Cute and sweet 18 virgin Part – 2

Hello everyone, its Rohan Jha again, this is my 2nd instalment from the 1st part sweet 18 year old virgin girl.

Lets come to the story.

After some good oral sessions for 5 days, not everyday, with my baby I want her more and more. I became addicted to her. I want to fuck her with love. But the problem was I cant meet her due to her strict parents.

One day I was with my friends at the bar and talking about our boy’s talk. But I was continuously thinking about my baby seeping my pegs and how to get her everyday. Finally an idea struck my mind. Once she told me that her parents don’t even send her for tuitions and was searching for a home tutor. So what if I become her home tutor. As she also have problems with the subject accountancy. And I m also from a commerce background too.

The next day I went outside her school to meet her. I told her about my idea. At first she was confused. So I told her to tell her parents exactly the way I narrated to her. She exactly told her parents the same way I told her. She told her parents “ pooja got more marks than me in accountancy by taking tuitions from Jha sir.” As we all know Indian parents only care more about marks so the idea worked. The very next day her mom called me on my phone to talk about the tuition. I agreed her to take tuition for her daughter. I also told her that I will be available only after 5 pm evening as I have office too. She said ok and fixed the tuition at 7 pm evening.

The next day I was very excited as I am going to my baby’s home for the first time. I dressed smartly to impress her parents. I dressed in white slim fit cotton trousers, maroon shirt and blue blazer. I reached there with my range rover exactly at 7.

As I entered the home the servant told me to sit for sometime. After sometime her mom came to greet me. She dressed as if she is going somewhere. Then she said “ I and my husband is going on a wedding. As today is Riya’s first tuition so we are not taking her.” By listening to this my heart danced with joy. Today is the day she will be mine for forever and luck is on my favour too. After sometime her husband came and instantly he recognised me and asked me “ aren’t you the owner of( company’ name) and son of (father’s name)?”. And I said “yes”. Then he told me that he and my father met at a project work. Then after some 5 minutes of chit chat Riya’s mom took me to her room. Finally there was my sexy sweetie pie wearing a white mini cotton skirt just till her upper thigh. And wearing a black crop top showing her cute sexy navel. Her mom said to her “ be nice to your sir and listen to whatever he says” and told her bye. I went outside to see off them.

Then I gave the servant rupees 5000 to go outside somewhere and not to come before 3 hours.

After sending him I went to her room. She was so shying, she was not even looking at me straightly. Damn she is sooo sexy and petite with cute sexy thigh and calf just 4 feet 10 inch in height. I lift her up from the chair by keeping my both hand under her cute little ass squeezing it. I started kissing her pink lips wildly biting it, kissing her cute tongue. Then I make her back lye on the wall. With the support of wall I lifted her with my left hand as she is only 40 kg and with my right hand I opened her top from the side of her shoulder. Then I started kissing her cute little boobs, took her whole boobs in my mouth, biting her nipples with love. My right hand went under her skirt and then inside her panty. Finally I touched her hairless cute little pussy which was very wet and hot. Her pussy hairs were just starting to grow very lightly. She trembled and shivered as soon as I touched her pussy. She hold me tightly with her hand at the back of my neck. I started rubbing her pussy smoothly with love and sometimes with fast motion, she was Cumming and cumming with hot cums. In that standing position only with the support of wall I managed to open her skirt and panty. Then with my both hands I hold her cute ass and lifted her till my face with the support of wall. There I saw her pink cute sexy pussy, her pink pussy was trembling and her cum was dripping. I started kissing her pussy, she was just moaning “plllllzzzz nooooo aaaahhhh aahhhh” grabbing my hair tightly. I bited her pussy lips, gave love bites on her pussy making it red and her pussy was just cumming and cumming. Her cums were dripping out of her pussy and was falling on the floor. Then I took her in my arms and throw her on her bed. I kissed every inch of her body from head to toe. I gave love bites on her thigh, kissed her sexy calf and her cute sexy bumps. I made myself nude flashing my six pack abs and my 7 and half inch dick which is thicker than her wrist. I came to her pussy while licking her clit I entered my middle finger, damn it is soo tight and hot. I started fingering her without breaking her hymen to make her pussy comfortable for my dick. Then I saw Vaseline body lotion on her dressing table. I brought it and applied on my dick till it was slippery. I also applied on her pussy and inside too till her hymen. Then I opened her legs as far it can go in a missionary position. I rubbed my pink head of my dick on her pussy line, on her clit. She just closed her eyes all the time and her whole body was shivering and trembling. I comforted her kissing her forehead and brushing her silky hair with my hand. As soon as she cummed again, within a fraction of a second I pushed my pink head of my dick into her pussy. She shouted in pain. I comforted her with love. I pulled my dick little bit and with some force I pushed through her hymen breaking it. I hugged her tightly comforting her with love. She was moaning in pain. Damn her pussy is so tight and cute. Her pussy walls were clenching my dick so tightly. Her tight pussy was too much to control so hot and wet. I never felt in this way with any girl. The feeling was just out of this world. I started giving her light strokes. The coldness of Vaseline and her hot wet pussy the feeling was awesome. After some 10 to 12 light strokes my sweetie pie was milking my dick with her white cum and was moaning with love. And this time I realised its time to fuck her hard. I increased my speed with very fast strokes. I fucked her so hard that every time I pushed my dick with force her ass bounces back to my dick due to her bouncy bed and making some “thap thap thap” noises. Her wet pussy was also making noises like “chap chap chap chap.” She was like “ aaaahhhh pppllllzzz its enough….” I ploughed her pussy so hard that I hit her cervix. Damn it was a great feeling. I became so horny I fucked her so hard that my balls were hitting her ass and my dick was hitting her cervix. She became so mad while hitting her cervix, she shouted “ roooohhhaaann tooo mucch aaaahh”. She is petite so her pussy canal is not so long so I hit her cervix easily. And that feeling is awesome. She was cumming and cumming. At last I cant hold it anymore and I cummed inside her hitting her cervix. When I pulled out my dick her pussy was still cumming for sometime with the mixture of my sperm and hymen blood. It was all done within 1 and half hour. I made sure that she would stay clean before her parents came back. Then I gave her some lessons on the subject accountancy for 1 hour. After that I came to my home and with my exhausted body I lay on my bed and did video calling with her.

The 3rd instalment of this story is coming soon.

Till then goodbye.


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