Daring Chance Encounter With Army Officer’s Wife

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About Me: I am a Madhan of 27 years, 6″ tall, south Indian complexion, broad shoulder and a well-built body. I basically belong to one of the cleanest cities in India, Mysuru, but currently working in Bangalore (which has all varieties of chicks/aunties).

Guys this is the story is on how with my luck, my dare due to the influence of alcohol, I banged sexy middle-aged horny lady Maya in the back of her car away from her army major husband.

In the congested backseat of her car with only the sound our deep breaths, Maya hurriedly pushed me onto the seat. I slept with my head over the car door, legs over her laps. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled it low till ankle.

Maya then pulled my jockey and my fully erect huge bulge popped out. In the pitch dark midnight, she held my bulging cock with both of her hands. With her hands slowly moving up and down my shaft, she looked into my eyes. I could see craving and hunger in her eyes.

She then slowly moved her head close to my wild cock and gave a gentle peck on my cock head. Then slowly, she started licking the cockhead like a kid licking candy. Slowly, she started taking my cock inside her wet mouth with her hands firmly holding the base of the cock.

I held her head with my fingers deep inside her dark hairs; she started sucking my cock with more vigor, taking it till her mouth had permitted. Her other hand just held my balls and she started moving her small wet mouth in and out of my wild cock so desperately. Oh god, I really couldn’t believe the flimsy chance encounter with a sexy hot angel, Maya.

7 hours before:

We reached back to the hotel after a successful army test trails. I received a call from my boss and he told me that a party has been organized by the army on the same evening. I wore a T-shirt, jeans and we colleagues (7 people) reached the party hall at around 7:30 P.M.

The party was set up close to the open beach, it consisted of a counter where they were serving alcohol and soft drinks. The sofas were arranged in a circular manner for sitting. Slowly, people started arriving at the party hall.

I was quite famous with the army officers and other stakeholders involved in the test trials. I shook hands with all the people in the party and did a little pep talk. Then I walked to the drinks table, scanned for brands and ordered myself a Chivas Regal on the rocks. The army officers started arriving; some alone and some with their family.

I stood slightly away from the drinks counter and close to the entry point and started chatting with army officers who came alone. The army officers who came with their family introduced me to their spouse and kid (if present). Later their spouse moved to the area where other ladies sat.

I started drinking slowly, savoring every sip of alcohol. When I was about to gulp down the last sip of my first glass, I saw an angel walking with an army major and a boy aged around 6. All the army officers’ spouses were hot and but this one had something which made my eyes pop out of the sockets.

He came wished me, “Hello Madhan, Maya (name changed) my wife and Preetam (name changed) my boy”. I shook his hand firmly and replied, “Hi sir, looking very smart”. I then looked over his wife; my eyes looked straight into her glaringly sharp eyes. I gave a gentle nod with a small smile in the corner of my lip and said, “Hello madam”. She responded with a nod and said, “Hello”.

The army major then started telling about my achievements to his wife, that I was the main person in the success of the test trails.

While he was telling about me to his wife, all walked straight to me on entering the party and shook their hands. I was not aged enough but my work, my expertise, and decisions during test trials earned me the respect which I was enjoying at that moment.

I talked and teased the little boy Preetam. With so much happening around, my eyes just couldn’t move away from angelic looking Maya as she walked to the seat in the circle with other people’s family members.

There were three circles of sofas arranged in a circular fashion next to each other. All spouses and family members occupied the third circle, all senior stakeholders occupied the first circle.

I filled my glass second time and stood in an angle that I could glance over Maya. The major was well-built, fair in color and with the profession as an officer, there was no doubt in him getting a wife like a heavenly beautiful angel Maya.

At that instant, just the imagination of seeing such a beautiful lady for real was out of reach of my mind. My eyes followed wherever Maya moved. In the dusky party lights, our eyes met briefly for a few times with no hint of a change of expression over both of our faces.

I saw Maya walking towards the drinks counter; I immediately gulped down the bottoms up and started walking towards the counter. The drink slowly started its effect. I went to the counter, stood next to Maya, kept the glass on the counter and ordered a repeat.

Maya took a glass of soft drinks, turned, looked straight into my eyes, (Oh god, can’t believe what was happening) gave a killer smile and walked past me. I took the glass, walked straight to the second circle of the sofa and sat in a place from where I could see Maya.

Let me describe Maya when I saw her first time with her husband. Maya was around 5.8″ tall, slightly toned dusky skin, a mixture of black and colored golden hairs, a small nose stud, dangling leaf type earring with a bit of blue color which was matching with her light blue floral printed saree.

Maya was wearing a matching colored blue bangle along with gold bangles. The light cajole was just increasing the sharpness of her knife-like eyes. Her body was well-shaped with stats of around 35-26-36. Her sexy figure and her bare hip were revealed slightly through her transparent saree.

I started drinking my drinks slowly with my eyes completely transfixed over lovely Maya. Meanwhile, they changed the slow background music to some hip-hop songs and people started dancing. I sat there with my eye meeting with Maya now very often; guys came and pulled me to dance.

As I started dancing due to the compelling officers, I caught Maya laughing seeing me, which just made me so horny. She was walking towards the counter again; I somehow got out of the crowded dance floor. With almost all the people’s attention over the dance, I walked to the counter carrying my half filled glass.

I walked and stood with my back over the counter, next to Maya. I looked all around for prying eyes; to make sure nobody catches us. She took the glass of cold drink and turned to see me standing next to her. Then I looked straight into Maya’s knife-like eyes and clashed my glass with her saying cheers. She just laughed with a blush.

I went close to her ears, and said, “You are killing me, madly”. I could smell her perfume. Well, I dared in doing the above act due to the influence of alcohol, her smile while I was dancing and most importantly her beauty.

I went back to my seat, with a thought on my act with the wife of an army major wife and controlling my urge in seeing her. Maya resembled in color and shape to actress Priyamani. Due to the cold breeze and the booze, my bladder was full. So I walked to the toilet which was outside the party location and cleared my bladder.

When I came out, I was shocked as well as happy in seeing Maya waiting at the female restroom which was occupied. I hesitantly and shamefully looked up and saw her. To my utter disbelief, she just smiled and walked into the restroom.

I waited there for Maya to return from the restroom. She came out and started walking in a new totally dark route with no hint of people. I started following her with a distance of around 5 feet between us. After a few steps, she turned, looked at me invitingly and continued walking.

We walked for almost fifteen minutes totally away from the awake world. She stopped near a car. I walked closer to her with only sounds of sea water hitting the stones on the beach. The party songs was now a far outcry and only the sound of her deep breath could be heard clearly. I held her shoulder and turned her towards me with my hands quivering slightly.

On hearing some sound, she immediately opened the car key and pushed me in the back seat of the car and climbed herself.

We sat next to each other, started looking around in the car window tensely to find the source of the sound. Maya let a relieved breath after seeing a few dogs coming out of the bushes. I really couldn’t believe that hot and wild Maya whom I saw just hours before was now sitting close to me in a cramped up car back seat.

We turned and looked at each other; she was looking horny and wild. I hugged her tightly with my hands moving over her bare hips, teasing with my fingers.

I then started sucking her ears, kissing her forehead, nose, cheeks and biting her lips. We kissed long and she tasted heavens. The smell of the perfume and sweat of her body was just driving the moment crazy.

She said that since her husband was a major, nobody dared to talk to her as closely as I did today.

Guys, a lengthy story is always boring to read and I wanted to explain every minute details of the scenario. In our next part, I will continue explaining our wild session.

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Thank you all ISS friends.

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