Dazzling Girlfriend And Her Cousin Brother

Hello my dear sex story lovers and I believe reading a sex story is more arousing than watching xxx movie. This is very exciting to write my own story again. Let me not bore you with my philosophies of life.

Hi, I am Kalyan Karthik from Hyderabad but born and brought up in Vizag. I am 24 years old whitish white in color and 6 feet tall and go to Talwalkers 3 times a week. I am software professional and working in Infosys, Mysore campus.

This story is about my Girlfriend who is a Biotechnology student in an Engineering college in Hyderabad. She is 5.8 inches and pretty tall for a woman. She is fair and has rosy cheeks. She is 4 years younger to me.

Anyway her name is Nithya and she is a Reddy by caste and her stats go this way 34-30-36 and pretty good for a 5 foot 8 inches. Her 34″C size boobs are just like pure knockers.

I have touched many women boobs but these are something different because they are not soft like others, they are really hard and hard knockers. I used to bang my head with those boobs whenever we were nude.

She really made me slog to reach her. I mean when I was roaming around her proposing her and all that stuff she made it very tuff. So that made me pressure her at first she looked like a quite girl who don’t know anything.

I literally roamed around proposing her whenever and I could whenever I got her alone for two fucking years. I mean I waste my two precious years roaming around her and if I thing was it worth it? Yes it really was. She was worth it. You guys will know why.

I have been reading Indian sex stories ever since it came into existence. My favourite categories are Incest and Group and they really turn me on and every day I read at least one story before I go to sleep and if the story is hot and I masturbate.

This is my daily routine every day. Now back to my story, During my days running around my girl and proposing her and she used to come to kukatpally theatre called bhramarambha with her family members and sometimes alone with her elder cousin bro who is 6 years older to her.

He is very dark and taller than me, about 6.2″ or 6.3″ and when she came with her cousin brother during the break time and I used to go to her and propose her again and again because her cousin bro used to go to get pop corn and drinks during break and she used to sit alone and that was the time

I used to propose her and that too at second show timings. Movie hall used to be empty because she used to come after 20 days or 50 days after the movie released with her cousin brother things went on like this and one fine day and she accepted my proposal and that was my happiest day.

The usual stuff like kissing hugging and then getting nude and sucking boobies started. One day out of little hesitation I kept my dick near her Seductive lips when I was on top of her sucking her boobs and she took my cook into her mouth and sucked it really smooth and dry just imagine what I must have felt at that time.

My Semi sold cock became super solid hard cock like a real rock. My first fuck with her was on that day. Down under her cotton black flower print panties she was wet like pond and so wet that I have never seen or felt anything till date even with my real cousin sis who I fuck now and then.

So I fucked her real bad for about an hour in the dark I did many bad things to that cute pussy. I licked it fingered it with 3 fingers, Fingered her ass after that fucked her pussy she was moaning like hell sweet soft moans.

Fucked her in missionary, fucked sideways fucked doggie fucked her on top. After one hour or solid fuck she went into the bathroom and I followed her in and saw something I have achieved. She was bleeding. She was a virgin.

I was extremely happy with my achievement and we slept together and the usual love stuff. This carried on for some months then I started to open up and used to ask her about her fantasies and who looks at her in a slutty sexy way.

Who is behind her in college etc surprisingly she used to tell me about the guys in her college and one guy in particular who proposed her and kissed her squeezed her boobs in college bus. This kind of things that happened in her life made me horny and I used to fuck her imagining all kinds of sexy stuff.

I used to make her read the sex stories along with me and in particular she was interested in Incest stories. I confessed to her that about my cousin sister who I was eyeing from a long time but didn’t fuck or did anything by that time and I have asked her if she liked anyone within the family.

Now the real story which dazzles you will start. I want to continue the rest of the story her itself but. I would really want to know if my story is exciting for you guys. So mail me with comments and requests. I am open for both positive and negative replies at [email protected] see you guys in my mail box.

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Mindblowing Threesome

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