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I am Anish 18yrs old. I have completed my 12th std. I am my height is 1.7 m and my cock is nearly 6 inches. I am athletic and my skin color is black. I started watching porn during my 12th std when I came to know from my best friend. My family consist of me , mom , dad (working in oman) and a sister (married and settled in goa ). Me and mom are always alone at home. My mom works in a govt office and used to go at 8 am and return at 7pm. So I would be always alone at home. I had a wifi connection in my home.

It was the end of my 12th exams and it was about vacation. Me and my friend used to watch the teachers assets and make comments. But as this was holidays he has gone to a trip and no teachers and so I felt bored. First day of vacation my mom left , after that I took my father’s bike and gone for a round with my friends sighting aunties and girls. At 1 pm I returned in the afternoon. At that time a new neighbor was shifting to the house next to us. Actually we live in a rented house. In our compound there are four houses (old style ) comprised in a single building , same door for entry but separate doors for houses. My house door was next to the other house and two houses in the first floor. In that house there was no one for 3yrs.

I did not mind that went into my house and started watching porn and masturbating and playing games. This continued for 1month. I didnt even yet saw the neighbor. One day when I went out I saw a hot lady coming out from that house. Oh my god she was damn hot with two hot mangoes wrapped by a red saree. My cock stood up as soon as I saw her. She smiled at me I also smiled at her. She walked upstairs to take the dry clothes. I went inside the house and masturbated. Daily it was a treat for me to watch her assets whenever she walks and sweeps the floor.

One day I came out for seeing her I smiled at her she also. Suddenly she asked me son whats your name ?. I was shell shocked which I haven’t expected. I said my name is anish. Then I asked what was her name she told that her name was keerthana. Then she asked about my family and so on and we chatted for an hour blah blah.

Now let me say about her name is keethana. Her age is 46 which I could not believe. Her husband is working in chennai she’s all alone at house. Her daughter is married and son is studying in russia. She is a rich lady. According to me her sizes are 38-34-42 measurements. Her body is white in color her body shape is like kareena but too fat. I always masturbated thinking about her.We became friends in 1 week.

One sunday my mom was in leave she saw that neighbor aunt had kept the tap open. She started fighting with her. They both did not talk at all. Next day I saw aunt she smiled at me I said sorry for my mom she said its ok. I told my mom’s always like that. She suddenly invited me into her house. I was shocked but I went in. Her house was not so neat but nice. She asked what I liked to have I asked for a cup of coffee she went in.

She came with a coffee she bent down omg awesome cleavage. I was so hot. I drank the coffee and said its nice. I told her not to say mom about this because she was scold. She said ok son. She said she wanted to go to the market. So I went into my house. I heard her bathing sounds from her house. My house back had a bathroom which had a hole at the top. I put a chair and say her bathing it was not clear.

After sometime someone knocked the door it was her. I asked what problem aunty she asked me a help whether I can drop her in the market I was shocked. I took my discover bike and she got on the bike. It was awesome her body was touching my back what a scene. I went through a speed breaker a her boobs hit me my cock was at its higher. Then I dropped her in their she smiled and said thanks.

From that day on she used to ask help from me and I used to do it. These thing we unknown by mom. I used to go to her house even if she did not call. She was too friendly. My friends were jealous about me because I had a hot aunty near me in bike. My lust got higher and I wanted to fuck her. But she was too friendly so I didnt want to spoil that. One day I went to her house and knocked the door.

She opened the door oh my god she was in petticoat tied around her breasts. She said she was going to bath. I said ok im leaving. She said no come in no problem. Her boobs were exposing and ass. My cock was like a rod never before she went into the bathroom.

After 10mins I heard her call. I asked shall I come in. She said come in. She was with wet petticoat sitting in the bathroom floor washing clothes her nipples were protruding out. She asked me to take the soap from the top of the cupboard I put a stool and stood up to take the soap when I looked down aunties boobs were so hot. I couldnt control myself. I gave it to her. I said shall I leave to my house. She said what now only you came do you have any work , I said no. She said then stay. I asked do you need any help. No da she said. I planned to seduce her. I asked her whether I shall help her in washing clothes. She smiled and said do you know to wash clothes. I said yes. Ok then take the clothes from that bucket and wash it.

I also sat near her and started washing it. My dress also got wet. When washing once I took her bra and panties from the bucket. I soaped it she smiled at me and said dont you know how to soap bra. I said aunty I havent washed it before. She smiled uncontrollably at me and told to put it for soaking. We completed washing after 1hour. I told that I am going home. She said she was going to bath. I saw the towel in side and put water on it which she did not see. I went and she closed the bathroom. I know that she must come nude to pick up the towel.

After 10 mins she came out nudely , she was shocked to see me. For the first time I saw her nude. She thought I didnt see her. She ran into her room and came in a saree. She asked havent you gone. I said no aunty I was watching tv. She asked me how her new saree was. I said aunty you look so beautiful than the saree. I asked what surprise she said it was her anniversary and she was going to the temple and I went to my house…

Next day my mom did not go to the work because she had taken 5 days leave. Then in 5 days school started and I didnt see aunty for 1omonth because of my 11th extra classes daily. One day I got leave for completing the practical. I went to aunt house she was surprised. She asked how are you son I havent seen you for 1 month. I said busy. We talked for a few mins and went to home.

After 2hours in the afternoon I got a call from aunty I asked what she said in low voice that she had slipped in the bathroom. She asked me to come and help her. Her house was not locked. So I ran to the bathroom and say her lying down in the floor unconsciously her pallu was down and I lightly picked her and asked her whether to go to hospital. She asked me to take her to her bed. I kept my hand on her navel and picked her up she was heavy her saree feel down. Now she was in half saree. I used this chance to seduce her. When moving her I kept my one hand on her breasts and moved. I put her slowly in the bed. I asked whether to apply ointment she said yes. I took and came the ointment she said to push her saree. I also pushed the saree now she was in blouse and petticoat. My cock was like a rod.

I asked where it pained she said that her leg was paining I removed her petticoat. Then she said her chest is paining so hard do something I was scared I started rubbing her breast she was moaning. I understood that it was her plan because when she fell in the bathroom how she got the telephone. I removed her blouse and bra. I kissed on it. She asked what you r doing I said I doing what is to be done. For the first time I pressed a lady’s boobs she got into mood and pulled my cock out and licked it. I removed her whole dress and licked her whole body. For the first time I put my hand inside a lady’s vagina. I put my cock into her vagina which first pained then I started fucking her hardly.I then tried all fucking techniques. She was over enjoyed

She said that she was expecting this from me for 6 months. After that she removed her mangalsuthra gave it to me and asked me to tie it to her. Then whenever I get time I fucked her.

Now I am in 12th monthly once I used to fuck her. This act was caught by my mom which I would explain in the next part.

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