Delicious Sweaty Afternoon Sex With My Cousin Sister-In-Law

Hi friends I’m Arun. I’m here to share my unforgettable inter-course wit my cousin sister-in-law a week back. Her name is Priya. She is a mid aged beautiful woman. She is 34 years of age. She is fair complexion. She stays abroad with my cousin and comes to India for 15 days every year. They also visit us every time they come home. I’m in constant touch with her and my cousin in a social networking site. They do not have kids and they have also stopped trying anymore.

Exactly a month ago, as me and my sister-in-law were chatting in the social network site she asked me about my love life. As I kept answering her questions she understood that I’m single and ready to mingle. She slowly took a step further and started asking about my interest in sex. I got tensed as she asked me this question directly and out of tension I told the truth that yes I’m interested in fucking a girl/woman. She thought I spoke frankly and so she also opened up. She said she is also desperate to have sex as her husband stopped trying with her on their sex being unsuccessful. She though not for having a baby was interested in having casual sex.

As we proceeded with the topic she asked me if I would be interested to sleep with her. At that moment, I was going through a mixture of tension and joy. I did not know what to say but as her intentions were very clear I accepted to have sex with her. But as she was in abroad then, I asked her how and when to do it. To that she said, she and my cousin are coming to India next month and her husband was making a plan to go to a out of city picnic with the family. She if both of us could stay back then we will be alone at home and can do it leisurely.

Before starting to India my cousin informed my parents of the plan to which they readily accepted. 2 days before the picnic I pretended as if I have some tight work in the next week and cancelled my program of going to the picnic. On the day of picnic they along with my cousin’s parents came home. She was wearing a red kameez and tight yellow pant. We were chatting and having fun. They decided to have lunch and planned to start after that. When they were about to start, Priya complained of headache and said she doesn’t want to travel now.

I started feeling happy inside and suddenly my cousin dropped a bomb by asking “if 2 are not coming, then shall we cancel the picnic??” Both of us jumped in shock and said in a desperate mood “Doesn’t matter. U people carry on” They then looked at each other and decided to proceed with the picnic asking her to take rest. Both of us felt very relieved.

As they left, I closed the door, turned and looked at her. She smiled at me and asked if I was ready?. Hearing it my dick started growing big. I controlled myself and said Yes. She said “then lets go to the bedroom” We entered my bedroom and she tried to close the door. I stopped her and asked “Why to close it when no one is at home” She gave a starring smile at me giving an impression that I’m naughty and left the door open. I was standing about 3 steps away from her and we were looking at each other. Both of us were feeling very shy to start.

After sometime I stepped close to her, slowly grabbed her fingers, lifted her hands and kissed the back of her palms. I then slowly rolled my hands over her waist and she put her hands around my neck. I slowly kissed her cheeks and dragged my lips down her cheeks and kissed her neck and then her jaw. Then as I slowly went to her lips she initiated and sucked my upper lips. I then slowly slipped my tongue into her mouth and she sucked it with great emotion and passion.

As we were enjoying a deep kiss I opened the buttons in her kameez. She immediately took her hands out of her sleeves leaving her kameez to hang on her boobs and removed my T-shirt. She was wearing a red bra which was covering a small portion of her big boobs. I desperately wanted to see her boobs and so quickly removed her bra strap from her shoulders, removed the hooks, took the bra out from her body and threw it to the ground.

I lowered her kameez a bit more and started sucking her one boobs and was pressing and squeezing her other boobs tightly. She kept saying mmm sss ohhh sss mmm. She after a few seconds lowered her hands and grabbed my dick over my pant. She then dipped her hands into my pant and pulled my dick out. I immediately lowered my pant and underwear and got myself nude. She loved it as she said “wow” looking at me nude. She kept shaking and massaging my dick and I slowly lowered my hands and inserted my fingers between her legs. I rubbed my fingers between her legs and her pant was so tight that I could clearly feel her pussy as if I’m rubbing it directly. I then slowly untied the knot in her pant and as she raised her arms i removed her kameez and she was fully nude in her upper body.

I then pushed her on the bed and slowly removed her pant kissing her fleshy thighs, her knees, her legs and her feet. I suddenly couldn’t resist my temptation that I’m going to fuck a woman 11 years elder to me and so I stripped her red panties in a flash. I spread her legs and saw her very clean shaved pussy with no sign of hair around it and her pussy lips well out. I opened her pussy lips and saw the delicious pink flesh inside and a beautiful little hole waiting for my dick to fuck it. I licked and sucked her pussy tightly and she kept moaning mmm aaah ssss ooooh ohhhh sss mmmm with arms raised holding the top of the bed tightly. And it was finally the fucking time came as I slowly removed my mouth from her pussy, lowered my outer skin in my dick bringing the inner flesh out and moved up kissing her stomach, licking her navel, sucking her boobs, licking her salty underarms.

With her legs spread wide and me lying over her body with hands around her shoulder and with my dick kissing her pussy, I saw her smiling in excitement and said “Dig in” Hearing that I got overjoyed and started hitting her pussy hard. In seconds my dick stuck into her pussy-hole and I slowly dipped my dark black dick into her pink flesh. As I started fucking her, her body got hotter and hotter and we started sweating heavily. She told me in a low voice feeling the pleasure of sex that sweating is a part of sex and keep penetrating. I was in fact enjoying her soft and slippery body a lot and pushed my dick with lot of force deeper and deeper into her pussy. As my dick went fully into her pussy with our waists locked tightly with each other leaving no gap between each other, I got very horny and started kissing her wildly all over her face and sweating shoulders and arms. She also responded very well and we started rolling on the bed tightly fixed with each other.

I then kept pulling my dick a bit out and pushing it in repeatedly and started crushing her pussy and she kept moaning ohhhhhhhhhh sssssssssss aaaaaaah mmm;mmm;mmm. After sometime I started drilling her hot and wet pussy really hard and fast hugging her tightly. As we kept fucking hard I felt my dick getting tickled hard inside her pussy and started vibrating very hard that my white cream splashed heavily inside her cunt and both of us were jumping on the bed in extreme sex pleasure and shouted aaaaaaaah ouchhhhhh mmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhh aah aah aah.

I then slept over her with my dick inside her for few minutes and then removed my dick from her pussy and slept besides her. As I saw her sleeping with eyes closed trying to get her breath back, I noticed sweat flowing down her underarms. I then went near her and asked if I can clean her body by sucking all her sweat? She, taking long breath, gave a starring smile once again as she knew its not for cleaning but I badly want to drink her sweat. She then allowed me to drink it and I with great passion sucked and licked her underarms, her neck, her back, bit her buttocks, sucked her waist, her stomach, licked her navel, her thighs, knees legs and her feet. The salt in her sweat, sweetness in her lips and the spice in her body really made me feel as if I’m in 7th heaven.

We then took bath together and it again felt superb hugging her soapy body, applying soap on her body, cleaning her pussy and asshole. As it was almost dawn we quickly dressed up as the people who went for a fake picnic allowing us to have a blast picnic at home may return home anytime. As we were dressing she told me”You did it very well. I enjoyed a lot having sex with you as you gave the maximum penetration ever possible.” Even I felt the same and so I said “You are also too hot and your body felt like heaven.” She felt happy and both of us went back to the living room as if nothing happened between us.

Well friends this is my sex experience with my cousin sister-in-law who came to India with the main purpose of having sex with me and we really made it count. Thanks for reading friends. Hope you enjoyed it!!

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