Deflowering My Girlfriend In Pune – Part 1

Halla amigos! This is Sam, back with a new story.. First of all thanks for all the lovely feedbacks.. I’m glad you all are liking my stories.. This story is about me and my girlfriend during my final year of engineering in pune.. Lemmi tell you about the girl.. She was my junior studying in a different department.. We first met during the annual function when I was in second year.. We were dating since then.. She was a ravishing girl with awesome looks and a smoking hot physique.. She had a flat belly, round boobs and a curvy ass.. In short she was the total package.. She was a girl from a nearby town who was staying at her relative’s place in pune..

After almost 10months of our relation we had the opportunity to make love.. It was during navratri when her folks were out of town for a couple of days.. We had decided that we would go for a night out with a few more couples from our college group.. But unfortunately at the very last moment our trip got canceled.. We were really upset.. Actually we were very excited about the trip.. We had planned so many things that we would do..

We were going to spend the night together at the resort.. But all those plans had flushed down.. The morning when her people left for nagpur she asked me to meet her.. We met at a café near her place.. She was really sad.. We spoke for a while when I hesitantly asked her if we could spend time at her place.. She denied.. She was scared because of the neighbors.. I still tried to convince her.. But she did not listen.. We had lunch together and I dropped her near the same café.. I came back to my apartment where my friends were planning a booze party that evening..

By 7 we were ready to go out when I got a text from her saying she wanted to spend that night with me! I was shocked.. I immediately called her asking if she seriously said that.. She said yes and asked me to come to her place.. Since she was staying in a building she told me to be ready by 9:30 and once she gave me a call I was supposed to enter her building.. I was pretty much happy.. Till now I had hugged, kissed, smooched, even sucked her boobs but never got the chance to make love to her.. Finally it was my lucky day! I was desperately waiting to reach her place.. She was supposed to cook dinner for both of us.. I somehow convinced my friends that I would not be able to party with them that night.. It was really very difficult for me.. Finally it was 9:30 on the clock.. I was near the café waiting for her call.. Finally after about 10min I was in her apartment..

She was wearing a low neck white tee and a blue shorts.. Her hair seamlessly flowing down her shoulder.. She looked stunning.. We hugged and smooched right behind the door for almost 10min.. I carried her to the couch and placed her on it and again we kissed for a long time with our tongues involved..We were squeezing each other’s body.. I was sucking and biting her lips and tongue and she was replying me in the same manner.. There was a sudden knock on the door.. We were shit scared.. She peeped through the viewing hole to find out that it was the next door kid who had come to return the speakers which he had taken the previous day.. We were relaxed..

We then decided to turn out the lights in the living room and go to the kitchen for dinner.. We took the food in a single plate and ate together like real husband and wife.. We even fed each other.. After dinner she stood up to clean the kitchen slab when I hugged her from the back and started kissing and biting her on the neck.. Soon my hands started squeezing her soft boobs.. She started moaning softly and asked me to control my desires with a naughty smile.. I wasn’t ready to let go of her so she hit me with her elbow and pushed me away.. We had a silly laugh and I went to the bedroom and turned on the tv.. She came in within 5mins.. Turned off the lights and asked me to put on the night lamp.. It was just 10:45pm.. We had the whole night.. She called her aunt to inquire about them.. They spoke for a while before she hung up..

Now it was our time.. I grabbed her in my arms and pulled her close to me.. We started kissing passionately.. While kissing she came on top of me.. I took off her tee, unhooked her bra and threw it away.. I could see her boobs glowing in the deem light.. Her nipples were already hard.. She had Goosebumps all over her body..

I started squeezing and sucking them.. She was moaning softly.. She was enjoying the warm and wet touch of my lips on her boobs.. I circled around her hard nipples with my tongue.. Sucked them and sometimes even bit them.. It pained her a bit but she was pretty much liking it.. She was caressing my head and pushing it deeper into her boobs which made me difficult to breath.. I then rolled over onto her.. She took my tee off.. Now we both were naked from the waist up.. I was still sucking her boobs.. Slowly I slid down to her yummy tummy.. It was so soft and smooth.. I inserted my tongue in her navel.. It was tickling her..

I then slid down more to kiss on her inner thighs below her shorts.. She was shivering.. It was the first time she felt the breath of a guy near her pussy.. Yeap! She was a virgin! I slowly unbuttoned her shorts and slid it down.. She was wearing a sexy red panty.. She felt shy and tried to cover it with her hands.. I came up near her face and kissed her again.. She was a bit relaxed by now and started pushing me down.. I guess she wanted to get rid of her panties too.. I reached near her pussy.. It seemed already wet due to the pre cum.. I kissed her on the inner thighs.. She was shivering.. I was teasing her.. She could feel my breath on her panties but I wasn’t touching it.. Not even with my hands.. She then grabbed my head and pushed it on her pussy.. I was forced to kiss it..

Now her panty was half wet due to her pre-cum and half wet due to my saliva.. I took it off slowly and gave it a soft kiss.. She had shaved it clean.. Obviously it was her first time.. She wanted it to be very special.. I started kissing her pussy lips.. Then brought in the tongue.. She was enjoying it.. (thanks to anju I had become pretty good at giving oral pleasures..) she was rubbing her clit.. Suddenly she had shiver in her body.. Squeezed her legs, pressed me hard on her pussy and had a huge orgasm.. Her cum was all over my face, inside my nose, on the bed, everywhere.. She was embarrassed.. But I liked it and licked her clit..

I cleaned my nose and came back to her.. We started kissing again.. She then slid her hands in my pants.. And took it off along with my undy in a single go.. My dick was already rock hard.. She started jerking it.. Her soft touch aroused me even more.. She slowly moved down, first kissed and licked it on the tip and gobbled it like a small kid sucking a candy.. Her warm breath and tongue was really amazing.. She made me cum within no time.. I told her that I was about to cum but she still continued sucking and drank up all my cum.. Oral session was really amazing one.. Now it was time to deflower her. I reached my pants for a condom.. But she stopped me and told me that she wanted her first time to be without a condom.. I was shocked.. She told me that she had already bought the contraceptive pills.. Smiled at me and we again started kissing each other.. Within a few minutes I was hard to break her hymen..

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