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Hi, just like you people I am a regular Indian sex stories reader too… This is Sam Anderson of 22 years old, who would like to share the story little creatively with you. I am an average, well grown, good looking and a decent guy. This incident has occurred some two years back in my hometown.

To begin with a story, I am an average studying boy in class seventh and eighth standard. Usually all of my friends, they use to go for tuitions in the evening. I usually love to enjoy my time at home by watching cartoons, tv serials, etc ., etc ., our neighbour who is staying in the side portion of our home is a teacher working in a government school has married and has a kid who goes to school.He is really a very good person (outside the class). But when it comes to the subject , he is a different guy. He use to take classes freely, but there were times where those boys used to get beaten by this men very badly. One day a girl two-year elder to me joined his tuition. There were only three boys now she is the fourth one. Since am gonna complete my class 8, I wanted to have a life outside my home. For that sake, I joined tuition. Our sir was really happy I joined his tuition. Classes’ usually goes normally and during the test ( mostly on Saturday’s ) those three fellows used to get beaten up very nicely from our teacher.

Till that day either I or raghavi have not got any scolding’s or beatings from sir. We are considered to be the topper within ourselves. That one bad day, raghavi’s performance was very bad. As usual, I have managed to copy answers from her paper and some from the textbooks ( which other people are scared to do but I did it somehow ) kept nearby and I got a decent score. I went back home thrower’d my bag took a stumper ball and started to bowl simply on the corridor . Suddenly a crying sound came from sir’s room. Loll I wanted it to be raghavi’s and it is heir’s. I wanted to know what’s happening. He took an iron scale and gave a nice slap. He made her hand red. She came out with crying face. She looked frightened. I was laughing at her. She starred angry at me. And I went back to home. As expected the next day her cycle was not there. Thenmozhi (sir’s wife ) said to sir try to handle students little light .

They are afraid of u. Mani, john and ahmed are having their face as a positive node for her response. That day he gave some 10 – 15 problems for all of us. It was simple compound interest related problems. I got confused with the problems by changing formulae. Till that I was thinking, I was his favourite student that he will not attack me. But that day he brought a bamboo stick from somewhere and kept near. He called showed the first sum ( enaku gethi kalngiruchu ) . That time then mozhi was trying to cut some vegetables for night dinner . Her nightly was lifted up to her knee level .( I guess they have planned something for their night..

Who knows ) one damal sound on me . For the third sound she put her nightly down and checked what’s happening. She saw me. I saw her . I believed she would save me . But that bitch went inside to take care of her kid. Goiyalla, I got beatings almost in all the hand and leg which has turns to red . It pained like hell then I came and sat back. My three mates said some good words to me, as though they have done phd for getting man handled. We laughed for a while and we winded up for the tuition . My friends left. I took my books tried to keep in my bag and suffered to walk . While going out as usual I jumped a bench ( thinking am normal ) slipped and fell on the floor . Knee got sprained. I shouted in pain. Sir came running checked what happen. He asked then mozhi to bring some ayurvedha medicine and asked me to apply on it and he went. I applied, mozhi asked me to wake up and she made me to sit on a desk. She turned to her left as the kid called her and she shouted back something in return and I noticed her nighty below her arm pit have torn a little .

I have no idea weather it has torn before or not but I could see her belts of her black inner wear. I kept seeing it for a while when she has turned. Now she bent down to my knee, first time in my life her hair, the smell was seducing. I looked at her cleavage very deeply inside. I saw her crack. It was very white and nice. I got bonner. She asked me to go home safely. I nodded and I turned back to go home. When she turned again I turned and I remained at that place watching thenmozhi’s ass . The rhythm of her ass made my bonner a harder one . I went to home. Left my bag, closed the bathroom door. Made myself private. Job done!!

The next day raghavi came little early. My friends also came. So I also went for tuition .Friends were advising me like first time only it will pain. Then u will get used to it bro. There was bursting of laughter. Thenmozhi crossed the way. I never looked at her. Meantime raghavi’s hand was so red. Ahmed asked what happen .Raghavi said nothing. Then I told what has happened inside the other room .She asked me to stop. I didn’t. She again looked at her hand and was angry on me. Everybody made fun of her. In the middle mani has imitated how raghavi would cry and she got upset again. She looked at me saying as though I should stop laughing. But I kept laughing.A very next moment thenmozhi came outside and asked me how the leg condition is. I said it is fine. Then she went inside and I watched her ass again. I forgot what had happened here. But my mind was behind thenmozhi’s ass. Ahmed told how I got beatings last night. There was a smile in our raghavi’s face. Raghavi came inside and asked ahmed what has happen. That asshole told everything and now she kept laughing. She was very happy for me. John enquired about knee damage. I said how I broke my knee. Again laughter broke out

Raghavi while going looked at me and went. I too looked at her. Raghavi is on her tenth studying for her public exam. She is little dark with soft melons lean and small hip. She is basically from a poor family. The next day it was kid birth day. Thenmozhi showed me only 3mm on her saree with her hips . The kid gave one 5 rupee chocolate for me and other friends. When I was playing the chocolate went and fall inside the dustbin. I could not take a chocolate so I took raghavi’s and ate. When she was searching for it, my best and close friend informed said am the culprit. She asked me for her chocolate. I showed my tongue out with chocolate in it. She demanded for it so I convened the kid and asked a chocolate. The kid ran inside dinning hall. I pulled the hair and got the chocolate.

Raghav came behind me and scolded me not to torture younger people. I said, I am just trying to get a chocolate for u and I gave her one full chocolate. She said that I have consumed only a little portion of her chocolate. She said she goanna take a whole big bar and she put in her mouth. I went and caught her lips without chewing . Bt still she was chewing. I simply asked her to give her chocolate that a part of it is mine . She nodded negative. So I grabbed my senior raghavi’s mouth and forced her to split the chocolate. She had 70 % chocolate inside her mouth and rest out. I went near her lip made my lip ( first-time lip touching other lip ) and took it. While she was going she pinched my cheek and ran away. While she runs her soft melons bounced and jerked that day too. I came out of dining hall as though I went to pee.

Next day Sir was absent and its goanna be the end of our class. Thenmozhi asked us to read on our own and went. That day my friends took excuse from thenmozhi and went home. We noticed a chocolate in the kid’s bag. I tried to go take that one but thenmozhi came. The moment thenmozhi went outside the room. Raghavi like a thief crawling (forgot she got her ass where I could fuck her till she bleeds. She crawled like a child) took a chocolate from and came back. She teased me with her chocolate. I suddenly grabbed it and put on my mouth. I was laughing and she came over my top (I was sitting on my lap) and trying to hit my head with both her hands. I tried to push her. When she went back I realized. I allowed her to hit my head that her boobs were just hitting my nose mouth and eyes. I pushed myself back (pretended as though she took dominance on me) and yes I made her fall on me. She is a sex bomb. My face got hide on her boobs. I put my hand on her back and rubbed upside down. Her face and hair were next to me.

She tried to wake up from me using her hand. So I voluntarily pushed her hand from the floor support and I touched her ass… Wow… The primary cum came out on my inner wear that time. This time her curling hair, nose, and part of her lips touched my lips and cheeks. Still, she wants to go out so she directly pressed her boobs against my chest, crawled on the side, immediately I kept my hand at the sides to touch her hip and ass. She rotated her body. Woke up and went into the toilet. She came out with a smile on her face that I guess she adjusted her dress and came. She kept smiling the whole session and never looked at my face. Oh man, it is the another day am jerking off!!!

The next day Sir took an extra class for us the whole time and said this the last class for u.. He said all the best. I was confused why he says now and he asked us to do exams well !! They all said thanks and left the room. I asked Sir why it is so necessary to close tuition now. He said for their schools the have exams so they requested to finish the session by today itself it seems. ( am from a different school) fuck!! This I don’t know because as usual, I came late to class. I went outside. Those fuckers have left and raghavi walked slowly to her cycle. I went behind slowly. She took her cycle and she was standing without taking her cycle. I am standing some little two metres back watching her back without uttering a word. . .

There was perfect silence. I wanted to ask her address or at least her phone number. I took a step forward. Now then mozhi shouted my name from inside. Raghavi got frightened and she went. I don’t know what to do. I went inside their home with an angry face, she gave me a fish piece and asked me to look for salt (waatha, I hope u guys would have understood what would be my mind voice ). I said to Sir that I will study here from tomorrow as I could not study at home (hoping she will come to tuition). He happily accepted it

From that day on . One week I sat alone regretting what I have done for myself. Since I am the only person, sir was talking freely to me. He used to study for his service commission and other exams. Sometimes sir and thenmozhi used to fight for their family and relatives problems. In forthcoming days they keep fighting and it had become their daily routine. One fine day I was in the corner with my book under it I had remote and these fellows were fighting. It was around 9 pm. Every day they will send me earlier irrespective of their fight. But this day sir was scolding thenmozhi’s mothers being a bitch blab la and stuff.

It’s 9 pm and I cant miss my “ midnite haute “ in ftv channel . The only channel where there is a possibility to look at a girl topless. Mostly they all will come in bikini (not like now. Those good old days they are the only option for my satisfaction. A bikini picture will itself will turn me on ) so I switched to ftv and put it on mute. I was watching it with ready position to switch to the channel. I got super excited coz I have seen a topless girl

Suddenly mozhi came out of a room and shouting at his husband. Wtf !! Remote not working. She saw me, due to stress she opened the bedroom door and went inside. I thought am dead.Sir came out took his scooter and went away. I don’t know what to react if she comes out. Already she is in anger if she comes out she would scold me as she can. After a while, she came out. Her eyes looked tired and cried. She had her face washed. She went inside the kitchen immediately started to do something. I pretended as if am playing with the kid. She came out of the kitchen and said “don’t watch unwanted channels on tv. It’s late go home”. I took my books and went home.

I stopped going tuition then. I regularly use to go to their home simply whenever am free. It was class 12. One Sunday morning I was having a book and sitting in a corridor. I went inside the living room. Took a comb and groomed my hair. Suddenly thenmozhi went inside the kitchen with only her in skirt covering her boobs above her thigh. I got her on my mirror. I don no weather she had seen me or not. I guess she is getting ready to take bath and she would have forgotten her shampoo something like that. I really want to use this opportunity. She went inside the kitchen and was looking at me whether am going out. So I made a sounded step and went outside. And kept an eye on the kitchen door whether she is coming out or not. I silently went near the kitchen door. She was doing something on the gas stove. The door was half open, I enjoyed seeing her without disturbing the door. Her ass with that skirt made to lift shirt so high. She turned to take something I got frightened and went inside the toilet. I simply washed my legs. I heard footsteps approaching with her jingle anklets.

My heartbeat pounded faster. In the bathroom, there were set up ready for sexy women to a bath full of her beauty. I suddenly opened the door and thenmozhi with her hot water in her hand poured on the sides. She slipped and fell down. She shouted ouch and scolded me can’t you watch your way. I was also on the floor. Nobody got hurt. But some hot water had sprayed on my pants on the sides. Her skirt boobs are now visible. Clearly, am seeing her nipples (any nipple for the first time) on her skirt. I slowly tried to wake up again I slipped and felt. She shouted at me. I replied it is slippery and I can’t do anything. She woke up and now I could smell her pussy hair. Her armpits had some hair in it. She had heat boils on her shoulder back. My hand slightly traced her boobies and I woke up. She made me stand and went inside the bathroom. She said she is going to take bath and asked me to go home safely.

I said it is paining. She asked me to go bath. I said ok am going. I tried for any door key holes where I could see her bodies (most iss stories taught me this). Here I can’t see anything. I quickly went home took a bath and came back. She wore a dress with a shawl everything covered. I asked whether she has got hurt somewhere. She gave me a look to which I can’t understand what it means and said no. I didn’t eat that morning. She noticed a mild crack on my chin which would have been cut from tile I guess. It bleeds mildly. I don’t know. My head had a pain. And I could not see things clearly. Yea the chin had hurt and it’s making me unconscious. She said my name two to three times. I nodded my face. She quickly went in and brought water. I took little and kept aside. She asked whether she wants to sleep, I didn’t give a reply. She asked me to come to her bed room.

I said no and tried to lie on the floor. She sat next to me and asked me are u ok. I said yes. She asked what’s happening. I said am feeling little giddiness’ I asked her can u put some boring power on my chin. She applied it gently. And sat next to me. It is a dark room at the corner of the house. Suddenly there was a power cut. I can’t breathe. She brought me a pillow and gave it to my head. I kept it for a while. Then I pushed away from the pillow and took her lap. She didn’t say anything. It’s sweating and mood deviated for me. After a while, I kissed her hip and naval part by moving the head. She shivered. I kept my mouth near it and I never took it back. She didn’t say anything. I slowly lifted her bottom salwar and for the first time I kissed a bare women stomach, it was dark. There was no light.

My head is paining I don’t know what’s wrong. I cannot see anything but I kissed her all over. I kept my hand on her hip her lower back and felt her. Slowly over her dress, I gently circled around on her nipples and press it slightly. I saw her now. And she was looking at the ceiling and enjoying. Then I put my head down rotated my whole body backside and started to kiss her pussy. She tried to take away my head but I kept kissing her. She cared my hair.

I slowly got up kissed her body from her bottom to top. I took my hand I kept my hand up. I slowly lifted her tops. It got struck in her boobs. Then I lifted little harder then I found her hanging boobs with her bra. Which I cant see it clearly. I kissed all over her face. I gave her my lip and she never gave me back. She put her tongue inside mine and don’t know what she is trying to do. Her saliva is all over in my mouth. She kissed my neck and again took my kips. I removed her bra. Took those boobs in my hand. So so so soft and nice. I licked her boobs and enjoyed allot.

I removed my shirt. I have an average body. Suddenly before removing my inner banyans she hugged me and kissed me on my neck. I grabbed her hair took her out removed my tops with pants and cock urges me to let it free. I removed her pants.She kissed all over me and took my penis in her hand. She played with it for sometime and took in her mouth. She did it for some time till I cum. She pushed me down the floor and kissed me all over the body. She played with my hair and never opened her eye. I removed her bottom inner wear and I could not see anything. I tried to put my finger inside but I don’t know where to put. She took my finger and showed the pathway. I fingered her for a while and took my tool in my hand.

She spread her legs wide apart. I took my dick put it inside her vagina. She gave a sound ahhh !!! And I kept putting it inside, she kept saying ahh!! Ahh !! Ahh !! Then I took a ride on her. I took her to the doggy position and again I kissed her pussy made her to water for a while. Then I fucked her to the last breath. I was about to cum immediately I slowly kissed her lower back softly touched her ass and took out my penis. I thought I could put my sperm on the floor but turned her back and hugged the pillow. I masturbated it and put it on her leg thighs. I kissed her. She gave me the pillow. I took my head on it. She kissed the wound, she gave me a tight lip lock and kissed my forehead. She kept her head on my abdomen and moved her hand over my body up and down. We slept for a while. The power came. I brushed her hair. She woke up and made me wear my innerwear. She kissed my penis on the top. She kissed my tummy.

She made me wear all my dress but I don’t know why she remained naked. She hugged me and asked me to go. I kissed her on her lips went I took it back she kissed me again. And asked me to go.The next day some relatives came to their home and I could only see her but I can’t go near her. For the first year of my college, it’s a residential college. I went I came back after a month. As usual, I jumped the wall like a class 8 boy and went inside the home. There were strangers in the home. They asked me who am I. I said my name. Oh, your that person joined in Chennai huh they said. I said yes. One aunt said we have come here only two weeks back and we have seen u three days before on the top of ur home who grabbed clothes for ur home. I smiled. Anyway I said am Sam and let us keep in touch and I came back.. And where is thenmozhi ???

Don’t hesitate to contact me. Good and secure relationships are always invited with Sam ladies. Girls, married women and aunties. I have changed all the characters names here. So give your valuable comments to [email protected] .

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