Desire Fulfilled 4: Seducing A Worker

The reviews I got for my previous stories were indeed overwhelming. Thanks to all my readers and fellow enthusiasts in sex. Your responses are always welcome.

The virtual world and the real world are always poles apart. No matter how much you may fantasize and image yourself as enjoying a dick ramming in your pussy or a rosy nipple dripping with the saliva of the guy who has been ravaging it for the last half an hour the real experience always gives you in the best of ecstasy. That’s why I search out all the possibilities to have a fling even a minor one if that is what is available.

My first fuck buddy had left my grandparent’s place (as per what I overheard my grandparents talking). I had a few chance encounters with his friend who had fucked me on that surprise threesome night. At those times we would only have a quick fuck session, fir he was only interested in ramming my pussy and never even bothered with the foreplay part. Nevertheless it was fine enough. After all that could quench my hunger for some time. But once he brought a friend with him on a night I happened make a ‘surprise’ visit at my grandparent’s house.

He and his friend had come on some errand to the house and saw me there. Needless to say, when he left I joined him in the back yard and as usual I had his dick up in my pussy. His friend was initially shocked, but he was soon brought into the play and we had a really quick threesome. Its surprising how the craving for sex can take to any extremes to fulfill it. and there I was running in through the back door of the house to the bathroom after the make out with my cunt leaking and boobs with the marks of their teeth.

It was during a monotonous summer vacation that I came upon my next change to seduce a man to have proper sex with me. Now a frequenter at my grandparent’s house, I went over there for yet another stay. And during one of those days my grand dad called a Bengali worker guy to fix the water tank on the rooftop which had some leakage problem. On the first day he left soon (I was really disappointed) but on the second day he came in for a day’s work. My grandparent’s house is an old-fashioned one with an attic an all and on one side, where there is an open terrace, we have a concrete tank. Its kind of tall, up to my chest and when we were young used to play in that. Now, this guy goes up there to fix the problem while I was having breakfast downstairs.

And I was all thrilled and planned since it was the day my grandparents usually go for their doctor visit. And as expected, by around 10 they left giving me a list of duties to be done at home and instructions to assist the worker if he needed any help. Of course, I was all prepared on that. I watched them leave and rushed to my room. I put on a white t-shirt, really fit and a track pant. I took an i-pill as a precaution and sprayed myself with perfume, to seduce him, of course. I went up to him and saw that he was standing in the tank cleaning it up. I went near him and leaning on the side of the tank talked to him ab0out some random things.

Meanwhile, as usual, I saw him slyly eyeing my boobs that were pushing themselves out of my top. Without bra they were standing like jellies, quivering whenever I lifted my hands or walked. So to tease him more I walked around the place picking up this and that offering him slight views of my cleavage. And all the time he would work and take breaks my gazing longingly at my breasts. So there it was, I had my hook ready and now to cast the line.

I went over to the tank and “accidently” let my hair band fall into the tank. So I bend over the tank and searched in the water for my hair band. In the process of doing this, I touched my boobs in the water and got the front of my t-shirt all wet. Bu t I pretended that I dint get the band and asked the guy to help me. he came over and got the thing and as he turned around I straightened up revealing the two big blotches on my t-shirt- my brown areolas and erect nipples to the astounded guy. I suddenly made a show of wiping the water off and squeezed my boobs spreading the wetness all over. And now it was almost as if I was wearing a negligee revealing my boobs through the wet fabric. It clung on to my boobs and I pulled it to straighten it fixing my boobs into shape in the t-shirt. He looked almost ravenous seeing my two erect nipples tweaking out form the t-shirt and all the wetness too.

I rubbed over them several times in the pretext of drying them up and I could see that he was getting really aroused. I went up to him and asked for my hair band and he said he dropped it in the water. And since the water was slightly muddy with the washing he asked me to help him find it. the game was on.

I told him I couldn’t get in the water be my dress would get wet to which he said that my top was already all wet and dripping and he could give a wide towel to wear instead f my track pants. All these he said with a lopsided sneer and I knew what was in store for me in that tank once I step into it. after showing a bit of hesitation and all I agreed to his idea and he lend me his dirty towel that he used to wipe himself dry. I went inside and changed into the towel. I went over to the tank and tried getting in but I asked him to help me saying that it was to high for me to climb in. he came out of the tank and the first thing I saw was the tent infront of his trousers. Now it was quite huge and I knew I had a really good tool to play with that day. Standing behind me he put his hand in my armpits to lift me up. But he slid his hand down saying that he needed a better grip and placed them over my boobs and pushed me up while placing hi knees on my ass as a seat.

When I pushed myself up into the tank he placed his hands in my ass to give me another push and with that he knew I had no panties under the towel either. The final push was pretty forceful and I fell into the water wetting me from head to bottom. With a wide smile he too jumped into the tank while I emerged from the water like some model, water dripping over me making my clothes stick on to my nude boobs, ass and pussy projecting their shape and sizes perfectly. He devoured me with his eyes as I stood before him wiping the water off me while getting my shapes sharper each time. I looked at him as told him to look away and not stare at me. he said how can he not when there is such a sexy piece of me. I threw him a look of disgust and bend down pretending to look for my hair band. And a few minutes into it, he came right behind me pointing to some place it fell and as he did that I could feel his mound pushing at my ass. I turned around in mock anger and asked him what he was doing, as he replied with his sneer that he was planning to fuck a randi (a whore) who is dying for one right now.

Either I could take what I had come for or he will force me to satisfy him, now that he was all aroused. . Before I could say anything he put his fingers inside my cunt and started rubbing my clit. He said his friends had already told him about me, a randi available for free and that she would come to you to get fucked. The moment he saw me he knew that I had come for my usual dose of cum. All the while he was rubbing my clit and sprucing me up for the game. And indeed I was hell aroused. I told him to get the thing done. He caught me by may waist and turned me around. He carefully positioned his dick on the split of my ass and started bumping on to me. I stood bend down enjoying that slight thumping and rubbing. And then I straightened suddenly catching his dick between my ass.

He caught my boobs from behind and started pressing them hard while thumping in my ass at the same time. I was getting frustrated by all this slight plays and asked him what his plan was. He said i will get to know it in due time. His hands worked awesomely at my boobs pinching and pulling them and I forgot everything else and started rocking to the rhythm of his pressings. . After sometime he turned me around and lifted up my t shirt. Looking at the melons infront of him he said he wanted to milk them since he was thirsty. He poured water over one of them and started sucking up the water as it flowed over my nipples. As his paces of sucking increased I too started pouring water over my nipples and it was like he was really milking them the coldness of the water as addicting just as his suckling was. In the meantime I took his cock out and started rubbing it. it was a nice one, in water. He made me float on water while he sucked at my cunt. His tongue and the cold water was too erotic.

I came several times while he was digging at my cunt with his tongue. I knew I couldn’t take much time since my grandparents could arrive any time soon. And so standing in the tank itself he pushed his dick in and started fucking me. the water was a good lubrication. And he slid in and out quite easily though his cock was quite big. He dint take much time to cum and when he did I could see the white liquid mixing in the water as it streamed out from my cunt. He asked me to get out of the tank and we lay don on the terrace and had the rest of our fucking session there. But not long. Some 10 minutes later my grandma called me to ask if I needed to buy something and told me that they would reach shortly. When the call ended I asked him to fill me up once again. But he seemed to be disappointed or maybe even angry coz he almost fucked my brains out. He rammed his cock with such force that I was literally pushed up a small distance.

He kept coming in with such a force and speed that my pussy was almost tearing up. He dint even wait for me to cum but he came with such a force that it squirted out of my cunt. In the middle of pumping inside me he took his dick out and poured it all over my face and body. And finally pushed me away. I quickly poured some water form the tank over me and washed off his cum. Gathering all my clothes I was about to go when he pulled me back and put his dick in my mouth saying that he forgot about it. with not much time left I quickly gave him a rough blowjob and was about to get up when he caught me by my hair and fucked me in my mouth till he came again. i almost gagged and I could feel my mouth and throat filled with his cum. Wiping my mouth I ran off to get dressed and ready to greet my grandparents at the door.use

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