Daddy’s little submissive girl – Master slave story

We haven’t met in a while but never stayed far from each other. I’m her daddy. She loved one. She never failed in making daddy horny, and who knows better than daddy to make his beti wet.

Bangalore climate one can never predict. There will be fog in the morning and hot during noon. It will rain at night.

One common thing from morning to night was my hard dick, lol. It was ten o’clock in the morning, not very hot. But after the look of the weather, it was expected to be hot in the afternoon.

I eagerly awaited to see dad’s little girl at the Majestic train station. The train should come at any moment. I was dying to see her, wanted to get into one of the empty trains as soon as she arrived and fuck her mouth in the toilet.

It was like I could hear her lovely voice on the phone saying, “At 10:03, the train arrives. You will wait for me, yes?”

Finally, the train arrives. I look for Anamika (Anca). My heart beat faster than the train, probably with emotion or impatience. I love the feel. I saw her a few meters away from me. She removed her glasses. I guess she said goodbye to the nerd girl in her as she was heading towards me.

She was wearing a tight green T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Such a cute girl with the physique of a hot lady! She was carrying a big bag in her right hand, and on her left shoulder, it was her mobile and purse. She gets near me and smiles at me. I was already melting, and so does my dick, leaking the precum.

She stops before me and puts the bag down from her right hand. I remained silent, looking into her magical and mesmerising eyes. It follows a silence for about 7 seconds. After that, she breaks the silence, “Hello, are you not excited to see me, daddy?” She asked, smiling.

Before I said something, I smiled at her and said, “Yes, that’s a silly question. But I wanted to admire my fully grown beti. I can’t wait to taste dad’s little girl!” Then I take her in my arms and begin kissing her cheeks.

“I missed you a lot, daddy!” She told me after we kissed and we started hugging. As she was calling me daddy, no one got doubted. They thought it was pure love, but only we both knew the burning lust.

“I missed you too, beti!” I replied. After the loving embrace, I took her bag in my right hand, and Anamika held my left hand. Our fingers were locked. We were walking and holding hands. I kissed her hand. She was so happy that I was next to her.

After the way she was holding my hand, she asked me, “What are we doing today? Daddy”

“I don’t know, what do you want to do? Do you want to have coffee or juice?” She answered surprisingly:

“I will go to the pool. We can have a coffee or beer there.” And she smiled as whenever she was snogging herself.

“At the pool, now, daddy?” I asked her, surprised by her proposal. It didn’t seem like a bad idea. But it took me by surprise her desire.

“I want to get tanned, Daddy!” She told me, smiling but with a voice almost begging me.

“Maybe we’ll go. We shall see!” I liked to make her wishes come true. They were simple to get real, especially for her smile every time. I saw it was shining. Her face was lighting up. I put my hand In her back pocket and cupped her ass.

She went pale briefly and said, “Don’t make me wetter, daddy. Let’s go to a room.” I admired her smile. From the train station, we took a bus to the street where I live. When we arrived at my place, I was home alone. It’s just me and my Jack (greyhound). I asked her if she was hungry or if she wanted a coffee.

She said she wanted it after she came from the shower. She let the door open for daddy to see and enjoy. I was wondering how this small girl got so much courage.

While Anca was in the bathroom, I prepared something fast to eat and the coffee in the kitchen. It didn’t take long to finish the coffee. She went out of the shower in a white T-shirt and a pair of pink shorts. She enters the kitchen running towards me with one of her kisses.

At that moment, I felt like in seventh heaven feeling the taste of her sweet lips again. After she kissed me, she smiled, and I told her to go to the living room to eat and drink the coffee.

After we finished, she put her arms around my neck. She said, “What you say if we go there on the grass to relax, daddy?” In the front of my building is a spot with green grass.

Each year, everyone gathers there for barbecues in the summer. “You said you wanted to go to the pool.”

“I told you I want to get tanned. I forgot about the place in front of your building, daddy!”

“Fine, have it your way, come on!”

We took a blanket, a bottle of mineral water, ice cubes and scotch for her. We went out to the green grass. Being early, we were just the two of us. The place was empty like it was rented just for us. We lay on the blanket, and she remained in her bath suit. It was black with white stars. I was wearing shorts.

Anca lay on her back with the sunglasses on. I put some music on my phone and then began to look at her. She was so sexy in her beach suit. She was so sweet and beautiful. I was watching her, and I adored her beauty. “What kind of tan is that if you are not topless?” I said to her with an ironic smile.

“I think you want something else from me, not topless, particularly, daddy!” She replied, smiling. “What do I want from you, babe?”

“You know best what you want!”

I said nothing more. I looked at her and said, “Let’s go to our home.” The garden isn’t safe. Kids will be playing around. I started tickling Anca.

“Daddy, stop it! Stop it, please, daddy! Don’t make me laugh so much. I don’t wanna be a good girl, daddy,” Anca takes off her sunglasses and looks at me too.

We entered our home. She walked behind me and closed the door, not even locking it. I could not stay without kissing her. She was too beautiful. I began to kiss her and to feel her sweet lips again. I taste the flavour of her tongue while taking it into my mouth, caressing her abdomen.

Anca puts her hands around my neck. We were kissing with passion, and we were enjoying each other. I felt that she was mine, only mine. I began to give love bites and kiss her neck and boobs. After that, I stopped and touched her small breasts.

After that, I began to look into her eyes as if I was asking for permission to continue. She took off her bra, revealing her beautiful and small tits, and asked, “You wanna taste it, daddy?” I started kissing them while she was caressing my hair.

I felt that she was enjoying it. She was moaning from time to time. After I finished with her breasts, I went down to kiss her abdomen. She liked that too. Then I kissed her pussy through her bikini.  She closed her eyes and moaned again with pleasure.

Then I took off her bikini and began to kiss her pussy slowly. While I was doing that, she was horny and moaning with pleasure. Each of her body parts was so sweet that it could make you give up on sweets forever. You go to her when you are in the mood for something sweet.

After I kissed her pussy for some minutes, I got near her lips, and she took my face between her palms. I kissed her lips, stopped, and looked into her eyes. She was looking into my eyes, too, but still holding my face between her palms.

I said to her, “Anca, I love you!” She said, “I love you too, rude boy!” We got up and entered the bedroom, where we started making love.

“Daddy, I love your moustache when you kiss me,” said Anca.

I said, “I love you more when you call me Daddy.”

She said, “Daddy! Oh, daddy! Kiss me, make me your bitch. I want to be your whore, spank me, punish me, daddy!”

I asked her to get into doggy style and started spanking her until her ass cheeks turned strawberry red.

“Who’s daddy’s naughty girl?” I asked.

Guess I spanked her too hard. Her voice was trembling.

“It’s me, Daddy,” she said.

“What will you get when you act naughty or don’t listen to your dad?” I questioned.

“I get spanked, daddy.” She had a smile and joy while saying that.

I missed penetrating her vagina. It passed a long time since I had her. Our bodies began to move as one. Her mouth was hot. That was only the beginning of a holiday that we would spend together. Time spent with love and joy and, of course, sex in the intimacy of my house.

What to want more from life? To have a beautiful woman who can satisfy all your pleasures and fantasies. When a girl calls you daddy, it makes your dick act crazy. I got mine! So when you are a real Master, your slaves will search for and reach out to you. You can sit back and relax.

This is a small introduction about us. You’ll hear more about my beti, our sexual adventures, and funny moments.

Oops, I forgot to mention it in the intro. Anamika is a 19-year-old girl preparing for her Medical entrance. Basically from Bangalore, but her parents are staying in Pune.

She contacted me after reading my story ‘Books to bed – Start of a BDSM story’ For a while, we had many erotic nights on video calls and gave her tasks, punishments and many more.

Initially, she hesitated to send pics, but I don’t want to be fooled with some fake ID. Later she agreed, and we spoke for a couple of days and nights.

She was once told that she wanted to be dominated by a ‘daddy’ and has lots of daddy issues. She’s a really bad girl. After saying this, will any idiot say no to such a girl? From that second, I’m her daddy.

I’m Shiv, 29, from Bangalore, hope this erotic story made you wet. Interested bitches can text daddy/master at [email protected].

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