun. But I needed to hurry. I reached home around 7:45. But there was no other car. Guess Ashok didn’t come early. I waited for a while in the car since the car mirror was black from the outside. Then I saw a car coming in and Ashok came out and went rang the bell.

Mouni came opened the door and they went in. Just seeing this made my dick fill with energy because I was thinking of punishment for Mouni.

About 5 minutes later, I also went to the door and rang the bell. It took some time, but then Mouni opened the door. Her lips were a little wet and her lipstick was some rubbed outside. She was breathing slowly. I knew they were kissing. Guess Ashok did not wait. Mouni looked surprised, but then we went inside. I saw Ashok sitting on the sofa.

Ashok: Hi beta, how are you?

Me: Good, uncle.

Ashok: Quite an early time you came.

Me: Well, usually I come early. But today was a hectic day. I am thinking of working from home.

Ashok: Good good (he was a little annoyed).

Me: I didn’t know you are coming. Are you joining us for dinner?

Then I looked at the Bengali bhabhi Mouni slightly angrily. Before Ashok could say something,

Mouni: No, he just came by to check on me and was just about to leave.

Ashok looked confused. But I said to Mouni –

Me: Bhabhi, can you show me where you have put the juice? (she was puzzled)

Me: Remember, I had messaged you? Can you show me the kitchen?

Then I went to the kitchen following her. While reaching the kitchen, I grabbed her from behind and put shut her mouth with one hand and grabbed her by the waist with the other one. I grind her ass against my crotch. Then I started to maul her boobs and my dick was already hard rock.

Me: I told you not to disobey me. I told deny him and notify me.

After that, I groped her left boob hard. She almost screamed!

Me: Now, I will have to give you punishment.

She struggled for a while and then calmed down. She was wearing a saree, so it was difficult to go inside her with her hands. Then I let my hand go from her mouth and rolled her over to my side and started to kiss her hardcore.

When I kissed her, I still felt Mouni’s saliva. But the taste was a bit different. Then I stopped the kissing and pushed her a bit.

Me: Tastes different, guess it is Ashok’s.

Then I softly pushed her to the floor. I created a fist and pushed my thumb outside like in the morning. I didn’t want to slap or hurt her, so I hopped on her. She started sucking on my thumb for asserting dominance. I waited for a while. Then I thought I had to give one, but then she understood and started to suck on my thumb.

I played with her lips with my fingers while she sucked thumb. Now it was time for the main part. While she sucked on my thumb, my dick was already hard rock. So while my one hand was busy with her lips, I removed and unzipped my pant and started to release my dick out of it. It was a hard task too with just one hand while getting distracted by the pleasure of the world. But somehow, I managed to remove my fully hard cock from my underwear.

Mouni was still sucking on my thumb while sucking and rolling her tongue around my thumb, I pressed her tongue to hold her and grabbed her jaw with my hand. She was looking straight at me and I took my dick close to her face. She tried to speak, but I hold her tightly. After a while, her mouth was getting full of saliva which was what I wanted. Then I removed my thumb still holding her face and told her to pull her tongue out of her mouth with full saliva.

It was so much that some also fell on the floor, the sight was heavenly! The Bengali bhabhi pulling her tongue out for my dick like a dog. It didn’t wait much and put my half dick on her tongue.

Meanwhile, Ashok told from the living room –

Ashok: Is everything ok? Did you guys find the juice?

I shouted from inside:

Me: Ya, all is fine. Bhabhi is just preparing the juice.

Then I told Mouni –

Me: Look, Ashok is outside. If you don’t finish this quickly, then he will see us. Then I don’t know what will happen. So the best thing is that you will bring my juice as soon as possible my lovely Mouni.

Before she moved, I just rammed fully inside her mouth. It felt amazing. It was a bit uncomfortable due to the pants, but it didn’t matter with bhabhi. Then I grabbed her head and pushed more down. She started coughing on my dick because she couldn’t breathe and more saliva came out of her mouth which made me hornier. She started breathing heavily so I let her go.

After some seconds, I purposefully dropped the dish on the counter, so Ashok might hear it.

Ashok: Do you guys need help?

I didn’t say anything. Just softly told Mouni, “Faster, faster, the time is running out.”

After that, she started to take my cock in her mouth like a hungry kid sucking a lollipop. She became extremely fast and good.

I grabbed her head and took it near to my dick and she started blowing me. It was far better than the first time and this time, she was doing great. Now I was about to end nearly even though it was just had been some minutes. I was overjoyed. I didn’t know how to feel about all this. It was like a dream come true. But it was a reality.

Then I shot my hot cum deep inside my Bengali landlady bhabhi’s throat and she took all of it. She was gagging on my cock. After releasing my load, I still had some to go. So I removed my cock from her mouth and she started breathing.

I then put all my power in and loaded the rest of the cum on her face. I held her with my hands. My cum was flowing from her face like her pussy last night. I wish I could take a photo of it!

Then I told her: Clean your face while I kick that bastard out.

Then I put my dick in my pants and dressed up and went to the living room.

Ashok: Did she make the juice?

Me: Yes, quite a lot. She drank some, but it got ruined. Anyway, bhabhi told me that she was busy cleaning the kitchen so told me to drop you at the door.

Ashok: Is she fine? Does she need help?

Me: No, she didn’t tell me. But she did look tired. I will help her if she needs anything. Bhaiya has told me to look after bhabhi in his absence.

He looked sad, but after pursuing, he left the house and I closed the door. Now every problem was gone and it was just me and Mouni.

I lost energy and quite a lot of cum from the last blowjob. So I sat at the table where the husband sits and called Mouni as her husband. She came quickly.

Me: Mouni, where is the food, I am hungry. After all, you took all my energy.

I grabbed her close to me and put her ass on my lap.

Me: I told you, this week I am in control. Think of me as your husband since I am the only male in the household. I know you are enjoying it too.

Then I pinched her ass a bit and she got up from my lap and stood up. I put my finger.

Me: Now go and bring me food.

We then ate the food normally and I told her about my day like her husband. She didn’t say much. After eating, I was quite tired due to the work at the office and last night. So this night was going to be a half, I didn’t want an all-nighter. Bhabhi was in the kitchen cleaning dishes. I took the I-pill and viagra pill from my bag. Then I got to the kitchen and gave Mouni both pills.

Me: This I-pill. We don’t want you to get pregnant, right? So make sure to take it every morning. Also, this is a pill for me. Take a glass of rum and put one pill inside it. I am going to take a shower. When I come out, I want you in a silk two-piece lingerie and a glass of rum on the table waiting for me. Ok?

Then I got close to her and gave her a light kiss on the cheeks and a tight spank on the ass. She nodded.

Then I got into the main room, took the bathrobe, and went into the bathroom for the shower. I started taking a warm shower and my dick was still semi-hard. I was still just thinking of Mouni and how she was becoming more and more mine with each sexual encounter.

After some time of bathing, I cleaned myself and then put on a bathrobe fully. Then I got out of the bathroom. There she was wearing a two-piece of lingerie that only hid her big boobs and pussy waiting for me. Then I saw the glass and took it from the table and sat on the chair like yesterday.

I pointed my finger at her again, sign her to come to me, and told her, “On four legs”. She thought about it for a while and then she got up and started to crawl like a dog.

Me: Slowly, and lift your ass a little like a kitten.

That scene was good enough for me to last all night! The Bengali bhabhi’s ass was twerking while she was moving. I was fully hard. When she came close to me, I opened the bathrobe and she knew what to do. Slowly, I opened my hard rock dick and held it in one hand and started to lick it slowly.

I held the rum glass in one hand while taking a zip each time she took full of my dick inside. After getting blown for a while, I finished the drink and now it was time for fucking. I stopped her by grabbing her head. My dick was full of her saliva. It was ready.

I grabbed her both boobs and mauled her hard and grabbed her close to me and got from the chair. While pressing one boob, I grabbed her by the ass and put her one leg on to me. Then I let go of her boob and held her in the mid-air by ass bums and then started to kiss her. She wrapped her legs around me.

Then I walked to the bed and threw her into the bed. She was shocked, but then I, “Shhhh” ed her. Her sick two-piece lingerie was something else. I removed the bathrobe and was completely naked. Then I jumped to Mouni on the bed, and before she could move, grabbed her legs and pulled her close to me.

After that, I started by kissing her legs and then thighs. I gave her some kisses and then moved close to her vaginal parts. The sick felt amazing on my face. My cock was already hard and also quite wet due to sucking. So I just pulled her lower lingerie to her legs and started to finger her pussy. Then I kissed the amazing kitty. Mouni tried to move her legs, but that just got me more excited and I went more into sucking her vagina.

Slowly, I licked the outer part of her vagina, so I got wetter inside it. She got quite wet down there, so I didn’t waste any time. I completely removed her lower part and just opened half of her boobs. Then I started to ram my hard cock inside of my Bengali landlady bhabhi. I grabbed her both hands to pin her down and then started to bite her boobs and nipples. I gave a good bit. She was moaning more and more.

With each shot, I rammed her I gave her a bit at the nipple which amplified her orgasms more. This time, I wanted to mark her big mango-sized boobs. Just after pushing it completely, I waited before I removed my cock and looked her in the eye.

It was clear as a glass that she wanted me to continue. But then I said, “Say it. Say it, that this is what you want me to do.”

I waited and then, “If you don’t, we can end it now.” She looked worried and then said it:

She: Pull out and in me.

Me: Pull what

She: Your big dick.

Me: Big, huh! Ok, say ‘please’.

She: Please.

Then I removed my cock and with all the force, I pushed it inside her. At the same time, my mouth grabbed her right boob nipple and bit her as hard as I rammed her. She was screaming in pain and pleasure. But I didn’t stop, I continued to fuck her hard while biting her boobs and nipples hard to leave my mark.

As I left her boobs from my mouth, she cummed hard. With all that hard cum flowing in her pussy, I could not stop and I busted all inside, getting her cum mixed with mine. Then I just collapsed on her while her legs were still wrapped around me and the cock was still hard inside her pussy. I put my face just above her boobs and just rested there for a while.

Then I was ready to go again. I removed her upper lingerie which was just holding her boobs. She was not ready but that didn’t stop me. I gave her a hard kiss and then rolled her back like yesterday. Now time for doggy style to come back. I fucked my Bengali landlady till almost half the night.

We just slept together naked while her head rested on my chest and her boobs were crushed against my body. I was quite tired, guess due to last night and the work that it ended early, but still, the image of her naked body sleeping on me was more than my fantasy come true.

To be continued.

I know this part was a bit longer. But hope you guys liked it. In the next one it’s going to be more exciting, so stay tuned.

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